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Submission Email

Hi Kallis,
Please find the attached Resume and Detail of Srinivas Kommu, for the requirement Java
Programmer in Columbia, SC.
Full Name: Srinivas Kommu
Tel: 903-25-535!
Email: srini903"#mail$com, srinivas%0&2"#mail$com
Current Location: 'hica#o,()
Total experience: &5 *ears
Project Management experience: + ,rs
S Experience: 5+ ,rs
E!ucation Level: -$ .ech in 'om/$ Science and 0Sc in (. from 1niversit, of 23
"n# certi$ication: Sun 'ertified 4ava Pro#rammer and -rain5ench 'ertified in 4ava &$!
S%ill matrix:
4ava6 &2+ ,rs
7isual Source Safe6 &0+ ,rs
2(86 + ,rs
9racle6 &2+ ,rs
:inancial Domain6 5+ *rs
Communication S%ill&:;<&0
"vailabilit#: (mmediate
'ate: 55<Hr on 'or/-'or/
(or% "ut)ori*ation in S: H&-
Please let me %no= if ,ou li%e the resume or ,ou need an, further information$