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Group Counseling Critical Reflection Rubric

7 - 11 sessions
Please write your reflection paper in a free-flowing manner.
Dont break down your reflection to correspond wit te rubric category.
!e rubric is designed only for grading.
" point
Poor, lacking,
".# point
limited or
1 point
by specificity
and depth
~ What do you observe to be individual members
subtle interpersonal dynamics!
~ "o# these dynamics impact the group or your
o#n responses!
~ "o# do you feel about the large group dynamics,
such as group engagement level, group cohesion,
group resistance if any, or group collusion if any!
~ Why the dynamics are such in the session!
~ "o# do you experience those members #ho
have shared and have received here$and$no#
feedback in this session!
~ "o# these members interpersonal patterns
are illuminated through the feedback!
~ What unmet needs might be expressed
through their interpersonal patterns!
~ "o# is your o#n interpersonal pattern
played out in the here$and$no# of the group!
~ What do you think to be the roots of your
current pattern! What unmet needs might be
expressed through this interpersonal pattern!
~ "o# your interpersonal pattern might come
across to others in the group and ho# it might
have impacted others responses to#ards
~ "o# do group members reactions to you
similar or different from #hat the reactions of
people in your life!