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1. A diferent format of PBS
2. Leve 1! "ear 1#2 $ % &'e PBS(Do)*ment Standard Pre'ta'i+
%. Leve 2! "ear , (2-1,+ . (2-1.+
,. Te't and E/am
.. Mid "ear E/amination and End!of!"ear E/amination
0. Tem1ate for 2ormative and S*mmative Te't (E/)e Pro3ram+ 4an!Ma)5A1r!
6. Li'tenin3 and S1ea7in3 '7i m*'t 8e in)or1orated
9. No ':o;)a'e 2ie
<. &'e e/er)i'e or a)tivit= 8oo7' 5 :ando*t 5 ora 1re'entation
11.Maintain Tran'it >e)ord (not mandator=+
12.Tea):er?' )ommitment
1%.A''e' P*1i' Leve ( Hoi'ti) A''e''ment+
1,.T:e roe of En3i': Pane' in '):oo@ 8e3innin3 of '):oo
1..Arammar a''e''ment t:ro*3: '1ea7in3 and ;ritin3
10.Bo)a8*ar= ! "ear . Leve
Will teachers be given clear and specific guidelines on what constitutes
very limited understanding,
limited understanding,
satisfactory understanding,
good understanding,
very good understanding, and
excellent understanding
of a particular standard?
Should we just focus on the average levelsLevels 3 & 4 (satisfactory and good and what about the rest?
!ow do you "easure what is satisfactory and what is good?
#he standards are subjective