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Let us pray,

Almighty and eternal God, you have shown your glory to all nations in Jesus Christ. Guide the
work of Resurrection, help us to preserve and proclaim your name. Your spirit guides this
church and makes it holy. Strengthen and uphold our Pastors and our leaders: keep them in
health and safety for the good of the church, and help each of us to do faithfully, the work to
which you have called us. We ask this through Christ our Lord.
Lord, you continually bless the church with new members. Increase the faith and
understanding of those preparing for Baptism. Give them a new birth as your children, and
keep them in the faith and communion of your holy church. Enable those who do not
acknowledge Christ to receive the truth of the gospel. Help us, your people to grow in love for
one another, and to be the perfect witness in your sight.
Lord in your mercy. (Hear our prayer)
Almighty God, giver of all things, with gladness we give thanks for all your goodness. We bless
you for the love which has created and sustains us from day to day. We praise you for the gift of
your son our savior, through whom you have made known your grace. We thank you for the
Holy Spirit, the comforter, for your holy church, for the lives of all faithful and good people, and
for the hope of life to come. Help us to treasure in our hearts all that our Lord has done for us,
and enable us to show our thankfulness by lives that are wholly given to your service.
Today, we give thanks..

Lord in your mercy (hear our prayer)
It is much more difficult to be thankful for the pain, stress, and anxiety in our lives, but we know
somehow you even use those things for your goodness so there is always hope in our troubles.
Today we ask that you meet with those who are sick or in need of your comfort. Have mercy on
those to whom death draws near. Bring consolation to those in sorrow or mourning. And to all
grant a measure of your love, taking them into your tender care. Special prayers for ..

Lord in your mercy. (Hear our prayer)

Be with us now as we take some time to share our silent thoughts with you alone. Hear the
sighs of our hearts and respond with your wisdom and grace.
Lord in your mercy. (Hear our prayer)
The more we learn about you, and how much you love us, the more we will be drawn to
worship you all of our lives. We pray that every day we would please you. Bless us with
patience, mercy, and kindness. Help us to not look into our own interests, but to the
interests of others. Lord, we are Resurrection people, and we are bringing our community
together, guide us, make us strong. Provide us with your direction so we bring continued
servants to your house, and fill them with the satisfaction that surrounds your light.

In your name we pray. Amen