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Interns Name: Russell J. Elizondo Date: 11 October !1"

#ub$ect: E%&R Grade %e'el: (
1. TE)#* (."+
Reading/Vocabulary Development. Students understand
new vocabulary and use it when reading and writing.
Students are expected to:
Ob$ecti'e * Identify and use antonyms synonyms
homographs and homophones!
. ,i- .nderstandin-s
Students understand that there are many words that have
the similar meaning.
( &ssessment E'idence*
"ompletion of domino game with 1##$ accuracy
". O/enin- 0oo1
Relate a story about a time when % was creating poem but couldn&t thin' of a word that would rhyme. (ouldn&t it
be great to 'now other words that could replace the one that didn&t rhyme and had the same meaning)
*or example: Roses are red and violets are blue % love crafts and wor'ing with paste. +aste doesn&t rhyme with
blue. (hat&s another word that is similar to paste and rhymes with blue) ,ow about glue)
-ow let&s listen to how it sounds. Roses are red and violets are blue % love crafts and wor'ing with glue.
2. Instructional #trate-ies 3 #tudent &cti'ities
Teacher In/ut34odelin-* .se the computer to demonstrate the lesson with a +ower +oint presentation so everyone
can view from their seated position.
Guided Practice*
Students identify synonyms by playing a domino game.
a. Scatter synonym domino cards face up on a flat surface.
b. /a'ing turns student one places the S/0R/ domino on the table and reads the word on the other
end of the domino 1i.e. small2.
c. 3oo's for a domino with a synonym 1i.e. little2. "onnects it to the domino.
d. Student two reads the word on the other side of the domino 1i.e. end2 and finds the domino with the
matching synonym and reads the word. "onnects it to the domino. "ontinue until all the dominos are
e. (al' around the room and observe students conducting the practical exercise.
f. 0llow peers to assist if a student is struggling to find the correct synonym.
+5. 6+hec1in- 7or .nderstandin-8 9 "hec' to ensure that the students are matching the appropriate synonym on
the corresponding domino.
Inde/endent Practice* Grou/s can compete against one another in timed matches to see who can finish the tas' in
4uic'est time without any errors.
:. 4aterials 3 Resources* Synonym domino cards
;. Grou/in- Patterns* 5egin with the whole class in discussion and then brea' the class into four groups of
<. Endin-= #ummar> 3 Re7lection*
0s' students to thin' of a synonym when they hear or see a word on their way home. See how many different
synonyms they can thin' of. /omorrow tell the teacher about one they thought of or read.
?. Technolo->* .se the computer to demonstrate the lesson with a +ower +oint presentation.