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This is one of the cutest and nicest emails around....happy friends week!!
Happy National Friendship Week!
Many people will walk in and out of your life. But only true friends will
leave footprints in your heart. To handle yourself use your head! To
handle others use your heart.
"n#er is only one letter short of dan#er. $f someone %etrays you
once it is his fault! if he %etrays you twice it is your fault.
&reat minds discuss ideas! "vera#e minds discuss events! 'mall
minds discuss people.
He who loses money loses much! He who loses a friend loses
much more! He who loses faith loses all.
Beautiful youn# people are accidents of nature
(earn from the mistakes of others. )ou can*t live lon# enou#h to
make them all yourself.
Friends you and me
)ou %rou#ht another friend
"nd then there were three
We started our #roup
+ur circle of friends
There is no %e#innin# or end.
)esterday is history. Tomorrow is mystery. Today is a #ift.

$t*s National Friendship Week. 'how your friends how much you
care.... 'end this to everyone you consider a F,$-N.. $f it comes
%ack to you then you*ll know you have a circle of friends.
WH-N )+/ ,-0-$1- TH$' (-TT-, )+/*,- ,-2/-'T-. T+
'-N. $T T+ "T (-"'T 34 5-+5(- $N0(/.$N& TH- 5-,'+N
WH+ '-NT $T T+ )+/.