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Bypass Windows Login

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

12:40 PM

This Trick is used to access someone else's computer, without knowing their password.

while the Computer is Starting, Gold Turnoff the Computer until the Compete want's to do an
automatic Repass or Cancel the option for the automatic repair. (It will Kempt it anyways), Afar
she At? empting repairs,

gorge a message kingie cannot repair this computer busoma Tidally. A T The bosom of the
message is q view problem details. Click The down arrow.

at the bottom of The Problem description is

a private Salem eng opens and open the local one on drive I!

This opens Notepad. Once in Notepad, You can open a file.
You can now navigate go Windows System 32 and Right mouse butten and

run as Administrator CMD. Exe.