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Important notices:

XBOX™, XBOX360™, trademarks are the property of

Microsoft Corporation.
There are many web pages, and videos on internet
teach how to open up/ disassemble XBOX360™. You
can use them as referance, too. This manual only
shows you the tip how to open up your XBOX360™.
Use in your own risk, the warranty of XBOX360™
voided if it has been modify, PC-XB01’s warranty only
cover the chassis itself, not include the XBOX360™.

Hardware list
Mylar for the opening with
3 PIN fan converter (1)
HDMI model (1)
Mylar for the opening with
4 PIN fan converter (1)
non-HDMI model (1)

Screw for DVD drive (4) M/B stand-off (6)

Screw for USB port (1) Case rabber feet (4)

Screw for M/B & RF modalar (12)

1-1. Opening XBOX360™ Console 01

1. Remove all the cables, and HDD module off
from the XBOX360™ console. Place the
XBOX360™ on the tabletop before
disassembling. You will require some tool
to help you to open up XBOX360™. You will
need Torx 6, Torx 8, Torx 10, and flat screw
driver. Or you can get a set of metal unlock
tool kit for XBOX360™ to make your life

2. Remove the face place by insert your finger

into the memory slot holes, and pull the face
plate off with a steady force.

3. Starting with the bottom vent plate, there are
six tabs that hold it into place, and they are
accessible from the sides through the vent
holes, gently pull up on the place and
simultaneously release the clips by pushing
in with the opening tool or other tool that fits
through the hole (shown in image, with a Torx
6 ). Start at the front of the case and work your
way back alternating sides so each pair of tabs
are released. For the top vent plate, use a flat
screw driver to release the front two tabs by
place the flat screw driver through the holes
into the case, and place between the tab and
internal wall of the bottom and top cover to
release the two tabs. There is a tab which is
behind the XBOX360™ feet. You will need to
remove the feet to released the tab which
holds the top vent plate.

4. After the top and bottom vent plates removed,
lay the XBOX360™ upside down on a table
top. (rubber feet facing upwards) There are
seven notches at the rear panel of the
XBOX360™. Using flat screwdriver or
something flat to push the catch a bit into the
XBOX360™ to release the clips ( you should
hear crisp clicks when the clips release), work
from the power connector socket side first, and
do the same thing to the other side of the
catches. ( There are some tips on internet
shows how to open XBOX360™ without
marking it)

5. After the rear side of the button cover

separated from the top cover, there are four
catches in the front side holding the two parts
together. First remove the seal which near the
power button. And undo the four catches to
open up the bottom cover.

1-2. Opening XBOX360™ Console 02
6. Using a Torx 10 and 8 driver to remove all the
screws, there will be six Torx 10 screws
holding the top cover, and eight Torx 8 screws
holes the main board and the steel chassis

7. Before flipping the whole case back right side

up, remove the eject button.

8. After remove the top cover, remove the cover

of the RF module, there are three Torx 8
screws to hold it in place, release the three
screws, and unplug the RF module. To remove
the DVD drive, unplug the cables from the DVD
drive to the main board and a sticker to the
steel chassis.

9. After remove the RF module, use a flat screw
drive to unlock the air duct from the steel
chassis, disconnect the fan power connector**
, and pull the main board out the case.

** The non HDMI vision of the fan connector

has a 4 pin connector

The HDMI vision has a 3 Pin connector

Please use the fan power convector cable

which include in the accessories bag, to
connect the fan and XBOX360™ main board.


10. Remove the DVD tray cover off from the DVD
drive. Change the SATA cable to longer vision,
and connect the power cable to the DVD drive.

2-1. Opening XBOX360™ HDD module
11. To open up the HDD module, you will need a
Torx 6 screw driver, there are four screws to
hold the cover together, and one is under the
Microsoft™ logo, therefore opening it will
break your warranty on the XBOX360 HDD
module. Open the top cover, there will be
some parts fall off, they are the mechanism to
lock /unlock the HDD module to the XBOX360

12. Once the screws are removed, open the cover

, using Torx 10 screw driver to remove the
screws, and release metal shading cover.

13. Open the shading cover, and you should see

one SATA HDD inside the HDD module.

14. Unplug the SATA connector, and slide the HDD

out from the HDD module.

15. Pop the HDD module connector, we will need
it to connect the HDD with XBOX360™ main

3-1. Installation XBOX360™ into XB01 01

16. Open both side of the side panel of XB01,

place the XB01 on the table top, and remove
the air duct.

17. Install seven stand-off to the main board tray
with the tool which include in the accessories

18. remove the RF module holder

19. mounted the RF module to the RF module

holder, and plug the RF module to the main

20. XB01 were designed for non-HDMI and HDMI
vision of XBOX360, and please use the
coordinated MYLAR plastic plate to cover the

21. There are two different type of fan connectors

for XBOX360™, for non-HDMI vision, please
use the four-pin connector, for the HDMI
vision, please use the three-pin connector.
Plug the fan connector to the main board, and
connect the 120mm fan.

22. Place the main board with RF module into

XB01. You may need to slide the main board
in a angle allow the RD module to get into the

23. Secure the main board and RF module with

coordinate screws. (Please use long screw
which include in the accessories bag to secure
the USB connector in the top left hand side of
the image) And connect the fan connector to
the convector.

3-2 Installation XBOX360™ into XB01 02
24. Remove the DVD brackets, mount the DVD to
the brackets with the long screws which
included in the accessories bag, and place it
into the XB01, secure it with screws.

25. Remove the HDD cage, place XBOX360 HDD

into the HDD cage, secure it with screws, and
mount the HDD module back into XB01.
Secure with screws.

26. Plug the DVD power connector to the main
board, connect the SATA cable to DVD and
main board.

27. Connect the Xbox360™HDD with original

connector to the main board.

28. Secure the air duct to the XB01, make sure

there is no parts contact with main board and
the air duct which may cause short circuit.
( The air duct must install correctly, XB01
without air duct will cause XBOX360™
overheat, and damage)

29. Before close up the side panel, check all the

steps above, secure the XBOX360™
mainboard with eight screws from the rear of
the mainboard tray, make sure all the parts
install correctly.