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Accio (Summoning Charm)

Pronunciation: AH-see-o
Description: This charm summons an object to the caster, potentially over a significant distance

Pronunciation: AH-gwa-MEN-tee or AG-YOO-A-menti
Description: Produces a jet of water from the witch or wizard's wand

Alarte Ascendare
Pronunciation: uh-LAR-tay uh-SEN-dar-uh
Description: Spell which causes something to shoot up into the air

Pronunciation: AL-lo-ha-MOR-ah
Description: Used to open and unlock doors

Pronunciation: ah-NAP-nee-oh
Description: Clears the target's airway

Pronunciation: AH-par-EE-see-um
Description: This spell makes invisible ink appear

Arania Exumai
Pronunciation: uh-RAY-nee-uh EX-oo-my
Description: Knocks over or throws back spiders

Arresto Momentum
Pronunciation: (uh-RES-toe mo-MEN-tum)
Description: Slows the descent of a falling object

Pronunciation: (uh-SEN-dee-oh)
Description: Causes the spell caster to ascend rapidly

Avada Kedavra (Killing Curse)

Pronunciation: uh-VAH-dah kuh-DAHV-rah
Description: Causes instant, painless death, and leaves no physical signs of cause of death

Pronunciation: Av-if-fors
Description: Turns small objects into birds.

Pronunciation: AH-vis
Description: This charm creates a flock of birds which pour forth from the caster's wand

Pronunciation: bom-BAR-da
Description: Spell which can blast open a door

Bombarda Maxima
Pronunciation: bom-BAR-da MAX-i-ma
Description: A stronger version of Bombarda

Bracchium Emendo
Pronunciation: BRAK-ee-um ee-MEN-do
Description: The spell fixes a broken forearm, unless you don't do it properly

Carpe Retractum
Pronunciation: CAR-pay re-TRACT-um
Description: Pulls objects toward the caster, or vice versa

Cave Inimicum
Pronunciation: KAH-vay ih-NIH-mih-kum
Description: Spell used to strengthen an enclosure from enemies

Cistem Aperio
Pronunciation: SIS-tem ah-PER-ee-oh
Description: Opens the target crate

Pronunciation: cul-loh-POR-tus
Description: Magically locks a door, preventing it from being opened by Muggle means

Confringo (Blasting Curse)

Pronunciation: con-FRIN-goh (hard "g") or con-FRIN-joh
Description: Causes anything that the spell comes into contact with to explode

Confundo (Confundus Charm)

Pronunciation: con-FUN-doh
Description: Causes the victim to become confused and befuddled

Crucio (Cruciatus Curse)

Pronunciation: KROO-see-oh
Description: Inflicts intense pain on the recipient of the curse

Pronunciation: Con-fun-dus
Description: Used to confuse opponent

Pronunciation: Con-junk-ti-vi-tis
Description: Damages opponents eyesight

Defodio (Gouging Spell)

Pronunciation: deh-FOH-dee-oh
Description: This spell causes deep gouges to appear in the object targeted by the spell

Pronunciation: deh-LEE-tree-us
Description: An erasure spell It erases images and magical "after-effects"

Pronunciation: den-sah-OO-jee-oh
Description: This hex makes the victim's teeth grow rapidly

Pronunciation: DEH-prih-moh
Description: This spell places immense downward pressure upon its target

Pronunciation: de-PULSE-oh
Description: Like Flipendo (uno), except that Depulso is used only for magical levers and switches

Pronunciation: deh-SEN-doh
Description: The spell likely causes any targeted object to move downwards

Diffindo (Severing Charm)

Pronunciation: dif-FIN-doh
Description: Tears the target or a specific area on the target

Pronunciation: dim-min-du-en-do
Description: Turns the target into a toy

Pronunciation: Dis-sen-di-um
Description: Opens "One eyed witch" hump

Pronunciation: dra-CON-i-fors
Description: Transfigures dragon statues into dragons

Pronunciation: DOO-roh
Description: Turns its target to stone

Engorgio (Engorgement Charm)

