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10/21/2014 Amazon hires 80,000 seasonal holiday workers | ET Retail 1/3
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Amazon hires 80,000 seasonal holiday
NEW YORK: Amazon is hiring 80,000
seasonal workers for its distribution
centers as it looks to improve its
shipping efficiency during the crucial
holiday season.
The figure is a 14 percent increase over
last year's hiring of 70,000 workers, as
Amazon has been opening more
distribution centers.
It now has more than 50 distribution centers in the U.S., up from 40 last year. And in July it
announced it was opening eight smaller sorting centers for a total of 15 by year-end. At the
centers packages are sorted by ZIP code and then transported to U.S. Postal Service
The company says the sorting centers help Amazon offer services such as Sunday delivery,
a later cutoff order time and tighter control over shipping logistics.
Thousands of the seasonal jobs are expected to become permanent positions.
Retail business cashes in on
Modi 'Make in India' push
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AP | 17 October 2014, 7:48 AM IST
10/21/2014 Amazon hires 80,000 seasonal holiday workers | ET Retail 2/3
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The pace of hiring at a retailer can serve as an indicator of expectations for the holiday
shopping season, which accounts for 20 percent of the industry's annual sales, according to
the National Retail Federation, a trade group.
Seattle-based Amazon is hoping to avoid problems that occurred late in the holiday season
last year, when shippers such as UPS were caught off guard by spiking online orders,
particularly from
Overall, the National Retail Federation said it expects sales during the November and
December period to increase 4.1 percent to $616.9 billion, up a percentage point higher
than last year. It marks the highest increase since 2011 when the rise was 4.8 percent.
Amazon employs more than 132,600 full-time and part-time employees globally.
E-commerce to come under
VAT ambit
No probe into 'big billion day'
sale by Flipkart: Nirmala
'Make in India' selling well,
online and offline retailers
cashing in on rising demand
Publishing houses join hands
to stop predatory pricing by
Flipkart and Amazon
Snapdeal forays into premium
designer-wear segment
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power & is it abusing that
power? Yes!
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blessings on e-tailers
Check portals credentials and
opt for safer options to avoid
mistakes when e-shopping
10/21/2014 Amazon hires 80,000 seasonal holiday workers | ET Retail 3/3
Flipkart's Big Billion sale fiasco hands
edge to competitors like Amazon,
1 comment 12 days ago
Vasanth Its true that Amazon, SnapDeal
& FlipKart are well funded, but I do not
agree with Kartik Hosanagar
Future Group's Kishore Biyani, vendors
accuse Flipkart of
2 comments 13 days ago
Ashim Saha Dont cry Mr Biyani, This is
the same medicine which you gave to small
retailers.utilise crying time to out
Top concerns of retailers & future retail
technology to grow ROI
1 comment 5 days ago
ishan charaniya It will it take time.
How to be an online commerce
1 comment 12 days ago
Vish Well written article, but in reality
getting to partner with the logistic
companies at the right price point is a
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