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Tuesday, 27th of October.

11:19:02 Developer productivity improvements in Flash Builder 4 beta | Adobe Developer Connection:
Flex Developer Center..
12:13:40 RT @linuxjournal: Cloud Computing: Good or Bad for Open Source?
12:14:13 RT @h1moodle: Tips and Tricks: Making the Most of Google Calendar
12:22:48 RT @ITPRO: Dell unveils Latitude XT2 XFR rugged laptop
12:22:57 RT @delicious50: Product Tour | Tableau Software visualization software
database analytics reporting
12:24:29 RT @hashlinux: #Cheatsheets for #linux and other unix-like systems
12:24:39 RT @robtlee: Windows 7 Computer Forensics
12:38:28 RT @readelicious: Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS)
12:38:33 RT @agent0x0: RT @helpnetsecurity: Infrastructure fingerprinting via XSS (
12:38:55 RT @beginlinux: Firewall Masquerading and how it works
12:39:28 RT @CNETNews: Web-based malware infections rise rapidly, stats show
12:40:03 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] Architecture of Security Tools Presentation (2)
13:05:31 Apple will spend $4 million to renovate Chicago's North/Halsted triangle: Filed under: Analysis /
Opinion, Reta..
13:05:33 Classic board game Catan arrives for iPhone | Software | iPhone Central | Macworld: Classic
board game Catan ar..
13:05:37 VMware ships Fusion 3.0: Filed under: Software, Snow LeopardToday is release day for
VMware Fusion 3.0. The app..
13:19:46 IBM Rational AppScan Help Pages Unspecified Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability: Proof point
XSS is very hard to..
13:43:42 Keetology — Up The Moo Herd IV: There's A Class For This: Gather round boys and girls! It's
time for another ep..
15:00:20 Seven Ways to Avoid a Corporate Data Breach: Seven Ways to Avoid a Corporate Data Breach
15:58:58 SecurityFocus: #bugtraq Bugtraq: {PRL} Rising Antivirus 2009 Privilege Escalation: {PRL}
Rising Antivirus 2009 ..

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16:18:25 How bout a Hands-on jQuery Workshop, Washington DC, 1-2 days, Nov-Dec 2009? #jquery
#training ...: RT @rworth H..
16:24:27 YouTube - Jonathan Premium - A Spotify Ad Spoof: Jonathan Premium - A Spotify Ad Spoof0
comments Source: www.yo..
16:24:29 Spotify Drops U.K. Subscription Price: Billboard Biz: Spotify Drops U.K. Subscription Price
16:57:00 RT @SocialNetDaily: How Twitter and Facebook have begun to 'Kill' Google
16:59:33 RT @0pensource: Asus Releases Desktop-Sized, NVIDIA-Powered Supercomputer
17:01:33 RT @macTweeter: Apple Blog: Kindle Software Coming to the Mac
17:01:52 RT @symantec: Spam tells users their Facebook password has been reset
17:01:57 RT @linuxalive: Defense Department issues new open-source guidance #linux
17:02:08 RT @OnlyMobileNews: Yahoo News: Google marches deeper into telecom turf (AFP) Full
17:03:40 RT @webupd8: Domain Names Written in Non-Latin Characters Starting with November, 16
17:07:29 RT @Sysinternals: Another update to Sysinternals Disk2vhd , now at version 1.21-
17:08:30 RT @LauraChappell: Yippie! Wireshark 1.2.3 just released at - includes
WinPcap 4.1.1 (for Win7)
17:10:31 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Apache ActiveMQ -- Security
17:13:01 RT @delicious50: Online Diagram Software - Gliffy web2.0 tools writing
languagearts ConceptMap
17:14:32 RT @delicious50: How To Ask Questions The Smart Way
17:15:08 RT @linuxalive: Vuurmuur is a powerful firewall manager built on top of iptables #linux
17:15:59 RT @andrewsmhay: New blog post: Installing log2timeline on SIFT
17:18:26 RailsConf 2010 Call For Proposals: RailsConf 2010 - O'Reilly Conferences, June 07 - 10, 2010,
...: RailsConf 20..
17:22:32 RT @CNETNews: Google releases Android 2.0 SDK
17:22:36 RT @OSSFix: Security notification - Qemu 0.10.6 and prior [High] - details at #qemu
17:23:56 RT @readelicious: Software is hard | Fireunit, testing in the Firebug world.
17:24:06 RT @delicious50: Scrollable HTML table plugin for jQuery jquery
17:24:22 RT @webupd8: RT @iBlend Showcase of Apple iPhones used in Modern Web Design
17:28:44 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Service overview and network port requirements for the
Windows Server system
17:28:58 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: The Data Liberation Front (the Data Liberation Front)
17:29:30 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Pushdo botnet uses Facebook to spread malicious email

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17:31:22 RT @maheshspeaks: Acrobat Reader ActiveX not displaying PDF in IE7
17:31:47 RT @delicious50: Brainstorming Web Graphic Organizer
17:31:51 RT @devilok: LeakedIn - Look for Confidential Data using “Spider”
17:32:07 RT @investigator_pi: Are you on Facebook? Join other Private Investigators and fan us!
17:33:03 RT @devilok: CNET News - US-CERT warns about free BlackBerry spyware app
17:33:15 RT @devilok: Zero Day - Gawker Media tricked into featuring malicious Suzuki ads
17:33:37 RT @0pensource: UK Law Enforcement Is Against "3-Strikes"
17:36:27 RT @devilok: SANS Computer Forensics - Windows 7 Computer Forensics
17:36:41 RT @devilok: Help Net Security - Infrastructure fingerprinting via XSS
17:43:18 RT @webupd8: How To Set Up WebDAV With Apache2 On Ubuntu 9.04
17:44:37 RT @BillBoorman: RT @phillyrussell: Google Wave invites - 3 left. #googlewave
17:44:46 RT @arstechnica: MySQL gets cloudy with Amazon's new database service -
17:46:47 RT @webupd8: 100-Core Processor on Tap #linux
17:46:51 RT @webupd8: Red Hat Investing In EnterpriseDB? #linux
17:47:27 @erichth thx for mention that #tweetmeme
17:48:44 RT @thejobsguy: Hacked Job Board Tells Victims to Pay for Protection Themselves ...
17:49:39 RT @StevenRothberg: Pls RT: How to Interview Well
17:50:04 RT @delicious50: Example | HieuUK jquery slider javascript ajax
17:50:22 RT @delicious50: trackr! - The GPS track location based system for social networking on your
mobile phone
17:52:03 RT @InfoSec4All: Hacking JBoss with JMX Console -
17:56:04 RT @InfoSec4All: Invalid #PF Exception Code in VMware can result in Guest Privilege
Escalation - FullDisclosure -
17:57:14 RT @InfoSec4All: Gawker Media tricked into featuring malicious Suzuki ads
17:58:56 RT @delicious50: Uncrustify - Source Code Beautifier for C-like languages
17:59:49 RT @abrdev: pChart is a PHP class oriented framework designed to create aliased charts. -
17:59:59 RT @abhi9av: cool utility...make bootable live usb drive
18:02:35 RT @trivik195a: hdparm - get/set ATA/SATA drive parameters under Linux:
18:06:35 RT @beginlinux: Port forwarding and the Fedora Firewall
18:06:38 RT @webupd8: Adding Your Own FeedFlare And Other Feedburner Tips
#blogging #socialmedia
18:14:10 RT @delicious50: 30+ Informative Mind Mapping Applications collaboration

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tools web2.0 mindmap mindmapping brainstorming

18:26:39 1Password 3 Beta brings a sweet new interface and Snow Leopard support: Filed under: Cool
tools, Security, Snow..
18:26:40 Android 2.0 Platform Officially Unveiled - Mac Rumors: MR: Android 2.0 Platform Officially
Unveiled http://bit...
18:26:41 Beta Beat: Gruml brings GReader to the Mac desktop: Filed under: Software, Reviews, Beta
BeatI discovered Gruml..
19:13:51 About: RailsConf 2010 - O'Reilly Conferences, June 07 - 10, 2010, Baltimore, MD!
19:53:19 iPhone 3GS bested by Android Archos 5 tablet in browsing benchmarks
19:53:21 MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service
19:57:35 Linux Kernel eCryptfs Lower Dentry Null Pointer Dereference Local Denial of Service
21:57:29 Avast antivirus a great antivirus solution | Home Business
22:12:30 Cute! Baby gnome :) on Twitpic
22:32:59 Apple - iTunes - Affiliates - Download iTunes
22:33:00 Apple - Movie Trailers - Invictus
23:12:07 Metallica Revenge: Tapulous takes revenge to the next level
23:12:08 The App Store unofficially breaks 100,000 approved apps

Wednesday, 28th of October.

01:12:47 RT @SecuObs: Cross-Gadget Security in Google Wave #gadget #google #security
01:16:16 RT @InfoSec4All: Token Kidnapping's Revenge, from No More Root - Elevate your Windows 7
privileges... -
01:16:59 RT @InfoSec4All: 51,000 reasons for data encryption hit Zurich Insurance. -
01:18:18 RT @ubuntugeek: Ubuntu Geek ==> FireFTP - Firefox Add-on
01:18:57 RT @MalwareCity: Fake FDIC bank deposit insurance coverage notification leading to ZBot
01:19:16 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: pfSense Open Source Firewall Distribution - Home
01:20:59 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Example 2. A sample Tripwire policy file
01:23:59 RT @delicious50: Surveillance & Society Homepage surveillance privacy
journal security philosophy research pg
01:24:10 RT @lordnaastik: WiFiconfig 1.9: Setup WiFi on Slackware
01:24:52 RT @DZone: Big Link "Firebug For IE,Safari,Chrome & Opera" by contactgeek
01:27:33 Maxis Sets Retail Investor Price in Largest Malaysia Offering -
01:29:12 RT @security4all: Automated Social Networking Surveillance Systems: Last week, I noticed the

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existence of an EU ...

01:31:50 RT @delicious50: foaf+ssl - ESW Wiki web semantic FOAF SSL
01:34:25 If you are in wedding planning mode, you have to check this site out #ad
01:58:41 RT @CSOonline: NEW: The Curse of Cloud Security
01:59:24 RT @securityshell: Social Engineering in Real-World Computer Attacks
01:59:43 RT @delicious50: MochiKit - A lightweight Javascript library developer
javascript library framework
02:00:30 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: DocTeger : Weblog
02:01:36 RT @itsecuritynz: Free Microsoft security tool locks down buggy apps
02:02:56 RT @matrosov: RT @hdmoore: Microsoft releases anti-exploit toolkit for apps: (HIPS vendors may want to worry)
02:03:19 RT @AppleOnly: Apple Removes StoneLoops from the App Store at the Request of ...
02:04:40 RT @delicious50: Feed2JS DynamicPathfinders dynamic pathfinders rss tools
#howto #feeds #javascript syndication xml
02:06:28 Making Time Machine work with the ReadyNAS NETGEAR Community
#timemachine #backup #nas #osx #howto
02:09:04 RT @linuxalive: Firefox 3.5.4 and 3.0.15 now available for download #linux
02:10:00 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] File Carving and File Recovery with DiskDigger
02:10:29 RT @securityshell: Microsoft releases anti-exploit toolkit for developers.
02:21:34 RT @delicious50: iWebkit webdev:iphone
02:37:20 Mozilla Firefox and SeaMonkey MFSA 2009-52 through -64 Multiple Vulnerabilities
05:10:19 15 Free Online Tools for Web Designers on a Budget | Web Design Ledger
05:14:12 Microsoft Case Studies: Waikato Institute of Technology
05:39:03 Apple posts DIY info for new iMac memory installation
05:39:04 World must recommit to slash maternal mortality as goal lags far behind – UN
05:39:05 Another developer reports insane iPhone piracy rates
06:11:43 alexpuig shared
06:57:07 VMware Products Guest Privilege Escalation Vulnerability - Secunia Advisories - Vulnerability ...
07:10:53 Offline Inspiration: How To Find It and Get The Most Out Of It « Smashing Magazine
07:57:28 Sun Solaris Trusted Extensions Policy Security Bypass - Secunia Advisories - Vulnerability ...
08:31:07 Spotify Drops U.K. Subscription Price - Latest Music Industry News - The Unsigned Guide
08:31:09 Spotify loses its brain • The Register
09:57:32 Rising Products Insecure Default Directory Permissions - Secunia Advisories - Vulnerability ...

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10:13:37 CfC: Adopt Proposed Decision Policy from Maciej Stachowiak on 2009-10-28 (public-html@w3.
10:58:01 Bftpd Denial of Service Vulnerability - Secunia Advisories - Vulnerability Information -
11:05:38 3ukspotifyparty / FrontPage
11:05:40 Spotify cuts subscription prices | Latest technology and web news | Web User
11:15:33 Win a Copy of ‘Adobe Flash CS4 Professional Classroom in a Book’! - Activetuts+
11:58:10 Right Hemisphere Products U3D Parsing Array Indexing Vulnerability - Secunia Advisories - ...
12:19:07 Inject jQuery into a webpage using a FireFox addon - FireQuery
12:22:56 AppleInsider | Apple predicted to sacrifice 'sweetheart' AT&T deal for Verizon
12:23:01 Get your social notifications on the cheap with Boxcar
12:23:04 Analyst: ‘Chances High’ Verizon Will Get iPhone In 2010 | Cult of Mac
12:52:34 RT @DrInfoSec: The Security Paradox [65% of midsize biz spend < 3hrs/wk
on IT security]
12:52:41 RT @macTweeter: Apple Blog: Google Plans to Introduce Maps Navigation, Could Come to
12:54:06 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: - Supplying offensive security
products to the world
12:54:10 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Malzilla - malware hunting tool
12:54:38 RT @InfoSec: “0day”: Civil Society and Cyber Security - #patch2do
12:54:41 RT @InfoSec: Privacyware Releases Privatefirewall 7 Delivers Proactive Protection from ... #threats2watch
12:56:06 RT @cnetuk: New Review: Nokia 6710 Navigator review
12:57:09 RT @readelicious: Download details: SteadyState
12:59:32 SEIL Routers IPv6 Denial of Service Vulnerability - Secunia Advisories - Vulnerability ...
13:01:13 RT @CNETNews: Verizon and Motorola unveil the Droid
13:02:43 RT @komeilipour: Encrypted Disk Detector v1.1.0 can check TrueCrypt, PGP, Bitlocker
13:03:29 RT @WinFuture_Eng: CeBIT: Free conditions for open of SOURCE projects
13:03:41 RT @delicious50: YAWL: Yet Another Workflow Language business pr
13:04:00 RT @twitcompendium: [Twitter] Brown PHP » Use PHP to Twitter Your Tweets - (none)
13:04:06 RT @web_security: #websecurity Firefox hit by multiple drive-by download flaws
13:04:34 RT @securitypro2009: Information Avira Premium Security Suite 9 Avira Premium Security ...
13:04:39 RT @ciscodisco: VMWare Fusion 3 Released - Tech Fragments ...
13:06:38 RT @securitypro2009: Security Alert!!! – Facebook Reset Confirmation email is FAKE plus ...

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13:07:01 RT @delicious50: List of Music Genome Project attributes - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
13:08:48 RT @InfoSec4All: Hijacking Opera’s Native Page using malicious RSS payloads
13:08:53 RT @InfoSec4All: Blackhat SEO Aggressively Targets Halloween Related Keywords
13:08:56 RT @MacObserver: Analyst: AT&T to Share iPhone with Verizon in 2010 -
13:11:35 RT @ITPRO: Social networking a 'serious challenge' for regulators
13:12:31 RT @delicious50: about electric sheep software art opensource generator
community graphics design windows distributed
13:12:36 RT @delicious50: [Guide] Boot from EFI partition, zero modification installs on Intel ... hackintosh
13:12:40 RT @delicious50: HTML5 Doctor, helping you implement HTML5 today html5
13:12:44 RT @ZDNetBlogs: Can Palm and WebOS make it through 2010? -
13:12:48 RT @PrivacyLaw: “Little Buddy Child Tracker Makes Spying on Your Kids Easy”
13:15:18 RT @AppleOnly: How Apple sliced its pie in 2009 - Apple 2.0 - Fortune Brainstorm Tech
13:15:28 RT @WebDevOnLinux: Win7 Transformation Pack for Ubuntu
13:16:59 RT @4sysops: Wireshark 1.2.3, 1.0.10, and 1.3.1 Released
13:17:54 RT @jeremiahg: "Smart people can rationalize anything"
13:17:57 RT @webupd8: Google Chrome New Wave Theme
13:18:08 RT @InfosecurityMag: Outsourcing providers should prove IT security credentials
13:19:56 RT @macosxfreeware: FileZilla 3.3.0-beta1 – FTP and SFTP client.: FTP and SFTP client.
13:22:15 20 Simple jQuery Tricks | Design Shack
13:23:09 RT @proactivedefend: Darik's Boot And Nuke | Hard Drive Disk Wipe and Data Clearing
13:23:15 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Phoenix Labs » PeerGuardian 2
13:25:19 RT @CincyRecruiter: Interesting research: Interviews Are the 3rd (Really 9th) Best Way to
Select People by @bobcorlett
13:32:23 RT @fraudjobs: Tesco Bank creates 1000 customer service jobs:
13:32:30 RT @readelicious: UUID (GUID) Generator on the WEB
13:32:42 RT @infosecstuff: The Curse of Cloud Security
13:32:56 RT @helpnetsecurity: Splunk Free version now available ( #search #report
13:39:07 RT @LinuxPower: Former Microsoft Employee: Linux is the future, even after Windows 7
release: "I've been using Linux..
16:19:35 Microsoft - Higher Education: Faculty

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16:19:36 Apple - Movie Trailers - Mammoth

17:22:27 Great storage deals - Fantom, Western Digital and LaCie Drives #ad
17:53:56 Timeline: no-regret version control for Photoshop
17:53:58 Gamasutra - News - In-Depth: Unity Launches Free Option, Announces Xbox 360 Support
17:53:59 Uh oh! Google releasing free turn by turn GPS app for Android
19:28:01 Build seven good object-oriented habits in PHP
19:58:09 PhoneSnoop: Spying on Blackberry Users | Symantec Connect
23:15:29 Apple's Multi-Touch Magic Mouse Now Shipping - Mac Rumors
23:15:30 AppleInsider | Mac OS X 10.6.2 to update nearly 150 Snow Leopard components
23:15:31 AppleInsider | Google says its navigation will come to iPhone, if Apple approves

Thursday, 29th of October.

01:23:36 RT @ZDNetBlogs: Five interesting new details about Verizon's Moto Droid -
01:23:49 RT @digg_technews: "City of Los Angeles Switching to Gmail" -
01:24:06 RT @InfoSec4All: ZeuS and power Botnet zombie recruitment, from evil fingers -
01:25:20 RT @infosecstuff: Gmail account security tips
01:25:31 RT @InfoSec4All: F-SECURE, Symantec, and McAfee generic PDF detection bypass. SecDev -
01:25:42 RT @delicious50: Samba with ZFS samba zfs acl
01:26:04 RT @H_i_R: New post on HiR: OAMP: OpenBSD 4.6 + Chroot Apache + MySQL + PHP
01:26:14 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] Skype (Security or Privacy) by SecurityOrb
01:26:28 RT @MacworldUK: Unfair, unwise? - Which? responds to Lord Mandelson's three strikes
Internet plans -
01:27:38 RT @djstangl: Avoid extra rings with google voice
01:27:49 RT @delicious50: SqStat squid proxy linux monitoring sysadmin
01:28:31 Download details: Visual Studio Team System 2008 Service Pack 1 Forward Compatibility
Update ...
01:29:57 RT @delicious50: pygowave-server - Project Hosting on Google Code server
opensource wave google googlewave
01:30:07 RT @delicious50: HTC Hero Sense UI on iPhone | Redmond Pie
01:30:33 RT @delicious50: Subversion Hosting & CVS Hosting | CVSDude cvs hosting
01:30:54 RT @delicious50: rubycas-server - on Google Code ruby cas authentication
sso rails server rubyonrails singlesignon
01:31:15 RT @delicious50: Network Computing news networking technology network
it security tech computer magazine

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01:31:56 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: How to make Microsoft Security Essentials check for
updates more often
01:32:23 RT @delicious50: Plasma: KDE4 Desktop Shell: Plasma for KDE PovAddict
01:32:50 RT @cyber_security: DarkReading. iPhone, BlackBerry, Palm Pre All Vulnerable To
Spear-Phishing Experiment
02:10:29 RT @maheshspeaks: Sync contacts between Google Apps and Gmail
05:09:19 12 Essential Plugins that Extend WordPress as a CMS | Web Design Ledger
05:18:35 Engadget does side-by-side of Droid vs. iPhone browsing | 9 to 5 Mac
05:18:36 What Google Navigation Means for iPhone Maps App, and for Turn-by-Turn Competitors | The
iPhone Blog
05:18:37 Uncle Walt says "Apple's built-in software still has the edge"
05:57:26 Debian update for expat - Secunia Advisories - Vulnerability Information -
06:57:28 Documentum eRoom Hummingbird STR Service Buffer Overflow - Secunia Advisories -
Vulnerability ...
07:10:56 Use Facebook Connect on Your Site with Mu | Web Resources | WebAppers
07:57:14 Drupal FAQ Ask Module Multiple Vulnerabilities - Secunia Advisories - Vulnerability Information
09:12:38 alexpuig shared
10:13:34 New Official jQuery Podcast Announced
10:58:05 PunBB Attachment Plugin "secure_str" SQL Injection Vulnerability - Secunia Advisories ...
11:15:55 Pros and Cons of Using CSS Framework in DotNetNuke > Showcase DotNetNuke Sites at
dnnGallery ...
11:58:45 Drupal Workflow Module Script Insertion Vulnerabilities - Secunia Advisories - Vulnerability ...
12:12:20 RT @engadget: Nokia vs. Apple: the in-depth analysis
12:13:01 RT @DZone: Big Link "Google Wave: we came, we saw, we played D&D " by mswatcher
12:13:05 RT @MacObserver: Apple Hit with Camera Patent Lawsuit - @jgamet
12:13:27 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] Reverse Engineering a Software Install Process
12:13:47 RT @MBenLakhoua: RT @FSecure: 5 Easy Steps to Stay Safe (and Private!) on Facebook
12:14:11 RT @cnetuk: New Review: Sony Reader Pocket Edition PRS-300 review
12:20:48 35 More Useful jQuery Plugins and Techniques « Noupe
12:57:45 Paypal now fully supported - Spotify
12:57:46 Voddler, the Spotify-for-movies, partners with Paramount and Disney
13:03:15 iTunes TOS update hints at Apple TV 3.0 software
13:03:16 iTunes ToS Leak Apple TV 3.0 with iTunes LP and iTunes Extra Support | The iPhone Blog

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13:03:18 WordPress 2 hits the App Store | Software | iPhone Central | Macworld
13:59:37 YouTube - Mike Romo on the MacBook Air Hack
14:20:26 50 Inspirational Pricing Tables: Examples And Practices
15:41:11 RT @delicious50: Google Wave Use Cases: Education education
googlewave highered collaboration
16:30:28 Spotify playlist
16:30:29 Apple Introduces Apple TV 3.0 Software With Redesigned User Interface
18:48:04 Great storage deals - Fantom, Western Digital and LaCie Drives #ad
19:07:45 iTunes goes 9.0.2, adds support for Apple TV 3.0 and a new look
19:07:46 iTunes 9.0.2 is out, Apple TV 3.0 as well, and they love each other
19:07:47 AppleTV 3.0 update adds Internet radio, new menu system - Ars Technica
19:14:22 Twitpic - Share photos on Twitter
19:14:52 RT @hacker2600: Trick or Tweet? Malware Abundant in Twitter URLs
19:15:00 RT @MacObserver: iTunes 9.0.2 Disables Palm Pre Sync - @TMOBryan
19:15:05 RT @GlobalKnowledge: Top 10 Ways to Manage IT Security on a Budget - ten
19:15:11 RT @informationweek: An Android App For The Military
19:16:34 RT @dankando: iTunes 9.0.2 update adds Apple TV 3.0 support
19:16:39 RT @delicious50: BibTeX Style Examples latex tools
19:16:43 RT @delicious50: The 5-Minute CSS Mobile Makeover iphone mobile
webdesign css tutorial html
19:17:46 RT @readelicious: UX Exchange - Q&A site for user experience professionals
19:18:21 RT @delicious50: Freelance Designer’s Toolbox: 200+ Resources for Freelance Web
Designers tools
19:18:28 RT @InfoSec4All: Cherokee Directory Traversal Vulnerability
19:18:33 RT @delicious50: HTTP / HTTPS Header Check Recursos
19:18:40 RT @helpnetsecurity: Tor, Privoxy and Vidalia bundle released (
19:19:08 RT @AppleOnly: Magic Mouse lands at many local Apple stores
19:19:36 RT @secdocs: New Slides: Knowing Me, Knowing You at
19:20:28 RT @CNETNews: Trillian 4.1 beta for Windows opens up
19:20:32 RT @0pensource: Microsoft's Signature Initiative: Crapware-Free Computers
19:20:38 RT @delicious50: Javascript - Extending forms
19:22:45 RT @delicious50: iwidarwin - Project Hosting on Google Code osx86
19:22:51 RT @delicious50: De Android website | Google Android (Planet Android Blog) augmented_reality
19:23:20 RT @sempersecurus: Conficker stats:
19:23:29 RT @CyberSafety808: RT @SecurityTube [Video] Impostors in Social Networking Sites (NBC

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19:23:35 RT @delicious50: Welcome to free SSL cert

19:23:43 RT @delicious50: Twitter Directory – Analyst " SageCircle Blog analysts
twitter directory
19:26:42 RT @TopNewsStories: Audit: Airport screening needs more risk study (AP) The government
has installed high-tech..
19:27:13 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Open Port Check Tool
19:27:20 RT @proactivedefend: Amazon downplays reports of vulnerabilities in its EC2 cloud service |
Cloud Computing - InfoWorld
19:27:55 RT @it_audit: Fuzzing with Burp Intruder:
19:27:59 RT @helpnetsecurity: Careless spammer reveals tricks of the trade (
#Xrumer #Hrefer
19:32:44 RT @Fiberism: New post: Google Blocks Calls to About 100 High-Cost Telephone Numbers (
19:34:14 RT @macosxfreeware: SvnX 1.1 – GUI for Subversion, a replacement for CVS.: GUI for
Subversion, a replacement for CVS.
19:35:19 RT @tweetlicius: Google Wave Use Cases: Education -
19:35:34 RT @SpywareLady: Without policy, Internet privacy in question - News
19:35:37 RT @SpywareLady: Rachel's Reporting: Internet Privacy
19:39:17 RT @x13ar: Matplotlib: Awesome python 2D plotting library -
#visualization #python
19:39:31 RT @taskboy3000: I *heart* Unix Utils for Win32:
19:41:39 RT @funwithlinux: Browse UNetbootin, Universal Netboot Installer Files on /
19:41:47 RT @sugy: LDAPAdmin使ってみた。コンパクトなんで使いやすいかも。
19:42:20 RT @kubaf: FAINT - flexible Java framework for face detection.
19:42:39 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: cryptonit | Get cryptonit at
19:42:46 RT @kerberos81: PDFCreator | Get PDFCreator at
19:43:12 RT @hachimae: RT @icompman: Live View is a Java-based
graphical forensics tool
19:58:05 Cherokee Directory Traversal Vulnerability
20:35:09 Cleanify | Generate clean, readable links from your Spotify URLs
20:35:10 Apple - Trailers - 2012 - teaser - high
22:26:23 Apple - Apple TV - HD movies, shows, music, and more. Couchside.