Pronunciation: en-GOR-jee-oh
Description: Causes objects to swell in size

Pronunciation: Enn-er-vate
Description: Counters Stupefy

Pronunciation: eh-PIS-key
Description: Used to heal relatively minor injuries

Pronunciation: ee-RECK-toh or eh-RECK-toh
Description: Used to erect a tent or other structure

Evanesco (Vanishing Spell)

Pronunciation: ev-an-ES-koh
Description: Makes something vanish

Everte Statum
Pronunciation: ee-VER-tay STAH-tum
Description: Duelling spell used to send the opponent flying

Expecto Patronum (Patronus Charm)

Pronunciation: ecks-PEK-toh pah-TRO-num
Description: Used to conjure an incarnation of the Witch's or Wizard's innermost positive emotions to act as a
protector It can also be used to send messages

Pronunciation: ex-pel-ee-AR-mus
Description: This spell is used to disarm another wizard, typically by causing the victim's wand to fly out of reach It
can also throw the target backwards when enough power is put into it

Pronunciation: ecks-PUL-soh
Description: A curse which causes that with which it comes into contact to explode violently

Fera Verto
Pronunciation: FAIR-uh VAIR-to
Description: The spell transforms an animal into a cup or goblet

Pronunciation: feh-ROO-lah
Description: Creates a bandage and a splint

Pronunciation: Fid-de-li-us
Description: Hides a secret within someone

Finite (Incantatem) (Counter-Spell)

Pronunciation: fi-NEE-tay (in-can-TAH-tem)
Description: Negates many spells or the effects of many spells

Flagrante Curse
Pronunciation: fluh-GRAYT, FLAH-grayt, fluh-GRAH-tay
Description: With this spell, the caster's wand can leave fiery marks

Pronunciation: fli-PEN-do
Description: The spell used to push or topple something

Pronunciation: fer-NUN-kyoo-lus
Description: Causes the target to become covered in boils

Pronunciation: jeh-MIH-nee-oh or geh-MIH-nee-oh (hard "g")
Description: Creates a duplicate of any object cast upon.

Pronunciation: GLAY-see-us
Description: Used to freeze fiery enemies

Pronunciaton: GLISS-see-oh or gliss-SAY-oh
Description: Causes the steps on a stairway to flatten and form a ramp or slide.

Homenum Revelio
Pronunciation: HOM-eh-num reh-VEH-lee-oh
Description: Reveals humans in the vicinity of the caster.

Pronunciation: Ho-mor-fus
Description: Lockhart's Werewolf "cure"

I Solemnly Swear I'm Up to no good

Pronunciation: As in English
Description: Reveals the map of Hogwarts Castle on a blank parchment

Pronunciation: i-MO-bi-lus
Description: Freezes objects where they are

Pronunciation: im-ped-ih-MEN-tah
Description: Stops an object or slows it down

Imperio (Imperius Curse)

Pronunciation: im-PEER-ee-oh
Description: Places the subject in a dream-like state, in which he or she is utterly subject to the will of the caster.

Imperturbable Charm
Pronunciation: IM-per-TUR-ba-bul
Description: Creates a magical barrier on a target object to prevent eavesdropping

Impervius (Impervius Charm)

Pronunciation: im-PURR-vee-uss
Description: This spell makes something repel (literally, become impervious to) substances and outside forces,
including water.

Inanimatus Conjurus
Pronunciation: in-an-i-MAH-tus con-JUR-us
Description: Although not identified, the name suggests that this involves the conjuring inanimate objects.

Pronunciation: in-CAR-ser-us
Description: Ties someone or something up with ropes.

Pronunciation: in-SEN-dee-oh
Description: Produces fire

Lacarnum Inflamarae
Pronunciation: la-CAR-num in-fla-MA-rye
Description: Sets the target robe on fire

Pronunciation: LAN-glock
Description: Glues the subject's tongue to the roof of their mouth.

Pronunciation: LAH-pi-forz
Description: Transfigures rabbit statues into rabbits
Legilimens (Legilimency Spell)
Pronunciation: Le-JIL-ih-mens
Description: Allows the caster to delve into the mind of the victim, allowing the caster to see the memories, thoughts,
and emotions of the victim.

