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A Blazing Soul:

Heart of a Warrior is Born

Written and summated by: ANDREA MOEN-REINHARDT
Before the battle, Duke Ness had decided that his daughter was to be sent to the King
and bring glory to the family by providing him with kits.
Blaze was a free spirit that wanted nothing more than to be a Warrior. he had trained
for so long and she was only one step away when her father told her she was going to be
sent to the King but as a breeder.
!"ou will do as your told child#$ Duke Ness, a big puma, yelled.
!% will not. % am a warrior not a breeder. &nd % have a name#$ Blaze yelled at her father.
!"ou will if % say you will.$
!% won't. %'m not even in heat. o he won't accept me.$ Blaze yelled back. he had
managed to meditate her way through her first heat and was now past it.
!% can fi( that.$ )er father growled.
!&nd %'ll tell him. "ou would have to scramble my brains to keep me from telling. %'ve
heard what his ire does to males and females that do things like that to their kits. %
don't think mother would be too pleased with that.$ aid Blaze proudly.
!"ou will be with him in his bed before you have a chance to say anything about it.$
Blaze felt a small stab and everything turned black. & nurse had come in and tagged her
with a hypo to put her out.
!*ake her to the shuttle. +ut her in a stasis unit. "ou know what to give her,$ the Duke
!% do, though % don't like this. %t isn't fair too-$ the nurses words were cut off as the
Duke slapped her.
!% don't care what you don't like# he will be a breeder# % will have his kits in my house.
Now take her.$
*he nurse rubbed her face, nodded her head and turned to do as she was ordered.
Blaze woke feeling strange. Before she could make too much of it she was thrown from
the unit as it fell over. %t took her some time to figure out what was wrong with her. he
had been drugged. &nd worse was that she felt the stirrings in her that would signal that
she was going into heat. Well her father would get his.
*he room shock again even more violently. *hat's when she knew she was in the hold
of a shuttle. Blaze made her way to the doors but there was no power. he turned to the
manual override and opened the door by cranking it open. .nce through she went to
where the bridge was and found no one there. *he ship moved again as the bigger shop
she was in was hit. /ooking through the front she could see lights flickering and damage
to the bay.
Blaze moved to the hatch and looked out. *here was a lot of damage but she didn't see
any crew. *hat's when she saw the big hole in the side of the bay. !We must have been
attacked but-$ he thought and looked around again. *his time she saw the signs that
there had been crew in the bay. *here were parts of bodies scattered around the place.
!&**0N*%.N, 01023&*0 )3**/0 B&" 4%10. 05067%N2" )%0/D
2.//&+0 %N 8 5%N.$
!&**0N*%.N, 01023&*0 )3**/0 B&" 4%10. 05067%N2" )%0/D
2.//&+0 %N 8 5%N.$
Blaze 9umped from the shuttle and ran to the console. *here was power but she 9ust
hoped it was enough. Blaze read the readings and knew the big ship was in trouble and
so was she. *he main power core was failing. *he comms from the bay were not
responding so getting help wasn't an option. But help might have been closer to her than
she thought.
4irst she thought about taking the shuttle, which she could fly but then what she would
be a sitting cat with not weapons. *hen she looked up and saw to her relief a fighter. %t
was partly out of its cradle but it might still have been use able if she could get it to the
bay floor. he only hoped she had the time and the power to do it as the lift slowly
grabbed the oddly angled craft.
!&**0N*%.N, 01023&*0 )3**/0 B&" 4%10. 05067%N2" )%0/D
2.//&+0 %N : 5%N.$
!&**0N*%.N, 01023&*0 )3**/0 B&" 4%10. 05067%N2" )%0/D
2.//&+0 %N : 5%N.$
*he small craft hit the floor with a thump as the lift lost hold but it had only been a paw
width or two a way. Blaze ran to the craft, opened the canopy and climbed in. *he
helmet thank goodness was already there. he put it on, closed the canopy and started a
rapid preflight check. 0very thing was green and no damage was detected.
!&**0N*%.N, 01023&*0 )3**/0 B&" 4%10. 05067%N2" )%0/D
2.//&+0 %N ; 5%N.$
!&**0N*%.N, 01023&*0 )3**/0 B&" 4%10. 05067%N2" )%0/D
2.//&+0 %N ; 5%N.$
Blaze fired the engines but was starting to wonder how she was going to get out of the
bay when the power failed and the emergency shield dropped. *he hole wasn't big
enough for the fighter so she improvised. Blazed armed the blasters and fired 9ust to the
side of the hole and poured on the power and out she went.
*he battle was crazy. %t didn't take long for Blaze to realize that her people were out
numbered and out gunned. he had turned the comm. on and could here the franticness
of everything. But now she was where she wanted to be. he was a warrior.
