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Write on a character that show responsibility in her or his actions

Based on the Novel The Curse by Lee Sue Ann, the character that shows
responsibility in her actions is Azreen Saleh. Azreen is not only a responsible sister
and daughter but also a responsible student and friend .
Firstly, Azreen as a responsible sister comes back immediately when she hears of
her sisters death although at that time she is about to sit for an examination that
is important for her. She postpones her examination in order of giving her sister
her last respect.
Secondly, as a daughter she shows her responsibility firstly, when she spends the
whole night repairing her mothers favourite rattan basket that was broken by the
heavy durians that she and Madhuri has brought in. Subsequently, with Madhuris
help she makes a new rattan basket that looks like the one that she and Madhuri
have broken. In addition to that, Azreen accepts the offer to further her studies in
London for the sake of upbringing her family social status and thus could then
save a lot of money to get a better treatment for her mother that is paralyzed by
the bull escape incidents that she .
Thirdly, as a friend and a student, Azreen shows her responsibility when she
accepts to join the school hockey team as a substitution to Hock Seng that is
injured. She does that even though she knows that she will be the only girl in the
team and this will tarnish her image as a girl. In fact she plays very well and
almost scores a goal. In addition to that, Azreen shows that she is a responsible
friend, when she brings a full basket of fresh vegetables and tomatoes to The Old
Lady of the forest to replace the one that she tramples earlier when she comes to
The Old Ladys house for the first time.
In conclusion, throughout the story, Azreen shows that she is a very responsible
towards her actions. In fact, I would like to have her as a friend as a friend as such
is hard to come by.
2. Which character do you like the most?
The novel I have studied is The Curse by Lee Su Ann. The novel is about the main
character, Azreen, who returns from England after she finds out about her sisters
death. Upon her return, she is surrounded by many secrets. She discovers the
circumstances of Madhuris death later in the story. At the end of the story she
finds out the truth and leaves for London an orphan but more resilient and wise.
The character I like most is Azreen Salleh. She is a 20-year-old student who is
studying in a university college in London on an exchange programme. She is
short, bespectacled, rather bookish and outspoken.
I like Azreen because she is outspoken and she is not afraid to spoke her mind.
She is vocal and says her opinions although sometimes she says the wrong things
at the wrong time. She also hates her fathers treatment of her foster parents and
Madhuris burial ceremony that is conducted without her presence. In handling
the village gossip, Pn Normala, Azreen tells her off that the rain has started even
before the Old Lady comes into town.
The second quality she has is she is courageous. As a child, she plays hockey and
football with the boys. In the bulls incident, she is brave enough to accept the
blame for the bulls escape instead of blaming someone else. Azreen also shows
her courage by taking up the dare to knock on the Old Ladys door when none
wants to do it. In another instance, Azreen confronts her father about Madhuris
murder despite her young age.
Azreen also has strength of character. When she returns to her village, she hears
a lot of gossip surrounding her sisters death such as as Madhuri having white
blood and her death signals a curse to the villagers. Azreen feels upset but she
never retaliates. Sheshows patience and strengh because she knows that
whatever she does, she cannot stop the villagers from gossiping about her family.
In another instance, Azreen is told that her sister is murdered. She should have
been very upset about this news but she takes it calmly and does not become
hysterical. Later, when she finds out that her father is the culprit who kills
Madhuri, she feels no anger but regrets that it has to happen. She understands
her fathers anger and shame because Madhuri has been having an illicit affair
with Ashraf although she is already married to Hj Ghani. Azreen also shows a lot
of strength because after all that has happened to her family, she stays composed
and strong and returns to England for her examinations.
In conclusion, there are many qualities in Azreen that I admire and she is the
character that I like most in the story.
3. Write on a character whom I think is exemplary

a) In the Curse by Lee Sue Ann, the character whom I think is exemplary is The Old
Lady of the forest. Throughout the novel, she shows strength of character and
When she first moves to the village as a newlywed, she is popular among the
villagers and she enjoys a blissful marital life with her husband. Everything
changes as her husband who becomes an alcoholic starts to abuse her and finally
she retaliates and kills him. From then on, the villagers treat her like an outcast.
She is forced to move out of the village and makes an abandoned house her
home. She lives alone for years until she befriends Azreen and becomes her
mentor and will console her whenever she has a fight with her parents.
When Asraf approaches The Old Lady for help, she is hesitant about going back to
the village. Yet she agrees and doing so, she puts her life at risk. When she is
trapped in the burning house, she tells Azreen to save herself and she perishes in
the fire. Even at deaths door, she reminds Azreen about the importance of
forgiveness and tells her to heed all the advice she has given her.
The Old Lady is therefore an exemplary character as she is strong, wise and
b) Based on the novel The Curse by Lee Sue Ann, the character that I
consider exemplary is Azreen because she is courageous and brave. She shows
resilience and she always fight for what she believes in.
Firstly, Azreen who does not believe the villagers tales about The Old Lady is being
brave by accepting her friends challenge to firstly knocking on the door of The
Old lady and then meet her in person. . Subsequently, she befriends The Old Lady
and makes her, her precious confidante and counselor.
In addition, Azreen is courageous by confronting Puan Normalas mob outside
Mohd Asrafs house when Nek once again has fallen ill and died in order to stop
her from entering Neks house. Although she is outnumbered, she dares to face
Puan Normalas horde to protect Neks house from them. Moreover, she
confronts a group of men led by Asraf who goes to the Old ladys house to seek
revenge after Nek dies as they believe the Old lady has poisoned Nek.
It is a dog-eat-dog world out there and we must be brave and courageous to
overcome our daily obstacles and stand for our own rights. We should not be
intimidated by our fear and we must be like Azreen in order to survive the world.
The second exemplary qualities of Azreen is that she portrays resilience
throughout the story and she constantly fights for what she believes in. This can
be seen when Azreen does not give up and is determine and resilience to seek the
truth of Madhuris death even though others do not want to tell her the truth.
She asks Asraf and The Old Lady about Madhuris death and slowly gather
evidences and finally she knows the truth about Madhuris killing.
In her village, a woman should be conservative and well mannered but Azreen is a
contrast to that and thus she is hated but she ignores the villagers perception of
her, as she believes that women have their own rights. This can be seen as she
befriends Asraf and joins the boys hockey team and similarly makes The Old Lady
her best friend.
In this cruel world, we must stand for our own right and fight for what we believe
in. We must follow Azreens resilience to make this world a better place.
4. Write on a character that I admire / like
The novel The Curse by Lee Su Ann is very interesting. The character I like the
most is Azreen. Azreen is from Langkawi. She studies in London. Her father is
Salleh Ghani. Her sister is Madhuri. Madhuri is not Azreen real sister. I like Azreen
because she is responsible. She takes care of her sick mother. She bathes and
feeds her mother. When Old Lady vegetable garden is trampled, she repairs it.
Azreen is determined. She always studies hard. She also wants to find Madhuris
murderer. She does not give up. Finally, she finds out the truth. Azreen is also
brave and courageous. She is Old Ladys friend. She is not afraid of the stories.
The villagers say she is a witch. Azreen does not care. It is not true. When Old
Ladys house is in fire, Azreen wants to rescue her. She is really brave.
I like Azreen because she is a loyal. She defends Mohamad Asraf. She says she
opens the gate of the farm. Azreen is a strong girl. I wish I have a friend like her.
When her mothers basket is damaged, she takes the blame. Azreen wants to
protect the people she loves.
Azreen is responsible, determined, brave and loyal. Those are the reasons why I
like her. She is a good role model