Friday, 30th of October.

02:16:35 Ruby For Web Development
02:27:00 RT @SpywareLady: ikea hacker: iMac computer desk
04:57:05 PunBB 'pun_attachment' extension SQL Injection Vulnerability

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05:08:37 How to Create a Animated Flip-Down Clock with Mootools | Web Resources | WebAppers
05:17:50 jetzt über spannende hörspiele beim ARD online award abstimmen! #ARD
#Hörspieltage #ad
05:52:21 12 Things You Need To Know About Apple TV 3.0 - apple tv 3.0 - Gizmodo
05:52:22 Mashable Readers Vote: iPhone Wins the Smartphone Smackdown
05:52:23 Photos of Next Gen iPhone 3G C(ake) Leaked! - iphone cake - Gizmodo
07:41:04 Maxis needs to invest further in Internet technology
07:57:10 McAfee vs. Symantec: Dueling in consumer and enterprise | Between the Lines |
08:10:20 alexpuig shared
09:07:24 RT @delicious50: YouTube - Google Reader in Plain English diigo google
09:07:44 RT @EvilFingers: @sansforensics Computer Forensic qualifications certifications in demand! -
09:08:35 RT @securityshell: DNS Rebinding in Firefox
09:09:10 RT @davegball: EnScript to create LEF with files based on extension: I wrote
this EnScript for my..
09:10:31 RT @activeden: 11 Wave Tools You May Not Know Exist
09:12:20 RT @delicious50: 10 Tips For Creating Good Looking Diagrams Using Inkscape | IONCANNON howto diagram
09:14:08 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Fix MSE (Microsoft Security Essentials)
09:14:37 RT @MacworldUK: Apple Discussions thread highlights 27-inch iMacs performance issues -
09:19:56 RT @delicious50: Data Backup Software Review 2009 - TopTenREVIEWS
backup qmul
09:20:12 RT @twittsecurity: Do machines dream of electric malware?
09:35:52 RT @delicious50: Gluttonous : Understanding Ruby Symbols ruby
programming rails
09:36:22 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Oracle Tutorials (..Database..)
09:36:31 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: SecCom Labs » Exploit-Me
09:36:43 RT @honlinenews: Microsoft releases fix for crypto patch
09:37:52 RT @delicious50: Java Performance Tuning java
09:38:34 RT @GlobalKnowledge: 3 Easy Steps To Securing Your Network And Preventing Common
Security Mistakes -
09:38:56 RT @cyber_security: #security Report on Chinese Cyberwarfare Capability
09:57:43 Infosecurity (USA) - License to Hack? - Ethical Hacking
10:57:45 Mura CMS Multiple Vulnerabilities - Secunia Advisories - Vulnerability Information -
11:15:05 Increasing Online Sales: Simple Usability Problems To Avoid « Smashing Magazine

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12:04:16 RT @proactivedefend: How to: Grant Permissions to Folders and Assemblies
12:04:26 RT @tweetmeme: Lobbyists beware: judge rules metadata is public record - Ars Technica (via @arstechnica)
12:04:55 RT @DZone: Big Link "Why I don’t use Google Reader anymore" by alashcraft
12:08:15 RT @jabolins: RT @sectorprivate #privacy EU warns UK over privacy
<-Phorm and RIPA issues
12:08:18 RT @Twitter_Tips: What to do if your account was hacked: --Share: …via @robbrown
12:08:50 RT @WebDevOnLinux: ScramDisk for Linux: Truly Open Source On-The-Fly-Encryption
12:09:00 RT @infosecstuff: Microsoft SharePoint: The Comedy (and Tragedy) of the Commons
12:09:08 RT @SecuObs: uwss-0.0.2.tar.gz a web security scanner fuzzer #security
12:09:11 RT @SecuObs: Video : Custom Wireshark Shortcuts #wireshark
12:09:15 RT @SecuObs: Video : Owasp Orizon v 1.19.20 crawling Apache Tomcat source code #apache
#owasp #source
12:10:20 RT @SANSInstitute: #security-tip Securing your wireless network is priceless!
12:10:26 RT @informationweek: Amazon Serves Up MySQL
12:12:23 RT @hackaday: New post: AIDA the dashboard bot
12:13:47 RT @delicious50: cssdoc css docs documentation tool app cssdoc
12:13:51 RT @delicious50: Linux software equivalent to Windows software - LQWiki
12:14:14 RT @komeilipour: RT @twittsecurity #FACEBOOK PHISH! Users Beware!
12:15:17 RT @delicious50: Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Analysis - Home IT
12:16:25 RT @delicious50: Virtual Memory in Windows XP windows performance
optimization sysadmin os article
12:16:30 RT @delicious50: Beginning SSH on Ubuntu | Principia Labs ubuntu linux
12:16:39 RT @ofirkaner: Apple Magic Mouse Unboxing and Review (HD) 720p - Great video on
YouTube (via @andmatan)
12:17:43 How To Persuade Your Users, Boss or C... | vote sites | rating
12:18:49 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] The Deobfuscator (Recon 2008)
12:20:03 RT @fgsecurity: Social Network Security quick survey
12:20:26 RT @zsafwan: 27-inch iMacs reported to have Flash playback issues #Apple
12:20:41 RT @zsafwan: 5 Smart Playlists to help you manage your iTunes library
12:20:52 RT @Lifehacker: Turn IKEA Shelving Into an iMac Stand

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#workspace #ikea
12:23:01 RT @proactivedefend: Password Strength - Estimates brute force time (jQuery plugin) |
12:23:19 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Samhain Labs | samhain
12:25:58 RT @delicious50: ruby-debug in 30 seconds (we don't need no stinkin' GUI!) ruby
12:26:03 RT @delicious50: CSS Basics CSS CSSTutorials
12:27:40 RT @jeremiahg: Best of Application Security (Friday, Oct. 30)
12:30:07 RT @pentestit: Mausezahn: The Traffic Generator!
12:30:14 RT @hashlinux: RT @linuxalive: Migration to Linux - My experience #linux @bytz)
12:30:41 RT @heiseonline: Microsoft: Windows 7 übertrifft "alle Erwartungen" - war
das nicht schon bei Vista so???
12:33:44 RT @helpnetsecurity: 5 handy WordPress security plug-ins ( #cms #plugin
12:37:23 RT @ITPRO: The future of Wi-Fi without networks
12:37:28 RT @securityninja: New free security magazine released, Security Acts:
12:42:32 RT @dankando: Apple expands school initiative with Atlanta MacBook program
12:42:36 RT @webupd8: Ubuntu 9.10 final ships as IBM spins Ubuntu-based cloud distro #linux
12:44:42 RT @EvilFingers: EvilFingers Blog: Python Enhancement Proposals[PEP]:
12:45:44 RT @honlinenews: SAP committed to Apache projects
12:45:57 RT @EvilFingers: Google's Success: One of the major reasons:
12:47:49 RT @TrendMicro: "Ghosts in the Machine: Today's Invisible Threats" reveals surprising infection
12:50:06 RT @hashlinux: Windows XP > Windows Vista > Windows 7 ? I thought they were the same.
Why upgrade? #linux(via @zigiprimo)
12:50:12 RT @packet_storm: News - USB Stick Security Flaw Puts Data At Risk
12:58:22 Dusty's Dungeon: Open Question: i purchased a bluetooth spyware and dont know how to get it
13:16:33 alexpuig shared
13:24:22 RT @TechTips43: Did you know the BlackBerry Storm2 is also now available?
13:25:03 RT @DrInfoSec: Automated FISMA Reporting Tool Unveiled [fosters
"peer-based competition"]
13:25:20 RT @DrInfoSec: German rail firm pays €1.1m fine over employee snooping via IAPP [78% of employees were checked on]
13:25:57 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: 20 Linux Server Hardening Security Tips
13:26:01 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Will Hack For SUSHI » Cowpatty 4.5

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13:26:05 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Tor - Free software for anonymizing Internet use and
bypassing censorship.
13:26:54 If you are in wedding planning mode, you have to check this site out #ad
13:27:05 The secret to spooky jack-o-lantern photos | Cameras | Digital Photo | Macworld
13:27:07 27-inch iMacs reported to have Flash playback issues
13:27:09 Analyst: Apple Executives Share Thoughts on e-Book Market, iPhone Profits - Mac Rumors
13:28:40 Spotify playlist
13:28:43 Microsoft Unified Communications
13:29:16 RT @DZone: Big Link "The Top Open Source ESBs" by Mitch Pronschinske
13:29:27 RT @regsecurity: Thieves target BT cables as scrap value rises
14:04:12 RT @wikileaks: Icesave video now also on Youtube. Enjoy this ironic piece of marketing.
14:04:18 RT @securitypro2009: Comment: Back to information security basics
14:05:14 RT @RIT_InfoSec: Another social networking scam trying to steal your passwords
14:05:22 RT @delicious50: LOLPython lolz funny python programming fun
14:05:47 RT @wifinews_ipass: Hidden Win7 App Turns PC into WiFi HotSpot, Sort Of - Infopackets
14:06:34 RT @steph3n: Your cell phone's location-based records are becoming more important in
criminal cases #privacy
14:07:05 RT @DZone: Big Link "15 Unforgettable Websites To Find Code Snippets With Ease " by
14:08:25 RT @honlinenews: What's new in Ubuntu 9.10
14:09:36 RT @ZDNetUK_News: Google PowerMeter: The smart-grid software that allows people to
monitor their home-energy use via ..
14:09:48 RT @InfoSec4All: Multiple BSD printf(1) and multiple dtoa/*printf(3) vulnerabilities
14:10:54 RT @ZDNetBlogs: Hey HTC, where is your new QWERTY Google Android device? -
14:11:37 RT @govcomputernews: How's your #windows7 install going? Microsoft digs into the first wave
of problems.
14:59:59 Microsoft Windows Media Player ScriptCommand Multiple Information Disclosure Vulnerabilities
15:23:07 Twitpic - Share photos on Twitter
15:56:53 RT @devilok: Schneier on Security - Attacking U.S. Critical Infrastructure
15:57:21 RT @CNETNews: Poorly formatted PDF reveals number of Google Voice users
15:58:57 RT @arstechnica: Apple tablet may be more focused on video than print -
16:00:35 RT @OSSFix: Security notification - Perl 5.10.1 [Medium] - details at #perl

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16:01:01 RT @webupd8: Linux: Format Your USB Drive Via Command Line
16:01:32 RT @delicious50: The GraphML File Format visualization graphics tools charts
16:42:16 Windows 7 and Microsoft Hardware: Better Together: Exceptional offers now available on the ...
18:18:28 Develop PHP applications with Picasa Web Albums
20:05:39 Apple - Downloads - Demos & Updates - LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures
20:05:40 Apple - Movie Trailers - The Canyon
20:11:54 alexpuig shared
20:43:04 Apple tablet may be more focused on video than print - Ars Technica
20:43:06 Communities Dominate Brands: A few big numbers now confirmed - 1. ...
20:43:10 First Look: video editing on your iPhone with Nexvio ReelDirector
21:10:44 How to Improve your Wordpress Theme with 9 Useful Plugins –
23:09:56 How to Build a Simple Content Slider jQuery Plugin - Nettuts+

Saturday, 31st of October.

00:56:39 Consumer Sales Buoy McAfee, Symantec - Security - IT Channel News by CRN
02:56:28 Mambo Cache_Lite Class 'mosConfig_absolute_path' Remote File Include Vulnerability
03:44:15 Apple - Web apps - Unit and Currency Converter
03:44:16 Apple - Web apps - The Blues
04:07:19 SQLAuthority News – New PASS President Rushabh Mehta « Journey to SQL Authority with
Pinal Dave
05:25:13 BlueBeat sells Beatles MP3s, permission be damned | Entertainment & HDTV | Playlist |
05:25:14 Jailbroken iPhone Beats New Droid Phone in Browser Speed Test | Apple iPhone School
05:53:47 Maxis has iPhone 3Gs in stock - but are shafting Hotlink customers - Colin Charles Outpost @
06:17:12 RT @BazzaK: Familiar Villains: Apple and Blackboard Attack Linux/Free Software ...
06:44:15 RT @4sysops: Security Baselines for Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 8
06:45:29 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: CGIProxy-- HTTP/FTP Proxy in a CGI Script
06:45:33 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: When security gets in the way - by Donald A. Norman
06:45:38 RT @readelicious: Sed - An Introduction and Tutorial
06:45:44 RT @readelicious: Portable applications world - Codyssey – best menu for USB drive and ...

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06:50:36 RT @webupd8: How To Upgrade Ubuntu 9.04 To 9.10 (Desktop & Server)
06:51:18 RT @digg_technews: "5 free tools to bypass Internet region restrictions" -
06:51:22 RT @delicious50: gerrit - Project Hosting on Google Code git
06:51:30 RT @securityninja: RT @mikkohypponen: Dilbert on Identity Theft:
06:52:19 RT @i0n1c: New York PHP developers obviously not so bright: "PHP developers should not
worry about XSS, it's a browser issue" (Hans Zaunere)
06:56:07 RT @SecuObs: SAINT 7.1.5 Released
06:56:23 RT @engadget: USB 3.0 and SATA 6G put to good use: benchmarks
06:56:32 RT @readelicious: 24 Great Open Source Apps for Admins
06:56:40 RT @delicious50: Open Source & Security Links security http
06:57:12 Panda - Spammers Target Auto Industry More Than Any Other Industry - SPAMfighter
07:16:03 RT @tweetlicius: 10 Even Better Wolfram Alpha Easter Eggs -
07:16:16 RT @delicious50: SQLAlchemy 0.5.6 Documentation sqlalchemy
07:16:30 RT @delicious50: The ABCs of Writing C++ Classes JNP1_3
07:17:53 RT @delicious50: Basic Mac OS X Security | Mac Geekery macosx tutorial
mac apple security
07:21:03 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Open Source & Security Links
07:21:06 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Windows processes - File Inspect Library
07:25:45 RT @webupd8: Dual-Booting Linux And Windows: Easier Said than Done
07:25:53 RT @delicious50: Xmarks | Bookmark Sync and Search
07:31:07 RT @delicious50: LaTeX on Windows tex
07:31:10 RT @delicious50: Desktop Flash MiniBuilder is out! Open Source Flash
07:31:15 RT @delicious50: « MacCaching GeoCache Manager for Mac OS X
08:08:42 5 Must Read Presentations about CSS Coding –
08:19:00 RT @delicious50: Wt, C++ Web Toolkit - Introduction web c++ webserver
08:48:01 Great storage deals - Fantom, Western Digital and LaCie Drives #ad
08:49:19 @EvilFingers i can't DM you
08:50:33 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] Ncat Demo by IronGeek
08:51:48 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] Home using WEP gets Hacked
08:54:53 RT @delicious50: Comprehensive Google Wave Extensions List tools
googlewave bots robots wave extension
08:55:03 RT @securitypro2009: Friday Fun Time | SKIPPERS CHIPPERS
08:55:37 RT @readelicious: Mac OS X Reference Library

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08:58:37 Webotify : Playing Spotify Without The Client! - Feedmyapp

09:09:24 PHP: So you'd like to migrate from MySQL to CouchDB? - Part I - till's blog
09:57:28 Protecting your PC with PANDA won't cost a thing
10:52:26 Spotify libère son API
10:57:35 Microsoft Security Essentials rated best free antivirus for Windows
11:20:29 RT @readelicious: Bee Docs Timeline - Timeline Software for Mac OS X
11:23:49 RT @delicious50: Android 1.5 NDK, Release 1 | Android Developers
11:24:19 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] Hiding Files with NTFS Alternative Data Streams
11:24:55 RT @hashlinux: Learn vi now. Vi for the rest of us #vi #linux #unix
#macosx(via @haebben)
11:25:18 RT @sempersecurus: Nine ways to mitigate malicious domains:
11:25:41 RT @pr_linux: Mozilla fixes 16 flaws with Firefox 3.5.4 #postrank #linux
11:25:57 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Transport Layer Protection Cheat Sheet - OWASP
11:26:47 RT @proactivedefend: Squad: Tokenization, Phishing and the Feds -
editors discuss Microsoft's rec...
11:27:31 RT @delicious50: Official Gmail Blog: Gmail account security tips gmail
security tips
11:49:03 RT @securitypro2009: web domain » Computer Forensics Examiners
11:49:13 RT @securitypro2009: The Growing Popularity In Computer Fornensics Training | Mind
13:01:07 RT @delicious50: How-To: Laws for Using Photos You Take at Your Library
13:01:33 RT @delicious50: Screenshot Tour: How to crack a Windows password with Ophcrack Live CD
- Feature - Lifehacker
13:02:10 RT @geekword: HTC says no to Android version of HD2 #HTC #HD2
13:02:47 RT @delicious50: 40+ Ways To Access Your Computer Remotely
networking howto internet remote
13:07:14 RT @TechTips43: Web addresses to exend to non-English languages
13:09:19 RT @hashlinux: #howto run #windows7 on virtualbox #pc #mac #linux :$(via
13:09:25 RT @Twitter_Tips: The Top 100 Lists on Twitter --Share:
13:10:32 RT @PrivacyLaw: WSJ: “Passwords 101: How to Protect Your Company's Data”
13:11:49 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] Hacking IPv6 by Joe Klein
16:57:41 The Best Free Antivirus Program for Your Kids' Computer | Sync Blog
17:10:36 Guest Post on WebAppers – Create a Content Rich Tooltip with JSON and jQuery | Build

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18:14:49 RT @delicious50: Twitter4J - A Java library for the Twitter API java api twitter
web framework twitter4j
18:17:22 RT @komeilipour: RT @iOS3: blacksn0w (the iPhone unlock for 05.11.07):
#blacksn0w #iPhone #Unlock
18:20:27 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] Packing and the Friendly Skies (LayerOne 2009)
18:32:19 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: QuarkRuby: Ruby on Rails Security Guide
18:32:35 RT @readelicious: Easy Version Control with Git - Nettuts+
18:33:11 RT @lordnaastik: pyconnmgr 2.5: SSH, VNC and rdesktop frontend
18:33:48 RT @TheNextWeb: Get Realtime RSS Updates in GTalk with PuSH Bot. by
18:40:16 Twitpic - Share photos on Twitter
18:40:17 YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.
18:40:18 blacksn0w
19:11:55 Interact with the PASS Board at the Summit > PASS - The Professional Association for SQL ...
19:47:00 iTunes Store
21:42:17 EnScript to export x bytes around search hits - UPDATED
21:42:17 EnScript to create LEF with files based on extension
21:57:33 SSH Host Key Protection
23:36:34 Verizon Droid iDoesn’t Beat iPhone on Browser, Apps, Multi-touch or User Interface | The ...
23:36:34 Google's Android may be about to overturn Apple's cart | Technology | The Observer
23:36:36 Beyond iPhone: Apple TV 3.0 First Impressions and Screenshot Gallery | The iPhone Blog
23:57:22 Infosecurity (USA) - The Security Implications of Web 2.0

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Sunday, 1st of November.

00:09:35 Best costume of the night - #HTML on Twitpic
01:56:41 Microsoft Security Essentials rated best free antivirus software - VISTA.BLORGE
01:57:09 Malaysia's Maxis to make SEAsia's biggest listing - Yahoo! News
01:57:10 - Malaysia's Maxis to make Southeast Asia's biggest listing
05:31:34 RT @delicious50: Beyond Google - 15 Tools and Strategies for Better Web Search Results research
05:32:21 RT @delicious50: » Debugging Semantic Web sites with cURL URI curl debugging tool howto linkeddata
05:37:45 Breaking: Telus iPhone Plan Prices Revealed
05:37:49 iPhone OS 3.1.2 unlock arrives November 4th | iPhone Atlas - CNET Reviews
05:46:30 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: RSA presentation with JAVA - powerpoint link: how rsa
works with java
05:46:57 RT @delicious50: 10.6: Enable native NTFS read/write support - Mac OS X Hints macintosh
05:47:12 RT @delicious50: Symantec Ghost who? A list of open source alternatives. | Pack Rat Studios system backup hard.disc
05:48:40 RT @delicious50: Java Tutorial Java
05:49:24 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] Web Warriors Documentary by CBC
05:49:43 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Ubuntu Security - Ubuntu Forums
06:02:36 If you are in wedding planning mode, you have to check this site out #ad
06:19:40 RT @webupd8: The 10 biggest failures in IT history #linux
06:21:35 RT @delicious50: Erase Cell Phone Data with ReCellular's Data Eraser
phone mobile security reference privacy howto
06:22:27 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] IEEE 802.11W and Cisco MFP I
06:22:50 RT @delicious50: Using Git with #Vim programming git geek apps plugins
editors tools commandline howto tips code plugin
09:56:18 Spotify playlist
09:56:19 Spotify playlist
10:57:43 Fake, deceitful antivirus software
11:13:27 Christmas Icons and Christmas Wordpress Themes | Smashing Magazine
11:47:31 iPhone Sync Busted on Windows 7 with Intel P55 Chipset | The iPhone Blog
12:13:07 Rich Typography On The Web: Techniques and Tools | Smashing Magazine

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12:15:16 RT @delicious50: The Mac2Sell guide to used Macs - second-hand Mac worth mac apple
12:15:43 RT @delicious50: LaTeX Cookbook cookbook tex math tips tutorial latex
reference example howto guide
12:18:35 RT @hashlinux: Pimp my Gedit #gnome #linux(via @grigi0)
12:22:57 RT @delicious50: NTFS Data Recovery Software. BootDisk, Freeware NTFS DOS and more... data recovery
12:22:58 RT @delicious50: Download - SystemRescueCd data
12:23:16 RT @delicious50: Python quirks « LShift Ltd. python programming
12:23:31 RT @webupd8: Customizing GRUB2 #ubuntu #linux
12:24:12 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Cyberduck | FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, Cloud Files & Amazon
S3 Browser for Mac OS X |
13:01:59 The invention of Spotcasts by Andrew Dubber
15:43:43 How Long Time Needed to Claim a Warranty for Maxis iPhone 3GS
16:01:51 RT @WebDevOnLinux: HotFixes #Ubuntu Karmic Koala 9.10
16:07:13 RT @delicious50: Cartographer.js – thematic mapping for Google Maps
javascript maps google visualization googlemaps
16:08:31 RT @macosxfreeware: DeliciousSQLExport – Export your Delicious Library to a
MySQL database.: Expor
16:57:48 Best Free Antivirus and Antispyware for Windows 7 | Redmond Pie
18:14:07 RT @ERK: An awesome windows driver backup tool []
18:14:16 RT @readelicious: Find and Develop Open Source Software
18:26:37 Spotify libera su API | gEEK tHE pLANET
18:27:33 RT @megapanzer: short doc about Dos attacks that still work today :
source code release is on tuesday.
18:28:04 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Amayeta - Encryption Tools for Flash
18:28:18 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Security Tools : Normal Service Will Resume Soon
18:28:23 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: New Honeypot Mimics The Web Vulnerabilities Attackers
Want To Exploit - DarkReading
18:28:36 RT @delicious50: IEEE 754 Converter convert converter programming
reference tools
18:30:07 RT @delicious50: Parsing XML Files - iPhone SDK Articles iphone xml
18:30:13 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Flingpoo!
18:30:16 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Foundstone - A division of McAfee
19:57:44 Google Tradutor
22:10:48 65+ Community Links for Designers and Developers|tripwire magazine
22:57:35 Identifying ICMP Hackery Tools Used In The Wild Today

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Monday, 2nd of November.

