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46 Central convenience
10 - Adaptation
Channel 03 Auto Lock (auto locks car after 10mph)
Channel 04 Auto nlock (unlock the car !hen u take the ke" out)
Lock / unlock beeps
46 Central convenience
10 - Adaption
Channel 0# nlock$ horn sounds (not a horn$ more like a %eep !hen u unlock)
Channel 06 Lock$ horn sounds (same as a%ove onl" other !a" around)
Channel 0& nlock$ turn si'nals flash (eas")
Channel 0( Lock$ turn si'nals flash (eas")
46 Cent Convenience
0& - )ecode
*he sin'le door unlock 'ive an even num%er i+e 00064+ *o make all the doors unlock !ith one
press$ ,ust add 1 i+e+ 0006#
Recode for !rn"n# l!$ps-
1& - .nstruments
0& - )ecode
Look at the first t!o di'its in the codin'+ Add the values for the options to'ether to 'et the correct
00 - /o availa%le e0uipment
101 - 2rakepad !ear sensor !arnin' active
103 - 4eat%elt !arnin' active
104 - 5asher fluid level !arnin' active
Look at the third di'it in the codin' (6arket version)-
1 - 787 34 hour clock 9 L:100km fuel consumption and ;6 odometer
3 74A7 13 hour clock 9 6p' (4 'allon)
3 - 7Canada7 13 hour clock (ma" result in odometer in km in 30031 clusters)-As 4A
4 - 7;7 34 hour clock 9 6p' (.mperial 'allon)
# <apan - =
6 - 4audi Ara%ia - =
& Australia - =)
He!dl!$p Ad%us&$en&'
>## - @+ Li'ht )an'e?
>2asic 4ettin's - 04?
4et channel to 70007
>Ao .tB?
5ait a%out 30 seconds
6anuall" ad,ust headlamps
>Aone$ Co 2ack?
1& - .nstruments
10 - Adaptation
Channel 4- the num%er is "our lan'ua'e
1- Cerman
3- 8n'lish
3- Drench
4- .talian
#- 4panish
6- Eortu'uese
&- CFech
Idle Speed Ad!p&!&"on ($!) no& ork "&* A+H en#"nes, see )our Rep!"r -!nu!l.'
5ith en'ine !armed up$ at idle-
01 en'ine
10 Adaptation
8nter channel 01 (Channel 03 for *A. en'ines)
8nter an adaptation value %et!een 134 and 133
T*ro&&le /od) Al"#n$en&'
*urn the ke" on %ut do not start the car+
01 - 8n'ine?
>6easurin' 2locks - 0(?
Croup 060 (ma" %e Croup 0G( on ca%le-throttle cars)
>4!itch to %asic settin's?
Hnce "ou do this "ou !ill see the top ri'ht displa" sa" AAE )/+ *he *2 adaptation is %ein'
done as soon as "ou s!itch to %asic settin's+ Iou !ill see the values chan'e and hear the *2
c"cle for the first fe! seconds then it !ill stop+ Leave it in 2asic 4ettin's for a%out 30 seconds$
then press the >4!itch to measurin' %locks? %utton and "ouJre all set+
2e sure not to touch the accelerator and make sure the en'ine is /H* runnin' !hen "ou do thisB
Ac&"0!&"n# Cru"se Con&rol
Dactor" fresh 8CJs often come !ith cruise control de-activated+ .f this is the case$ there !ill not a
letter 7C7 in the Component field of KAC-CH6 !hen connected to the 8n'ine+
>01 - 8n'ine?
>Lo'in - 11?
8nter 11463 to activate cruise control
>Ao .tB?
After doin' this procedure$ there should %e a letter 7C7 in the Component field+
44 steerin' assist
0& - recode
4oft codin' L 011M0 or 013M0
)eplace M !ith a num%er from 1 G
3 L C*.
3 L Comfort
6 L @andicapped (ver" li'ht)