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Unfamiliar Landscape Proposal

Michael Dela Cruz

Topic Overview
Describe the topic youd like to pursue in terms of the kind(s) of landscapes you plan to
themes or key concepts, etc.
For this project Vincent Becerra, Guillermo Felix and I will be talking about and presenting
our project based on Music.
Our main question that we are going to be focusing on, What is noise pollution?
Essential Questions
What are the essential questions that will guide your research and product output?
These questions should be focused, scholarly, and answerable through research.

Academic Research
What seems to be the most interesting aspect of your topic to pursue? Is there a dilemma,
disagreement, controversy or problem at the heart of your topic?
Describe what you have learned from your initial research and what angle or perspective
you will pursue through further research.
Music has been very therapeutic in many ways. It has helped relieve pain without the use
of painkillers or to calm the mind from stress or anxiety. Throughout the years we have
learned that the music triggers many areas of the brain which involve emotion and
memory. Hans Guenther Bastian from the Institute of Musical Education at Frankfurt
University, concluded singing not only strengthened the immune system but also notably
improved the performer's mood. Singing releases endorphins into your system and makes
you feel energized and uplifted. People who sing are healthier than people who dont.
Singing gives the lungs a workout. And singing does even more to improve and help your
health and life
Director for advanced music education at Londons Roehampton Institute,Graham Welch,
States that singing exercises the vocal cords and keeps them youthful, even in old age. The
less age-battered your voice sounds, the more you will feel, and seem, younger. Singing
improves your posture because when you break into song, your chest expands and your

back and shoulders straighten. As you sing your circulation is improved, which in turn
oxygenates the cells and boosts the bodys immune system.
Music therapy is increasingly used in hospitals to reduce the need for medication during
childbirth, to decrease postoperative pain and complement the use of anesthesia during
I didnt write it but I thought it was interesting:When you sing, musical vibrations move
through you, altering your physical and emotional landscape. Group singing, for those
who have done it, is the most exhilarating and transformative of all. It takes something
incredibly intimate, a sound that begins inside you, shares it with a roomful of people and
it comes back as something even more thrilling
- I'm trying to landscape the relationship of how singing and the heart is affected.
- Its all gonna relate to the landscape of the heart/health and how singing affect it. How
singing improves your health.

Product Output
What kind of computer program will you write that communicates your research ideas?
To describe the product, write out what your computer program will do in plain terms;
explain how it will work and how it will relate to your topic and essential questions.
The program we will be using is processor and a keyboard, where when we press a key it
triggers a code to draw something or play a certain key. In the essential questions we ask
how does music affect us? We will show in the aura of the visual aspect that when listening
to different notes ,keys, melodies, beats, and rhythms that the mind triggers a simulations of
pleasure, anguish, and everything in between.
For example once we press a low key it will trigger a dark atmosphere in the setting/
background. And when we press a high pitched key it will become a luminescent ambience.
We will be using garageband to make beats

Academic Research cite sources