00:57:28 Heuristic Techniques in AV Solutions: An Overview
01:00:47 IPhone Gets Lukewarm Reception in China -
01:00:48 Talkcast tonight: Apple TV 3 reactions and Halloween candy hangovers
01:00:49 #spica crazy number 3 #iPhone photo on Twitpic
01:10:23 10 Awesome Techniques and Examples of Animation with jQuery
01:57:10 Open-source projects get free checkup by automated tools
01:59:13 Every second day. Sometimes everyday ;)
02:00:44 RT @GKonITsecurity: Top 8 Ways to Avoid Malware on Facebook & Twitter -
02:01:48 RT @delicious50: - Django, mod_wsgi, Apache and OS X – do it. apache mod_wsgi django
02:02:12 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] How to Covertly Monitor Encrypted WIFI Networks
02:02:32 RT @webupd8: Install Hamachi + GUI In Linux, Using A Script
02:02:58 RT @delicious50: Introduction to MapKit in iPhone OS 3.0 tutorials
objctechnique map mapkit iphonesdk
02:03:26 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: AntiCSRF - Cross Site Request Forgery.
02:03:40 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Role Based Access Control and Role Based Security
02:03:54 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: deadfake - free, easy and anonymous fake email service.
02:04:07 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: 7 tips for Security and Privacy in Google Wave
02:04:55 RT @delicious50: PLEAC-Python howto tutorial #programming #python
snippets pleac example
02:10:32 RT @hashlinux: Linux exploit gets around security barrier #linux
@ruhanirabin(via @imoracle)
02:10:34 RT @clatko: I have 3 invites for Google Voice. @ me with why you want one. Winners selected
in 24 hours. Please RT.
02:10:52 RT @delicious50: 7 Essential multimedia tools and their free alternatives :: 10,000 Words multimedia software
02:13:05 RT @delicious50: MySpeed VoIP connection test, test VoIP performance, test VoIP quality speed network internet
02:13:45 RT @itsecuritynz: Free Two-Factor Authentication for up to 25 users using just a telephone
02:14:28 RT @readelicious: 100 Portable Apps for your USB Stick (for Mac and Win)
02:14:51 RT @maclover009: Who want's a Google Voice or Wave invite??? #fb
02:15:23 @maclover009 me ;)
02:15:50 RT @0pensource: The Most Influential People In Open Source (Slashdot)
02:16:17 RT @delicious50: Introduction to Parallel Computing parallel

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02:16:27 RT @webupd8: Review: Learning Python, 4th Edition #linux

02:17:26 RT @delicious50: OWASP #opensource web #security Programming
02:17:59 RT @lordnaastik: TPDA 0.75: Tiny Perl Database Application
02:18:13 RT @webupd8: Setting up dual booting and sharing data between them
02:18:26 RT @webupd8: Vista, Windows 7, Ubuntu 9.04 and 9.10 boot speed comparison #linux
02:21:10 RT @delicious50: Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide unix scripting
programming bash linux shell reference tutorials
02:21:43 RT @tweetmeme: NSA to store yottabytes of surveillance data in Utah megarepository (via @crunchgear)
02:22:43 RT @delicious50: TweetSharp | Short, sweet, social twitter .net c# api
02:23:01 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Help me - HTML code appearing in all my pages including
02:25:30 RT @delicious50: Data Mining: What is Data Mining? datamining
02:26:06 RT @DZone: Big Link "Convert a Java OutputStream to an InputStream" by CodeJustin
02:26:19 RT @TechCrunch: How To Spam Facebook Like A Pro - An Insiders Confession by Guest Author
02:27:11 RT @pr_linux: * A Good HTPC Linux Distribution * #postrank #linux
02:27:49 RT @delicious50: Jackcess - Java Library for MS Access jdbc unicode
02:28:39 RT @cultofmac: New post:: Gallery: A Cool Dozen Cult of Mac Fan Workspaces
02:29:03 RT @delicious50: Coding Horror: A Visual Explanation of SQL Joins sql joins
02:29:39 RT @delicious50: Why Haskell is beyond ready for Prime Time « Integer Overflow haskell
02:31:21 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] Programming an ARP DoS Tool (2)
02:31:26 RT @HowUnsecure: Data Loss Almost Doubles: UK An article at The Register states that
between November 2008 and Septe..
04:57:30 Commtouch Shares Important Highlights of Phishing Trends - SPAMfighter
05:11:00 20 Useful & Nicely Designed Web Applications | Web Resources | WebAppers
05:19:47 Spotify libera su API | The Inquirer ES
05:19:48 Hit streaming service Spotify eyes U.S. music fans - Yahoo! News
05:53:19 Fake iPhone comes with magical external QWERTY keyboard you've always fantasized about
05:53:20 iClarified - Apple News - EA Releases Command & Conquer Red Alert for iPhone
05:53:21 Chinese iPhone has grey market to contend with - Computerworld Blogs
05:57:23 Debian update for proftpd-dfsg - Secunia Advisories - Vulnerability Information -

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06:12:08 Increasing Online Sales: Simple Usability Problems To Avoid | Smashing Magazine
06:57:32 BBB Spoofed in Complain Confirmation Phishing E-mail - SPAMfighter
07:14:03 Perfect sign in dropdown box likes Twitter - jQuery Tutorial
07:17:06 jetzt über spannende hörspiele beim ARD online award abstimmen! #ARD
#Hörspieltage #ad
07:57:49 Joomla Jumi Component Backdoor Security Issue - Secunia Advisories - Vulnerability
Information ...
08:12:35 alexpuig shared
08:28:43 Hit streaming service Spotify eyes U.S. music fans by Reuters: Yahoo! Tech
08:28:44 Hit streaming service Spotify eyes U.S. music fans - Yahoo!7 News
09:16:53 alexpuig shared
09:58:10 Apache APR-util 'apr_strmatch_precompile()' Integer Underflow Vulnerability
11:58:34 PSArt "id" SQL Injection Vulnerability - Secunia Advisories - Vulnerability ...
12:05:46 RT @InfoSec4All: Computer Aided Investigative Environment 1.0 released
12:06:30 RT @crunchgear: MSI readying 12-inch MSI Wind U230 with AMD Neo CPU, Windows 7 by @daamoth
12:06:41 RT @cnetuk: New Review: Samsung Genio Touch review
12:07:05 RT @MacObserver: Analyst: No iPhone for Verizon - @jgamet
12:07:17 RT @linuxjournal: Mac OS X, It's Not Linux, but It's Close
12:10:58 RT @SecuObs: Anonymize any Torrent with Anomos #torrent
12:11:13 RT @Tomplay: Facebook Now Has 30,000 Servers « Data Center Knowledge: via @addthis
12:11:25 RT @delicious50: REST on Rails rails xml rest
12:11:51 RT @delicious50: Wireless Network Signals Produce See-Through Walls | Threat Level | video security privacy
12:18:16 An Open Letter to You, Webmaster II
12:40:06 Media Alert: Microsoft Demos “Three Screens and a Cloud” Scenario for Banking: As today’s ...
12:40:07 Microsoft Report Reveals Resurgence of Worms; Rogue Security Software Still Top Threat: The
14:01:28 10 Ways To Avoid Viruses and Spyware
14:33:07 Mac Market Share Hits All-Time High Following Windows 7 Launch
14:33:09 Apple’s iTunes Pitch: TV for $30 a Month | Peter Kafka | MediaMemo | AllThingsD
14:33:10 Apple Wants iTunes to Replace Your Cable Box for 30 Bucks a Month - Apple - Gizmodo
15:00:44 SecurityFocus
15:11:24 Spotify's Daniel Ek to Keynote SXSW Interactive on Tuesday, March 16 |

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15:11:26 Microsoft CIO Tony Scott Named to CIO Hall of Fame: CIO magazine has named Microsoft
Chief ...
15:25:40 Joomla 1.6 Usability Improvements - Alledia
15:59:43 Novell eDirectory '/dhost/modules?L:' Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
16:44:39 RT @tweetmeme: Social networks and kids: How young is too young? - (via @quotethekids)
16:44:44 RT @delicious50: Python Packaging with Setuptools python setuptools
documentation tutorial
16:45:06 RT @rww: Microsoft Embraces Open Source (in the Online Ad Business)
16:45:11 RT @howtogeek: Auto-Hide the Status Bar in Firefox
16:46:25 RT @djstangl: The real cost of Windows 7: $1,930? | Windows - InfoWorld -
16:46:32 RT @OComputing: How to spam Facebook <--Great read
16:50:21 RT @delicious50: PostgreSQL Database Server Configuration in Debian
16:50:56 RT @linuxalive: Security updates for Monday #linux
16:51:47 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] Using Snort as a Forensics Tool (Dojosec)
16:52:00 RT @MBenLakhoua: Top 10 worst Microsoft products of all time
16:52:30 RT @PrivacyLaw: “Who's in Big Brother's Database?”
16:53:00 RT @PrivacyLaw: “EU proposes black boxes for cars”
16:53:19 RT @infosecstuff: Enrique Salem: the new face of Symantec
16:53:42 RT @InfoSec4All: Sun Java SE Advance Notification of Multiple Security Vulnerabilities - More
at Security Focus -
16:53:55 RT @CNETNews: New Trojan encrypts files but leaves no ransom note
16:54:00 RT @macosxfreeware: MindNode 1.4.2 – Mindmapping application.: Mindmapping application.
16:54:21 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Grails Plugin - Authentication Plugin
16:54:25 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Crack a Master Combination Padlock Redux - Illustration -
16:54:28 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Securing Java web services
16:55:01 RT @informationweek: Lenovo Unveils ThinkCentre PC
16:55:21 RT @delicious50: The Java(TM) Web Services Tutorial scdjws java
16:57:51 RT @DZone: Big Link "Having Fun with JDK's tools.jar" by dlinsin
16:58:13 RT @delicious50: Installation - wave-protocol - Installation Instructions - Google Code googlewave wave
16:58:15 RT @delicious50: 100 Alternative Search Engines You Should Know | Tools searchengines
16:59:11 Sun Java SE Advance Notification of Multiple Security Vulnerabilities
17:00:21 RT @komeilipour: Computer worm infections up, scareware antivirus down, #Microsoft says
17:01:17 RT @CyberSecurity09: NSA To Build $1.5 Billion Cybersecurity Data Center

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17:01:24 RT @wired: Dangerous ideas? Teacher suspended after assigning article by @wired's Jonah
Lehrer: (via @mjinnett)
17:01:33 RT @delicious50: The C Standard Library programming reference c/c++
17:01:47 RT @devilok: Network World - "Microsoft Patch Tally: 6 Years, 745 Vulnerabilities"
17:01:58 RT @devilok: - "If politicians were HTTP status codes"
17:03:06 RT @delicious50: 6 Gorgeous Twitter Visualizations visualizations visual
17:04:15 RT @helpnetsecurity: Find potential exploit conditions in Microsoft Office documents ( #OfficeCat
17:05:04 RT @CNETNews: Windows 7 upgrade version: The dos and don'ts
17:07:38 RT @h1moodle: The Complete Guide to Google Wave: How to Use Google Wave:
17:08:11 RT @informationweek: Google Voice Search Now Speaks Symbian
17:13:36 RT @delicious50: How to Edit PDF Files - Free Tools for Manipulating PDF Documents pdf edit docs
17:19:28 RT @delicious50: Home | Save the Internet internet politics technology
censorship law
17:22:48 RT @WebDevOnLinux: HotFixes Ubuntu Karmic Koala 9.10 please RT
17:30:17 RT @helpnetsecurity: Trojans dominate BitDefender’s top 10 e-threats list (
17:30:37 RT @MalwareNews: Microsoft links #malware rates to pirated Windows (Computerworld)
17:31:21 RT @jabolins: RT @SecurityTube [Video] Email Harvesting using Metasploit
17:32:22 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Running Iptables With NFS « James Stephens
17:32:30 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: The Lookout : Unicode, W3, and software security testing
17:43:10 RT @webupd8: No open-source Skype... yet
17:49:18 Spotify's Daniel Ek to headline SXSW: Spotify coming to America? - Crave at CNET UK
17:50:21 RT @InfoSec4All: Symantec ConsoleUtilities ActiveX Control buffer overflow, from Full
Disclosure -
17:58:20 Full Disclosure: NSOADV-2009-001: Symantec ConsoleUtilities ActiveX Control buffer overflow
18:40:29 Apple to Launch iTunes Powered TV Subscription Plans [Rumor]
18:40:30 Apple's iTunes pitch: TV for $30 a month | Apple - CNET News
18:40:32 Adobe engages Apple in passive aggressive warfare with iPhone's Flash message
18:58:43 SecurityFocus
19:58:11 Microsoft Internet Explorer NULL Byte CA SSL Certificate Validation Security Bypass

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20:37:30 jetzt über spannende hörspiele beim ARD online award abstimmen! #ARD
#Hörspieltage #ad
20:58:07 Symantec Uncovers Scheme to Use Facebook to Relay Commands to Trojan
21:12:11 The Ails Of Typographic Anti-Aliasing | Smashing Magazine
22:52:39 Adobe - Adobe AIR 2 Beta Notification
22:52:40 Young Reporter Visits Microsoft to Learn About the Future of Education: Brennan LaBrie, ...

Tuesday, 3rd of November.

01:10:18 Why do we have an IMG element? [dive into mark]
01:15:28 RT @delicious50: Dive Deeper into Wave - The Complete Guide to Google Wave: How to Use
Google Wave google
01:16:48 RT @digg_technews: "Mac sales grow after Windows 7 launch" -
01:42:16 Microsoft Showcase: Getting Started with Silverlight Development
01:59:39 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] Monitoring Memcache using Wireshark
02:00:01 RT @readelicious: Scapy
02:02:08 RT @delicious50: WRT54G How-To: Measure your bandwidth with SNMP
02:03:08 RT @mentby: Monitoring Active Directory #nagios
02:07:27 RT @lmwalsh2112: Splunk, a search tool, disrupts conventional security log audit and
management tools vendors:
02:10:53 Web Design Trends for 2010 | Web Design Ledger
02:15:23 RT @room362: RT @mubix Metasploit Blends In (Ninja style):
02:16:08 RT @proactivedefend: Android: Securing a Mobile Platform from the Ground Up - USENIX
Security '09
02:16:23 RT @linuxalive: Stories Swirling About Skype's Source #linux
02:17:33 RT @FOSSwiki: Things To Fix / Tweak After Installing Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic ...
#postrank #opensource
02:18:06 RT @sempersecurus: Microsoft Security Intelligence Report volume 7 (January - June 2009):
02:20:13 RT @delicious50: Fresh iPhone Apps - Fresh Apps iphone apps
02:21:29 RT @packet_storm: 15 Bytes Small Wordpad Shellcode
02:21:43 RT @DarkReading: Thwarting SQL Injection Threats
02:21:51 RT @DarkReading: Microsoft Report: Worms Rise, New Vulnerabilities Decline
02:22:08 RT @delicious50: Keyword Cloud Generator Keyword Cloud Generator
02:23:05 RT @readelicious: Using a Wiki for Documentation and Collaborative Authoring |
02:25:21 RT @geekword: Windows Live Sync updated for Snow Leopard
#WindowsLive #LiveSync #LiveSyncforMac #Mac #SnowLeopard

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02:26:44 RT @delicious50: PEP 8 -- Style Guide for Python Code python codingstyle
04:27:44 Windows 7 Features: Windows Taskbar
04:57:23 Malwarebytes blog » Blog Archive » IOBit Steals Malwarebytes’ Intellectual Property
05:02:15 Apple iTunes TV Pitch: Another Nail in Cable's Coffin - PC World
05:02:16 You win some, you lose some: a review of Apple's Magic Mouse - Ars Technica
05:02:17 This Is a Next-Generation iPhone 4 Part, China Ontrade Claims - iPhone 2010 - Gizmodo
05:57:18 Symantec Altiris ConsoleUtilities ActiveX Control Buffer Overflow - Secunia Advisories - ...
06:57:23 CubeCart Administrative Session Handling Security Bypass Vulnerability - Secunia Advisories -
07:45:00 Spotify US rumours continue to grow | News | TechRadar UK
07:45:01 Robbie Williams’ new album to debut exclusively on Spotify in the UK - Spotify
08:11:30 alexpuig shared
09:12:48 10 Absolutely Amazing Design Portfolios « Noupe
10:16:36 Can you trust your joomla extensions? | Extensions -
11:18:11 One hundred proposals—and the fun is just starting « PHP Conference Chicago May 2010 – ...
11:22:25 Spotify US launch inches closer with SXSW attendance confirmed | T3 magazine
11:22:26 Unlimited-limited fail: Orange UK iPhone deal may ban Facebook, Spotify | 9 to 5 Mac
11:49:22 RT @Techmeme: The First Mobile Device Dedicated Exclusively To Twitter (Venture Capital
12:07:00 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Top 10 Security Assessment Tools |
12:07:26 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: LastPass - Features
12:07:26 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: US-CERT - Incident Reporting System
12:07:54 RT @packet_storm: Whois Server 2.0 Cross Site Scripting
12:09:03 RT @delicious50: Pharo Open Source Smalltalk - Home programming
macosx smalltalk squeak seaside pharo
12:10:40 RT @snowfl0w: Hackers exploit Google Wave's popularity. Links claiming to
offer access to app navigate to malware
12:11:57 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: KeePass Password Safe
12:12:09 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Common Criteria - The Common Criteria Portal
12:12:29 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: US-CERT: Publications

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12:13:14 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] Git Primer

12:16:13 RT @ToolsWatch: UCSniff v3.0 Released @
12:16:35 RT @delicious50: Vista/XP Virtual Desktop Manager virtual_desktops
12:17:59 RT @CNETNews: BT's Ribbit releasing Google Voice competitor
12:18:37 RT @DarkReading: Hacking is a way of life:
12:20:04 RT @ToolsWatch: Graudit v1.3 released @
12:20:29 RT @mikkohypponen: Slides from HITBSecConf2009KL are here:
12:20:47 RT @webupd8: Tune your Linux-based server for power efficiency #linux
12:21:15 RT @gcluley: Has the Hello Darling Trojan arrived in your email yet?
12:22:27 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] Stoned Bootkit Demo
12:23:25 RT @ramki_b: Interesting stat's > Mathematics of using EC2 to crack passwords >
12:24:25 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: TinyCA
12:25:21 RT @CNETNews: Personal services get business flavor: Xobni and SugarSync
12:26:27 RT @helpnetsecurity: Discover security flaws in source code with Graudit (
12:27:02 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Breaking PGP on EC2 with EDPR
12:27:12 Record Text Selections Using MooTools or jQuery AJAX
12:28:12 RT @lennyzeltser: A malware analysis report of the W32.Silon banking trojan by Trusteer: PDF (via @snowfl0w)
12:30:41 RT @informationweek: Microsoft Drops Prices Of Cloud Apps
12:31:13 RT @honlinenews: ZFS with data deduplication
12:31:36 RT @MBenLakhoua: RT @FSecure: The #1 Way Criminals Steal Your Identity
12:31:47 RT @MBenLakhoua: Small firms 'suffering cyber attacks'
12:32:59 RT @MBenLakhoua: RT @CanadianPI: Women fired due to error in background check by FBI
12:34:05 RT @LinuxPower: Setting up a MySQL Cluster for your Linux desktop: Linux Gazette: "So, what
is MySQL Cluster? ..
12:34:29 RT @delicious50: Really easy field validation with Prototype prototype
validaciones formularios
12:59:57 Hacking Web 2.0 Applications with Firefox
13:28:32 Getting Clients to Embrace Fresh Ideas | Build Internet!
14:27:32 JoomlaWorks | Professional Joomla! extensions | Home of AllVideos, Simple Image Gallery Pro,
14:28:13 Rumor: Apple Wants to Route Your TV Shows Through iTunes | Technomix | Fast Company
14:28:15 China Unicom Reports Only 5,000 New iPhone Users Since Launch - Mac Rumors
14:28:16 Orange UK Unlimited Plan for iPhone Seems to Prohibit Almost Everything
15:02:40 Allaire JRun Web Root Directory Disclosure Vulnerability

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15:06:34 Special deals on ASUS Asus Eee PC 1000HE 10-Inch Netbooks #ad
15:37:15 Twitpic - Share photos on Twitter
15:49:08 Is Spotify the Future of Music Listening? - Business Center - PC World
15:49:12 Apple - iTunes - Affiliates - Download iTunes
16:03:40 Using Flash Remoting for Authentication to your AFCS/Facebook AIR Application - InsideRIA
16:16:41 @ramki_b you are welcomme ;-)
16:57:16 SecurityFocus
17:57:30 BlackBerry Application Web Loader ActiveX Control Remote Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
19:01:12 Advertisment
19:01:15 Orange T&Cs ban Spotify, Facebook and YouTube - Pocket-lint
19:03:17 SecurityFocus
19:35:37 RT @sunbeltsoftware: The state of Internet (in)security
20:14:43 Apple rejects Macworld iPhone Superguide from App Store... for using the word 'iPhone'
20:14:44 Intel, Apple, Microsoft probe iPhone-Windows sync bug
20:14:45 Apple - iTunes - Affiliates - Download iTunes
20:56:09 Apple - iTunes - Affiliates - Download iTunes
20:56:10 Apple - iTunes - Affiliates - Download iTunes
20:57:59 Linux Kernel 2.4 and 2.6 Local Information Disclosure Vulnerability
21:14:22 The Web Designer Wheel –

Wednesday, 4th of November.

