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Essential Element Lesson Plan

Name: Mary Kempen Date: 10/20 Materials and Resor!es:
"e#tboo$: Navegando 1%
&'apter ( )by *ames +,
+nston% EM& Paradi-m
Pblis'in- 200./
!opies o0 instr!tion a!tivity%
!t into strips 0or t'e
stdents to reor-ani1e
!opies o0 t'e readin-
sele!tion a!tivity
Lesson "itle: 2s$in- 3estions 4rade Level: 5i-' 6!'ool 7
+irst year 6panis' )mostly
8t' -rade stdents% may 'ave
some 10t' -raders/
"ime +rame: .. mintes
&rri!lm 6tandards
Content Standard
Students in Wisconsin will engage in
conversations, rovide and o!tain in"or#ation,
e$ress "eelings and e#otions, and e$c%ange
oinions in a language ot%er t%an t%eir own&
A&(& )uestions: Students will as* and answer
+uestions, including !iogra%ical
+o!s 9estion/:i- ;dea/4oal
5o< !an ; -et stdents to as$
3estions abot readin-s and
as$ 3estions to veri0y t'eir
!ompre'ension o0 spo$en
6tdents mst $no< 'o< to
se t'e lan-a-e e>e!tively
in order to e#!'an-e
ideas and in0ormation <it'
ot'er people in a !ltrally
appropriate manner, "'is
0o!ses on t'e -oal o0
learnin- to en-a-e in
Content Standard
Students in Wisconsin will understand and interret
a language ot%er t%an t%eir own in its
written and so*en "or# on a variet. o" toics&
'eginning /Recetive 0 I#itative1:
'&2& Reading: Students will co#re%end t%e #ain
idea o" selected, s%ort aut%entic written #aterials
6tdents mst develop stron-
listenin- and readin- s$ills to
interpret t'e
!on!epts% ideas% and opinions
e#pressed by members o0
ot'er !ltres t'ro-' t'eir
and t'eir literatres, "'is
standard 0o!ses on
in!reasin- t'e level o0
nderstandin- as
stdents listen to% read% or
vie< materials in a ne<
Rap'ael )18A2% 18AB% 18AC/
!laims t'at tea!'in- stdents
Relations'ips 'elps stdents
be!ome a<are o0 and s$illed
in learnin- strate-ies to ?nd
t'e in0ormation t'ey need to
!ompre'end at di>erent
levels o0 response to t'e te#t,
Lesson EbFe!tive: objectives must be measurable TWS will
(learning behavior from Blooms verbs, !" and #ulti$le source
4iven a te#t abot t'e Me#i!o &ity sb<ay <it' some n$no<n
vo!ablary and a revie< o0 interro-ative <ords% t'e stdent <ill
0ormlate one !ompre'ension 3estion to be administered to
'is/'er !lassmates as a revie< and one 3estion t'at <old
re3ire additional investi-ation beyond t'e te#t to arrive at an
4iven a revie< o0 t'e !onF-ation o0 Dar verbs and a list o0 Dar
verbs% t'e stdent <ill apply intonation and ta- <ords to as$ 0or
reassran!e t'at 'e/s'e is !orre!tly 0ollo<in- instr!tions 0or a
2!ademi! Lan-a-e: What is the 'e% language demanded( What
academic language will %ou teach or develo$( What is the 'e%
vocabular% and or s%mbols( What o$$ortunities will %ou $rovide
for student to $ractice content language) vocabular% and
develo$ *uenc%(
synta# D 'o< sbFe!ts and verbs are ordered in 3estions
)indire!tly ta-'t <it' isolated e#amples in previos lessons%
dire!tly ta-'t in t'is lesson/
interro-ative <ords DD <ords sed to 0rom 3estions: <'o% <'at%
<'en% <'ere% 'o<% <'y )introd!ed one by one in earlier
verbs t'at end in Dar and t'eir !onF-ations in t'e present tense
)ne< verbs t'is lesson: pa-ar% tomar% Falar% parar% baFar% plsar%
mirar% apa-ar DD t'e stdents <ill not master t'ese today% bt
t'ey <ill see t'em <it' pi!tres/
ta- <ords at t'e end o0 3estions: sG% no% verdad )ta-'t in t'is
3estionDans<er relations'ips terms DD Hin t'e te#t DD ri-'t
t'ereH and Hin t'e te#t DD t'in$ and sear!'H )ta-'t <it' t'e ?rst
