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: Lailatul Istiqomah

Class: VII A
English Task

My Happy Birthday

Tomorrow holiday, Wednesday 21 march 2012 is my happy birthday.

I went to go bromo mountain in malang. I in it campied, I with is my
father, uncle, aunt, cousin and sister. I was in it by car, after we arrived we
comed from car ang we saw beautiful scenery. After we content we soon
built is tent. After tent alredy, we eated together and prayed together.
Arrive night, now tent crowed because feast my happy birthday
carry out. We sing together, blow is candle, eated is cake together and
photos together, late at night we soon sleep.
After sun appesr from east after all gol up, we this morning.
Awalk took awalk together for enjoyed is beautiful scenery bromo
mountain I now 14 years old ! I Love Bromo I said.

Name : Siti Kopsoh

Class : VII A
English Task

Gedang Mountain

Morning Sunday tomorrow, I and my friends went to gedang

mountain to played volley ball. Iwent in it be motorcycle friend together.
After we arrive in it, we marched soon and conductedis Mr. Jianto.
That after, we photo together and played together. I very happy in
the gedang mountain, we back in home.