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A Dazzling Lady

a dazzling lady of our land,

full of pep, commendable tree of our garden,
endeavouring stem, equipped with fullest strength,
lubricant with fabulous magical spell,
emerging with fruits of countless blessings,
flourish, florid forever and fade not,
you are the blessed tree of our land,
distributes the true fragrance among whole garden

your ordeal past shackles my heart,
not looks haggard, nor seems exaust,
after coming back the mazes of pains,
mazes of pains left no colors fade,
you are fresh as a dazzling flower,
troubles and difficulties are grain of salt,
you are the brightest star of the night,
fight for life enhanced your colors,
lush bright and striking hues

may you flourish like a flower,
may you be the shining star ever,
may your light lead us all,
may you always glow like a sun,
may you be fresh as paint,
may you be strong as rock,
may you be fragrant as spring,
may you always be a dazzling flower

my pitiless heart and hick mind
salutes you and wish you,
a life full of zest and brightness,
may you always be a dazzling flower,
a life to accomplish all your goals,
a life of loads of happiness,
a life full of all blessings,
may you get all, may you get all.
tayyeba mustafa