Pronunciation: levi-COR-pus (nonverbal)
Description: The victim is dangled upside-down by their ankles, sometimes accompanied by a flash of light.

Pronunciation: lib-er-ah-COR-pus (nonverbal)
Description: The counterspell to Levicorpus.

Pronunciation: loh-koh-MOH-tor
Description: The spell causes the named object to rise in the air and move around at the will of the caster.

Locomotor Mortis (Leg-Locker Curse)

Pronunciation: loh-koh-MOH-tor MOR-tis
Description: Locks the legs together, preventing the victim from moving the legs in any fashion.

Pronunciation: LOO-mos
Description: Creates a narrow beam of light that shines from the wand's tip, like a torch.

Lumos Duo
Pronunciation: LOO-mos DOO-oh
Description: Creates a focused beam of light on the caster's wand tip; considered advanced

Lumos Maxima
Pronunciation: LOO-mos MAX-i-ma
Description: Generates a brilliant light

Lumos Solem
Pronunciation: LOO-mos So-lem
Description: Generates a brilliant blast of light, as bright as the sun

Meteolojinx Recanto
Pronunciation: mee-tee-OH-loh-jincks reh-CAN-toh.
Description: Causes weather effects caused by incantations to cease.

Mischief Managed
Pronunciation: As in English
Description: Clears the map of Hogwarts Castle from the parchment being used

Pronunciation: MO-bil-ee-AR-bus
Description: Levitates and moves a tree.

Pronunciation: MO-bil-ee-COR-pus
Description: Levitates and moves bodies.
Morsmordre (Dark Mark)
Pronunciation: morz-MOR-druh or morz-MOHR-dray
Description: Conjures the Dark Mark.

Pronunciation: muf-lee-AH-to
Description: Fills peoples' ears with an unidentifiable buzzing to keep them from hearing nearby conversations.

Pronunciation: Noks
Description: Turns off the light produced by the Lumos spell

Obliviate (Memory Charm, Memory-Modifying Charm)

Pronunciation: oh-BLI-vee-ate
Description: Used to hide a memory of a particular event.

Pronunciation: ob-SK
Description: Causes a blindfold to appear over the victim's eyes, obstructing their view of their surroundings.

Oculus Reparo
Pronunciation: AH-kyoo-lus re-PAR-oh)
Description: Repairs spectacles.

Pronunciation: oh-PUG-noh
Description:causes conjured objects to attack.

Pronunciation: or-KID-ee-us
Description: Makes a bouquet of flowers appear out of the caster's wand

Pronunciation: As in English
Description: Packs a trunk, or any luggage.

Patronus Charm
Pronunciation: pa-TROH-nus
Description: Conjures a Patronus, a silvery phantom shape, usually that of an animal, which is the embodiment of the
positive thoughts of the caster. A Patronus will drive away Dementors.

Pronunciation: per-IH-cu-lum
Description: Sends up wand sparks as a jet of light
Peskipiksi Pesternomi
Pronunciation: pes-kee PIK-see pes-ter-NO-mee
Description: one simple Freezing Charm

Petrificus Totalus (Full Body-Bind Curse)

Pronunciation: pe-TRI-fi-cus to-TAH-lus
Description: Used to temporarily bind the victim's body in a position much like that of a soldier at attention.

Piertotum Locomotor
Pronunciation: pee-ayr-TOH-tum (or peer-TOH-tum) loh-koh-MOH-tor
Description: Spell used to animate statues and suits of armour to do the caster's bidding.

Point Me (Four-Point Spell)

Pronunciation: As in English
Description: Causes the caster's wand tip to point to the north cardinal point, acting like a compass.

Pronunciation: POR-tus
Description: Turns an object into a portkey

Priori Incantatum
Pronunciation: pri-OR in-can-TAH-tum
Description: Result when brother wands duel

Prior Incantato
Pronunciation: pri-OR in-can-TAH-toh
Description: Causes the echo (a shadow or image) of the last spell cast by a wand to emanate from it.

