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// This file is asciidoc source code.

// To generate manpages, use the a2x command.

// This one has a long name, if you don't change the
// default length parameter it will be truncated, use:
// a2x --no-xmllint --xsltproc-opts "--stringparam 24" -
d manpage -f manpage flashproxy-reg-appspot.1.txt
flashproxy-reg-appspot - Register with a facilitator through Google App Engine.
**flashproxy-reg-appspot** [__OPTIONS__] [__REMOTE__][:__PORT__]
Register with a flash proxy facilitator through a Google App Engine app.
By default the remote address registered is ":9000" (the
external IP address is guessed). It requires not
to be blocked.
This program uses a trick to talk to App Engine, even though
may be blocked. The IP address and Server Name Indication of the request
are for, but the Host header inside the request is for an subdomain.
Requires the **flashproxy-reg-url** program.
Name lookups use only IPv4.
Name lookups use only IPv6.
Don't check the server's public key against a list of known pins.
You can use this if the server's public key has changed and this
program hasn't been updated yet.
Encrypt registrations to the given PEM-formatted public key (default built-i
**-h**, **--help**::
Display help message and exit.
Registrations include the fact that you intend to use the given __TRANSPORT_
_ (default "websocket").
Don't scrub IP addresses from logs.
Please report using ****.