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SEPT-OCT 2014 £1.50 y GO They shall grow not old, as we that ate left grow old: Ayge shall not weary them , not the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning we will vemember them” The unknown warrior. CORES A Knock Summer Outreach Team. (eee eu eel ed ‘The Evangelical Prasbyterian is published bimonthly by the Presbytery of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church Website For more information on the Evangalical Presbyterian Church, Including detalls of our various congregations, please vist our denominational website at Policy The views expressed are those of the editor and contributors and are understood to reflect generally the theological position of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, unless otherwise stated. Unsigned articles are by the editor. Articles ‘The editor is wiling to accept articles for publication on the understanding that the submission of an aticie does not ‘guarantee Its publication. Contributors should recognise that all articles are also liable to exiting and alteration without consultation. No material can be published unless the full name land postal address of the contributor is supplied. The preferea method of submission is electronically as a Word document. Straptine ‘Ecclesia reformata semper reformanda est ~ the Reformed Church is always reforming Ector = Tg) con outs $3" Cnacow Gardens, | seiner Eas Phone: 07803 282489 Email: Book Reviews Colin Campbell Manager ‘The Evangelical Book Shop | BELFAST 811600 1one 028 9032 0529 Email: Website: www.evangelicalbookshop ‘Subscriptions 2014 Collected £9.00 By post within the UK £11.50 By post outside the UK £16.00 Enquiries to the Evangelical Book Shop Financo ‘Anyone wishing to help the church's work may send thelr gift to the Finance Committee C/O: Rev J S Roger 46 Huntingdale BALLYCLARE 5739 9XB ‘The church can beneft from the Gift Aid scheme from taxpayers! donations. Please ask for details. Printed by Saxoprint. Design and Layout by Derek Johnston F RST WORD