01:31:55 AT&T not happy with Verizon ads: 'There's a lawsuit for that'
02:20:28 What Do You Think Will Become A Popular Web Design Trend In 2010?
04:57:13 Linux gets its own version of Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery ::
06:57:53 Red Hat update for wget - Secunia Advisories - Vulnerability Information -
07:03:02 The Price Is Wrong: 13 Overpriced iPhone Apps
07:03:03 The Ultimate iPhone Waste of Time - apps - Gizmodo
07:03:04 Wanna learn the Adobe Creative Suite? There’s an App for that! | Terry White's Tech Blog
07:57:03 RoundCube Webmail Cross-Site Request Forgery Vulnerabilities - Secunia Advisories - ...
08:07:32 Apple - iTunes - Affiliates - Download iTunes
08:07:36 Apple - iTunes - Affiliés - Télécharger iTunes
10:32:47 RT @InfoSec: Report: Malware Makers Are Organized, Sophisticated

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15:10:48 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] Hacking Mac OS X and iPhone Payloads
15:10:53 RT @infosecstuff: Straight Talk about PDF & Digital Signatures - ISSE 2009
15:12:40 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Quick and dirty role management in ASP.NET MVC
15:12:42 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: DNS-BH - Malware Domain Blocklist
15:12:49 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: securing apache
15:12:53 RT @informationweek: Is Microsoft Bing Fake Search?
15:17:30 RT @mashable: HOW TO: Build Your Personal Brand on YouTube -
15:18:19 RT @honlinenews: Security hole in BlackBerry Desktop Manager
15:18:58 RT @Hak5: Episode 612 - Hacking PPTP VPNs with ASLEAP - Exploiting Microsoft
authentication protocols -
15:20:06 RT @delicious50: OAuth Core 1.0 oauth authentication security api openid
specification web protocol SSO
15:21:05 RT @macTweeter: Car Finder iPhone App Uses Augmented Reality To Find Your Wheels
15:23:24 RT @InfoSec4All: Mac malware disguised as game. Help Net Security -
15:23:27 RT @AppleOnly: Rumor: Apple to offer $30 unlimited TV package
15:29:27 RT @CNETNews: Microsoft cuts 800 more jobs
15:30:21 RT @honlinenews: Mandriva Linux 2010.0 arrives
15:30:33 RT @MalwareNews: Windows 7 more vulnerable to #malware than Vista, says researcher
15:35:44 RT @OSSFix: Security notification - Opensolaris 10 and prior [High] - details at - #solaris #opensolaris
15:39:47 RT @honlinenews: Shutting Twitter backdoors
15:41:43 RT @delicious50: Carbon Copy Cloner - Home mac osx software apple
15:42:18 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Hide Your Drives From Prying Eyes With No Drives
Manager [Windows]
15:42:40 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Two-factor authentication, constant vigilance foils
password theft
15:42:53 RT @securitystuff: Linux Worms (ggl): Malware: enemy of the state - Full
15:43:30 RT @pierrelucsimard: The cost of cracking password using amazon EC2 -
It's cheaper than you might think.
15:44:30 RT @webupd8: Faster booting with Upstart #linux
15:45:35 RT @ISC2_CISSP: RT @ISC2 CSI to release results of its annual Computer Crime & Security
Survey in Webcast Dec. 1
15:47:31 RT @delicious50: keynotetweet - Project Hosting on Google Code #psuweb
15:47:44 RT @MacObserver: Enabling Two Button Mode on Apple Magic Mouse -
15:49:48 RT @securitywatch: OSX Game Kills Fake Aliens and Real Files

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15:50:24 RT @PrivacyProf: RT @teksquisite Infected USBs and rogue antivirus plague Ireland #malware #security
15:51:11 RT @webupd8: EtherApe: FOSS App For Monitoring Your Network Data Traffic Graphically
[Linux, Mac OSX]
15:55:21 RT @macworld: We have benchmark results for the new iMacs, presented by @jimgalbraith
16:01:04 RT @cnetuk: HTC HD2 first impressions: The Windows Mobile phone we've been waiting for?
16:01:09 RT @TechCrunch: Microsoft Loses Don Dodge. This Is A Huge Mistake by
16:03:09 RT @SocialNetDaily: What’s in it for Your Followers? How to be Useful on Twitter
16:03:17 RT @infosecstuff: Managing Encryption: The Keys to Your Success
16:03:21 RT @crunchgear: Console Wars: The Effect Of Price Cuts On The Xbox 360, Wii, and PS3 by David Diaz
16:06:13 RT @helpnetsecurity: Intelligence agency hit by DoS attacks (
19:25:27 Great storage deals - Fantom, Western Digital and LaCie Drives #ad

Thursday, 5th of November.

01:58:17 RT @readelicious: Open source - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
01:59:41 RT @cnetuk: Interview: The man who makes killer robots for the US military
01:59:55 RT @DZone: Big Link "The Bad Practices of Exception Handling" by mswatcher
02:00:16 RT @MBenLakhoua: Malware is Top Threat to Company PCs
02:00:28 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] Social Networking Sites and Crime by SecurityOrb
02:01:21 RT @engadget: Palm: webOS speed fix in the 'immediate future'
02:06:17 RT @SecuObs: Sandnetting With Metasploit InetSim (Internet Services Simulation Suite)
#internet #metasploit
02:06:34 RT @4sysops: Microsoft System Center Essentials 2010 Deployment Guide (Beta)
02:07:07 RT @ITSecurityNews: Whitepaper: SAP Identity & Access Management (IAM)
02:07:22 RT @webupd8: Qmmander: Open Source, Dual Panel Windows Explorer Alternative
02:11:07 RT @grey_area RT @aeleitch Secret laws showing up in the US, designed to restrict internet
access in name of copyright
02:11:46 RT @webupd8: Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Gets Managed #linux
02:13:35 RT @readelicious: Board :: - Android Development Community | Android Tutorials
02:14:15 RT @lordnaastik: FireSymfony 1.1.2: Symfony Web Debug Toolbar for Firebug

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02:16:10 RT @MacObserver: Parallels Desktop 5 Boosts Performance, More -
02:16:32 RT @delicious50: LRUG | London Ruby User Group ruby london group
02:17:05 RT @helpnetsecurity: IT professionals don't use Facebook for work (
02:17:29 RT @WebAppFirewall: #networksecurity Free Flow of Internet Traffic Requires Sensible Road
02:18:05 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: summary on improving SSH
02:18:30 RT @HostExploit: First pillar of cyber warfare: Intelligence -
02:19:05 RT @theregister: Naked Win 7 still vulnerable to most viruses: UAC easily bypassed
Out-of-the-box Windows 7 mach..
02:19:34 RT @HostExploit: Cyber war, Swedish intelligence agency hit by IT attack -
02:20:11 RT @DZone: Big Link "21 Awesome Apps For Mac OSX" by Tech_Fan
02:24:01 RT @wifinews_ipass: RFID versus WiFi Hospital Inventory Tracking Systems « Medical ...
02:24:15 RT @delicious50: Linux rpm cheat sheet
02:24:18 RT @delicious50: 20 Questions To Ask Clients Prior To Designing A Logo
design graphics graphic
02:24:26 RT @delicious50: Linux Help - Emacs Tutorial emacs tutorial howto
02:24:28 RT @PrivacyProf: "#CyberTerrorism and the #SmartGrid"
02:24:28 RT @delicious50: TumblePhone iphone interface design mobile tumblr
tumblelog blog web
02:25:16 RT @ITSecurityNews: New report: McAfee Third Quarter Threats Report
02:26:23 RT @commandlinefu10: - Terminate a frozen SSH-session (n30)
02:26:23 RT @delicious50: Texify - Online LaTeX equation writer latex
02:27:18 RT @DarkReading: New Security Certification On The Horizon For Cloud Services
02:27:50 RT @webupd8: Symantec Backs Up Linux #linux
02:28:05 RT @webupd8: Building A Benchmarking Test Farm With Phoromatic
02:28:24 RT @commandlinefu: - List the CPU model name (getkaizer) #grep #cpuinfo
02:28:55 RT @wired: Remote control a car with an iPhone app. A real car. #zomg
02:46:59 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: OSVDB: The Open Source Vulnerability Database
02:47:26 PacketFence is a fully supported, Free and Open Source network access control (NAC) system
02:47:33 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Default Router Passwords
02:47:51 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] Wireless Frames Format and Types
03:22:17 RT @readelicious: chrome-delicious-extension - Project Hosting on Google Code

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03:22:27 RT @delicious50: Hidden features of Python - Stack Overflow python tips
03:22:42 RT @delicious50: Snow Leopard: Upgrading for Rails Developers
snowleopard rails upgrade
08:22:24 RT @AppleOnly: Apple Announces Over 100000 Apps Now Available on the App Store
08:23:16 RT @webupd8: This week at LWN: The 2009 Linux Kernel Summit #linux
08:23:25 RT @ITPRO: Microsoft to open cloud research hub in Taiwan
08:23:29 RT @ITPRO: X-ray machine tops invention poll
08:23:41 RT @InfosecurityMag: Orwellian state of security - CCTV
08:23:53 RT @komeilipour: Countering rootkits with hook protection #pdf #infosec #rootkit
10:29:44 jetzt über spannende hörspiele beim ARD online award abstimmen! #ARD
#Hörspieltage #ad
13:27:47 RT @arstechnica: PC Modern Warfare 2: it's much worse than you thought -
13:29:37 RT @delicious50: Carrer Blog: CSS Specificity - Cheat Sheet css
13:30:36 RT @mikkohypponen: Fascinating article from 2005: "The CyberNet Scandal"
13:30:39 RT @HostExploit: Browser cookie handling could widen web attack space -
13:32:29 RT @computerworlduk: Balancing performance against cost with SSDs
13:34:37 RT @mikkohypponen: Twitter spammers They guess your password, then send DMs to your
followers. Like this: "hi. take this quiz. i did <link>"
13:35:13 RT @macTweeter: Apple Blog: Parallels Desktop 5 Released, Stays Ahead of VMWare
13:36:15 RT @miscsecurity: All this talk about vulns in HTTPS. Does the "S" stand for secure or sucks?
13:36:26 RT @delicious50: slayeroffice | tools | Mouseover DOM Inspector v2.0 Help
13:36:54 RT @GKonITsecurity: Top 6 Performance Tips for Stressed IT Pros -
13:37:00 RT @InfoSec: Adobe issues critical security update for Shockwave Player -
13:37:54 RT @delicious50: HOWTO SET UP OPENVPN vpn
13:44:42 RT @ZDNetUK_News: Zero-day flaw: A security issue with underlying web encryption protocols
TLS and SSLa..
13:44:45 RT @commandlinefu3: - umount all nfs mounts on machine (daleki)
13:44:58 RT @InfoSec4All: Drupal S5 Presentation Player Module HTML Injection Vulnerability - Security
Focus -
13:45:40 RT @BitDefenderLabs: Malware purveyors utilize Google trends to launch
more sophisticated attacks.
13:46:00 RT @zsafwan: RT @blackberrynews BlackBerryCool: BlackBerry Bold 9700 versus Bold 9000
in pictures
13:46:10 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: FileVault Considerations (MacEnterprise)

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13:46:13 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: web application security lab
13:46:15 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: WarVOX: Introduction
13:46:44 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: How to Suck at Information Security Cheat Sheet
13:47:34 RT @OSSFix: Tip: how to run multiple versions of Firefox side-by-side:
13:47:38 RT @ITVulnerability: Google Dashboard: What does Google know about you?
13:47:42 RT @ITVulnerability: Video: Web application scanning with credentials using Nessus
13:48:45 RT @InfoSec4All: Exploit for Serv-U new bug - Full Disclosure -
13:48:50 RT @DZone: Big Link "10 things all JAVA developers should know" by armelnene
13:48:54 RT @InfoSec4All: TLS Man-in-the-middle on renegotiation vulnerability made public -SANS ISC
13:49:38 RT @MacworldUK: Dutch developer finds major coding errors in Facebook, MySpace -
13:52:00 RT @infosecstuff: Hack in the Box: ISF Panelists Spar Over Security vs. Anonymity
14:22:22 RT @zsafwan: Video: GSM Palm Pre unlocked with Rebel Simcard II
14:23:06 RT @TenableSecurity: Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel
14:23:30 RT @delicious50: RSSPECT - automatic and free RSS feeds for everyone.
14:23:44 RT @lordnaastik: Execute JS 0.2.3: An enhanced JavaScript console
14:25:10 RT @mashable: Droid Does Tethering … For an Extra $30 Per Month -
14:25:44 RT @0pensource: Tech Titans Meet in Secret to Plug SSL Hole
14:26:01 RT @macTweeter: Apple Unveils First Paris Store in Louvre #apple
14:26:06 RT @CNETNews: Europe getting 'Internet freedom' law
14:26:52 RT @InfoSec4All: Windows 7 UAC Is Ineffective Security Solution for Malware, Sophos Says
14:28:01 RT @webupd8: EtherApe: FOSS App For Monitoring Your Network Data Traffic Graphically
[Linux, Mac OSX]
14:28:06 RT @commandlinefu: - Get ethX mac addresses (maxmanders) #mac
14:28:22 RT @thierryzoller: updated sslv3 post
14:28:31 RT @twittsecurity: New tool seeks to block rootkits by protecting their targets
14:31:08 RT @chris_morton: New cybersecurity role for NIST?:
14:32:12 RT @CiscoRSS: IOS HTTP Server Command Injection Vulnerability
14:32:15 RT @CiscoRSS: Cisco IOS Software Authentication Proxy Vulnerability
14:32:18 RT @CiscoRSS: Cisco IOS Software Internet Key Exchange Resource Exhaustion Vulnerability

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14:32:21 RT @CiscoRSS: Cisco IOS Software Tunnels Vulnerability

14:32:26 RT @CiscoRSS: Cisco Response to Outpost24 TCP State Table Manipulation Denial of Service
14:32:39 RT @jmlsCITPL: RT @arstechnica: Bizarre legal defense after EMI sues over Beatles MP3
sales -
14:34:42 RT @zsafwan: TheAppleBlog - The iPhone’s Other Killer App
14:34:55 RT @hashlinux: Get to know your #Twitter followers!
14:35:23 RT @wifinews_ipass: WiFi Hack {Get On Your Neighbours Internet} » Full Software ...
14:35:43 RT @GKonITsecurity: Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)
Requirements: ..
14:36:01 RT @OSSFix: RT @BrighthubLinux: What is Fstab? Linux File System Table Demystified: #Linux
14:37:00 RT @webupd8: Court Gets A Torrent-full About Linux #linux
14:37:07 RT @DZone: Big Link "Lazy Linux: 10 essential tricks for admins" by mswatcher
14:37:20 RT @jmlsCITPL: RT @arstechnica: Does the RIAA let defaulters off the hook? -
14:37:35 RT @delicious50: Run IE8/IE7/IE6, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Opera from the web browsers IE IE6 IE7 IE8 testing
14:37:40 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] Lockpicking Forensics (LayerOne 2009)
14:38:15 RT @delicious50: PDFMiner python DataMining PDF tools
14:38:56 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: [0911.0727] GSM Security Using Identity-based
14:40:08 RT @ITPRO: Three strike rule to be introduced for filesharers in EU
14:40:48 RT @linuxmagazine: Hey Ubuntu, Stop Making Linux Look Bad
14:42:37 RT @CAREEREALISM: 3 Reasons to Become a Social Media Narcissist:
14:42:46 RT @delicious50: Welcome to Jinke ! ePaper Reading Device Global Leading Enterprise ebooks hardware hanlin
14:42:57 RT @Fiberism: New post: Debating the future of open mobility (
14:50:58 RT @marcrichter: Tesseract OCR | Get Tesseract OCR at
14:51:40 RT @sourcegirl: Dir Sync Pro, Open Source App of the day, w00t!
14:53:29 RT @delicious50: CrashPlan - Free Automatic Backup for Home backup
storage online free
16:52:40 RT @rww: IBM Launches Cloud Plaform For Software Developers
17:44:37 RT @TrendMicro: A CFO’s view on how to get your IT security budget approved
17:46:10 RT @securitypro2009: The State of PCI DSS Compliance at Organizations Today
17:46:17 RT @WebDevOnLinux: HotFixes Ubuntu Karmic Koala 9.10

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17:46:34 RT @snowfl0w: zero-day flaw in the TLS and SSL protocols Technical >

Friday, 6th of November.

02:08:44 RT @jabolins: RT @oxbloodruffin Reading: "Hacking Nokia" (
02:13:01 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Zero-day flaw found in web encryption -
02:13:19 RT @proactivedefend: InfoWorld - Information Technology News, Computer Networking &
02:14:56 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] Attacks on WiFi (Accidental Association)
02:15:22 RT @webupd8: Checking in on CodePlex #linux
02:17:14 RT @lordnaastik: pycopia-SMI 1.0: Python wrapper for libsmi
02:19:58 RT @DarkReading: Major SSL Flaw Find Prompts Protocol Update
02:42:51 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Securing Your SQL Server Environment - Nice overview
of SQL Server security concepts.
02:43:08 RT @hdmoore: Great blog post from @stephenfewer on writing win32 kernel shellcode:
07:59:51 sugarsync now has support for blackberry as well. it's perfect for busy execs :) all files on the
go... #ad
08:08:55 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: OSVDB: The Open Source Vulnerability Database
08:09:40 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] SQL Injection Demo on a Live Site by ToeTag
08:12:57 RT @digg_technews: "EU adopts "Internet freedom" provision on Internet cut-offs" -
08:13:30 RT @honlinenews: Google releases JavaScript tools as open source
08:14:43 RT @DZone: Big Link "JRuby 1.4.0 Released" by vvs
08:16:35 RT @webupd8: Microsoft Exchange alternatives #linux
08:16:57 RT @InfosecurityMag: The Black Art of IT Forensics
09:56:35 RT @delicious50: iMac_Disassembly
10:00:05 RT @twittsecurity: Cyber war - Swedish intelligence agency hit by IT-attack | HostExploit News
10:01:41 RT @EarthOrg: Earth Hacks 4.0 | Pingdom Tools load time test:
10:02:31 RT @delicious50: NirCmd - Windows command line tool 資訊
10:08:16 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: OpenVAS - OpenVAS - Open Vulnerability Assessment
System Community Site
10:08:19 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Metasploit Unleashed - Mastering the Framework
10:08:32 RT @proactivedefend: News Update Facebook and Myspace bolt Flash backdoors

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10:08:39 RT @delicious50: Mod Rewrite Generator by mod-rewrite

10:08:45 RT @MacworldUK: iPhone developer with more than 20m downloads accused of stealing user
data -
10:08:55 RT @AppleOnly: Nokia, Apple and Google - Driving the Mobile Revolution
10:08:57 RT @AppleOnly: Apple has most popular app store |
10:10:22 RT @ITPRO: Windows 7 sales top Vista by 234 per cent
10:10:54 RT @ITPRO: Q&A: CTO of CERN's openlab
10:11:00 RT @smashingmag: Drawter - - a JS-tool that lets you literally draw your
websites's code
10:11:04 RT @PrivacySecurity: New System Preserves Right To Privacy In Internet Searches
10:11:06 RT @tweetlicius: Google Voice Desktop Application -
10:11:52 RT @delicious50: How To: Use Regular Expressions to Constrain Input in ASP.NET regex
10:11:56 RT @delicious50: YShout 5: A PHP + AJAX Shoutbox guestbook ajax tools
10:12:26 RT @sucuri_security: RT @hackerlinks Sucuri information security (BETA)
10:12:31 RT @delicious50: Creating an Internal DNS Server Tutorial (Windows Server 2003)
10:13:34 RT @HostExploit: Google, Ad Networks Tighten Privacy Controls -
10:15:18 RT @secuniadvisory: [1/5] Apple Mac OS X "ptrace()" Denial of Service Vulnerability
10:15:22 RT @secuniadvisory: [3/5] Ubuntu update for libhtml-parser-perl
10:20:08 RT @secuniadvisory: [2/5] OpenSSL TLS Session Renegotiation Plaintext Injection Vulnerability
10:20:11 RT @secuniadvisory: [2/5] Debian update for linux-2.6
10:20:12 RT @secuniadvisory: [4/5] Fedora update for alienarena
13:11:51 RT @regsecurity: Controversial email blocklist SORBS sold
13:12:55 RT @delicious50: Build a network router on Linux
13:14:10 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Virtual Private Network - Cship
13:15:20 RT @spam: Unauthorized DMs & tweets in your account? Revoke rogue apps at & change password at
13:15:48 RT @hashlinux: It's Friday! Choose your #FF wisely using these tips : -
Analytics approach! #FollowFriday
13:16:19 RT @zsafwan: How-to: Enable Expose and Spaces for the Magic Mouse #Mac
13:16:50 RT @delicious50: Ad Blocking for Firefox, Mozilla, Camino, and Safari
13:20:45 RT @readelicious: Howto: Performance Benchmarks a Webserver
13:22:33 RT @Twitter_Tips: 6 ways #TwitterLists are radically changing Twitter:
13:26:32 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Build a Simple Password Strength Checker - Nettuts+

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13:27:06 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Transport Layer Protection Cheat Sheet - OWASP
14:45:17 Special deals on ASUS Asus Eee PC 1000HE 10-Inch Netbooks #ad

Saturday, 7th of November.

08:50:18 RT @tweetlicius: 10 essential OS X apps for pro web developers | News | TechRadar UK -
08:53:25 RT @delicious50: Open Source GPS HOW TO gps opengps
08:53:36 RT @securitypro2009: Despite recession, information security certification pay ...
08:55:35 RT @readelicious: Flat Assembler - Open source assembly language compiler
08:55:39 RT @readelicious: Dive Into Python
08:55:44 RT @delicious50: maemo
08:58:08 RT @delicious50: Password Recovery - Top 5 Free Windows Password Recovery Tools -
Password Cracker
08:58:12 RT @delicious50: Neopythonic: Python in the Scientific World python
programming scientific scipy numpy
09:00:34 RT @webupd8: Google Provides Closure: Releases Open Source JavaScript Optimizer #linux
09:05:43 RT @delicious50: ProcessTamer - Mouser - Software -
freeware utilities process system windows
09:10:57 RT @delicious50: A Unix Utility You Should Know About: Pipe Viewer - good coders code, great
reuse commandline
09:11:03 RT @delicious50: Hauptseite − WordDoku wordpress doku
09:11:50 RT @delicious50: Fastcopy win32tools
09:17:14 RT @FOSSwiki: #KDE founder receives highest German honor #Linux
#OpenSource (via @0xEFBBBF)
09:17:20 RT @MBenLakhoua: Internet provider is latest #Twitter hack victim #security
09:17:27 RT @lordnaastik: cryptacular 0.3: A password hashing framework with bcrypt and pbkdf2
09:17:42 RT @lordnaastik: RPy2 2.0.8: Python interface to the R language
09:19:42 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Top 10 Wordpress Security Plugins | Tools |
09:20:29 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: CERT Knowledgebase
09:20:34 RT @proactivedefend: News Update:
09:22:46 RT @delicious50: Quickly - Ubuntu Wiki ubuntu programming development
python framework linux todev
09:22:57 RT @delicious50: A simple Linux backup method os:linux backup howto
09:23:34 RT @MBenLakhoua: Brazil blackouts result of cyber hacking
09:23:37 RT @MBenLakhoua: Report: Cyber Attacks Caused Power Outages in Brazil

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09:25:03 RT @proactivedefend: fdmess - This is a small utility to redirect file descriptors of running
09:26:39 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Hybrid Onboarding
09:26:46 RT @proactivedefend: Network Security Audit Software and Vulnerability Scanner
09:35:37 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] Windows 7 Security Talk by Jorge Orchilles
09:35:42 RT @WebAppFirewall: #networksecurity The Modern PC: Lighter, Touchier, More Mobile
09:47:59 RT @webupd8: Multiple Dropbox Instances In The Same Time [Windows, Linux, Mac OSX]
09:48:04 RT @delicious50: PlugComputer Community 플러그컴퓨터 nas 컴퓨터 computer
server 서버 플러그 plug sheevaplug
09:48:55 RT @snowfl0w: thx for #ff #followfriday
09:49:09 RT @tweetlicius: thx for #FF #FollowFriday
09:49:34 RT @WebDevOnLinux: thx for #FF
09:52:08 RT @DZone: Big Link "Key web development skills" by ashleyford
09:54:54 RT @surendil: WinDjView - вфоDjVu.
09:55:03 RT @sunfreeware: Xchm, version 1.17, packages added to See for xchm details.
09:56:29 RT @AppleOnly: Fortune names Steve Jobs as CEO of the Century, So Far
10:06:40 RT @delicious50: How To scp, ssh and rsync without prompting for password - Jayakara Kini's
Weblog ssh
10:07:29 RT @securitypro2009: Sr. Java/PCI Compliance Engineer | Drakz News Station USA
10:20:33 RT @delicious50: Reinvented Software - Feeder - Create, Edit and Publish RSS and Podcast
Feeds on Mac OS X rss feeds
10:39:32 RT @delicious50: Ruby Tutorial - Learn Ruby ruby
10:39:38 RT @delicious50: Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer :: Firefox Add-ons
10:39:44 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] Structures (C Programming 101)
10:39:48 RT @zsafwan: Don’t Miss These 5 Things About Google Wave! #Wave
10:39:50 RT @DZone: Big Link "More Google Javascript Shinyness!" by mezmo
10:39:55 RT @delicious50: LdapTemplate: LDAP Programming in Java Made Simple | java ldap Development
10:39:59 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Nikto |
10:40:04 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Default Passwords |
10:40:37 RT @proactivedefend: #Howto disable SSL v2 support in Apache and upgrade to SSL v3 for
better SSL security: apachehacker
10:49:29 RT @commandlinefu: - Play music from youtube without download (torrid)
10:49:46 RT @delicious50: Mystery of Argleton, the 'Google' town that only exists online - Telegraph google maps articles

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10:49:49 RT @delicious50: Making Maps: DIY Cartography gis inspiration maps
geography howto diy graphics mapping
10:49:53 RT @delicious50: Arduino+Flash 1o1o1o1o1 arduino
10:49:59 RT @delicious50: 16 great .htaccess Tricks and Hacks htaccess apache tips
.htaccess web development security webdesign
10:55:20 RT @komeilipour: 3 Lists for Investigating #Malware Incidents | #SANS
11:06:39 RT @thierryzoller: updated SSL/TLS vuln blog post - IETF Draft & SSLTLS Test Tool :
11:07:53 RT @lordnaastik: SQLite Optimizer 0.7: Optimize *.sqlite database under Firefox profile folder
11:12:51 tolles abenteuer-hörspiel "ende der welt" nominiert für den ARD online award: #Hörspieltage #ad
11:12:57 RT @delicious50: open thinking web2.0 education blog technology
11:13:06 RT @delicious50: TouchGraph | Products: Amazon Browser methodology2.0
visualization graph amazon analysis analytics
11:13:19 RT @webupd8: RT @iBlend 7 Great Javascript CSS Menus
11:13:24 RT @delicious50: Some Moral Dilemmas ethics philosophy
11:13:28 RT @delicious50: - Twitter applications and tools Twitter
11:14:26 RT @TUAW: Apple introduces reserve and pick-up [post]
11:14:28 RT @DrInfoSec: Securing The Cyber Supply Chain [good read]
14:59:34 RT @MalwareNews: Malware is Top Threat to Company PCs -
15:04:00 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Nessus PHP Interface
15:05:47 RT @OSSFix: 11 Top Open-source Resources for Cloud Computing - (via
15:06:19 RT @TechCrunch: Europe's Biggest Paper Blocks iPhone Browsers To Force Sales Of Its App by @TCEurope
15:09:54 RT @SophosLabs: RT @sans_isc [Diary] New version of OpenSSL released - OpenSSL 0.9.8l,
(Fri, Nov 6th):
15:11:00 RT @delicious50: Rhonabwy » Setting up a python CI server with Hudson
python ci
15:11:31 RT @securitynetwork: #networksecurity How to change the SSP passsword on your iPhone
15:11:49 RT @proactivedefend: :: CB Protect :: The Virtual Vault Total Protection System
15:12:05 RT @proactivedefend: MikroTik Routers and Wireless
15:16:32 RT @delicious50: RSS 2 PDF - Free Online RSS, Atom or OPML to PDF Generator rss to bpdf
20:32:10 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: SSH in a Windows Environment
20:32:21 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Mark's Blog : The Machine SID Duplication Myth

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20:33:09 RT @lordnaastik: Munin 1.4.0 Alpha: A tool for graphing all sorts of information
20:35:03 RT @delicious50: Python Is Not Java ( java python xml
20:39:56 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] How to Covertly Monitor Encrypted WIFI Networks

Sunday, 8th of November.

