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Youth Director Job Description

Purpose: To help middle school and high school students grow in their relationship with God
through Scripture study, mission opportunities, fellowship, leadership opportunities, and the
strengthening of their nuclear families while maintaining a Methodist perspectie!
With Students
# create a Youth $ouncil or %oint Parents&Youth $ouncil to empower the students in their
spiritual and leadership deelopment
# participate in district youth eents
# follow all Safe Sanctuary guidelines
# lead Sunday night $rosstal' Youth program
# facilitate $onfirmation annually
# hae responsibility oer mid#high and senior high Sunday School
#proide regular mission opportunities and fellowship eents
# participate in (ig )ouse and *M +"MY mission pro%ects during the summer
# arrange occasional trips and fundraisers
With Parents
# $reate and maintain a Parents $ouncil or %oint Parents&Youth $ouncil to empower
parents to participate in the spiritual nurture of their children
# $reate a ministry calendar per semester, distribute to parents
# Maintain regular communication through te,ting, emails, newsletter, and website
With Servant Leaders
# "ecruit early and offer training for olunteers
#+rrange occasional appreciation eents
As Church Staff
# (e present for wee'ly staff meetings
# +rrange monthly one#on#one meetings with pastor