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Good morning everybody!

My respect to the Schools Division Superintendent, Dr. Arturo Isip; to our District Supervisor, Mam
Lourdes Castil; To our school head, Dr. Lileth Roces, To the municipal officials headed by Mayor
Oliver Ranque, To the Area manager of Plan International, Sir Tots; To the Community Development
Facilitator of Plan International, Mam Elviena Subang, Barangay officials of talisay and feeder
barangays, To the PTA president, Mr. Jun Husay, To Libagon NHS teaching force, Parents, students,
and benefactors...once again, a pleasant morning! (Although the weather is not that good, we can
still consider today as pleasant because...[insert next stanza])

Today is indeed a remarkable day because we will be doing two significant events in one setting..its
like hitting two birds in one stone actually.

To begin with, let us all stand for the Philippine National Anthem, followed by the Prayer, Southern
Leyte and Libagon Hymn via multimedia.
Please help me welcome our dynamic and beautiful school head, Dr. Lileth Roces, in her welcome
lines. Lets give her a round of applause.
Thank you mam for your warm words of welcome. Todays event is indeed remarkable because we
have someone here who really finds time to be with us despite his tight schedule. We are so blessed
to have him here..Please help me welcome, Dr. Arturo S. Isip, our Schools Division Superintendent.
Thank you sir for your message. At this juncture, let us hear from Mrs. Elviena Subang, the
community development facilitator of Plan International in the turn-over of 140 chairs.
Next is the acceptance ..

in behalf of the student, lets listen to Valerie Mae Elvia, the SSG President.
followed Mr. Simeon Jusay Jr., the PTA president and Dr. lileth T. Roces, our head teacher.


Thank you mam, sir and dai valerie!. Truly, we are so blessed that there are people with a golden
heart who were willing to help our school for the future of our students. Again, thank you so much.
To share his acceptance in behalf of the LGU, let us welcome our very supportive mayor, Hon. Oliver
E. Ranque. Furthermore, his message will also include the closing remarks of todays event. A round
of applause please.
And thats the end of the first part of the program. Moving on, is the consultative meeting which
comprises the whole part 2 of the program...may I request the PTA president to be here on stage to
preside the meeting.