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German 2 and 2 Honors, Mrs.

Liza Becker
AMCHS 2014-2015
Contact Information: email, school phone- 979-764-5500
Conference time: 5
period, 11:35 am-1:00pm
Tutorials: Monday Friday, 7:55 am 8:15 am; 3:50-4:10pm. Please let me know
ahead of time that you are coming if possible.
Objective: Students will learn basic communication, reading, and writing skills in
German. We will also focus on German culture, connections within our communities to
German, comparisons between languages and cultures, and links between German and
other academic disciplines. Yes, you will have to speak in front of others!!
Textbook: Deutsch Aktuell, Level 1
Required supplies: 2-subject spiral notebook (need a section for Vocabulary and one
for Notes), 3-ring binder or folder (for keeping up with hand-outs and graded papers),
loose-leaf notebook paper, pens of any color EXCEPT red and yellow (I sometimes
grade in red and it is next to impossible to read yellow ink on white paper), index cards
are optional but useful for vocabulary flashcards.
What will we be doing? This will be an extension of your German 1 learning but with
additional grammar and cultural topics included. By the end of the year, you should be
able to carry on short conversations about daily life and be able to perform daily
functions, such as ordering food, going shopping, navigating the public transportation
systems, and not embarrass yourself socially at a friends house.
Additionally, we will be practicing short sentences in class with partners, listening to
audio clips of native speakers, watching videos of native speakers, and doing grammar
exercises, just to name a few things. Remember: I dont expect you to speak perfect
German (you wouldnt be in my class if you did), I only expect you to TRY!!
Expectations: YOU MUST PRACTICE!! Weekly vocabulary lists will be given on
Fridays. I suggest that you spend a minimum of 15 minutes a day studying these words
for the quiz the following Thursday. Trust me: cramming the night before will not make
you successful long term. There are a variety of ways to study. I will be using, like in German 1, to present most of the vocabulary lists. These lists are
available to you at home on your computer or on your smart phone. There are virtual
flashcards and games on Quizlet that I highly recommend for studying. If you do not
have internet access outside of school, you may also do the old-fashioned flashcards on
index cards. These are less technological but still highly effective.
Other tips for success: speak German whenever possible! The more you use it, the
better you remember it. Search online for German singers and tv shows. Spend some
time watching these and test yourself to see how much you can understand. You might
be surprised! I will also be introducing you to several web sites in class which provide a
wide variety of German exposure.
Class rules:
1. Be respectful to yourself and others at all times.
2. Be respectful of others property at all times.
3. No food or drinks allowed in class except for water in a clear container.
4. Come to class with a positive attitude!
5. Everyone must participate in all class activities all the time.
6. Cell phones must be put away unless we are using them for an activity.
1. Verbal warning
2. Parent phone call/ conference
3. Discipline referral to principal
Grading: For level German 2, I will follow the district grading policy of 70% major
grades and 30% minor grades. Quizzes, listening exercises, homework checks, and
class participation will count as minor grades. Comprehensive vocabulary tests, chapter
tests, chapter projects, and dialogues will count as major grades. Other things may be
added to either category, but these are the main items.
For German 2 Honors, I will follow the district grading policy of 75% major grades and
25% minor grades. The categories of assignments will be the same as for German 2.
However, you will also be responsible for reading short novels, articles, and viewing
authentic video clips as well.
There will be 10-15 minor grades per six weeks, and 3-5 major grades. Extra credit will
only be allowed if a student has completed all required work.
Retests: For German 2 level, retests will only be allowed on comprehensive vocabulary
tests and chapter tests. In order to retest, a student must attend tutorials prior to the
retest, and the highest score attainable is a 75. Retests must also be done during
tutorials unless other arrangements are made with me. RETESTS MAY NOT BE DONE
For German 2 Honors, there are no retests.
Makeup work: It is YOUR responsibility to check with me to see what work you missed
if you are absent. It is critical that you make this work up in order to keep up with the
class. You have the same number of days you missed to turn in your work. Example:
John is absent for one day, he gets his make-up work the next day when he returns,
and his work is due the following day (absent one day, one day to turn in work). Missed
tests and quizzes must be made up during tutorials, they MAY NOT be made up during
class. If you are unable to attend tutorials, I will do my best to make other arrangements
for you.
Late work: Homework is graded based on completion only. If you fail to complete it on
the day assigned, it will be accepted by the end of the week for half credit. Late work on
a major grade is accepted with the penalty of a 10-point deduction per day. This
primarily applies to chapter projects and dialogues. If your work is late due to illness,
family emergency, or some other reason that you feel is valid, please talk to me and I
will consider waiving the late penalty.

BYOD classroom policy: I encourage students to bring electronic devices to class for
use during some lessons. However, I will not allow devices to be visible during class
unless we are using them in the lesson. This means that students cannot take notes on
their devices. If you would like an electronic copy of your notes, you may take a picture
of your notes at the end of class. Once all work for the class is completed, devices may
be taken out. I also will not allow devices to be used for music during tests or quizzes
due to past problems with cheating. Use of devices that are not in agreement with this
policy will be considered a class disruption and will result in disciplinary action. If your
parent needs to contact you for an emergency during class, please ask them to call the
office and deliver a message to avoid disciplinary action.

If you or your parent(s) have any other questions, please feel free to contact me either
by email or phone, or ask before or after class. Im looking forward to another
fantastisch year in German class!

Mrs. Liza Becker
German 1, 2, 2 Honors, and 3 Pre-AP
Conference period: 11:35 am 1:00 pm
Tutorials: everyday before and after school


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