Protean Charm
Pronunciation: PRO-tee-an
Description: Complex spell that makes something change form

Protego (Shield Charm)

Pronunciation: pro-TAY-goh
Description: The Shield Charm causes minor to moderate jinxes, curses, and hexes to rebound upon the attacker

Pronunciation: KWY-uh-tus
Description: Makes a magically magnified voice return to normal

Pronunciation: re-DOO-see-oh
Description: Makes an enlarged object smaller. Counter-charm to Engorgio.

Reducto (Reductor Curse)

Pronunciation: re-DUK-toh
Description: Disintegrates or destroys objects in the caster's path

Pronunciation: Re-LASH-ee-oh
Description: A charm used to force someone or something to release that which it holds or grapples
Pronunciation: ree-NUR-vayt
Description: Brings someone out of unconsciousness.

Pronunciation: reh-PAH-roh
Description: Used to repair broken or damaged objects.

Pronunciation: re-PEL-oh
Description: Spell that keeps something away from the caster or from a target object that the spell is cast upon.

Repello Muggletum (Muggle-Repelling Charm)

Pronunciation: reh-PELL-loh MUG-ul-tum or MUGG-gleh-tum or
Description: Keeps Muggles away from wizarding places by causing them to remember important meetings they
missed and to cause the Muggles in question to forget what they were doing

Rictusempra (Tickling Charm)

Pronunciation: ric-tuh-SEM-pra
Description: The subject experiences the sensation of being tickled

Riddikulus (Boggart-Banishing Spell)

Pronunciation: rih-dih-KYU-lus
Description: A spell used when fighting a Boggart, "Riddikulus" forces the Boggart to take the appearance of an object
the caster finds humorous, with the desire that laughter will weaken the Boggart

Salvio Hexia
Pronunciation: SAL-vee-oh HECKS-ee-ah
Description: Provides some form of protection to an area or dwelling

Scourgify (Scouring Charm)

Pronunciation: SKUR-jih-fy
Description: Used to clean something

Pronunciation: sec-tum-SEMP-rah
Description: Creates terrible wounds to the target

Pronunciation: ser-pen-SOR-shah
Description: Conjures a serpent from the spellcaster's wand

Silencio (Silencing Charm)

Pronunciation: sih-LEN-see-oh
Description: Makes something silent.

Pronunciation: SKURJ
Description: Cleans up ectoplasm, a green residue left by ghosts
Pronunciation: SNUF-li-forz
Description: Transfigures small books into mice
Pronunciation: soh-NOh-rus
Description: Magnifies the spellcaster's voice, functioning as a magical megaphone

Specialis Revelio (Scarpin's Revelaspell)

Pronunciation: speh-see-AHLIS reh-VEL-ee-oh
Description: Causes an object to show its hidden secrets or magical properties

Pronunciation: SPUN-ji-fy
Description: When cast on a Spongify pad (marked with a helix-shaped spring symbol), the spell-caster can jump onto
the pad and bounce to an otherwise unreachable area

Stupefy (Stunning Spell, Stupefying Charm)

Pronunciation: STOO-puh-fye
Description: Puts the victim in an unconscious state. Manifests as a beam of red light

Pronunciation: ta-RON-tuh-LEG-rah
Description: Makes victim's legs dance uncontrollably (recalling the tarantella dance)

Pronunciation: TUR-jee-oh
Description: Siphons material from a surface, e.g. blood, ink, dust, etc

Vera Verto
Pronunciation: FAIR-uh VAIR-to
Description: Transforms an animal into a cup or goblet

Pronunciation: ver-dee-MILL-yiss
Description: hits the target with a green lightning bolt

Vipera Evanesca
Pronunciation: vi-PAIR-ah ev-ah-NES-ka
Description: This is a vanishing spell with a target added to the incantation

Pronunciation: wah-dee-WAH-see
Description: Appears to launch small objects through the air

Wingardium Leviosa (Levitation Charm)

Pronunciation: win-GAR-dee-um lev-ee-OH-sa
Description: Levitates objects