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Recruitment life cycle is a complete process of recruitment

such as - Identification of vacancy- Understanding the

requirement, eligibility criteria, qualification and
experience- Applying the sources of recruitment-
Screening the resumes- Conducting telephonic round of
interview- Scheduling personal interviews with concerned
department heads- Shortlisting the candidates-
Conducting final round of interview- Selecting the right
candidate- Verifying the collected documents- Issuing the
offer letter- Completing the joining formalities

Recruitment refers to the process of attracting, screening, and
selecting qualified people for a job at an organization or firm

O Its otherwise called as sourcing.
O First of all identify the source of Profiles.
o Job Portals
o Vendors
o Social Networking
o Reference
o Headhunting
Create search string to search over Job Portals.
Follow up is the Mantra of SUCESS: Its the most important
step for recruiter. Keep track of your submittals, keep the
candidate warm, update him about each and every
proceeding on position.
If End Client like the resume they will send a interview
request, can be Telephonic round or In-person.
Just inform the Candidate, Take confirmation from
candidate over email. Share the JD again with him, share
what are the key skills he/she need to brush up.
Follow up with consultant Pre interview and Post
F1 is student visa in USA.
F-1 visas are given only through academic institutions.
F-2 visas are given to dependents of an F-1 student. F-2
visa-holders are prohibited from any form of compensated
F-3 visas are given to nationals of Mexico or Canada only,
when they reside in their country of origin while attending
After achievement of CPT status F1 can work for 20/Hrs a
week and OPT Status 40/Hrs a week.
OPT need to attain a EAD card to Work from USICS.
EAD can can be extended once for a year only. (virtually
some can work for 2 yrs Maximum in OPT.
Independent Contract(1099