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World History

Medieval Time to Early Modern Era

My goal is to guide YOU on an exploration of history in a real and
meaningful way. We will accomplish this through rich content and
exposure to a variety of intelligences. You will not only examine
history but you are invited to compare it to your own culture
making your prior knowledge an important part of our curriculum.
Chronologically we will begin with the fall of Rome and end our
year exploring the early Modern Era (1500s)

Debate, Simulations, Interactive Lecture, Discussion, Exploration,
Investigation, Movement, Reflection, Research, Creating, Reporting,
Current Events, Social Sciences, Seminar, Chat groups, Partnerships,
Team work, Analysis, Corroboration, Sourcing and Input
Come to class ready and prepared to actively take on the
challenge presented to you each day!

Geography Location, Place, Movement, Human-Environment
Interaction, Region
Technology Invention, Innovation, Architecture, Strategy,
Experimentalism, Scientific Development
Economics Exchange, Development, Trends, Trade
Government - Natural Rights, Law, Philosophy
Citizenship Reform, Debate, Politics & Leadership
Culture - Sociology & Religion and more!

Assessment is based on points earned on tests, quizzes, presentations,
written assignments, participation, projects and process, class
activities, following procedures, effort, etc. Letter grades will be
based on the scale described SAES handbook and all grades are
posted online.

It is your responsibility to see me to find out what you missed. You
are responsible for obtaining any missed notes and homework.
Please see me ASAP so that we can connect. I can answer your
questions and help get you caught up. SAES handbook states that
you only have one day per day absent to make up work.
Assignments not made up will earn zero credit per the SAES

Meeting with me
I am here for you! Email me to double-check but before and
after school works. Study groups are held 2 days before every test.
You must bring flashcards or preapproved tech tool of main ideas (eg
Quizlet) in order to attend.
Mrs. Erin K. Stacey 2014-15

Full-size (8 x11) spiral notebook
Highlighter, pen/pencil, colored pencils
Glue stick or mini-stapler

World History, McDougal Littell, 2012
(Book goes home and stays home)



History Alive The Medieval World and
Beyond, TCI, 2012 edition
(In class use only)

1. As 7th graders, you have an
exciting year ahead of you.
2. This is a continuation of your
historical studies from 6
grade so
you already have a great
3. Bring your spiral and a positive
attitude. We can rock history

Keep in mind that the more
effort you put into being
successful, the more successful
you will be!

It is going to be a great year. I
am excited to get to know each
of you as individuals and as the
class of 2016. I wish you the
best of luck as we embark on
this journey together.