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Hydrostatic Testing

1. Determine the assembly working pressure. The assembly working pressure is the lesser
pressure rating of either the hose or the couplings.
2. Determine the test pressure. The test pressure is 1.5 times the assembly working pressure.

3. Lay the assembly in a straight line.

4. Install test caps or test plugs to both ends.

5. Connect bleed-off valve to one end and test pump intermediate hose to other end of test
6. Position test pump (or test sample) so that test pump and test sample are at a 90angle to each
7. Fill test sample with water. Elevate end with bleed-off valve to purge air from sample. Make
certain that all air is removed.
8. Bulwark ends of test sample to prevent damage from accidental coupling separation.

9. Activate pump until test pressure is achieved. (No one is to stand near ends of test sample
while under pressure for any reason)
10. Hold test pressure for 15 minutes.

11. Turn off pump and relieve pressure from test sample.

12. Remove test fixtures from test sample.

13. Drain water from test sample.

14. Complete test report for sample just tested.