05:17:38 RT @delicious50: Magit User Manual emacs git
05:17:48 RT @delicious50: How to Get Started with Getting Things Done | BNET gtd
05:18:00 RT @sansforensics: EnScript to display the number of search hits per file.
05:18:32 RT @delicious50: Mindmaps/Concept Maps #visualization
05:19:18 RT @WebDevOnLinux: How to Configure Ubuntu desktop to use your proxy server
05:19:42 RT @delicious50: W3C #cheatsheet #webdev
05:20:39 RT @hashlinux: How #Google uses #Linux @ReneCunningham)
05:21:52 RT @delicious50: Multiprocessing with Python #python #programming
threading parallel #distributed
05:22:23 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] Hello World TCP Server using Sockets
07:51:28 RT @lxtips: edit the address bar search url in #firefox with about:config keyword.URL
07:54:57 RT @tweetlicius: What Facebook Quizzes Know About You -
07:55:39 RT @delicious50: An Introduction to Python Lists python
07:56:51 RT @delicious50: Google Wave vs Twitter at conferences | FreshNetworks Blog google wave
07:58:22 RT @DZone: Big Link "Java + Cron Job = Quartz" by selikoff
07:58:51 RT @SecuObs: Microsoft COFEE law enforcement tool leaked #microsoft
07:59:02 RT @SecuObs: ESRT @komeilipour Rootkit Unhooker update for Windows 2000
07:59:17 RT @SecuObs: Video : ESRT @SecurityTube A Beginner's Guide to VMware Data Recovery
08:17:28 RT @webupd8: How To Post To Twitter From Google Wave
08:19:10 RT @delicious50: Vyatta Open Networking - The Open-Source Alternative to Cisco routing
08:32:00 RT @tim_malone: Is Flickr killing photography???? -
08:45:13 RT @ToolsWatch: WepBuster v1.0 beta0.7 released @
08:46:54 RT @delicious50: Open Virtual Machine Tools vmware virtualization
opensource tools virtual admin sysadmin utilities
08:47:42 RT @delicious50: Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) web
business hosting
08:53:29 RT @readelicious: Symphony – The XSLT Content Management System

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11:51:02 RT @msuiche: US Cert pwned

11:51:44 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: PGP Digital Timestamping Service
11:51:50 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Shavlik Technologies Products
11:52:11 RT @proactivedefend: Faronics Deep Freeze and other Intelligent Solutions for ABSOLUTE
11:53:01 RT @readelicious: Download free GIMP brushes
11:55:29 RT @delicious50: Static Code Analizers for Python | And Now For Something Completely
Different - Doug Hellmann python
11:56:02 RT @securitypro2009: Information Security Short Takes: Digital Forensics Framework - A ...
11:56:10 RT @securitypro2009: hosting dedicated » Blog Archive » Computer Forensics – The Most ...
12:05:48 sugarsync now has support for blackberry as well. it's perfect for busy execs :) all files on the
go... #ad
13:04:31 RT @gcluley: [DarkReading] World's First iPhone Worm Rick-Rolls Wallpaper
13:05:06 RT @delicious50: Draw Function Graphs - Plotter math graphics
13:05:55 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: PHP Talk
13:06:00 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: The Internet is Evil (Louisville Infosec) Tutorial
13:07:06 RT @bojanz: A very lame iPhone worm (affects only jailbroken phones) has been found in the
wild. Analysis at
13:09:59 RT @MBenLakhoua: RT @CanadianPI: 10 Ways To Avoid Viruses and Spyware
16:21:34 RT @delicious50: Google Open Source Blog: Introducing Android Scripting Environment android
16:22:06 RT @securitypro2009: iPhone Next up for Hackers | SecTechno
16:23:10 RT @readelicious: MacHeist nanoBundle
16:25:23 RT @webupd8: 5 Free Google Wave Invites For Web Upd8 Readers
16:28:28 RT @InfraGard808: RT @SecurityTube: [Video] Storage Area Networks (SAN) Primer

Monday, 9th of November.

01:10:38 RT @PrivacySecurity: The ins and outs of privacy policies(Philippine)
01:12:30 RT @delicious50: Python HTML/CSS to PDF converter - HTML2PDF Converter python html opensource pdf library
01:14:58 RT @sansforensics: How to Disrupt a Botnet
01:15:17 RT @delicious50: DataMapper - DataMapper ruby orm database rails
programming development library rubyonrails
02:05:36 RT @owasp: #OWASP TOP 10 AppSec Risks 2010 *NEW DRAFT* will be released at OWASP
AppSec Conference this week.

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02:08:57 RT @MBenLakhoua: Botnets want money, not to bring down the web
02:12:18 RT @DZone: Big Link "10 Free Server & Network Monitoring Tools that Kick Ass" by mswatcher
02:16:15 RT @delicious50: JSCocoa — A bridge from JavascriptCore to Cocoa
javascript cocoa mac iphone osx objective-c
02:17:09 RT @lordnaastik: python-ptrace 0.6.1: Linux debugger written in Python
02:17:42 RT @securitypro2009: Credit Card Terminals And PCI Compliance « PCI Guru
02:18:28 RT @delicious50: hcard-cheatsheet · Microformats Wiki microformats hcard
cheatsheet microformat
02:18:46 RT @arstechnica: The ACTA Internet provisions: DMCA goes worldwide -
02:18:57 RT @hashlinux: #UNIX network analysis- tutorial: #AIX(via @nicolettemc)
02:19:37 RT @hashlinux: #Shakes #MySQL #Linux how to add users in MYSQL the easy way: @scottsdaleseo)
02:19:51 RT @digg_technews: "6 Ways To Set Up Dual Monitors To Be More Productive" -
02:20:16 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Official Google Blog: Cutting back on your long list of
02:21:19 RT @delicious50: rush Ruby shell
02:22:53 RT @readelicious: gpicsync - Project Hosting on Google Code
02:24:47 RT @hashlinux: RT @linuxalive Youtube without the flash. Watch them with HTML5 #linux @neoscreenager)
02:27:00 RT @delicious50: wxPython python gui programming wxpython development
opensource software tools
02:28:20 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Detecting Botnets
02:28:39 RT @proactivedefend: Electric Alchemy: Cracking Passwords in the Cloud: Insights on
Password Policies
06:57:04 Special deals on ASUS Asus Eee PC 1000HE 10-Inch Netbooks #ad
08:23:21 RT @tweetmeme First iPhone worm spreads Rick Astley wallpaper | Security | iPhone Central |
08:23:28 RT @tweetmeme AppleInsider | Apple opens doors to France's first Apple Store
08:23:29 RT @tweetmeme Apple likely to launch Verizon iPhone in 2010 - Neoseeker News Article
08:23:36 RT @tweetmeme Brenthaven: The best computer backpack I've ever seen
08:23:37 RT @tweetmeme StarHub: Reached Deal With Apple To Offer iPhone In Singapore -
08:23:40 RT @tweetmeme Oh. No. They. Didn't! Verizon puts the iPhone in the land of the misfit toys
with latest ad | 9 to 5 Mac
08:23:43 RT @tweetmeme Is the Magic Mouse a dog?
08:23:57 RT @tweetmeme No Droid For Me, iPhone Is The PC Of Smartphones by PC World: Yahoo!

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08:23:59 RT @tweetmeme Apple Issues Apple TV 3.0.1 Update to Fix Disappearing Content Bug | The
iPhone Blog
08:23:59 RT @tweetmeme Yes, the Apple Store is down
08:24:02 RT @tweetmeme Watch Jonathan Ive's Segment in Objectified - Jonathan ive objectified -
08:24:07 RT @tweetmeme Heads Up: Update your Apple TV to 3.0.1 ASAP, says Apple
08:24:10 RT @tweetmeme Apple Readies 'World Mode' iPhone, Report Says - PC World
08:24:12 RT @tweetmeme Week in Apple: Magic Mouse, ra1n & sn0w, iPhone chicanery - Ars Technica
08:24:38 RT @tweetmeme Five Best Antivirus Applications
08:24:47 RT @tweetmeme 16 antivirus programs compared — none 'very good' | TechBlog | -
Houston Chronicle
08:24:47 RT @tweetmeme Infosecurity (USA) - Spam king Sanford Wallace owes Facebook US$10.7m
08:25:04 RT @tweetmeme Is Antivirus Software Dead? -- Security -- InformationWeek
08:25:36 RT @tweetmeme Aptlinex – Web browser addon to install Ubuntu packages with a click
08:27:04 RT @tweetmeme Common threads: Awk by example, Part 1
08:27:11 RT @tweetmeme Java run-time monitoring, Part 3: Monitoring performance and availability of
an application's ecosystem
08:27:24 RT @tweetmeme Howto: Get linux and the Maemo SDK w/ emulator running!
08:27:28 RT @tweetmeme Monitor CPU and hard drive temperatures on Ubuntu Linux | Lucid Tips
08:27:38 RT @tweetmeme edit ~/.font.conf to smarten up font rendering in #firefox #linux - lxtips
08:28:04 RT @tweetmeme Ubuntu Tip:How to Play VCD using VLC Player
08:28:05 RT @tweetmeme Lazy Linux: 10 essential tricks for admins
08:28:17 RT @tweetmeme Debian -- SecurityInformation -- DSA-1928-1 linux-2.6.24
08:28:18 RT @tweetmeme The OpenOffice Mouse - Boing Boing
08:28:56 RT @tweetmeme Twitter fanatic glimpses dark side of OAuth • The Register
08:29:09 RT @tweetmeme Windows 7 vulnerable to 8 out of 10 viruses | Chester Wisniewski's Blog
08:29:21 RT @tweetmeme Malwarebytes blog » Blog Archive » IOBit Steals Malwarebytes’ Intellectual
08:29:30 RT @tweetmeme Privacy concern in Google Voice call recording
08:29:50 RT @tweetmeme Hak5 – Technolust since 2005 » Episode 612 – Hacking PPTP VPNs with
12:05:12 RT @infosecstuff: Reducing the Total Cost of Data Protection

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12:05:26 RT @bradgoetsch: #Digg - First iPhone, now Droid. Who needs Windows Mobile?
12:56:20 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] Fake AV Live Analysis
12:57:41 RT @securitypro2009: Microsoft Digital Forensics Tool Leaks Online
12:58:06 RT @securitystuff: SecurityWatch (ZD): Koobface Abusing Google Reader
12:59:30 RT @securityshell: Linux 2.6.x fs/pipe.c local root exploit
12:59:52 RT @delicious50: Tracing their Steps: How to track feed subscriber referrals with
GoogleAnalytics tracking feed
13:03:33 RT @InfoSec: Level 10 Security Alert Microsoft Excel Zeroday Vulnerability -
13:03:35 RT @hacker2600: When Phishing Isn't Phishing
13:03:38 RT @pauldotcom: RT @TenableSecurity: Tenable Network Security Podcast - Episode 11
13:03:42 RT @infosecstuff: Information security – are we experiencing a Pax Romana?
13:07:47 RT @twittsecurity: Zeus Malware Moves to Myspace
13:07:53 RT @securityshell: Offsec Web Server Hacked
13:08:59 RT @ipv6labs: Win32 wgetあったあった。
13:10:17 RT @Slackjam: SeLinux policy editor
13:14:32 RT @helpnetsecurity: Cyber war is coming, the impact could be huge (
13:15:23 sugarsync now has support for blackberry as well. it's perfect for busy execs :) all files on the
go... #ad
13:15:33 RT @CNETNews: Google may lose WSJ, News Corp sites
13:15:37 RT @CNETNews: Microsoft releases Exchange 2010, acquires Teamprise
13:15:55 RT @GlobalKnowledge: Top 10 ASP.NET Tips To Increase Productivity & Simplify Maintenance
13:52:02 RT @securitynetwork: #security Microsoft Security Intelligence Report v7
13:58:12 RT @amyrrich: nagcat extensible nagios monitoring framework written in python: #sysadmin
14:25:59 RT @ciscodisco: VMware aims to virtualise Windows 7 rollouts - ZDNet UK ...
14:57:53 RT @webupd8: YouScrobble Integrates YouTube and Last.Fm Into A Great, Free Mashup
15:00:50 RT @honlinenews: SourceForge Inc changes its name to Geeknet
15:00:53 RT @delicious50: Best Open Source UML tools | Open Source Applications
UML opensource free
15:00:56 RT @delicious50: phpFormGenerator - create professional web forms in minutes php
15:01:00 RT @WiFiPlanet: Review: HTC Hero from Sprint There's a lot to like, but
other Android-based phones are better.
15:01:09 RT @arstechnica: Data breach notifications one step closer to law... again -

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15:01:17 RT @kenbanks: A Must Read: Twitter Lists 101: Etiquette & Strategies
15:01:20 RT @delicious50: Build an iPhone - Webmonkey iphonedev
15:01:24 RT @delicious50: LEARN THE NET: Netiquette computer-apps
15:01:32 RT @OnlyMobileNews: Mobile Marketing Watch: NASDAQ Goes Mobile Full
15:01:35 RT @CNETNews: Google to acquire AdMob for $750 million
15:02:01 RT @helpnetsecurity: Free web security scan delivers a description of your site's security flaws
15:02:18 RT @ThePraetorian: RT @mjpinvestor: what is the big deal about MS COFEE? #security #windows
17:27:11 RT @delicious50: HOWTO: Disk encryption with dm-crypt / LUKS and Debian encryption luks dm-crypt linux debian
17:27:22 RT @delicious50: Definition of Twitter tags, the easy hashtag directory
17:27:51 RT @delicious50: Simple. Screenshot. Sharing. - TinyGrab screenshots
tools osx windows
17:27:53 RT @delicious50: What DNS Is Not - ACM Queue dns architecture insight
17:28:00 RT @helpnetsecurity: 13 anti-virus rescue CDs, available as free downloads: (via @lennyzeltser)
17:30:43 RT @cultofmac: New post:: Apple Begins Shipping 27-Inch iMacs
17:35:16 RT @delicious50: Daylife: A new way to explore the world news web2.0
media search visualization journalism social
17:35:35 RT @MBenLakhoua: Much Ado About Nothing Hack
17:36:56 RT @infosecstuff: Health info security laws a hurdle to health Internet
17:36:59 RT @pr_linux: An important Linux fix #postrank #linux
17:39:11 RT @delicious50: ESXi (ESX 3i) Enable SSH vmware ssh howto tips
17:40:42 RT @webupd8: RT @iBlend CodeCollectorPro : code snippets power
17:42:07 RT @HostExploit: Malware Designed to Load Child Porn to Your PC
17:42:29 RT @CNETNews: Apple Store opens in the Louvre: Where next?
17:42:35 RT @readelicious: Mastering JSON ( JavaScript Object Notation )
17:42:59 RT @ITVulnerability: Report: Windows 7 security
17:43:14 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: How to Secure Your New WordPress Installation | Digging
into WordPress
17:43:17 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Offensive Computing | Community Malicious code
research and analysis
17:44:36 RT @webupd8: How To Post To Twitter From Google Wave
17:44:51 RT @delicious50: 75 Sets of Unusual Photoshop Brushes brushes
17:47:08 RT @infosecstuff: SC Magazine: Twenty years of reporting on information security
17:47:52 RT @thierryzoller: Update #7 TLS regenotitation - added Apache patch
17:48:04 RT @HP_AppSecurity: Top Five Web Application Vulnerabilities 10/27/09 - 11/8/09: #security #web

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17:48:12 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] Social Networking Sites and Crime by SecurityOrb
17:48:17 RT @Gizmodo: HTC Touch HD2 Review: A Tragedy #review
17:49:15 RT @EntryLevelJob: Pls RT: Using Your Network To Find Job Opportunities In A Tough Market
#job #jobs
17:51:35 RT @securitypro2009: Bot herders hide master control channel in Google cloud
17:51:40 RT @webupd8: 5 Free Google Wave Invites For Web Upd8 Readers
17:52:25 RT @zsafwan: New Geolocation and Push Services Coming to BlackBerry
17:52:41 RT @maheshspeaks: Looking at google reader from the bash prompt
18:35:54 RT @TenableSecurity: Tenable Network Security is hiring a vulnerability research engineer,
more details here:
18:44:35 RT @twittsecurity: Transport Layer Security Renegotiation Vulnerability
18:45:28 RT @securityshell: DoS vulnerability in Internet Explorer
18:45:32 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Web Services Security, Part 1
18:45:35 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Web Services Security, Part 2
18:45:37 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Web Services Security, Part 3
18:45:42 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: - Keep Track of the Latest
18:46:50 RT @infosecstuff: National Data Breach Laws Move Through Senate
18:47:03 RT @delicious50: Writing for an audience writing
18:47:46 RT @webupd8: Fully Integrate Twitter Into Google Wave
18:50:01 RT @TechTips43: Comodo Easy VPN is a fast, free Hamachi alternative for Windows
18:53:10 RT @DZone: Big Link "The Ruby revolution is over" by mswatcher
18:56:15 RT @activeden: 4 Cool Ways To Login To Facebook Without Going To The Website
18:56:20 RT @ofirkaner: Apple Releases Mac OS X 10.6.2 - Mac Rumors (via
@RachelMelaketet) (via @adarh)
19:02:37 RT @MevTheProducer: @victorgordon work n school - found dat text to speech program -
19:03:07 RT @macsupport: Mac OS X 10.6.2 Combo Updater is now available.
19:03:12 RT @crunchgear: Review: BlackBerry Bold 9700 by @2Hectic
20:21:33 Great storage deals - Fantom, Western Digital and LaCie Drives #ad

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Tuesday, 10th of November.

01:27:55 RT @proactivedefend: News Update:
01:27:58 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Full Disclosure
01:28:32 RT @elcomsoft: #iPhone worm spreads via default #password -
01:32:13 RT @InfoSec: SecurityFocus - #patch2do
01:32:17 RT @InfoSec: Koobface sets sights on Google Reader #threats2watch
01:32:19 RT @slashdot: Google Voice Controls Giant LED Display
01:41:41 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] Preventing USB Switchblade Attacks by GRM
01:44:44 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Multi Packer v2.10 by Shocker, ShockingSoft
01:44:49 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: /. | Fear Detector To Sniff Out Terrorists
01:44:52 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Certified Information Systems Security Professional -
Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
01:44:55 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: GRC | ShieldsUP! — Internet Vulnerability Profiling
01:46:31 RT @youtube: We're hiring engineers! Come work w/ us:
01:46:48 RT @SocialNetDaily: The 'Best Twitter Search Engine" gets even better:
02:03:33 RT @PrivacyLaw: “Eighth Person Pleads Guilty to Illegally Accessing Confidential Passport
02:04:27 RT @delicious50: UltraApps VCalendar (Web Calendar) - Overview calendar
02:05:29 RT @hashlinux: RT @linuxalive: Speed up Ubuntu 9.10 Boot Dramatically #linux @neoscreenager)
02:06:00 RT @nytimesbits: Tweets Are Coming to LinkedIn
02:06:16 RT @delicious50: Where Debian meets Enlightenment linux livecd distro
debian opensource enlightenment
02:06:33 RT @delicious50: Apple Hot News Mac imported BookmarksBar Apple
02:07:47 RT @ParameterHacker: Trojan pokes Facebook for zombie commands
02:23:15 RT @delicious50: PHP tip: How to get a web page using CURL | Nadeau Software curl
05:26:23 RT @tweet_security: LinkedIn status updates get a two-way sync with Twitter - The Next Web
05:26:33 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Information Security
12:11:49 RT @SecBarbie: RT @threatpost: Microsoft's Police Forensic Tool Leaked to Bad Guys |
12:12:28 RT @ZDNetBlogs: Nokia N900 Maemo device now shipping to retailers -
12:12:52 RT @slashdot: Regulator Blocks BBC DRM Plans
12:15:34 RT @mikkohypponen: There are already commercial spying tools available for Android phones: What a surprise.