readin- assi-nment in t'e ?rst nitI <e are on nit (/
2ssessment /Evalation:
+ormative, -ow will student demonstrate understanding of
lesson objective(s&( -ow will %ou monitor and or give feedbac'(
-ow will feedbac' $romote student understanding(
"'e stdent <ill -ive me t<o <ritten 3estions abot t'e
readin- te#t% and ; <ill assess t'e stdentJs ability to 0ormlate
3estions and t'e stdentJs !ompre'ension o0 t'e te#t by
readin- t'e stdentJs 3estions, "'e 0ollo<in- day% ; <ill se
t'e 3estions t'e stdents 0ormed to revie< <it' t'e <'ole
!lass t'e sbFe!t matter o0 t'e te#t and pra!ti!e additional
readin- strate-ies i0 ne!essary,
"'e stdent <ill prepare a !onversation in <'i!' 'e or s'e <ill
instr!t a partner to ride t'e bs or ta$e a pi!tre <it' a p'one%
and 'e/s'e <ill t'en 0ollo< 'is/'er partnerJs instr!tions 0or t'e
ot'er tas$, "'e stdent <ill as$ yes/no 3estions to !on?rm
'e/s'e nderstands 'is/'er partnerJs instr!tions, ; <ill
!ir!late t'ro-' t'e room drin- t'is e#er!ise and listen to
pairs to veri0y t'ey are able to !omplete t'e tas$ and -ive
0eedba!$, 6tdents <ill t'en per0orm t'eir !onversations in
pairs be0ore t'e <'ole !lass,
Summative, What evidence will %ou collect and how will it
document student learning)master% of lesson objective(s&(
"'e stdent <ill !ompose 3estions on t'e ?nal poster to be
ans<ered <it' dire!tions on 'o< to se pbli! transportation,
"'e stdent <ill also demonstrate !orre!t intonation by readin-
alod 'is/'er 3estions in a presentation o0 'is/'er poster to t'e
6et Motivation/2nti!ipatory 6et:
; as$ t'e stdents t'e 0ollo<in- 3estions )in En-lis' DD t'ey
donJt $no< eno-' o0 t'ese <ords in 6panis' yet/: 5o< !an yo
-et to s!'ool i0 yo donJt 'ave a !ar= 5o< !old yo do t'is i0
yo lived in &'i!a-o or anot'er bi- !ity= K'at do yo need to
$no< to be able to do t'is=
; t'en introd!e t'e obFe!tives o0 t'e day: t'ey <ill as$
3estions to !lari0y instr!tions% and t'ey <ill as$ 3estions
abot a te#t t'at dis!sses t'e sb<ay in Me#i!o &ity% D,+,
;nstr!tional Pro!edres/Learnin- "as$s: Provide spe!i?! details
o0 lesson !ontent and delivery based on stdentLs prior
$no<led-e% stren-t's and <ea$ness,
1, ; distribte !opies o0 t'e te#t on p, 10A <'i!' ; 'ave modi?ed
0or a lesson on ma$in- embedded 3estions, Ke revie< t'e
interro-ative <ords stdents already $no< by ma$in-
predi!tions abot t'e te#t, ; <rite t'ese <ords in En-lis' on t'e
board% and t'e <'ole !lass provides t'e 6panis' e3ivalents in
nison, ; <rite t'eir 6panis' ans<ers ne#t to t'e En-lis'
versions, Volnteers 0rom t'e <'ole !lass t'en 0orm 3estions
<'i!' t'e te#t mi-'t ans<er, ; <rite t'ese on t'e board,
2, ; be-in to read t'e te#t alod to t'e <'ole !lass, ; stop
<'ere ; pla!e an embedded 3estion, ; as$ a stdent 0or an
ans<er and pro!eed to 'ave t'e stdent e#plain 'is or 'er
t'in$in-, ;0 t'e stdents 'ave diM!lty% ; do a t'in$ alod and
e#plain my o<n t'in$in- ; t'en instr!t stdents to ?nis' t'e
te#t on t'eir o<n and <rite anot'er 3estion li$e t'is one so
t'ey !an 3i1 t'eir !lassmates in a 0tre revie< session, "'is
<old be an Hin t'e te#t DD ri-'t t'ereH 3estion or an Hin t'e
te#t DD t'in$ and sear!' 3estionH, Ne#t% t'ey s'old <rite a
3estion abot t'e te#t t'at t'ey !anJt ans<er a0ter readin-,
"'is s'old be a 3estion t'ey !old ans<er a0ter t'ey do
additional investi-ation, ; !olle!t t'e 3estions as t'e stdents
?nis' t'e assi-nment, 6tdents <'o ?nis' early !an list t'e
predi!tion 3estions t'at did -et ans<ered in t'e te#t and
