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Bismilla errahama nirrahim

With new dreams, hopes,

And joy they are starting into
New beginning of wedding life

Cordially invite someone special
Like you on the occasion of my son marriage

[D/o.SK. Dastagiri (late) - Saidabe]
Nikha : Monday, 19
May 2014 Between 1.00 p.m Onwards
At Dodleru village, Krosuru mandal, Guntur d.t.
Reception : 20
May 2014, Tuesday at 7:00 p.m
At Gudipadu , Krosur mandal, Guntur D.T.

Please join us inBeautiful celebration of
Love & Entertainment

Sk. Nayab Rasool,
With best compliments : Sk. Jilani, Jasmin, Mastan,
Sk. Jani Basha & Noorjahan, Sk. Jani Peera & Tahera,
Y.S.R congress party Youth - Gudipadu
For contact : 9704855454, 9866190765