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Kaylin Watchorn

Astronomy Conversation paper

My conversation was on November 15, 2014. I had it with a couple family members while my
mother was cooking, It went for about an hour.
I planned a series of questions to prepare; I knew ahead of time that my family doesnt know
too much about astronomy, So I printed some articles just in case they needed to learn about the
subject, In order to develop their view.

How likely do you think it is for life to be on another planet?

Do you think Pluto should be considered a planet?

How many planets are in our Solar system?

What will happen to life on Earth?

Is there or was there life on Mars, Titan and Europa?

The conversation, got off topic a little more than expected, but overall it went pretty well. We all
agreed that the universe is far too large for us to be the only living in the universe. My sister made a
point to say that there are probably other humans far away, Or at least creatures similar to humans who
probably developed a completely different language, The planet probably looks similar. But with a
different continent set up.
Even though I showed the article describing why Pluto is no longer considered a planet, My
family disagrees that Pluto doesnt deserve to count. It seems like people feel bad for Pluto, Like instead
of the fact that we simply reclassified Pluto, people see it as something we unjustly did. They seem to
feel like Pluto has feelings too, When simply just another object orbiting space. I discussed this with a

couple other people because I was curious to how common people feel this way, and it seems as though
more people than not, Still feel that Pluto deserves to be considered a planet.
How many planets are in our solar system? Is still a question being asked by many scientists.
There are perfubations in Neptunes orbit. It suggests there could be another planet 5 times the size of
Earth that lies inside the Oort cloud. Pluto wasnt massive enough to be causing these perturbations.
Planet X was originally Neptune long ago. Now we could be looking for another planet X. My sister
believes there is another planet, But my mother disagrees, She feels that Neptunes orbit is being
caused by other factors. There couldnt possibly be another planet, The scientists would of found it
already, My mom stated. I agree with my sister that there probably is another planet, Scientists have
yet to learn everything there is to know about our solar system, With a vast amount of area to study,
Scientists could of easily overlooked something.
What will happen to life on Earth ? There are many things that could easily wipe us out humans
are very fragile, While the death of the sun being 5 billion years from now. There are many other things
capable of taking us out first, The nuclear weapons that we have, A nearby supernova, or gamma ray
burst, Killer asteroid or comet impacts. My brother thinks that with our technology advancement, We
will be able to survive anything that comes for us, And continue living on Earth. I disagree, I feel that in
order for our species to survive we need to leave Earth, As humans we see ourselves as being the most
important living creature on Earth. Maybe we arent as important as we think, Other species can survive
different climate changes better than we can. We are very fragile and at mercy to whatever is thrown at
us, Maybe intelligence isnt everything, Unless we can use it to leave Earth. My mom believes we will be
wiped out by an Asteroid long before we are ever able to try to leave. With the distance of other planets
being so far, We must somehow figure out how to travel the speed of light or faster, Unless we can live
without a planet. But our resources would eventually run out.

Was there or is there life on Mars, Titan, Or Europa? These are potential candidates that
scientists feel may have micro life or may have had life at some point on them. My mom believes that
there are probably aliens on Mars they are just invisible and we cannot see them. I disagree with this,
because of the many ways scientist have probably looked at the planet, It seems as though there would
be traces of them somewhere.
Mars has a lack of a Magnetic field, But may have had a water filled past. Mars may have looked
similar to Earth long ago. It was agreed that maybe that is how it looked. Titan Saturns largest moon,
Has a thick atmosphere and known organic compounds that are the building blocks of life, we figured
maybe in the future Titan will have life, But for now we dont believe it does have life. Europa, which is
the smallest of the Jupiters moon, If anything my brother thinks may have life. Although it has a weak
magnetic field. The Icy surface, with liquid water. Reminds my brother about the hydrothermal vents
underneaths earth oceans. If they have life, Why not Europa?
It was interesting getting other peoples input on astronomy rather than my own. Seeing it from
their point of view, expanded my views on how things may have been in the past and what things will
look like in the future. I chose my Mom, sister and brother for this conversation, If I had to do this
assignment again I would probably choose some people with more background knowledge on
Astronomy, That way I could talk to them more in depth. My family has a very Sci-fi View of what
Astronomy is today, while that may not be too far off in the future. I feel like some of the things they
watched in T.v. Shows have influenced their opinions on what space is really like. After a while I could
tell my family didnt want to continue talking, But in some parts of the conversation they seemed really
interested. The thought of life near us really intrigued them. Maybe theyll be more interested in
Astronomy because of this conversation we had! They learned a lot with the articles I printed. It

surprised me when my mom admitted she never heard of Jupiters moon Europa or Saturns Moon

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