indi!ate t'e ans<ers,
(, 2s a <'ole !lass <e dis!ss <'i!' o0 or predi!tion
3estions -ot ans<ered and <'i!' did not, K'en <e -et to
areas <'ere t'e stdents 'ave dobts% ; introd!e t'e !on!ept
o0 inverted sbFe!tDverb synta# to 0orm a yesDno 3estion, ; as$
a 3estion t'at <old be similar to HDoes t'e para-rap' tal$
abot mammot's=H );t does,/ ; <rite it on t'e board and mar$
t'e sbFe!t and t'e verb, ; -ive a 0e< additional e#amples,
B, 6tdents pra!ti!e !onvertin- statements into yes/no
3estions in pairs <it' e#er!ise 1B on p, 8N, ; !'e!$
!ompre'ension by 'avin- volnteers report ans<ers to t'e
., ; introd!e t'e !on!ept o0 ta- <ords by readin- t'e
statements 0rom e#er!ise 1B and addin- t'e ta- <ord <it'
3estion intonation at t'e end,
C, ; in0orm stdents t'ey <ill no< -ive instr!tions to a partner
on t<o tas$s: 'o< to ride t'e !ity bs and 'o< to ta$e a pi!tre
<it' t'eir p'one, "'ey <ill as$ t'eir partner 3estions to
!on?rm t'ey are doin- it ri-'t, ; provide slips o0 paper <it' t'e
verbs t'ey need% and t'ey pt t'em in order <it' t'eir partners,
Ne#t% ; revie< t'e presentDtense !onF-ations o0 t'ese verbs, ;
t'en model an instr!tion <it' a !on?rmation 3estion, "'en ;
'ave a pair o0 stdents model an instr!tion <it' a !on?rmation
N, 6tdents -ive t'eir partners instr!tions and as$ 3estions
to per0orm t'e tas$ t'eir partners dire!t,
9estions and/or a!tivities 0or 'i-'er order t'in$in-: These
cannot be answered b% %es or no.
1, 5o< !an yo -et to s!'ool i0 yo donJt 'ave a !ar=
2, 5o< !an yo ma$e sre yo are 0ollo<in- dire!tions
(, K'at do yo need to $no< to be able to travel by bs or
&losre: /erbali0e or demonstrate learning or s'ill one more
time. #a% state future learning.
; as$ a pair or more pairs to per0orm t'eir instr!tions
!onversation 0or t'e <'ole !lass, ; as$ stdents 3estions
abot t'e demonstration sin- interro-ative <ords and state
t'at t'is is one $ind o0 3estion <e !an as$, ; t'en restate t'at
<e !an also as$ yes/no 3estions by !'an-in- or <ord order
and by addin- ta- <ords to t'e end% li$e t'e stdents did in t'e
2daptations to meet individal needs: 5o< <ill yo adapt t'e
instr!tion to meet t'e needs o0 individal stdents=
"'e stdent <it' no 'earin- in 'is le0t ear <ill be seated near
t'e 0ront o0 t'e room on t'e ri-'tDside o0 t'e room, "'e stdent
<it' poor vision <ill be pla!ed near t'e 0ront o0 t'e room, 5er
!opies o0 t'e assi-nments <ill be prod!ed in lar-e print,
:e!ase s'e also 'as a 'ard time <or$in- in -rops o0 'er
peers% ; <ill sele!t a patient partner 0or 'er, 2ll pairs <ill be
assi-ned so no stdent 0eels sin-led ot,
Mana-ement/6a0ety ;sses: 2re t'ere any mana-ement and/or
sa0ety isses t'at need to be !onsidered <'en tea!'in- t'is

6tdents <ill be allo<ed to se t'eir real p'ones 0or t'e pi!treD
ta$in- tas$% so ; need to ma$e sre t'ey are not sin- t'eir
p'ones 0or distra!tin- a!tivities, ; also need to ma$e sre t'e
stdents se 6panis' to instr!t t'eir !lassmates to !omplete
t'is tas$ instead o0 relyin- solely on p'ysi!al demonstration and
; need to 'ave !opies o0 my a!tivity s'eets prepared be0ore
!lass, "'e instr!tion a!tivity s'eets need to be !t and sorted
so t'e stdents <ill be able to reor-ani1e t'e statements,

Re@e!tion/+tre Modi?!ations: "o <'at e#tent did t'e !lass
learn <'at yo intended t'em to learn= K'at <ill be yor ne#t
steps instr!tionally= K'at did yo learn abot yor stdent as
learners= K'at 'ave yo learned abot yorsel0 as a tea!'er=

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