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Article 1

1. How old does a member of the House of Representatives have to be?

2. What is the term (#of years served by a member of the House of Representatives?
!. How many "enators come from each state?
#. What is the term (# of years served by a member of the "enate?
$. Who serves as the %resident of the "enate& but does not have a vote?
'. (ist si) of the con*ressional powers outlined under Article 1 "ection +,,, of the
-.". .onstitution.
a. b.
c. d.
e. f.
/. Who has the sole power of impeachment?
0. What is the minimum a*e for a "enator?
1. Accordin* to Article , "ection ,, of the .onstitution how were slaves to be counted
when determinin* the # of .on*ressional districts per state?
12.Who has the sole power to try officials?
11. What branch of *overnment is responsible for establishin* lower courts?
Article ,,
12.What is the term (# of years served by the %resident and +ice %resident?
1!. 3he # of these are e4ual to the number of "enators and Representatives from each
1#.Who is the .ommander and .hief of the Armed 5orces?
1$.What is the minimum a*e for the %resident?
1'.,n Article ,, "ection ,,, what three powers of the %resident are stated in the
1/.6n ,nau*uration 7ay who administers the presidential 86ath of 6ffice9?
Article ,,,
10.What was the only court set up by the federal *overnment?
11.What is the only crime defined in the .onstitution?
22.3he .onstitution *ives the "upreme .ourt le*al :urisdiction over specific types of
le*al cases. (ist three.
21.What is the term for a "upreme .ourt ;ustice?
22.What does the .onstitution re4uire to convict a person for treason?
2!.What are the first 12 amendments in the .onstitution called?
2#.What are amendments 11<2/ to the .onstitution referred to as?
2$.,n what year were the 1st 12 amendments added?
2'.What is the title of the most recent amendment and in what year was it added?
2/.Which amendment is the only amendment ever to overturn a previous amendment?
=A3.H 3H> A=>?7=>?3" W,3H 3H> 3,3(>
20.5ederal ,ncome 3a)
21.Abolition of "lavery
!2.10 @ear 6ld Ri*ht to +ote
!1..ruel and -nusual %unishment
!2.! >lectoral +otes to 7istrict of .olumbia
!!.Ri*hts of .itiAens
!#.%owers Reserved to the %eople
!$.Buarantees the ri*ht to be represented by a lawyer
!'.Bave Women the Ri*ht to +ote?
Beneral ,nformation
!/.,n what year did the .onstitutional .onvention taCe place?
!0.,n what year did the .onstitution become?
!1.Who is the father of the .onstitution?
#2.How many words are in the .onstitution?
(6(7>"3 and "H6R3>"3 ever writtenD
#1.8We the %eopleEE9 is the intro to the -nited "tates .onstitution and is Cnown as