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The Sexual Mind Fuck Report:

How To Give Your

Girl A

Sexual Mind
That Makes Her NEED
You Inside Of Her
By Kirsten Price
for Female Mind Mastery

Hey, Kirsten Price here, and in this special report, I'm going to
reveal a POWERFUL Sexual Escalation technique I call, The
Sexual Mind Fuck.
The reason is because this sequence of moves captivates a
woman's mind SO COMPLETELY that it sends her into a state of
It works by CONFUSING the part of her brain that sends her the
horny signals stimulating BOTH parts of it The Primal Side
and The Romantic Side.
The Primal Side of her brain responds to intense, animal aggression.
The Romantic Side responds to soft caresses, eye contact, and deep kissing.
Women LOVE both of these things, but rarely do they get them from the same man.
Most Sexual Escalation sequences only focus on ONE part of her brain, limiting the
amount of stimulation possible.
The Sexual Mind Fuck is incredibly powerful, because it allows you to stimulate BOTH
PARTS... at the same time.
When you do this to a woman, the sexual part of her brain completely OVERRIDES any
logical reason she has for not sleeping with you. Her eyes glaze over... her breathing gets
heavy and her face gets flushed... and the only thought her brain will able to process is that
she wants you inside of her!
For that reason, this sequence is very powerful, and you should ONLY use it on a girl you
The Sexual Mind Fuck almost GUARANTEES you will have sex with a girl the first night
you hook up. You'll even find girls with strong religious upbringings and girls who
normally make other guys wait for sex will melt like puddy in your hands when you do
So, I hope you enjoy :)
Here's how to do it:

>>> STEP 1: Heavy Kissing

Step one begins with you kissing your girl.
As the 2 of you are kissing and it begins to get heavy, start to use firmer pressure with your
hands on her back as you are kissing her, almost as though you are giving her a massage.
Run your hands down her sides very firmly, letting her feel your manly strength. Grab her
ass and pull her into you, all the while kissing her hard on the mouth, then down on her
What you are doing with this is stimulating her PRIMAL SIDE with intense, animal
IMPORTANT: Make YOUR breathing heavy as you are doing this... and breathe heavily
onto her neck and into her ear. This will get HER to start breathing more heavily which is
exactly what you want!

>>> STEP 2: Light Hair Pull

Next, its time for you to show her you are in total control here. Slide one of your hands up
her back, to the top of her neck where her it meets her hair. Then, grab her hair there in a
firm but gentle fist, and lightly pull her head back as you switch from kissing her on the
mouth to along the FRONT of her neck!
She'll be getting VERY wet right about now... totally LOVING what you are doing! But
now, it's time to CONFUSE the sexual part of her brain by switching it up!

>>> STEP 3:
Let go of her hair now, and SLOW DOWN.
Pull away for a second, and look her deep in the eyes, while you take your hand, and softly
caress the side of her face.
Kiss her LIGHTLY on the lips now. Lightly and lovingly.
SMILE, and suck on her lip with yours.
Kiss her on the cheeks, and on the forehead, making lots of eye contact in between.
What you are doing here is stimulating her ROMANTIC SIDE. You are letting her know

she is cared about and appreciated.

During this ROMANTIC SIDE stimulation, tell her how beautiful she is.
Tell her you love her soft skin, and love kissing her soft lips.
Do this for 2 or 3 minutes then... as you go to kiss her again...

>>> STEP 4:
Return to the PRIMAL SIDE
Now this time when you kiss her, it's time to BRING BACK that animal passion!
Start kissing her a little more heavily... and breathing heavily again as well.
Grab her hair again, like before, as you RAVAGE her neck with your mouth!
Next... it's time for one of my FAVORITE parts!

>>> STEP 5:
PICK HER UP and take her into
your bedroom... and onto your bed!
Step 5 is as easy as it sounds. As you are kissing her passionately, PICK HER UP off the
floor! Walk her straight to your bedroom. If you have to put her down to go up some stairs
or open a door, that's fine, just keep in contact with her by holding her hand
(IMPORTANT: try not to lose physical contact with her!)
Also note that all of your clothes are STILL ON! This is a good thing, it makes her feel
less threatened. They'll be coming off soon, trust me on that ;)
Then... gently throw her onto your bed!
If you still have her in the air, that's GOOD! If not, pick her up again, then lower her down
onto her back on your bed!
Get on top of her, keeping up with the heavy breathing and kissing... but THEN....

>>> STEP 6:

All of a sudden, when she LEAST expects it, STOP with the heavy breathing, pull back,
look her in the eyes again, and go back into ROMANCE MODE!
Kiss her softly on the lips, caress her face, tell her you love her eyes and her hair.
Kiss her softly on the neck, nibble on her ear lobe, smell her and take in her scent (and tell
her she smells good!)
Keep up the ROMANTIC SIDE for a few minutes, then go BACK to the PRIMAL SIDE!
Do this back and a couple of times!
Oh, while in Primal Mode, be sure to now position your cock (still in your pants) so you
are dry humping her on top of her pants. YUMMM ;)
By this point you'll see her eyes begin to glaze over. A man who is both romantic AND
passionate is every woman's dream! She'll think she's died and gone to Heaven!
Best of all, she'll be SO damn horny she can't even think straight. And you STILL haven't
even taken off her clothes!

>>> STEP 7:
Get Halfway Naked...
And OFF the bed!
Ok, here's another of my FAVORITE parts of the Sexual Mind Fuck...
Take her shirt and bra off now, so she is topless.
She will be expecting you, like most guys, to go straight for her boobs.
But NO... you have another BIG surprise up your sleeve.
Get OFF the bed, and give her your hand, inviting her to stand up with you.
Then... spin her around and making sure you have one arm behind her head, and one
arm behind her back throw her up against the wall!
Go BACK into Primal Aggression mode here! Kiss her HARD against the wall, rub her
breasts with your hands then go down and passionately kiss them. Girls LOVE it when a
man takes control like this! At this point she'll be breathing SO heavy she may even
And you can be pretty sure no other guy she's been with has tried this wild and passionate
move with her ;)

(IMPORTANT: Be extra careful that your arms are blocking her from hitting the wall,
and that you have one hand behind her head! Make sure YOURARMS hit the wall and not
her body. You want to give her the emotional sensation of being thrown around by a
strong, passionate man but make sure it doesn't actually hurt!)

>>> STEP 8:
Give Her What She Wants!
Now, lay her back down on your bed. At this point she will probably be asking you if you
have a condom (ALWAYS wear a condom!). Take off her pants, leaving her panties, and
take off your shirt and pants as well.
Dry hump her underwear on underwear as you continue in ANIMAL AGGRESSION
mode! She will be LONGING for your cock so badly right now she won't know what to do
with herself. No guy will have EVER stimulated BOTH sides of her sexual brain like this
before. Sooo... once you finally put it in her... don't be surprised if...
She Cums All Over Your Cock INSTANTLY!!!
I'm serious. The Sexual Mind Fuck is that powerful.
Give this a try, and let me know how it works for you! Your girl is gonna be in AWE of
your passion and power... you may just have the HOTTEST SEX OF YOUR LIFE!

Kirsten Price
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