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Literature Analysis #1

Novel Selections: The Hobbit, Buried Onions, Wonder, Chronicles of Narnia-the Lion, the
Witch, and the Wardrobe, Tortilla Curtain, Enders Game, Old Man and the Sea, Percy
Jackson and the Lightening Thief
You have until September 19 to sign up for a novel that you plan to read. You may choose a
novel from the list above or select your own. However, if you choose to select your own
novel you must have it approved by me prior to the sign up deadline. Once you have
completed your novel you must answer the following questions. Your responses must be
typed and in complete sentences. Make sure to provide appropriate examples to support
your ideas. The due date for your literature analysis write-up is December 5.
1. Where/when does the story take place?
2. Over how long a period of time is the story told?
3. Could the story have been told in a different setting (such as the old west, 200 years
in the future, a tropical island)? How would this change the story?
1. What is the inciting incident (the moment that develops the action early in the
story)? Explain the significance of this event on the story.
2. Could you imagine the story happening to someone you know? Was it realistic?
Why/why not?
1. Describe main characters. Does the author use direct or indirect characterization?
2. Are these people you would like to know? Why or why not?
3. Are the characters realistic? Do they resemble people in real life? How? Why do
you think the author wrote them in this particular way?
1. Describe the authors syntax and diction. (Are sentences simple, complex,
excessively wordy? Is there a wide range of vocabulary, descriptive language, etc.)
2. Does the author use lengthy descriptions of settings and characters, or does s/he
focus on action?
3. What is the tone of the book? Did it make you feel happy, curious, sad or another
emotion? Describe.

1. What is the theme of the story? Do you think there is a moral connected to the
theme? Refer to evidence in the story to support your statement.
2. Why do you think the author wrote the book?