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14:25:27 RT @Endpoint_Secure: Source code for ikee iPhone worm in the wild
14:25:33 RT @CNETNews: SAP wants an open Java process (pot, meet kettle)
14:27:07 RT @delicious50: Python course in Bioinformatics programming python
14:27:20 RT @delicious50: Hardening WordPress « WordPress Codex wp-security
14:27:43 RT @ZDNetBlogs: Intel Reader combines camera and text-to-speech functions -
14:28:03 RT @delicious50: soaplib python soap library
14:29:40 RT @securitypro2009: Analysis: How to profit from PCI compliance
14:29:55 RT @phpizer: how to install PHP: installation linux and windows
14:30:07 RT @securitywatch: Hundreds of Facebook Groups Hijacked
14:30:12 RT @honlinenews: Inside the Security Operations Center
14:30:36 RT @Endpoint_Secure: Microsoft Defends Windows 7 Security After Sophos Test
14:31:16 RT @CiscoSecurity: Security Week In Rev:
14:31:36 RT @theappleblog: MacBook vs. MacBook Pro: Which Should You Buy?
14:31:43 RT @digg_technews: "Microsoft "COFEE" leaks onto the web." -
14:59:33 RT @delicious50: Statistics with R r
18:20:26 RT @AppleOnly: Apple 27-inch iMac Reportedly Shipping to Early Birds
18:21:28 RT @delicious50: 6 Tips For Using GoogleWave On Your First Project
google wave tips productivity
18:25:03 RT @ITBlogs: Microsoft violates GPL: Guess who's been caught with their hands in the
open-source jar? Again. read more
18:27:35 RT @delicious50: Authenticate and Integrate Linux with Active Directory
#linux #activedirectory
18:29:31 RT @commandlinefu: - Create date based backups (polaco) #backup #copy
18:31:08 RT @grey_area: 8 #GoogleWave invites. Anyone want?
18:32:12 RT @ToolsWatch: Linux 2.6.x fs/pipe.c local root exploit with PoC
18:33:51 RT @megapanzer: tool (with source) published that grabs a frame from the connected webcam
on a windows system :
19:10:27 RT @delicious50: Octave-Forge matlab software octave math programming
mathematics opensource science tools statistics
19:10:33 RT @computerworld: An anonymous group calling itself "Control Your Info" has taken over
hundreds of Facebook groups.
19:10:40 RT @infysec: DShield Web Honeypot Project -
19:14:00 RT @BazzaK: Why doesn't Apple's Mac OS X 10.6.2 work on Atom processors?
19:16:19 RT @MBenLakhoua: Scapy: Massive hacking tool! (via @sectechno)

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19:17:18 RT @djstangl: openssh for mac

19:21:04 RT @MacObserver: Analysis: How the TMO Staff Members Use Their iPhones, Part I of II
19:22:25 RT @qualys: Job Opening - HQ : Application Developer
19:22:46 RT @RSAConference: RSA Conference 2010 Awards nominations now being accepted:
19:24:25 RT @webupd8: Shell System Information Tool For Linux
19:25:04 RT @commandlinefu: - List files in tarballs (din7) #find #tar #list
19:25:10 RT @delicious50: Setup mod_rails Passenger Mac OS X Leopard rails osx
apache passenger
19:27:37 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: National Cyber Security Research and Development
19:27:39 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: VirusTotal - Free Online Virus and Malware Scan
19:30:14 RT @arstechnica: Pirates navigate around Windows 7 activation again -
19:35:15 RT @MBenLakhoua: Facebook groups hacked through design flaw
19:36:20 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] HNNCast for the second week of September, 2009
19:38:04 RT @SecBarbie: RT @mmurray: Why Information Security is the Hardest Career <--- Nice <claps>
19:40:17 RT @tweet_security: Network Security Facebook Hijacking Points To Social-Networking Holes -
CIO Today
19:45:49 @MBenLakhoua you are welcome!
20:58:43 sugarsync now has support for blackberry as well. it's perfect for busy execs :) all files on the
go... #ad

Wednesday, 11th of November.

01:17:25 RT @FSLabs: #Blog Windows 2K Server Patch Update
01:26:08 RT @CNETNews: When open source isn't (open enough)
01:27:10 RT @matrosov: Однако! @hdmoore: ooh! remote kernel code execution via internet explorer /
EOT fonts: advisory:
01:27:48 RT @digg_technews: "Unboxing the Nokia Booklet 3G" -
01:30:38 RT @ITSecurityNews: Business Results with Single Sign-On for SAP
01:31:02 RT @cyber_security: #security New SSL Vulnerability: Serious or Not?
01:31:19 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] Ghostnet (Back door at the click of a button)
01:31:38 RT @snowfl0w: Thousands of pages of Social Security Numbers Published in Collier county,
Canada. Software to blame
01:32:05 RT @hashlinux: @webupd8: Samsung to Discard Windows Phone
#linux(via @Aviendha09)
01:32:17 RT @securitypro2009: Microsoft Tries To Clean Up COFEE Spill
01:32:55 RT @delicious50: vimcolorschemetest - Project Hosting on Google Code

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vim colorscheme
01:33:39 RT @FOSSwiki: Time to get an iMac, NEED to get back into programming, #google #go
#iPhoneDev #openSource
01:34:09 RT @AppleOnly: TweetDeck returns to the Apple's App Store
01:34:36 RT @delicious50: A Guide to Efficiently Using Irssi and Screen |
01:35:05 RT @digg_applenews: "Build a Bootable Rescue SD Card For Your Mac" -
01:35:25 RT @slashdot: $9 Million ATM Hacking Ring Indicted
01:36:33 RT @isc_sans: Layer 2 Network Protections against Man in the Middle Attacks, (Wed, Nov
01:37:46 RT @filjedi: Interesting, very interesting - Nvidia CEO Caught With A Mysterious (i)Tablet
01:38:08 RT @packetlife: at any rate, I added a PayPal payment option for shipping outside the US:
01:38:24 RT @delicious50: Livedrive storage online backup
01:39:03 RT @webupd8: Microsoft violates GPL #linux
01:39:24 RT @webupd8: Sun/Oracle deal fail shows EU doesn't get open source #linux
01:39:59 RT @webupd8: Bill Gates of Belgium’ Fights SAP With Free Software (Update1) #linux
01:42:31 RT @delicious50: SuperTab continued. - Do all your insert-mode completion with Tab. : vim
online vim
01:43:43 RT @delicious50: json-template - Google Code programming javascript ajax
01:44:09 RT @crunchgear: $150 Spy pen is probably good enough for "Mission: Impossible" by Devin Coldewey
01:45:12 RT @DZone: Big Link "Best way to log details. Database or file log?" by claylua
03:12:20 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] Websense Threatscape (October 2009)
03:12:28 RT @slashdot: Go, Google's New Open Source Programming Language
07:08:08 RT @SecuObs: Video : Animated Network Packet Structure Visualization tool #network
07:10:11 RT @helpnetsecurity: Koobface worm creates Facebook accounts to spread (
12:54:04 RT @beginlinux: Wireshark: Discover NTP Traffic
12:55:11 RT @GetInvestigJobs: Investigator - New York, NY ( Get Investigator
Jobs #Investigator #10075
12:55:16 RT @macTweeter: Digg: Apple Didn't Break 'Support' for Hackintoshes
12:55:58 RT @delicious50: OpenNMS monitoring network opensource sysadmin
networking monitor management
12:56:34 RT @delicious50: Google Code: Web Authoring Statistics google web
12:57:10 RT @GKonITsecurity: What skills do you think are most in demand from IT pros? -

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11-November-2009 #survey
12:57:17 RT @macTweeter: Microsoft: Windows 7 ‘Inspired’ By Mac OS #apple
12:57:20 RT @securitystuff: Macworld security: Data-stealing hack targets jailbroken iPhones Full
12:58:07 RT @rww: Google Gives You More Storage for Less, but Still No GDrive
12:58:12 RT @securityshell: Windows 7 , Server 2008R2 Remote Kernel Crash
12:58:38 RT @tweetlicius: 7 Things You Should Know About Google Wave | EDUCAUSE -
12:59:55 RT @FOSSwiki: codeplex no full-time leader #opensource
13:00:01 RT @FOSSwiki: Arkeia Software Offers Free Network Backup for Ubuntu Users #OpenSource
13:00:17 RT @delicious50: Useful Commandline Commands on Windows - Server Fault windows commandline sysadmin cmd reference
13:04:14 RT @AppleOnly: Apple with iphone more profitable than Nokia
13:04:17 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: OpenSSL、TLS/SSL脆弱性に対処 | エンタープライズ |
13:04:21 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Google's Free Airport Wi-Fi: Five Ways to Protect
Yourself - PC World
13:04:24 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Securing Network Services with FreeBSD Jails
13:05:14 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Tutorial
13:05:19 RT @cultofmac: New post:: Apple Shipping i7 Versions of 27-Inch iMacs
13:06:13 RT @InfoSec: Data-stealing hack targets jailbroken iPhones - #patch2do
13:06:16 RT @InfoSec: Koobface Malware Eyes Google Reader #threats2watch
13:07:52 RT @phpizer: PHP generate calendar file (ics): A tutorial on how to use php generate calendar
ics file.
13:07:57 RT @mikkohypponen: Data security in the 1940s:
13:08:09 RT @Lifehacker: Get Google Maps Navigation on Your G1
#android #googlemapsnavigation
13:08:32 RT @Fiberism: New post: T-Mobile USA Moves to 7.2 Mbps, Plans 21 Mbps (
13:09:03 RT @DZone: Big Link "Why we didn’t convert to .Net. And perhaps we never will…" by rick888
13:09:19 RT @techradar: 20 essential free apps for your new Windows 7 PC
13:11:40 RT @securityninja: RT @mikkohypponen Good insight into the RBS Worldpay hack: By @GarWarner
13:11:50 RT @honlinenews: VirtualBox 3.1 Beta teleports in
13:12:03 RT @FOSSwiki: 10 open source projects worth checking out -TechRepublic
#opensource #top
13:13:11 RT @sunbeltsoftware: Apple MobileMe credit card phish

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13:14:09 RT @delicious50: Build a Bootable Rescue SD Card For Your Mac MacLife
howto osx utilities tutorial backup tool guide
13:14:18 RT @slashdot: Scientists Unveil Lightweight Rootkit Protection
13:14:28 RT @SecuObs: ESRT @hackerfantastic prdelka-vs-APPLE-ptracepanic.c
13:15:52 RT @honlinenews: Sidux 2009-03 released
13:16:53 RT @CNETNews: Google cuts Picasa photo storage prices
13:21:14 RT @commandlinefu: - force change password for all user (sputnick)
13:27:58 20 #GoogleWawe Invites - who wants one?

Thursday, 12th of November.

01:49:32 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] Detecting DNS and HTTP Load Balancers using LBD
01:55:01 RT @delicious50: JSLint, The JavaScript Code Quality Tool javascript
programming code quality test tool utility web
01:56:10 RT @delicious50: EeeUser Forum eeepc forum eee 900 asus
02:02:29 RT @security4all: Windows 7 / Server 2008R2 Remote Kernel Crash (via
02:03:07 RT @linuxalive: Testing Out Linux File-Systems On A USB Flash Drive #linux
02:04:03 RT @digistam: Woot! UltraEdit is now also available for Linux:, version for Mac coming soon:
02:05:23 RT @PrivacyProf: Ghostery, a #Firefox addon to check for #webbugs / #webgifs #privacy Anyone use/like?
02:12:14 Flickr: The Public Computer Errors Pool photos funny error
05:52:28 RT @tweetmeme Twitter Data Dump: InfoChimp Puts 1B Connections Up For Sale
07:17:15 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] Cracking A5 GSM encryption (HAR 2009)
12:09:01 RT @SN_Technology: Vista users are jumping fast to Windows 7, but XP users aren't #tech #news
12:09:35 RT @ZDNetBlogs: Is Google's Go language worth teaching or learning? -
12:10:28 RT @linksgoogle: GoogleWave Cheat Sheet: Might help me use Google Wave more effectively
12:53:12 RT @ITPRO: Windows 7 users have the same old security problems
12:57:06 RT @InfosecurityMag: Clearswift becomes latest IT security firm to embrace the cloud
12:57:15 RT @honlinenews: openSUSE 11.2 final arrives
12:57:57 RT @delicious50: Window Resizer :: Add-ons for Firefox firefox browser tools
12:59:16 RT @helpnetsecurity: Spam evolution: September 2009 ( #malware

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13:00:15 RT @commandlinefu: - advanced bash history (frik)

13:02:55 RT @infosecstuff: Jailbroken iPhones hit by Malware seeking out default SSH access
13:02:59 RT @commandlinefu: - List all available commands (polaco) #list #path
13:04:31 RT @securitypro2009: Smarten Up. Increase Your Information Security Vocabulary
13:04:52 RT @mashable: Orange UK Sold 30,000 iPhones on Launch Day -
13:04:58 RT @WebSecurityNews: Web Vulnerability Scanning Presentations at OWASP | Cenzic
Security Blog
13:07:13 RT @readelicious: iPhone Development
13:08:41 RT @InfoSec: Zero-Day Windows 7 RTM DoS Vulnerability Has PoC Published in the Wild - #threats2watch
13:09:08 RT @delicious50: How to write your firm’s social media policy | FreshNetworks Blog guidelines policy
13:12:03 RT @SophosLabs: Attackers conceal exploit sites with Twitter API (via The Register) |
13:15:41 RT @devilok: The H Security - "New Microsoft patent may put Linux security components at
13:24:21 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Web security firm ranks Firefox, Safari browsers as flaw
13:24:25 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Technology Review: Searching an Encrypted Cloud
13:24:54 RT @proactivedefend: Checkout Ghostery and find out how web sites are watching you
15:21:37 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: KeePass Password Safe
15:23:24 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] DNS Zone Transfers with Host and Dnsenum
15:23:30 RT @digg_technews: "Apple looks to improve pen-based input on tablet touchscreen" -
15:27:40 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Reverse MD5 hash lookup
15:27:43 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: XSS (Cross Site Scripting) Prevention Cheat Sheet -
15:27:56 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: A script to automatically blacklist illegal ssh attempts -
Mac OS X Hints
18:35:51 RT @lordnaastik: CSV to SQL 0.1: Import CSV into MySQL
18:38:04 RT @infosecstuff: Report: Globalization of Malware Production
18:39:09 RT @securitystuff: Bugtraq: RE: Exploit writing tutorials Full
18:40:38 RT @proactivedefend: Creating a Self Signed Certificate for IIS - Part 2 - Signing Your
Certificate with KeyMan
18:40:47 RT @proactivedefend: Create a self-signed SSL certificate with IIS 6.0 Resource Kit SelfSSL
18:41:20 RT @CNETNews: Google's SPDY protocol could ramp up Web speeds

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18:41:32 RT @macTweeter: Mac News Digest for 2009-11-12

18:41:43 RT @InfoSec: Vista 7 Exploit is OutZeroDay Vulnerability | Boycott Novell -
18:41:50 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] Helios Malware Detection Demo
18:42:21 RT @digg_technews: "Confirmed: Latest OS X won't work on Atom netbooks" -

Friday, 13th of November.

02:40:40 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Pushdo / Cutwail - An Indepth Analysis - Analysis of the
second largest botnet.
02:41:33 RT @delicious50: Geolocation API Specification W3C Geolocation
aumented reality
02:44:09 RT @delicious50: Merb | Looking for a hacker's framework? ruby framework
merb mvc programming web development webdev
02:44:17 RT @delicious50: JSON Serialization Usage json java javascript ajax
programming library serialization opensource
02:44:49 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] Metasploit VNCInject Payload Demo
02:45:05 RT @delicious50: Wubi - Ubuntu Installer for Windows emulation
02:47:38 RT @delicious50: PHP Programming - Wikibooks, collection of open-content textbooks php webdesign to_investigate
02:54:22 RT @DZone: Big Link "Top 10 JavaScript Frameworks by Google" by lvraa
02:54:31 RT @hashlinux: Serious Adobe Flash vulnerability #postrank #linux(via
03:07:39 RT @infosecupdate: IUNews: How to DDOS a federal wiretap: Not that you'd want to, right?
09:12:38 RT @InfosecurityMag: The Challenge of Security by Compliance
09:33:27 RT @Z3r0Point: RT @arbornetworks: Dispatcher, a tool to automatically understand botnet
traffic protocols
09:34:53 RT @delicious50: BurningIsoHowto - Community Ubuntu Documentation
ubuntu software howto
09:36:32 RT @delicious50: Perl as a command line utility tool perl oneliners
09:37:11 RT @securitynetwork: #networksecurity Masking vs. Truncating
10:22:31 RT @delicious50: Firebug Documentation css Firebug
10:24:36 RT @DZone: Big Link "Advanced Method Chaining in Java" by phpfreak
10:26:55 RT @SecuObs: SAINT 7.2 Released Now OVAL compatible
10:29:39 RT @delicious50: Apple Mail plug-ins and tools Mac Mail apple
10:30:14 RT @SecuObs: fimap alpha v0.6.1 released RFI LFI auditing scanning
10:37:02 RT @DarkReading: Newly exposed Adobe Flash attack has no real fix:
10:37:10 RT @webupd8: Google Wave Search Operators Cheat Sheet #googlewave

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10:42:17 RT @armandof1: pdf for Mac

10:42:41 RT @Popotxo: UCSniff v3 just released (VoIP & IP Video Security
Assessment tool) #voip
10:49:04 @pentestit thx for #FollowFriday
10:49:15 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] Firewall Basics Primer
10:58:51 RT @mikedopp: God must be a UNIX Administrator.: In the Beginning: GOD created the Bit and
the Byte. And from those...
11:04:56 RT @CNETNews: Dell unveils Android-based Mini 3 smartphone
11:51:24 RT @MBenLakhoua: Microsoft insists Windows 7 is not Mac OS X copycat
11:51:29 RT @MBenLakhoua: Windows 8 is on its way
11:51:43 RT @MBenLakhoua: Hackers Exploit Prepaid Payroll Cards
11:51:50 RT @MBenLakhoua: Hackers to exploit Windows bug say researchers
11:52:09 RT @EverythingMS: Microsoft Downplays Windows XP as Netbook OS
11:52:09 RT @TheNextWeb: Sprouter: A Twitter-Like Community Just for Businesses
11:52:18 RT @NetworkWorld: 8 ways 802.11n is about to transform Wi-Fi:
11:55:57 RT @kevinestis: Teenager acquitted of crime thanks to Facebook alibi #infosec #wellkindofanyway
11:56:55 RT @InfoSec: The Four Core PHP Development Principles - #patch2do
12:00:52 RT @josephkern: New Flash vulnerability, no fix forthcoming; Adobe winning hearts & minds of
#sysadmin everywhere.
12:01:36 RT @is_decisions: Eight Holes in Windows Login Controls: #infosec
12:06:21 RT @ralfe: BrowserScope: Web Browser Profiling #web #infosec
12:57:02 RT @delicious50: IronPython programming python
13:24:31 RT @webupd8: Comparing windows and Linux installations #linux
13:28:05 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: :: DNSSEC HOWTO ::
13:36:00 RT @webupd8: Installing Apache2 With PHP5 And MySQL Support On Fedora 11 (LAMP) #linux
15:19:33 RT @securitypro2009: Researchers work together to take down botnets
15:19:37 RT @securitypro2009: UNM Today: Students at Anderson Schools to Teach Computer Safety
15:19:42 RT @securitypro2009: Bachelor of Computer forensic Entrance Exam Dates Application ...
15:32:54 RT @delicious50: Internet Tablet Talk maemo linux pda n810 forum internet
tablet nokia
15:33:47 RT @infosecstuff: Expert says Adobe Flash policy is risky
15:37:00 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Jailbreak Community Battles Apple for Control of iPhone |
Gadget Lab |
15:40:55 RT @DZone: Big Link "How To: Prevent Form Spam without Using CAPTCHA" by
15:44:11 RT @maheshspeaks: Is LiberKey legal?

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15:58:27 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] Simple Replay

16:01:28 RT @delicious50: Linux and Unix commands, information, and help linux
16:08:11 RT @pentestit: NBNSpoof – The NetBIOS Name Service Spoofer
16:08:24 RT @AppleOnly: Apple Inc. to open dozens of stores next year
16:08:49 RT @SpywareLady: iPhone worm hacker gets death threats and job offers
16:53:48 RT @delicious50: 32 Coda Tips and Tricks | Mac Tricks And Tips coda
webdesign tips webdev
16:54:08 RT @webupd8: Google Wave Search Operators Cheat Sheet #googlewave
22:59:37 [ MDVSA-2009:299 ] xine-lib: Posted by security on Nov 13

Saturday, 14th of November.

07:18:15 RT @_defcon_: You can has videos now! DEF CON 17 Audio and Video of the talks is now
posted on
07:19:23 RT @SecuObs: New russian Oracle exploit tool Oracle Security Tools #exploit #oracle #security
07:20:05 RT @SecuObs: Microsoft #advisory for Windows 7 Windows Server 2008 R2 #Remote SMB
DoS #Exploit released
07:20:17 RT @SecuObs: Man-in-the-middle attacks demoed on 4 smartphones
07:20:43 RT @newsomobile: "NASA gives the iPhone a nose for danger"
07:21:10 RT @delicious50: SmartSleep mac osx sleep software hibernate battery
07:21:13 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] Wireshark Basics (3)
07:22:05 RT @SecuObs: Ether Automation Utility Ether Bunny
07:22:32 @MBenLakhoua you are welcome
07:24:13 RT @delicious50: TweetMyMac twitter mac remote osx
07:25:13 RT @delicious50: 2. Built-in Functions Python v2.6.4 documentation
07:26:17 RT @WinFuture_Eng: Mini 3: Dell brings own Smartphone with Android
07:27:47 RT @delicious50: 16.4. optparse — More powerful command line option parser Python v2.6.4
07:27:54 RT @InfoSec: Microsoft working on a fix for a zero-day vulnerability in Windows 7 - #threats2watch
07:32:47 RT @proactivedefend: News Update:|Cryptolabs Amsterdam
07:32:52 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Serendipity Weblog System
07:33:04 RT @proactivedefend: Deibert :: Main Page
07:33:27 RT @proactivedefend: OAuth - An open protocol to allow secure API authorization in a simple
and standard method..
07:34:08 RT @MBenLakhoua: Personal data of Cal Poly Pomona applicants inadvertently put online

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07:34:12 RT @Techmeme: RIM takes smartphone fight to rivals (Chris Nuttall/Globe and Mail)
07:34:16 RT @securitypro2009: » How a Botnet Gets Its Name
07:34:20 RT @SecuObs: ESRT @steaIth - Finally ready Adventures in Heap Cloning
07:34:36 RT @SecuObs: ESRT @IBMFedCyber - IBM Virtual Server Security for VMWare
07:34:42 RT @SecuObs: ESRT @jeremiahg - Full document: OWASP Top 10 (2010 release candidate
07:34:47 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] US Passport RFIDs Cloned by Chris Paget
07:35:29 RT @delicious50: iTunesKeys - itunes
07:36:45 RT @delicious50: ropemacs, rope in emacs ropemacs python emacs
07:37:03 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: web application security forum
07:37:06 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Undercover for iPhone - Recover lost or stolen iPhone or
07:37:17 RT @proactivedefend: Acunetix Web Application Security Blog - Statistics from 10,000 leaked
Hotmail passwords
07:37:26 RT @proactivedefend: Secunia PSI
07:37:28 RT @delicious50: vCard - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
08:03:27 RT @delicious50: Trendistic - see trends in twitter twitter trends stats
08:03:39 RT @WebDevOnLinux: 5 wonderfulls Gnome Themes
08:04:26 RT @ciscodisco: #Hiring a Network Engineer - IP, VoIP, Windows, Cisco, Firewalls, Routing at
Volt Informat..
08:08:35 RT @FOSSwiki: langsam kommt Licht in den Lizenz-Dschungel bei #OpenSource :) #bcli09
08:35:44 RT @proactivedefend: Setting Up A FreeRadius Based AAA Server With MySQL &
Management With ...
08:35:51 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: DEF CON® Hacking Conference - DEFCON 17 Media
08:35:53 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Schneier on Security
11:21:46 “SubSonic: All Your Database Are Belong To Us .net orm” -@delicious50
11:22:23 RT @OComputing: Infiltrating a botnet via automated protocol reversing
11:22:52 RT @webupd8: 6 Interesting Firefox Extensions
11:26:20 RT @security4all: RT @jeremiahg: OWASP Top 10 (2010 release candidate 1) - Get it while its hot!
11:30:17 RT @delicious50: Firebug Documentation css #Firebug
11:30:58 RT @InfosecurityMag: The Challenge of Security by Compliance
11:31:08 RT @hashtagging: #How #to #run #windows #application in #ubuntu #wine
14:05:35 RT @linksgoogle: Google Wave Help
15:46:14 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] Netifera (Java Virtual Machine as Shellcode)
15:48:58 RT @delicious50: 黑基-中国最大网络安全门户站 知黑客 学安全 上黑基网 security hacking

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programming tech crack

15:57:34 RT @delicious50: Free Our Data: Make taxpayers' data available to them
15:58:39 RT @webupd8: openSUSE 11.2 on the test bench #linux
15:59:35 Re: [EquipoFraude] Full Path Disclosure in most wordpress' plugins [?]: Posted by Zerial. on
Nov 14I've receive..
16:00:18 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Checkmarx source code analysis technologies
16:00:29 RT @proactivedefend: MalwareURL Team is a group of Internet security experts dedicated to
fighting malware...
16:00:53 RT @proactivedefend: AirSnare - Intrusion Detection Software for Windows
16:01:00 RT @SN_Technology: Lenovo returns to the Linux desktop #tech #news
16:07:17 RT @WebSecurityNews: Microsoft confirms first Windows 7 zero-day bug
16:07:23 RT @securitypro2009: Security firm chokes sprawling spam botnet | International News
16:07:32 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] Hacking Network Printers for Fun and Profit
16:15:03 RT @DZone: Big Link "12 Cheat Sheets a Developer Must Have" by srikanthad
16:16:58 RT @securityshell: Microsoft Reacts to Windows 7 0-Day DoS Vulnerability
16:17:10 RT @OComputing: Offensive Computing has been up for 4 years now. Happy Birthday to us!
Thanks for all the malware!
17:15:56 RT @arstechnica: Week in Apple: Software updates, jailbroken iPhone worms, and VESA -
17:17:08 RT @delicious50: How To Map Excel Data in Google Earth project
17:17:13 RT @delicious50: Sun Labs Lively Kernel javascript programming ajax
framework web sun web2.0 squeak webdev dev
17:20:37 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Source Code Security Analyzers - SAMATE
17:20:48 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Disable SSH Root Logins on RHEL |
17:27:16 RT @securitypro2009: Computer Forensics and IR - What's New?: Internet Evidence Finder ...
17:27:19 RT @securitypro2009: Computer Forensics and Investigations
17:27:42 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] Cookie Poisoning Demonstration (Imperva)
21:59:04 OWASP AppSecDC Top 10 Changes: Well, I’m finally back with a mess load of blog posts that
I’ll have..
21:59:05 Re: WordPress <= 2.8.5 Unrestricted File Upload Arbitrary PHP Code Execution: Posted by YK
on Nov 14WordPres..