<ust like she had in the simulations she picked her targets =uickly, taking them out and
moving on to the ne(t. *he Douhed were so thick it was hard not to run into them as she
fired but she knew without more help, it was going to get ugly.
*here were calls and orders and all Blaze could do was keep firing her blasters and save
her missiles for when she really needed them. *hen something on the comm. caught her
!*alon : delta here, % need help, % can't shake this thing.$ aid a voice that Blaze knew.
%t was 0((nar one of the people that had been training and helping her. he needed to
help him. But she didn't know where he was, so she had to take a chance.
!*his is Blaze ; to *alon : delta. What are you coordinates,$ Blaze called when she hit
the mic.
!What the hell, Blaze where- Never mind. "ou 9ust get the hell out of here###$
!/ike hell % will, where are you so % can help before you get your tail blown off.$
When he gave her the location she was surprised that she was practically on top of him.
Blaze spotted him as he flew by with three Douhed fighters on his ass. he gave chase
and took out two but the last chose to bug out.
!Damn girl, where did you learn to shoot like that,$
!% didn't spend all that time in the ims doing my claws. 4orm up and lets kick some
!3nderstood. witching call sign to Blaze >. %'ve got your wing.$
Blaze was almost beside herself when 0((nar did what he did. %t filled her with a
feeling that she had never felt before? a feeling of acceptance and her place as a Warrior.
*he two plowed their way through the Douhed. *he two worked very well as a team and
were racking up a number of kills when another call for help caught their attention. But
9ust as Blaze was going to hail the 2at in =uestion when a ship shot right up in front of
her. he knew there would be Douhed chasing so she started firing as soon as the ship
had cleared her nose. *he enemy ran right into the blasters pulses.
!Watch it will ya. "ou almost took my tail off.$ Whined the cat.
Blaze smiled, !"ou could use a few inches taken off. %t's too long for your own good.$
he teased.
!What the- Blaze, What in the name of the gods are you doing out here. "our father is
going to kill you.$ *anner was shocked and pleased. )e knew Blaze was good. &nd that
her father was an ass.
!%f he's not dead already. %'ll tell you all of it later. 4orm up. 3nless you know where
your wing is,$ Blaze had a feeling about that one. *he cat was already moving to form a
1 configuration.
!Who's with you,$ *anner asked.
!Blaze > here. %t's me, 0((nar.$
!2hanging call to Blaze :. % know there's more of my unit out here but % don't know
where they are,$ tated *anner.
!*hen let's see if we can get rid of some of these assholes and find them.$ Blaze
&n over powering broadcast.
&// 40/.%0%3 )%+ *&" 2/0&6 .4 *)0 /3N& 4%6%N7 ./3*%.N, *)% %
& W&6N%N7 *. &// 40/.%0%3 )%+.
!What the hell- 5y gods look-$ "elled 0((nar. &s all of them saw a large flash of
light and could see the mass of ships 9ust appear.
!*he King's 4lag is here. We may 9ust get out of this alive.$ 6eplied *anner.
!.k boys. /una will take care of the big things but we still have some clearing to do.$
Blaze called and began picking targets again.
By the time the battle was over. %t was found that many of the larger ships had too much
damage to take their fighters in. &nd many where doing what ever they could to find a
place. Blaze then did the only thing she could think of.
!*his is Blaze ; of Blaze s=uadron to /una launch control.$ Blaze said into the comm.
)er s=uad now numbered 8 including herself. *he last two were what was left from
*anner's old s=uad.
!*his is /una's /aunch control. What can % do for you,$
!We're looking for a place to land. 5y s=uad is made up of two different units and all of
our base ships are too heavily damaged to let us land. %'m from the 1ice, as is my
wingman. :, @, 8, are from the 7rey 2law.$
!)old position while % see what % can do.$ 6eplied /aunch control.
Blaze switched to internal comms. !7uys, % need to tell you something. 5y father was
planning on sending me to )is ire for breeding. *hough % am out of season. 5y father
ordered something to be given to me to restart it. *he rush from the battle has helped
flush the drugs he had given to me to force it to restart. But % don't know what will
happen once we land.$
!)%*## Blaze# %f % see him- .k, the first thing would be to get you to medical and get
you a counter for it. But what do you want to do after that, *he 1ice did survive and %
have heard your father once or twice now. o we know he survived.$ tated 0((nar
!What do you mean, what is she going to do. he's our wing commander now. %'ve
never seen anyone work like she did. 0very command she gave was perfect and precise.
he has earned her name and her status as a warrior as far as %'m concerned.$ 6eplied
!% agree.$ aid 7rove in his very deep voice. !)e now has no claim to her. %f he tries %
will ripe him apart. %t is not unheard of for a female to lead in this way. *hough she is
young for it, % think she is and will be good at it.$
Blaze blushed at the praise. !Ba(, what do you think, % know you had little time to
really chose.$
!5a'am, with all do respect. *he only reason we're alive is because of you. %f the others
agree, you should introduce yourself as /ieutenant Blaze.$ aid Ba(.
