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Cultural and Worldview


Gender Role Definition

Femininity (Hofstede)

Power Distance
Respect of Authority

Uncertainty Avoidance

Long-term short-term

Your Culture

Host Culture

Although the United States is

very high in individualism and
most people have the view
that I is more important
we, I would say my
worldview is not as high in
individualism as a typical
person in the United States as
I value interdependence. I
highly value we.
The United States would be
classified as a masculine
society, however, my
worldview is that of a
feminine worldview. My idea
of success is a high quality of
life and I value liking what I
do over being the best
I believe authority should be
respected, but I do not accept
that power is distributed
unequally (Hofstede). I do see
the world as having a
hierarchal order, but I do
question that and believe there
is a better way where people
are treated equally and power
is not so concentrated.
Personally, I have a higher
preference for avoiding
uncertainty, but this again
depends on the situation I am
in. Depending on my situation
and what setting I am in, I do
not always mind uncertainty
and can be flexible. Like
Hofstede says, I do have an
inner urge to be busy and
work hard, which is a
characteristic of those with a
high uncertainty avoidance
My worldview leans towards

The Czech Republic is an

individualistic society where
they are expected to take care
of themselves and their direct
family only (Hofstede).

The Czech Republic is a

masculine society where they
are more driven by
competition and achievement
than caring for others and
quality of life. People live in
order to work (Hofstede).

Hierarchal and accept that

everyone has a place and there
is not much questioning of
that. They respect authority
and do not question the order

The Czech Republic scores

high within this dimension
according to Hofstede and
they would rather avoid
uncertainty. A high tendency
to uncertainty avoidance
means in the Czech Republic
there is a tendency to have
rigid codes of belief and
behavior. People have the
tendency to work hard and
security is important in
individual motivation.
Since the people of the Czech

orientation (Hofstede)

Indulgence vs. Restraint


Human Nature


short-term orientation.
Although, I think I can have a
balance of long-term and
short-term orientation.
Sometimes I am so focused on
the here and now that I forget
about the future, while other
times all I think about is the
long-term and how what I am
doing now will impact the
future. I believe there is a
balance here and I strive to see
the world in a way that values
what is happening now, but
acknowledges the role the here
and now has on the long-term.
The United States is a very
indulgent society. Personally,
I am more indulgent and do
not think there is anything
wrong with indulging in
moderation and I think leisure
time is really important. I view
the world in a very positive

My worldview of human
nature is that people are good
and everyone is created
differently and uniquely. I
think there is usually a reason
behind why people make the
choices they make, good or
bad and that our nature and
choices are scripted by many
things. I also acknowledge the
role my faith plays in my view
of human nature, that we all
sin and struggle against the
temptations of sin in our
I view the world in a way that
individuals can act
independently and have the
ability to make their own

Republic values perseverance

and are driven by competition
and hard work, they are able
to think long-term and value
preparing for the future. Their
worldview is one of prizing
forward thinking and focusing
on thrift and efforts in modern
education so they can prepare
for the future (Hofstede, n.d.;
Czech Republic, 2013).

Czechs, according to
Hofstede, scored low when it
comes to indulgence. They
show restraint and control
their impulses and desires.
Since they show more
restraint, Czechs view the
world with more cynicism and
pessimism and do not value
leisure time as much as
indulgent societies (Hofstede).
Human nature is viewed
through a formal lens and that
there are rules and regulations
that allow people to know
what is expected of them
(Czech Republic, 2013).

Since Czechs are hierarchal

that can mean they cannot act
as independently because their
social class or place in the


Time Orientation

Moral Source

choices. I dont think people

should be limited by their
religion, gender, ethnicity, etc.
I believe that we are always
learning and should be lifelong learners. I am always
seeking ways to gain
knowledge and absorb the
information around me. I
highly value knowledge and
the continuation of learning
and education.
Within formal settings and
especially when I am in
charge, I am time and task
oriented person. When I am in
informal settings I tend to be
more event oriented. I have a
monochromic view of time. I
like to do many things at one
My moral source is based on
my belief in the Bible and the
teachings and life of Jesus.

Moral Standard

I believe that there is a moral

standard and certain truths
guide that moral standard. I do
not think moral standards are
the same everywhere and that
the world is not black and


I think we are all sexual

beings and sexuality is often a
topic seen as taboo, especially
in Christian circles. In our
society, it seems like things

hierarchy determines or
greatly factors into their
Education is highly valued and
knowledge is sought after.
People who are highly
educated and obtain academic
titles are highly respected
(Countries and Cultures).

Czechs are on time for

everything and it is important
to them that people value and
respect others time. Time and
Task Oriented.

They do have a Catholic

tradition, but their society
does not predominantly view
the world through a lens of a
specific moral source like the
Bible. Since they have a
strong history in communism,
their history may be a source
for their morals.
Since Czechs are high in
pragmatism, they show that
they can adapt traditions easily
and their truth depends on the
context, however, at the same
time Czechs have a high
emotional need for rules. The
worldview of their moral
standard is that of rigid codes
of belief and behavior
The worldview on sexuality
seems to vary based on where
you are in the country and
who you ask. People located
in the city of Prague have a

are hyper-sexualized and

sexuality within the larger
context of the United States is
not taboo.



Ontology: Spiritualism

My worldview about justice is

that we live in an unjust world
that is full of oppressive
systems and inequality. I view
the world through a lens of
justice and it is easy for me to
see injustices. I have been told
that I have the gift of
justice. I believe because of
my Christian worldview that
we must love justice because
God loves and desires justice.
I believe that there are
universal truths that are
present in the world, but I also
believe there are truths that I
believe in that are not
necessarily shared by
everyone. I acknowledge that
truth can be relative and
because of my Christian
beliefs I see the world through
certain truths that pertain to
those beliefs.
I believe we were all created
by the Creator God and that
we exist in a world that is both
spiritual and material. I see the
world as a place where God is

more liberal view of sexuality

and it is not as taboo.
Homosexuality, for example,
is more of a norm and not
condemned. However, across
the country and the people
who live outside of the city are
known to not be too openminded to alternative sexual
preferences (Cultural
Information, 2009). It is also
important to note that in
general, Czechs can be
intolerant of unorthodox
behavior and ideas, which can
affect their view of sexuality
There is not evidence to
suggest that the people of the
Czech Republic highly value
justice or see the world with a
lens of justice, however, they
do view the world through
rules and regulations which
could suggest there is a set
standard of justice.

Czechs think truth depends

very much on situation,
context and time (Hofstede).
This implies that truth could
be relative.

The majority of Czechs do not

view the world through a
spiritual lens and have strong
secular views (Countries and
their Cultures).


Purpose in Life

present and the spiritual world

is very real and present among
I believe in God and that He
created the world and all that
is in it. I also believe in the
triune God: God, Jesus and the
Holy Spirit.

Half of the population claim to

belong to some faith,
predominantly the Catholic
Church, however, the majority
of the population would not
profess belief in any deity
(Cultural Information, 2009).
I believe our purpose in life is Czechs value working hard
to live a life of loving God and and being busy, living within
loving others. I think our
the rules and living a life that
purpose in life is to live a
is secure (Hofstede).
fully, healthy and whole life
and to do our best to help
others do the same.