Sunday, 15th of November.

06:57:15 RT @delicious50: Top Russian news and analysis online | 'RIA Novosti' newswire Strangeworld

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06:57:21 RT @delicious50: Stanford School of Engineering - Stanford Engineering Everywhere
06:57:25 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: 20 лучших практических советов по безопасному
использованию сервера OpenSSH
06:58:39 RT @cnetuk: Top ten most remote tech locations on Earth
06:59:17 RT @hashlinux: #howto run #windows7 on virtualbox #pc #mac #linux :
06:59:28 RT @tweetlicius: 15 Ways to Optimize CSS and Reduce CSS File Size | Queness -
07:03:57 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] TCP Packet Sniffer Programming
07:07:55 RT @sansforensics: EnScript to find Limewire download remnants
07:09:57 RT @proactivedefend: Geek to Live: Create your own virtual private network with Hamachi -
Downloads - Lifehacker
07:12:33 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: inSSIDer | MetaGeek - nástroj navazující na netstumbler
07:12:47 RT @delicious50: DEF CON® Hacking Conference - The Hacker Community's Foremost Social
Network. securite internet
07:12:56 RT @delicious50: Configuring the Windows Firewall to Allow SQL Server Access sqlserver microsoft
07:13:08 RT @delicious50: PXELINUX - Syslinux Wiki pxe network netboot boot
syslinux dhcp howto
07:22:39 RT @proactivedefend: YouTube - Professionals Against RFID Technology
07:22:42 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Flash Origin Policy Issues
07:23:53 RT @LDN: Data visualisation jewellery - a London-based project creating wearable art from
financial data
07:23:58 RT @mikkohypponen: DEFCON 17 audio & video released at - via
09:56:58 RT @delicious50: WinShell - LaTeX frontend opensource windows editor
latex tex
09:57:27 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] VMWare Hacking at Defcon 15
09:58:11 RT @infosecupdate: IUNews: Researcher busts into Twitter via SSL reneg hole: comments
09:58:34 RT @delicious50: utrace - locate IP addresses and domainnames ip
09:59:28 RT @delicious50: Lab Tick macosx keyboard
10:05:32 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] Packet Injection Basics Presentation
10:05:39 RT @webupd8: Deactivate Password Request For Mounting Partitions In Ubuntu Karmic
10:59:26 Twitter "swine flu" worm: Posted by Rosario Valotta on Nov 15Hi, up to some days ago Twitter
was affected by a ..
15:44:33 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: 安藤日記 - Web Directions East 2009、Ajax Security/Douglas
16:25:20 RT @delicious50: Linux Files and File Permissions linux file permissions

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16:37:15 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: The Shmoo Group

16:37:35 RT @proactivedefend: GRC Security Now! Featuring episode #223 - Episode #223 about the
SSL/TLS bug will be out Novemb...
16:38:53 RT @delicious50: Services - Google Maps API - Google Code google gmap
16:38:55 RT @delicious50: Mastering Your WordPress Theme Hacks and Techniques - Noupe wordpress
16:39:06 RT @delicious50: Triple Your Personal Productivity by Steve Pavlina work
gtd efficiency lifehacks management tips
17:00:42 RT @slashdot: New Dating Sites Match People Through DNA Tests
17:08:54 RT @webupd8: FreeNAS 0.7 adds ZFS support #linux
17:09:15 RT @delicious50: Create a REST API with PHP " Gen X Design | Ian Selby
php APİ
17:09:18 RT @delicious50: Metawerx Wiki: Web.xml tomcat java reference web xml
servlet web.xml j2ee deployment deploy
17:35:03 RT @msksecurity: RT @sectechno: New Blog Post: Universal Tips to Avoid DDoS Attack

Monday, 16th of November.

02:14:37 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Welcome to the Home of OSSEC
02:16:49 RT @delicious50: Django with Mysql and Apache on EC2 — The Uswaretech Blog - Django
Web Development
08:18:18 RT @delicious50: GNU GRUB Manual 0.97
08:25:25 RT @tweetmeme Infosecurity (USA) - Weekly brief - November 16, 2009
12:07:52 RT @informationweek: IBM Launches Business Analytics Cloud
12:08:28 RT @pentestit: inSSIDer: Open Source WiFi Network Scanner!
12:08:42 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] Analyzing Robots.txt for Fun and Profit
12:09:27 RT @helpnetsecurity: (IN)SECURE Magazine 23 released! We're accepting
articles for next issue, get in touch!
12:10:44 RT @tweetmeme: Google Wave: In Theory vs. In Practice (via
12:11:40 RT @ZDNetBlogs: First impressions of the T-Mobile BlackBerry Bold 9700 -
12:12:44 RT @tweetlicius: Five Best Online Backup Tools - online backup - Lifehacker -
12:12:52 RT @tweetlicius: The disturbing inaccuracy behind Google Analytics - -
12:19:40 RT @security4all: The U.S. Cyberwar Plan | (via @threatpost)
12:20:38 RT @lennyzeltser: Teams make better decisions when they include an outsider who can push
members outside comfort zones:
12:33:02 RT @linuxalive: Android Dev Phone 2 available #linux
12:33:12 RT @rww: Droid Becomes Fastest-Selling Android Phone to Date?

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12:33:50 RT @FOSSwiki: EU finds Oracle-Sun deal anti-competitive #OpenSource
12:34:37 RT @sanctobin: DIY Arduino Word Clock
12:35:11 RT @infosecstuff: CA Plans Information Security Operations Center
15:08:51 RT @Twitter_Tips: 7 Ways To Avoid Twitter DM Spam Scam: --Share:
15:09:15 RT @delicious50: 6 Unique Twitter Visualizations tools Socialmedia twitter
15:09:20 RT @cnetuk: New Review: INQ Mini 3G review
15:11:24 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: - Protect your machine
15:12:37 RT @hdmoore: checking out the milw0rm replacement:
15:12:41 RT @CNETNews: Microsoft testing Excel for supercomputers
15:12:51 RT @delicious50: How-To: Extract images from a video file using FFmpeg - Stream #0 video linux ffmpeg
15:12:54 RT @delicious50: Short URLs with analytics, social media monitoring, and geotargeting - Cligs URL
15:13:12 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] Evolution of Security (Fsecure)
15:14:38 RT @delicious50: CrashPlan - Free Automatic Backup for Home software
linux backup
15:14:50 RT @SecuObs:

Tuesday, 17th of November.

06:23:59 RT @delicious50: SQLite Optimization FAQ sql sqlite optimization
06:26:26 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Tinc - Gentoo Linux Wiki
06:26:44 RT @proactivedefend: Securing Connection Strings - Securing Connection Strings :.NET
Framework ...
06:26:56 RT @proactivedefend: #CheatSheets - Packet Life
06:28:25 RT @delicious50: LDAP Tutorial ldap
06:29:23 RT @delicious50: サービスがいいMacBookにしておく - ザリガニが見ていた...。 apple
06:29:42 RT @MBenLakhoua: Hackers outwit Windows 7 activation
06:32:14 RT @webupd8: 10 Special Linux Distributions That You Should Know #linux
06:32:29 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] Subverting Windows Group Policies to run a Disabled CMD.exe
06:36:20 RT @delicious50: How to Find or Validate an Email Address
06:41:57 RT @delicious50: PHP5 Akismet « Aching Brain spam akismet
06:42:48 RT @ITPRO: Microsoft founder Paul Allen diagnosed with cancer
06:43:50 RT @InfoSec: Microsoft Warns On Windows 7 Zero Day Vulnerability - Erodov - #threats2watch

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06:44:00 RT @helpnetsecurity: Secure advanced Web server for Unix (

06:44:33 RT @delicious50: MySQL/Ruby rails
06:47:02 RT @delicious50: Growl for Windows Adds Mac-Style Notifications - Featured Windows
Download - Lifehacker
06:47:47 RT @delicious50: Book: Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja by John Resig
06:49:22 RT @securitypro2009: [VOIPSEC] Sites containing VoIP security information
06:54:52 RT @MBenLakhoua: TLS / SSLv3 renegotiation vulnerability explained
06:55:56 RT @delicious50: Apache Tika - Apache Tika lucene java apache parser
06:56:14 RT @readelicious: - Cain & Abel
06:56:44 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] Hijacking Safari 4 Top Sites with Phish Bombs
07:02:16 RT @delicious50: OPML 2.0 opml xml rss opml2.0 reference
07:08:33 RT @delicious50: C versus C++
07:10:04 RT @delicious50: C++: A Dialog c++ programming book reference tutorial free
07:15:23 RT @lordnaastik: IncSearch 1.12.0: This Firefox extension is a incremental search UI
07:36:48 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: HowTos/OS Protection - CentOS Wiki
07:37:01 RT @proactivedefend: Offensive Security Training presents - The Exploit Database
07:37:24 RT @proactivedefend: Threat Analyses - Research - SecureWorks
07:37:44 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: John Robbins' Blog : WiX Projects vs. TFS 2010 Team
07:39:51 razorfish
engagement Statistiken studie online
07:40:13 RT @delicious50: Loads of Linux Links: Top linux links tutorials
07:41:34 RT @delicious50: Web Ontology Language OWL / W3C Semantic Web Activity rdf semanticweb metadata Census
07:41:36 RT @delicious50: Documentation Frame phing php development deployment
documentation reference
07:41:38 RT @delicious50: RDF Vocabulary Description Language 1.0: RDF Schema
rdf semanticweb metadata Census
07:42:25 RT @delicious50: equinux - Apple Software for finding, applying ID3 meta tag music information mac itunes mp3 osx
07:42:36 RT @mashable: End of an Era: Pirate Bay Tracker Shuts Down -
07:42:38 RT @securitypro2009: What is computer forensics? | Computer Expert
07:42:40 RT @securitypro2009: Hacking Exposed Computer Forensics – Computer Forensics Secrets ...
07:42:44 RT @SecuObs: Real-Life Examples of Cross-Subdomain Issues

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07:42:46 RT @SecuObs: T-IFRAMER Kit for the injection of malware In-the-Wild #malware
07:42:53 RT @SecuObs: stunnel-4.28.tar.gz
07:54:56 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] Assembly Primer for Hackers (Part 3) GDB Usage Primer
09:23:41 RT @tweetmeme Droid Autofocus Fix Now Available: Clean The Lens
09:23:48 RT @tweetmeme Twitter Opens Up People Search for Twitter Apps
09:23:50 RT @tweetmeme The death of the URL | FactoryCity
09:24:21 RT @tweetmeme Bing Captures Almost 10 Percent Search Share In U.S.
09:24:22 RT @tweetmeme The Pirate Bay - The world's most resiliant bittorrent site
13:05:28 RT @SecureThinking: Looking for the perfect Christmas gift? Bruce Schneier action figures
now available:
13:05:38 RT @msuiche: Malwares Analysis in 2010-way -- New Decade of
Security is beginning...
13:06:38 RT @mattputvinski: RT @twittsecurity: How Secure Is Cloud Computing?
13:07:34 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] Exploit Development Basics
13:07:56 RT @CNETNews: Watch out, TwitPic: MMS to Twitter now in U.K.
13:09:32 RT @slashdot: CERN Physicist Warns About Uranium Shortage
13:10:42 RT @packet_storm: News - Microsoft Confirms Detailed Windows 7 Exploit
13:15:50 RT @linuxquestions: Microsoft to Open Source the .NET Micro Framework, using the Apache
2.0 license:
13:21:23 RT @1_Million_Tux: Do your know our #Linux projekt?
15:01:57 RT @ITPRO: T-Mobile confirms it's at the centre of ICO data selling investigation:
15:02:10 RT @linuxalive: IT Needs Its Darth Vaders #linux
15:02:51 RT @delicious50: 11 Non-Traditional Uses of WordPress cms wordpress
15:02:55 RT @delicious50: Video Tutorial To Start Developing Web Applications on Erlang | BeeBole erlang
15:02:57 RT @delicious50: Listutorial: Step by step CSS list tutorial css webdesign
tutorial html
15:04:46 RT @slashdot: Cooling Bags Could Cut Server Cooling Costs By 93%
15:05:34 RT @AppleOnly: Apple Looking for Game Designer…for a Tablet?
15:05:38 RT @AppleOnly: Will Apple Force Feed You Ads Via Its OS?
15:05:43 RT @AppleOnly: Apple's App Store Approval Process Now Includes an Automated Layer
15:07:11 RT @securls: Metasploit Framework 3.3 Released: Posted by HD Moore on Nov 17
15:07:33 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Secure File Upload Check List With PHP - Hungred Dot

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15:07:36 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: READ & RUN ME FIRST. Malware Removal Guide -
MajorGeeks Support Forums
15:07:39 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Jeremiah Grossman: All about Website Password Policies
15:07:41 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: VPN security - if you want it, come and get it • The
15:09:27 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] Exploiting Acrobat Reader (Dojosec)
15:14:13 RT @delicious50: ASCII Code - The extended ASCII table ascii code
character characters reference tools html encoding
15:15:51 RT @devilok: RT: @nprnews: NSA Is Giving Microsoft Some Help On Windows 7 Security
15:15:57 RT @SecuObs: Metasploit Framework v3.3 stable released #metasploit
15:16:01 RT @SecuObs: H.D. Moore speaks about Metasploit Project deal, Release 3.3 #metasploit
15:37:39 RT @macTweeter: Pic of the Day: WiFi Passwords for Mac and PC #apple
15:38:35 RT @securityshell: Metasploit and Antivirus
15:39:45 RT @linuxalive: Linux powers the fastest computers on the planet #linux
15:40:23 RT @career_coach: To share of not to share. Do you know your family health history?
15:40:31 RT @howtoprojects: How To Install Google Android On A Windows Mobile Phone #howto
15:40:36 RT @wired: How Microsoft Blew It With Windows Mobile
15:41:03 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Geek to Live: Automatically back up your hard drive -
Automation - Lifehacker
15:41:06 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Antionline - Maximum Security for a Connected World
15:41:29 RT @Twitter_Tips: Create fake tweets in anyone's name: --Share:
15:42:51 RT @ITPRO: Mobile payments could be safer than buying online
15:42:55 RT @delicious50: Essential Mac OS X applications
15:43:05 RT @securitypro2009: Security Vulnerability in Firefox Wikipedia Toolbar » IT - Chuiko ...
15:43:14 RT @delicious50: 25 Tips for Intermediate Git Users : Andy Jeffries : Ruby on Rails, MySQL
and jQuery Developer tocheck
15:44:32 RT @CiscoSecurity: Do We Need a Global CERT? New Csco Post
17:19:03 RT @OnlyMobileNews: Information Week: Microsoft Expands App Store Full
17:19:18 RT @infosecstuff: Onsite Disk Wipe Combats Explosive Growth in Information Security
17:21:08 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Top 10 Most Common Coding Mistakes in WordPress
Plugins « planetOzh
17:21:11 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: ISA | ISCI

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17:21:14 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: " FRx Security

17:21:20 RT @proactivedefend: inspekt - Project Hosting on Google Code
17:21:59 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] Ettercap bEEf Mashup
17:22:31 RT @linksgoogle: Google Wave Cheat Sheet: Some handy tips for using Google Wave
17:23:21 RT @delicious50: ASP tutorial for beginners and free scripts asp beginners
17:24:20 RT @virusexperts: MalAware 1.0 Beta - The First Cloud Malware Scanner
17:24:49 RT @delicious50: Database Queries the CouchDB Way couchdb
17:25:25 RT @delicious50: 10 Tools for (20)10 webtools technology web2.0
17:25:30 RT @delicious50: Download details: SyncToy 2.1 software tools freeware
21:55:41 Age of cyber warfare is 'dawning'

Wednesday, 18th of November.

01:23:04 RT @EarthOrg: How To Change Settings of Compiz in Ubuntu (Add Effects Like:
01:23:43 RT @delicious50: Custom Twitter Backgrounds twitter backgrounds design
01:24:00 RT @securitystuff: How Secure is Your SSL Online Banking Connection? - My Bank Tracker: Full
01:24:30 RT @DZone: Big Link "Forms4j -- Java Spring form library" by Akumadevil
01:24:55 RT @delicious50: Sexy Forms in Rails | Ruby Pond rubyonrails
01:25:33 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Sonar—Your Mac's File Monitor
01:25:35 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Tom's Homepage -- Ncat for Netcat Users
01:25:39 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: L0pht Heavy Industries
01:26:09 RT @h1moodle: Using Moodle: Feedback Wanted: Offline implementation using Google Gears:
01:26:35 RT @InfoSec: Windows 7 Gets Its First Bug #threats2watch
01:27:04 RT @securitypro2009: County gets almost $300000 to fight child porn, equipment and
investigator to ...
01:27:57 RT @BlackHatEvents: RT @sciam: Hackers indicted for 12-hour ATM attack that netted $9
million: <- One year later.
01:28:03 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] The Future of the Security Industry by Bruce Schneier
01:29:10 RT @delicious50: HTML5, きちんと。 web 2009 markup html5 resources
01:29:34 RT @webupd8: Linux-based NAS device starts at $70 #linux
01:29:37 RT @0pensource: 20 Essential Tips Every Ubuntu User Should Know
01:30:07 RT @DZone: Big Link "Best Google Chrome Extensions Top 15" by taranfx

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01:30:13 RT @DZone: Big Link "Best Open Source Reporting Tools" by jsguru
01:30:27 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Getting Clean With PHP - Nettuts
01:30:30 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: The Botnet Hunters - CSO Online - Security and Risk
01:30:32 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Peter Selinger: ccrypt
01:30:47 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Common Criteria - The Common Criteria Portal
01:30:51 RT @CNETNews: Intel an investor in storage firm for Apple users
01:35:18 RT @mdh47: Microsoft's Azure Push Puts Spotlight On the Cloud
02:02:33 RT @ITSecurityNews: 2010: The year of remote user security
02:02:41 RT @ITSecurityNews: United Kingdom: Stolen laptop contains personal data of St Albans
02:03:02 RT @DZone: Big Link "The High Cost of Losing a Developer" by alashcraft
02:03:39 RT @crunchgear: The world's smallest 16GB flash drive by @frompkin
02:04:03 RT @delicious50: Get source (Android Open Source Project) Android
02:04:50 @career_coach you are welcome ;)
02:05:27 @1_Million_Tux you are very welcome
02:49:32 RT @digg_technews: "World's Fastest Graphics Card, Dual-GPU Radeon 5970 Launched" -
02:49:45 RT @activeden: Create an iPhone Inspired Switch CheckBox Using Flash and ActionScript 3.0 #ATarchive
13:06:03 RT @packet_storm: ActiveBids Blind SQL Injection
13:13:22 RT @infosecstuff: UTSA laptop encryption program to enhance computer data security
13:15:41 RT @webupd8: Lack of Innovation a Commonality for Microsoft, Apple #linux
13:15:44 RT @webupd8: Fedora 12 Screen Shots #linux
13:16:10 RT @ThisIsHNN: Zues botnet owners busted? "Two suspected computer
hackers have been arrested in Manchester"... UK
13:16:13 RT @packet_storm: Bitrix Site Manager Remote File Inclusion
13:17:45 RT @regsecurity: UK cybercops cuff ZeuS Trojan suspect pair
13:17:51 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Black Hat ® Technical Security Conference // Home
13:17:57 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: MyPorts Gives You Detailed Information on Open Ports -
Security - Lifehacker
13:18:03 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: T-Mobile says workers sold customer data | InSecurity
Complex - CNET News
13:18:52 RT @packet_storm: Linux x86 ip6tables -F Shellcode

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13:19:30 RT @TappedIn: RT @SebastienPage: How to Use Your iPhone as a USB Drive Please RT
13:19:35 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] Lockpicking Forensics (LayerOne 2009)
13:19:39 RT @helpnetsecurity: Q&A: Wireshark ( with Gerald Combs
13:19:42 RT @packet_storm: Stack-based Overflows - SEH Part 2
13:20:26 RT @delicious50: InformIT: Introduction to GUI Programming with Python and Qt > A Pop-Up
Alert in 25 Lines PyQt
13:20:40 RT @belnetcert: Microsoft Windows SMB Response Denial of Service Vulnerability
13:21:24 RT @TechTips43: Why electronic health records have far to go
13:22:43 RT @arbornetworks: a brief on the SSL/TLS re-negotiation bug from Thierry Zoller. covers SMTP with STARTTLS mostly
13:22:56 RT @packet_storm: Using Debuggers To Speed Up Exploit Development
13:23:07 RT @commandlinefu10: - Split a tarball into multiple parts (dinomite) #tar
#split #tarball #archive
13:23:55 RT @delicious50: Coding Horror: XP Automatic Update Nagging windows
13:24:04 RT @CyberSafety808: "Security Trends to Watch in 2010"...
13:24:54 RT @linuxalive: Introducing OpenShot #linux
13:25:02 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Secure Lotus Notes 8 with the Internet password lockout
13:25:05 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: How to Configure Windows 2008 Advanced Firewall with
13:25:12 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Vibro.NET : Announcing the Identity Developer Training
Course on Channel9
13:25:18 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Securing an IBM Lotus Domino Web server: Using the
new Internet lockout feature
13:25:34 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Massive T-Mobile UK breach a case of insiders -
13:26:23 RT @anthonymfreed: SaaS and the Need for Enterprise Architecture
13:26:39 RT @securityshell: The Botnet Hunters
13:26:43 RT @securityshell: DNS Rebinding for Scraping and Spamming
13:27:23 RT @securityshell: Microsoft Windows SMB Packet Remote Denial of Service Vulnerability
13:30:33 RT @delicious50: Tutorial: First Steps with XMLBeans development tutorial
java xml xmlbeans
13:36:32 RT @tecnocato: This could easily be the best reason to have a Mac Tablet: I am hooked! #skim
13:59:14 RT @MacObserver: Apple Targets Windows 7 in Web Ad - @jgamet
14:02:58 RT @delicious50: Linux P2V - ConShell linux vmware virtualization

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sysadmin howto tutorial cloning p2v converter

14:03:10 RT @delicious50: The Apache Tomcat 5.5 Servlet/JSP Container - Windows service HOW-TO tomcat aumentar memoria
14:03:47 RT @packet_storm: Adobe AcroPDF.dll Denial Of Service
14:03:57 RT @delicious50: Using POST method in XMLHTTPRequest(Ajax) javascript
14:04:01 RT @honlinenews: Amarok 2.2.1 "Weightless" released
14:04:29 RT @packet_storm: Novell eDirectory 8.8 SP5 HTTPSTK Stack Overflow
14:05:11 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] The Belgian Beer Lovers Guide to Cloud Security (Brucon 2009)
14:07:13 RT @Lifehacker: How to Manage a Group Project in Google Wave #googlewave
14:07:38 RT @macTweeter: Apple Blog: Apple Has Been Working on OS X 10.7 for At Least a Month
14:09:47 RT @ITPRO: First British arrests over Zeus Trojan
14:19:20 RT @packet_storm: iAWACS 2010 Call For Papers
14:19:23 RT @packet_storm: WordPress MU Cross Site Scripting
14:19:55 RT @readelicious: Setup a Memcached-Enabled MAMP Sandbox Environment | Lullabot
14:20:04 RT @webupd8: Install Hamachi + GUI In Linux, Using A Script #linux
14:50:13 RT @idexperts: If u used Visa or Mastercard when in Spain your card data might be
compromised. #databreach
14:50:58 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: 757 Labs - PDFResurrect - PDF Analysis and Scrubbing
14:51:02 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: PreludeIDS: Welcome
14:52:05 RT @delicious50: Visual C# programming .net C# msdn reference
development Library dotnet learning documentation csharp
14:52:50 RT @packet_storm: Linux pipe.c Privilege Escalation
14:56:37 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] Zero Day Demos (2wire CD35 Authentication Bypass)
15:10:35 RT @commandlinefu3: - Carriage return for reprinting on the same line
(polaco) #echo #printing #clear
15:10:37 RT @delicious50: O'Reilly Network
15:19:19 RT @ITPRO: Microsoft Office 2010 beta review
17:12:13 RT @securitypro2009: Technology News: Network Intrusion: Cloud Security's Silver Lining ...
17:12:19 RT @securitypro2009: What is Computer Forensics | DATA RECOVERY SALON

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17:32:33 RT @arstechnica: Ethics leaks spur House bill banning P2P apps on .gov PCs -
17:54:53 RT @PCSecurityNews: iPhone Under Attack from Android Invasion.
17:55:06 RT @TechnologyGeek: TechRadar - First details of Internet Explorer 9
17:55:52 RT @delicious50: clipboarded: vim as an IDE vim
17:55:56 RT @lordnaastik: phpLogCon 2.6.4 / 2.7.2 Beta: phpLogCon is a Web front-end for syslog and
other network event data.
17:59:55 RT @delicious50: Presentation of the LaTeX Beamer class latex beamer
slides presentation
18:09:37 RT @securityshell: Apple ITunes Website open to HTML Injection screen
POC ->
18:11:08 RT @delicious50: Cut & Paste Word Count writing words wordcount tools
18:12:28 RT @GlobalKnowledge: Two out of 3 companies think poor IT limits their business @HankMarquis @GKonProjMgt
18:17:22 RT @delicious50: Kerberos: The Network Authentication Protocol kerberos
19:04:45 RT @delicious50: How to detect lies - body language, reactions, speech patterns
19:06:13 RT @delicious50: Remastersys Tool ubuntu linux backup boot
19:06:32 RT @proactivedefend: Technology Explained: Open Router Ports & Their Security Implications
19:09:40 RT @delicious50: Google Wave Bots Wiki Wave
19:11:12 RT @delicious50: WebDevTips - Code Generators - RSS Headliner rss,
kyle, to read, tool feed software web2.0 generator
19:11:21 RT @delicious50: Debugging in Python « Python Conquers The Universe pdb
debugging development

Thursday, 19th of November.