Blaze paused at that. !&s much as % would like that. % will not claim what isn't true. %
have no rank, as yet. But % thank all of you for making it seem true.$
!"ou deserve it. &nd if % have my way you will be getting that rank.$ 4inished 0((nar.
Before anyone else could say anything they were hailed. !/una /aunch control to Blaze
=uadron. "ou are clear to proceed to docking bay epsilon @. &fter landing, you and
your s=uad are to report for debriefing in room 0>:>8@.$ *he rest of the information
came into the flight computer.
!*hank you 2ontrol. We are changing course. 0*& A mins.$ Blaze replied.
!&cknowledged. /una 2ontrol out.$
!2ome on boys the beers on me.$ aid when the other channel closed.
Blaze took a moment before climb out of the fighter. *his is one of those times that she
could be in big trouble. )er father still listed her as an unnamed kit. But with what he
tried to do and what Blaze knew he was capable of she wasn't sure this wasn't a trap.
4inally she stood and got out of the cockpit. *he moment she was on the ground her
s=uadron was there.
!Blaze, you will be alright. /ets get this debriefing over with so we can find some food
and a place to rest.$ 0((nar said.
!5a'am, 9ust to let you know that until further notice one or more of us will be with you
at all times. % don't know your father but % have heard of him. % know that when he finds
out you're here he's either going to try to get you back or something else. % won't allow
that.$ Ba( said.
!Nor will %.$ &dded 7rove and *anner at the same time.
!% think we're going to make a good team with a little more time to work together. /et's
get this over with.$ Blaze said and turned to walk to the lift.
!Blaze s=uadron reporting for debriefing as ordered.$ Blaze said as she saluted the
)e looked at her then at the cats behind her. !%s this a 9oke, child, %f it is % don't think
it's funny.$
Before Blaze could answer 0((nar answered. !*his is no 9oke sir. %'m lieutenant 0((nar
formerly of *alon s=uadron from the 2ruiser 1ice. Blaze came to my aid when % thought
all was over. %'m the last from my unit. % owe her my life. &s do the rest of this group.
he has been training under me and several others since she was B years old.$
!% too have had the chance to work with Blaze before this event. %'m 5aster ergeant
*anner. 4ormerly of the 1ice now of the 7ray 2law. % will stand witness to Blaze's
*his was something the flight officer had never had to deal with, had never even heard
of before, but as he looked at the small puma child he could see she was still standing at
attention, 9ust waiting.
!*his is a most unusual situation. *o have two competent soldiers stand for you.$ *he
flight officer saw the other two, step forward. !orry four soldiers stand for you is
saying something. "ou four, wait outside. % would talk to this little one alone.$
!orry sir. % can't allow that.$ 0(nnar turned to Blaze. he nodded it was going to come
out anyway. !Blaze's father, Duke Ness wanted Blaze to be sent to his ire for breeding.
)e gave her something to force an early heat. *hough most of the drug might be gone,
we 9ust don't want to take that chance.$
!/ieutenant.$ Blaze called. !% think it better if he hears the rest of it from me.$ he
looked at 0((nar who for a moment looked like he was going to protest but stood back
and bowed his head to her.
!ir, 5y father has an agenda. *o gain prestige, power and anything else he could get is
hands on. &nd he would do anything it took to do it or anyone. % have been training
since % was B as these others have said. % have passed all simCtests for both the fighters
and shuttles. % truly don't know how long before the battle my father and % argued about
him choosing to send me but with the amount of damage to the bay they had been
fighting for some time. % woke feeling strange and in a stasis pod. % don't know if the
pod 9ust lost power and that was why % woke or if it was the fact that the pod broke loss
from the floor and dumped me out. *here are several things my father could have had
given to me but % 9ust don't know.
.nce awake, the training % had gotten kicked in. % checked the shuttle then the bay. *he
bay was sealed against depressurization and it looked like at some point the bay was
open to space as % saw some of the bodies about the area. *hen % heard the call to evc.
the bay as the power was failing. % was 9ust about to go back to the shuttle and fire it up
when % saw a fighter hanging part way out of it's cradle. % got the crane to get it and
bring it to the floor.
.nce in, % did a preflight check and closed the canopy. Not long after that the power
failed and the bay depressurized. *he opening wasn't big enough to get through so %
enlarged it and left.
% was up to my DAth kill when % heard the call for help from /ieutenant 0((nar and went
to help him. 5aster sergeant *anner was ne(t some two hours later. &t some point we
found a refueler near one of the freighters and were able to get fueled up. %t was 9ust
before /una and the fleet arrived that we managed to find Ba( and 7rove who had
stayed together.
