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Abdullah Almansour

UWRT 1102-030
November 5, 14
First Draft

EIP Project: Soccer

Football, or as known as Soccer in North America is the world most popular

sport. It is played by more than 200 million players over 170 countries. In this essay I
will be talking about it is history, and industry.

In the United State, soccer is not the leading sport game unlike most countries
in the world. I would like to inform the audience more about this game in many
aspects such as its industry and how it is beneficial in terms of economy.

When thinking about soccer. What comes to mind first is the world cup.
World cup is held every 4 years. Every country in the world thats interested in soccer
would love to hold this big event. The main reason is that it pumps a tremendous
amount of money that helps the economy of the country that is holding this event.
Tourists come from all over the world to attend the world cup and that is the reason,
which helps the economy to grow in that time.

Last world cup was held in Brazil. Despite the fact that almost half of the
citizens voted against their government on attempting to take this event, and there was
some riots going there but they were solved very fast.

Talking about money. Comparing what famous soccer players get each month
now to 20 years ago is a huge difference. In spit of the Inflation, nowadays famous

soccer players like, Critiosano Ronaldo, Messi, Ibrahemovic, and Gareth Bale have a
salary between 20-15 millions of doller each year only from their clubs. Not
mentioning the sponsers, Shirts, and TV ads.

As any other sport. Some times soccer turn into an unfir sport. Espicsaly when
it comes to money. In 2007 in the Italian Football League Jouventus F.C. was the
champion. But after a series cases it turned out that they sort of bribed to get the title
and therefore was punished my taking the title from it back and relegate the club into
the second division.

Another famous incident was on world cup 1986. When Diego Maradona, As
known as the best player football the history had scored a goal using his hand against
England on knockoff stage. In soccer it is forbidden to use the hand except for the

goalkeeper. Despite the fact that after he scored another goal, which is one of the most
amazing goals in history of football. I will include all-important links at the end of
the essay.

As any other sport, match becomes so heated and intense and as a result bed
things Happens.

2006 World cup final match between France and Italy. Zidan

(Frances Captain and) and one of the top 5 football players in history, Was just about
to clinch the title or his country, the match was so intense. Unfortunately, Zidan lost it
at that match, When Italys defender Materazzi went to Zidan and it seems he was
cursing him. It appears to be something too bad as most Newspapers said it was
related to his mother and sister Talking about Zidan. Some Newspapers haired a lip
reader speech reader to try figure out what Materazzi was saying because Zidan
never told the public what he heard. Zidan couldnt handle it and attacked Materazzi
by his head like a bull.