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Grade Virginia and United States History
Effects of Popular Culture on Society in 1920s and 30s
s! "arlotta and s! #at$ins
&ou are going to 'rite a research paper a(out the role of )ass )edia in challenging
*alues during the 1920s and 1930s! +here is an assign)ent sheet and ru(ric to follo'
'hen 'riting your paper! +his pathfinder 'ill guide you to sources 'here you can find
the infor)ation you need! +here is also a section 'ith sources that 'ill sho' you ho' to
properly cite your sources!
Pathfinder ,esources
Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary ,ef .23 E
erria)/#e(ster0s Collegiate -ictionary 'ill help you find definitions to unfa)iliar
'ord and loo$ up the spelling or pronunciation of a 'ord!
YourDictionary 1http233'''!yourdictionary!co)34
+his is a great online dictionary! 5oo$ up the definitions of unfa)iliar 'ords6 chec$ your
spelling6 or find synony)s in the thesaurus! +here are also (iographies6 gra))ar articles6
and i)ages!
The World Book Encyclopedia ,ef 031 #7
Use the #orld "oo$ Encyclopedia to research )a8or people and e*ents that affected life
in the 1920s and 30s! 1http233'''!encyclopedia!co)34
+his is an online encyclopedia that 'ill gi*e you infor)ation on anything you need to
learn )ore a(out for your report! Chec$ the left side of the screen for related results//
so)eti)es they can (e *ery helpful9
5i(rary catalogs
:efferson ;orest High School Catalog
+his catalog 'ill help you find fiction resources in the school li(rary!
"edford County Pu(lic 5i(rary Catalog 1http233'''!(plsonline!org34
+his catalog 'ill sho' you the resources a*aila(le at the pu(lic li(rary!
Search ter)s to get you started2 8a<<6 the Great -epression6 -ar'in=s +heory6 the Scopes
+rial6 flappers6 19th >)end)ent6 i))igration6 ?u ?lu@ ?lan6 Prohi(ition6 ;ireside Chats
Suggested "oo$s
+he :a<< >ge6 the 20s 9A3!91 :> c!3
Hard ti)es6 the 30s 9A3!91A H> c!3
+he Great -epression 2 >)erica in the 1930s 9A3!91A #>+
#riter0s guide to e*eryday life fro) prohi(ition through #orld #ar %% 9A3!91 C
+he ?u ?lu@ ?lan 2 an encyclopedia 322!.209A3 BE
%))igration &> 32C!A3 %
,eady reference
n!oplease 1http233'''!infoplease!co)34
+his is a great site to search for facts9 %nfoplease includes an atlas6 encyclopedia6
dictionary6 thesaurus6 and ti)elines! +here are also al)anac pages that co)(ine
infor)ation (y su(8ects such as History D Go*=t6 "iography and Sports!
"iographical sources
Merriam-Webster's Biographical Dictionary
;ind out )ore a(out the people 'ho had a )a8or i)pact on society and culture in the
1920s and 1930s!
Go*ern)ent sources
"merican Memory !rom the #ibrary o! Congress
&ou can find photos6 audio6 and *ideo clips fro) the 1920s and 1930s!
The $residents % The White &ouse 1http233'''!'hitehouse!go*3a(out3presidents4
5earn )ore a(out the presidents 'ho 'ere in office in the 1920s and 30s and ho' the
country 'as affected (y their policies!
Gale -ata(ases 1http233find!galegroup!co)3)enu3co))on)enu!doE
> search in the Gale -ata(ases returns results of full/te@t )aga<ine and ne'spaper
articles! ;ind articles that discuss society and culture in the 1920s and 1930s!
e5i(rary 1http233eli(rary!(igchal$!co)3eli('e(3eli(3do3search4
e5i(rary can search ne'spapers6 )aga<ines6 (oo$s6 )aps6 'e(sites6 pictures6
audio3*isual resources6 and transcripts! Using the "oolean search )ethods you ha*e
learned you can use e5i(rary to find resources fro) )any different locations!
"est of History #e(sites 1http233'''!(esthistorysites!net3 4
+his is a portal to )any sites co*ering history!
+he useu) of "roadcasting Co))unications >rchi*es 1http233archi*es!)useu)!t*34
5isten to radio progra)s fro) the 1920s and 1930s!
P"S I +he Great -epression History in the )usic of :a<<
5earn a(out 8a<< influences during the Great -epression!
Citing your resources
%t is plagiaris) if you don=t cite the sources that you used! Use 5> for)atting for your
paper6 and don=t forget your 'or$s cited page9 Here are so)e helpful sites for e@a)ples
of 5> style!
Purdue 7nline #riting 5a( 1 http233o'l!english!purdue!edu3o'l3resource3A.A313 4
+his is a great site for guidelines and e@a)ples of 5> style
Son of Citation achine 1http233citation)achine!net3inde@2!phpE
reJstyleidF1Dne'styleF1Dstyle(o@F1 4
Son of Citation is a helpful tool for putting together your 'or$s cited page! &ou should
dou(le/chec$ the outco)e to )a$e sure you entered infor)ation correctly!