.f their own choice they changed there call to Blaze s=uad with me as the lead.
ir, % have only ever wanted to be a warrior. *his is what % feel called to do.$
Blaze stopped and waited. 2hief Eyn was floored that this mire child could do what she
did. But the evidence was right there both with her words and the flight logs from each
of their fighters.
!&t this time % am not able nor capable of making any decisions on this matter. What %
can decide on is that you need to take this child to-$
!0(cuse me, % have a name. % am Blaze.$ Blaze said with conviction.
*he chief looked at her for a moment then nodded. !+lease take Blaze to medical and
have her checked out.$ Een turned and looked at his terminal for a moment. *wo of the
cats saluted and moved to the door. Blazed saluted as well, turned and left the room with
her friends following. )e needed a place to put them but- *hen he found it. & holding
room of sorts it had three sections so he could keep the unit together but no the he
realized the girl needed to be separate and with others females.
!% can't and will not put that child in the same living area as you. But % fear you will not
want her out of your control either.$
!%t is not a matter of control. % know a message would already have been sent to our
ships telling them that we are safe and where we are. *he 1ise is going to send a report
that is doesn't have a Blaze s=uad and ask for and receive information on 9ust who we
are. %t's standard procedure. Duke Ness is going to see that his daughter is over here and
either come for her or send someone to bring her back to him. 0ven if she wanted to be
breed with his ire, % would not want to see her and those kits in the Dukes care. )e'll
use them to get what he wants.
% would like to make a re=uest for sponsor and rank set of lieutenant for Blaze.$
!% will take you re=uest and see what my commanders have to say about it. But it still
leaves me with a problem. *he best % can do is grant you =uarters in the main barracks
and have her installed in the females' section. %t's for servants- Wait there is the wolf
core. %t's his ires female guards. *here might also be a few cats. 7ive me a second.$
Eyn looked at the terminal and found what he was looked for. *he guard section did
indeed have cats as well as the wolves and all were female. F/et Duke Ness get passed
them to get to her.' )e thought to himself. )e too had heard of Ness and knew what the
cat was capable of.
!% know you would rather stay with her but % have only one place for her and N. males
are aloud. he will not be restricted but if she leaves that section she must have one of
you four with her. 2an you live with that,$
!"es that would work. he can work with them even for e(tra training. 3ntil all of this
can be worked out.$ 0((nar said.
!7ood. "ou and your men are in barracks delta AC@8>. %'ll want you to stay with Blaze
in medical until she has finished. ome one will come for her there.$
!*hank you sir.$ *anner and 0((nar saluted, turned and left.
Eyn contacted his commander who told him to take it straight to high command, which
led him to *esss.
*esss listened to the problem and saw it as one big mess. *esss called the guard
command for the royal level and talked to the two lead wolves un and 4lee. )e told
them of the problem and they were more than happy to take the female in but they also
didn't know if it was right with out his ires permission. *esss told them that it would
be ok and to collect the female from her s=uad in medical and that once he had the
report from medical he would take it to )is ire personally.
Blaze had been pleased to learn that the battle fever had neutralized most of the drug but
an antidote had still been given 9ust as a precaution. he had also learned to her great
relief that she had not been altered in any way.
0((nar and *anner told her what had happened after she left debriefing but not that they
made a petition for her to be sponsored and given a rank. But Blaze was told that she
would be housed with the royal guards on the royal deck because it wasn't safe for her
any other way.
Blaze and the others were waiting in medical when two large and mean looking wolves
!0(cuse me, would you be Blaze,$ asked 4lee.
!% would and you would be,$ Blaze answered as she stood before the wolf.
!%'m 4lee and my companion is un. We've been asked by 5anCoCwar *esss to collect
you. &nd take you to the guards' =uarters on the royal deck. "our men have =uarters else
were and are not allowed to be with you.$
!Will % be able to leave, % need to continue training.$
!*hat % don't know. % was not given that information.$ 4lee answered.
!Blaze all you have to do is call and we will meet you at the lift e(it. %'m sure these two
would be willing to escort you that far.$
!*hat would be a safe place to meet. But % think until his ire has been appraised of the
situation that you should stay in our area.$ tated un.
Blaze didn't like it but there was nothing to be done about it short of going back to the
fighter and taking off which at this point wouldn't be allowed either.
!7et some rest. *omorrow %'m going to challenge you in the sims. &nd see who scores
higher.$ *anner said.
!"ou're on. %'ll call after lunch. "ou guys go eat and get some rest yourselves.$ Blazes
said as she turned and followed the wolves out of medical, down the hall to the lift and
to the royal deck.