01:37:17 RT @digg_technews: "Amazing Spy Tech from the Cold War and Beyond" -
15:11:07 RT @delicious50: Total security in a PostgreSQL database postgres
15:11:10 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: OWASP
15:11:13 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Internet Explorer 6: Setting Up Security Zones
15:11:16 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Conceal- Encrypt your Data
15:11:19 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: 1. Securely Proxy Web Browsing Traffic
15:52:59 RT @delicious50: Subdomain Configuration - How To Setup A Sub Domain - WebsiteGear domains
16:49:46 RT @TechnologyGeek: TorrentFreak - UK’s Terrifying Anti-Piracy Plans Leak
17:20:48 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: How PGP works

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17:21:00 RT @delicious50: XML Encoding xml encoding programming

17:22:46 RT @microsoftsubnet: CodySafe Admin Pack & Launcher: The Swiss Army Knife of portable
admin apps:
17:22:55 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] Malicious Shortened URLs on Twitter
17:23:22 !exploitable Crash Analyzer - MSEC Debugger Extensions development
microsoft security tools windbg debugging

Friday, 20th of November.

02:26:59 RT @readelicious: 13 free CMS options for Web Design Professionals Reviewed
02:28:06 RT @delicious50: Comparison of web conferencing software - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
02:28:53 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Secure advanced Web server for Unix
10:02:21 RT @georgeclegg: GC Carbonite vs Mozy BackUp: Best Online Backup Services
10:03:20 RT @lordnaastik: GAdmin-Rsync (ver. 0.1.5): An GTK+ frontend for the rsync backup client and
10:04:02 RT @TechnologyGeek: TechRadar - Twitter paid-for accounts out this year
10:04:16 RT @komeilipour: RT @zdnett #Google Chrome OS has arrived as free #VMWare download
10:04:26 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Zfone Project Home Page
10:04:28 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: FNMT Mini-HOWTO
10:10:35 RT @infosecjerk: Mr. Sys Admin, you put the root user password on a Post-it under your
keyboard? WTF!? You are the weakest link. Goodbye!
10:14:28 RT @securityshell: PHP “multipart/form-data” denial of service (DOS)
10:14:36 Forget PowerPoint: 13 Online Presentation Apps web2.0 presentation
10:14:41 YaCy Distributed Web Search p2p distributed crawler indexing search engine
10:15:06 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] Attacks on WiFi (Authentication Association Flood)
10:15:29 RT @commandlinefu: - exit if another instance is running (frans)
10:16:11 RT @securitypro2009: SSCP Practice Tests & Exams
10:16:15 RT @securitypro2009: Computer Forensics Training – The Beginning of an Incredible ...
10:17:00 RT @commandlinefu: - Short Information about loaded kernel modules
(unixmonkey7109) #sed #xargs #lsmod #modinfo
10:17:34 RT @komeilipour: RT @WebSecurityNews Zero-day vulnerabilities in Firefox extensions
10:17:39 RT @digg_technews: "Intel: Your Brain Will Control Your Computer By 2020" -

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10:21:07 RT @securitypro2009: White paper: taxonomy of botnet threats

10:25:35 RT @tinyhacker: Clean Up Old and Duplicate Bookmarks (Firefox)
11:08:50 RT @xebuz: 20 Linux System Monitoring Tools Every SysAdmin Should Know
21:49:32 Computer forensics backlog risk

Saturday, 21st of November.

07:11:25 RT @webupd8: Security adapters ship with Linux SDK #linux
07:11:31 RT @securitypro2009: cs268ing: BotGraph: Large Scale Spamming Botnet Detection
07:11:37 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] Advanced SQL Injection (Dojosec)
07:11:48 RT @linksgoogle: GCal4Ruby
07:12:08 RT @securityshell: ModSecurity Core Rule Set Demo Testing Page
07:12:29 RT @SecuObs: Helix 3 Pro: First Impressions
07:13:08 RT @readelicious: The Ultimate Toolbox for iPhone Development | Webdesigner Depot
07:13:18 RT @SecuObs: ESRT @exploitdb 2009-11-20 - Using XSS to bypass CSRF protection
07:13:32 RT @SecuObs: Botan-1.9.3.tgz C library of cryptographic algorithms
07:13:51 RT @MotionMedia: Google Rolls Out Automated Captioning For YouTube Videos
07:13:58 RT @SecuObs: ESRT @jeremiahg - Very cool tutorial Reversing JavaScript Shellcode: A Step
By Step How-To
07:14:17 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] Simple Linux Malware Construction by Netinfinity
07:17:59 RT @delicious50: DLL Tutorial For Beginners _ToRead
07:21:56 RT @readelicious: LiberKey (Portable Apps)
08:07:26 RT @digg_technews: "A Message to Annoying Neighbor via Network Connections (PIC)" -
08:07:30 RT @linksgoogle: How to install Google Chrome OS on Mac or PC
08:30:50 RT @proactivedefend: PDF Password Remover, Remove PDF Password, Remove PDF
Security, Crack PDF
08:30:52 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: PHP howto – Sanitize database inputs | Denham Coote
08:30:55 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: What's ABE?
08:31:37 RT @delicious50: Rapid Application Development with Mozilla (online book) mozilla Rapid Application Development with
08:36:06 RT @delicious50: rsnapshot
08:37:01 RT @delicious50: How To Access Blocked Web Sites | How-To Proxy
08:37:10 RT @delicious50: Encrypted swap, tmp and home partition in Ubuntu 9.04 - Lars Strand

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21-November-2009 ubuntu linux encryption security

08:37:35 RT @securitypro2009: CyBlog: Security, Privacy and Mobility in the Information Age ...
09:41:46 RT @delicious50: OOoSVN | repository for Extensions
openoffice svn
23:23:10 RT @delicious50: health medical data privacy rights
23:23:46 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Top 20 OpenSSH Server Best Security Practices
23:29:56 RT @delicious50: Managing Software with yum linux yum repository
23:33:28 RT @commandlinefu3: - Merge several pdf files into a single file
23:34:47 RT @proactivedefend: Adeona: A Free, Open Source System for Helping Track and Recover
Lost and Stolen Laptops
23:34:52 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: How to portscan your computer for security holes -
Cygwin - Lifehacker
23:35:04 RT @delicious50: Disable the Avira Antivir PE Classic avnotify nag screen
howto guide diy

Sunday, 22nd of November.

09:38:07 RT @delicious50: EXPLAIN EXTENDED: efficient database queries in SQL.
09:42:26 RT @securitystuff: OSS Security (ggl): Google Releases Chrome OS to Open Source - eWeek Full
09:44:00 RT @delicious50: Hire Web Designer, Website Designer, Hire A Web Designer outsourcing design jobs business web
09:44:04 RT @delicious50: Ultra Case - Be Different Your iPhone 3G / 3GS Case
iphone "iphone case"
09:47:43 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] Router Hacking Part 6 (Dictionary Attack using Metasploit on
09:47:58 Enigmail: A simple interface for #OpenPGP email #security PC
09:48:31 RT @delicious50: Plurk Comet: Handling of 100.000+ open connections - amix blog Java 并行计算 WEB服务器
09:49:47 RT @readelicious: Pen - load balancer for tcp
09:50:16 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: 10.6: Sign and encrypt emails in Mail via thawte
09:51:14 RT @delicious50: Amahi Home Server - Making Home Networking Simple
computer storage server
10:03:21 RT @delicious50: Evernote + Twitter = Instant Memories « Evernote Blogcast twitter
10:03:50 @hashlinux dm me your email for google wawe #Linux
10:26:36 RT @WebDevOnLinux: Full howto install #Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala
10:32:47 RT @hacker2600: Malicious iPhone worm

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10:32:53 RT @delicious50: - Mac Tricks and Tips, Wallpapers and Applications for Mac
10:32:55 RT @delicious50: Functional Programming HOWTO — Python v2.6.2 documentation development python sicp functional
10:42:31 RT @securitypro2009: How to justify information security spending on cloud computing
11:07:42 RT @FSLabs: #Blog Malicious iPhone worm
11:07:58 RT @delicious50: Build Instructions (The Chromium Projects) google
chromeos chrome development linux os software
11:08:38 RT @securitypro2009: CheerChat » Exciting Career Opportunities in Computer Forensics ...
11:12:12 Mp3val: free open source tool that determines the problem in the mp3 file and then repairs it.
11:13:44 MAME OS X is a native Mac OS X port of the popular MAME emulator.
11:29:05 MyProfi is a command line tool that parses mysql query log and outputs statistics of most
frequently used queries...
11:30:52 We provide ready-to-use innoTek VirtualBox images for open-source operating systems..
11:42:24 RT @sposc: You can now make Linux a Mac OS X with Mac4Lin
11:44:21 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] Metasploit AV Evasion Technique
11:44:35 RT @delicious50: Optical Character Recognition With Tesseract OCR On Ubuntu ... tutorial ubuntu ocr tesseract fraktur
11:44:58 RT @proactivedefend: Argos - An emulator for capturing zero-day attacks
11:45:08 RT @SecuObs: Process Hacker v1.7 released #hacker
11:45:16 RT @InfoSec: Unpatched Vulnerability and Exploit Published For IE on XP, 2003 - #patch2do
11:45:29 RT @readelicious: VMware/Tools - Community Ubuntu Documentation
11:45:37 RT @delicious50: OperaTor - Opera + Tor. Surf anonymously | Arche Twist
security privacy proxy browser web
12:34:40 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] Nmap XML Parsing with Windows PowerShell
13:12:52 eBook Hood (former iPod eBook Creator) - free ebooks and conversion for iPod Notes, PDA,
mobile phones
13:40:08 RT @Geek_News: Today's hot deal, 500 GB Toshiba External HDD $40
13:40:14 RT @PINewsWire: The Rising Threat of Industrial Espionage
13:40:30 RT @delicious50: BSD For Linux Users :: Intro linux bsd wait_to_read
13:40:46 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: How to Secure Your Laptop in Public Places - Gina
Trapani -
13:40:52 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Writer Evan Ratliff Tried to Vanish: Here’s What
Happened | Vanish |
13:40:57 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: The Cyberwar Plan

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13:41:53 RT @digg_technews: "10 observations about Chrome OS" -

13:42:21 RT @PINewsWire: How to Report Identity Theft
13:42:36 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] TKIP Introduction (Part I)
13:42:41 RT @slashdot: New Attack Fells Internet Explorer
13:43:10 RT @PINewsWire: Leaked Documents Reveal Anti-Piracy Cash Operation
13:58:33 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Step By Step Manual Delete 'Autorun' Virus ~ WongSK
13:58:42 RT @proactivedefend: US-CERT: United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team
13:58:50 RT @proactivedefend: Network Information Management and #Security
13:58:58 RT @proactivedefend: News Update:
13:59:38 RT @delicious50: Presentation Zen: The "Lessig Method" of presentation
lessig ppt presentación powerpoint zen
14:00:00 RT @Popotxo: Exploit Writing Tutorial - Part 4: "From Exploit to Metasploit the Basics" (via @exploitdb)
14:00:42 RT @pr_linux: Google Chrome OS: A Simple FAQ #postrank #linux
14:00:46 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] Wfuzz and DirBuster Demo
14:06:40 RT @Lifehacker: Five Best Screencasting Tools #hivefive
14:06:44 RT @HostExploit: RT @FSecure: How Facebook Apps Can Compromise Your Privacy, & How
to Fix (Maybe)
14:15:42 RT @delicious50: elRTE - RTE редактор с файл менеджером (на jQuery)
webdev web javascript wysiwyg jquery
14:15:46 RT @t411: Twitter geo tagging
14:15:50 RT @delicious50: XKeymacs opensource.editors.emacs
14:16:01 SEO Tools, Online Marketing Blog,SEO News and Tips - Web SEO Analytics #seo #tools
14:16:06 RT @delicious50: AutoStreamer to Slipstream Windows XP Service Pack 2
14:16:15 RT @delicious50: How do I reclaim space in SQL Server? sql
14:20:32 RT @pentestit: XSSTunnel: HTTP traffic through a XSS Channel!
15:55:26 RT @TechnologyGeek: Mashable - How Google Wave is Changing the News
15:56:40 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Lpadmin and Snow Leopard Queues
15:58:20 RT @digg_technews: "Security in Google's Chrome OS" -
15:58:40 RT @geekword: How to : Run Magic Mouse on Windows #Apple
#Windows #MagicMouse
16:00:04 RT @howtoprojects: How To Create, Discover and Follow Twitter Lists #howto
16:00:49 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] Creating a USB Install with BT3 and Saving Changes

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18:35:20 RT @chaosupdates: Spread the word! Petition to kill three-strikes law in UK: #3strikes
18:35:37 RT @ntvde: Wettmafia aus den Stadien treiben: DFB muss noch mehr tun
18:40:00 RT @commandlinefu: - extract email adresses from some file (or any other
pattern) (fooBier)
18:41:56 RT @proactivedefend: « Share your email in a safe way. Get less spam.

Monday, 23rd of November.

01:14:53 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: 83 Awesome Firefox Add-ons every Web Designer must
have! | Woobzine
01:15:52 RT @HostExploit: Censorship of German Internet users (Eng)
01:16:21 RT @PINewsWire: How to Report Identity Theft
01:17:09 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] RC4 Basics Presentation (2)
01:17:50 RT @InfoSec208: In Python uses Scapy RT @xanda: Releasing ICMPv4/IP fuzzer prototype
(by Laurent Gaffié):
01:18:03 RT @PINewsWire: Leaked Documents Reveal Anti-Piracy Cash Operation
02:27:54 RT @jfehrman: So Much Data, So Little Encryption | #encryption #compliance #backuptapes
10:53:24 Security-Database integrates OSVDB
10:53:27 Security-Database integrates OSVDB
12:28:13 @sheikhali you are welcomme :-)
12:29:12 RT @brookelewis99: iphone 3g mania!
13:14:06 RT @Endpoint_Secure: Workers stealing data for competitive edge
13:15:22 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: jarsigner keytool
13:15:28 RT @securityshell: ICMPv4/IP Fuzzer prototype
13:15:36 RT @cultofmac: New post:: Worm Prompts Jailbroken iPhones To Grab Your Banking Data
13:16:01 Tuning and Optimizing RHEL for #Oracle 9i and 10g Databases (Red Hat Enterprise Linux, 4, 3,
13:16:53 RT @macTweeter: Apple Blog: Magic Mouse Drivers for Windows Magically Appear
13:17:04 RT @delicious50: The iPhone Development Story iphone
development programming apple sdk appstore
13:17:47 RT @commandlinefu: - Find all dot files and directories (yooreck) #egrep
#ls #dotfiles
13:17:59 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] Social Engineering for the Socially Inept (Recon 2008)
13:18:08 RT @commandlinefu: - List all symbolic links in current directory (yooreck)

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13:18:50 RT @delicious50: Videos - development gapminder rosling

13:18:59 RT @ITPRO: Could Android be the next target for worm attacks?
13:19:05 RT @commandlinefu: - List the biggest accessible files/dirs in current
directory, sorted (yooreck)
13:19:48 RT @delicious50: Tetherbot android tether
13:20:10 RT @MacObserver: Windows Users Dig Up Magic Mouse Driver - @jgamet
13:26:01 RT @angelo337: Mac OS X Security Configuration Guides #infosec, #apple, #snowleopard,
13:29:01 RT @elcomsoft: New #iPhone #password: "ohshit"
13:29:24 RT @jmlsCITPL: RT @PrivacyLaw: "Database anonymity at risk, warns researcher"
13:38:02 RT @sw_miller: Stop Being a Code Monkey. Excellent post by @mikewo.
13:39:00 RT @arstechnica: Microsoft targets 2012 for Windows 8 -
13:39:03 RT @threatpost: New Mass Data Security Law Come March |
13:39:08 RT @TechnologyGeek: ZDNet - Beware business cloud dangers, says EU agency
13:49:34 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Man-in-the-middle attacks demoed on 4 smartphones |
Zero Day |
13:51:52 Tooltorials tutorial sysadmin windows video
13:56:23 RT @AppleNewsies: Using the AirPort Admin Utility to create a WDS network with multiple base
stations /
14:19:31 RT @arstechnica: Databases and the meltdown I've wanted to write
something similar about Excel.
14:19:44 RT @activeden: 20 Essential Infographics & Data Visualization Blogs | Inspired Magazine
14:26:47 RT @delicious50: Tips, Tricks, and Advice from the SQL Server Query Processing Team SQL programming database
17:07:57 BigAnt Server <= 2.50 SP6 Local (ZIP File) Buffer Overflow PoC #2
18:40:58 AOL Previews Brand, Trims Workforce: The company is offering buyouts to 2,500 members of
its workforce as it se..
18:41:41 Tech Insight: 3 Factors To Assess Before Doing Your Own Penetration Testing : What you need
to know about bring..
18:46:35 VBUG NEWCASTLE: SysInternals Tools (via @twttimes)
18:47:23 Finding out Last logon time in Windows through Powershell - Stack Overflow (via @twttimes)
19:25:55 I'm using @nomee to follow my Twitter friends, everywhere they share, on more than 100
20:03:56 RT @TheFox21: Top 500 #Supercomputer Nov 2009
20:19:23 RT @TUAW: Protect yourself from SSH-based iPhone worms [post]

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20:20:09 RT @delicious50: Tutorial: Networking and Bonjour on iPhone iphone

20:20:51 RT @delicious50: Five Best Screencasting Tools screencasting
20:21:14 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Strong Password Generator
20:39:09 Microsoft Bing Cashback Not Always A Bargain: Microsoft's search rebate program inflates
some prices for online..
22:52:37 Baby Bubba Zombie Children's Book: Baby Bubba Zombie Children's BookIt's Thanksgiving
time again, and that mean..

Tuesday, 24th of November.

00:37:35 RT @SocialMediaSec: Facebook Worm Uses Clickjacking in the Wild
01:36:06 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] The Sulley Fuzzing Framework
01:39:10 RT @blackthorne: 42 Useful Portable Apps for Mac - #portable #apps #mac
01:53:04 RT @PrivacyLaw: "GPS and Privacy Rights "
01:56:09 RT @packet_storm: W3infotech SQL Injection
01:59:03 RT @delicious50: How To: Back Up Any Smartphone - How to back up your smartphone -
Gizmodo backup
02:09:44 RT @delicious50: Project News | nagios monitoring
02:14:26 RT @ficpa: Cloud Computing: IBM security tool searches for and destroys malicious code in the
02:14:46 RT @ebordac: Metasploit 3.4 Developer's Guide ->
02:17:22 RT @FireEye: Some Firefox extensions may be exploited to install #malware | @MKassnerNet
02:17:57 Flickr Geocoding photography technology computers software
02:18:32 RT @hashlinux: RT @webupd8: Chrome's mission: Making Windows obsolete #linux(via @neoscreenager)
02:42:10 Encryption Making Little Headway Among IT Pros: Survey: Only 14% of respondents to
InformationWeek Analytics' S..
03:24:32 KATANA - A MultiBoot USB Based Linux Distro for Testers
03:25:01 Malicious iPhone worm
03:28:55 Extracting VB Macro Code from Malicious MS Office Documents
03:30:11 MiniFuzz
03:30:21 Sync Google Reader With Twitter
03:39:03 RT @tweetmeme 9 Twitter Web Clients To Replace TweetDeck or Seesmic Desktop ~ Web
04:38:52 Employees Willing To Steal Data; Companies On The Alert: Two separate studies indicate a
loss of trust, loyalty..
10:50:43 Nmap 5.10BETA1 released
10:50:45 OSSEC v2.3 BETA available

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10:50:48 Focus on Pangolin SQL Injection Tool

10:50:53 Acunetix WVS Version 6.5 build 20091124 released
12:09:05 RT @nytimesbits: Google's extending its grip on the digital world in a new and surprising way.
12:10:02 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] IP Packet Injection
12:12:07 RT @TechnologyGeek: ZDNet - Large Hadron Collider sees first collisions
12:15:39 RT @delicious50: SixXS - IPv6 Deployment & Tunnel Broker :: Main IPv6
12:15:49 RT @lgshareditems: Aggregation versus content theft
13:02:03 RT @securityshell: Man-in-the-Middle Attacks against the chipTAN comfort Online Banking
System ( PDF )
13:02:10 RT @securitynetwork: #networksecurity The evolution of NAC
13:03:22 RT @webupd8: Ubuntu LAMP Server MySQL Database Configuration
13:04:12 RT @SecuObs: OSSEC v2.3 BETA available
13:04:15 RT @SecuObs: Immunity Debugger Signatures Scanner Plugin #plugin #scanner
13:04:23 RT @SecuObs: Acunetix WVS Version 6.5 build 20091124 released
13:05:21 RT @delicious50: Evernote and GTD | Productivity 101 evernote gtd
13:05:26 RT @delicious50: Download details: SQL Server Express Utility sqlserver
database windows server mssql
13:05:32 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] US Passport RFIDs Cloned by Chris Paget
13:10:55 RT @delicious50: Using HTML Quickform for Form Processing php quickform
howto web form html reference pear
13:13:55 RT @idtheftprotect: Bios security threat is emerging. Will your AV protect your Bios?
14:17:13 RT @securitypro2009: iphone banking trojan creates botnet from Apple devices
14:40:05 PC Shipments Up, Revenue Down In 2009: Gartner had predicted a 2% decline in PC
shipments, but instead reports ..
15:14:01 50+ Essential Techniques and Tools for Visualizing your Data | tripwire magazine visualization charts css plot webdev
16:41:43 Feds To Develop Cybersecurity Competency Models: The Office of Personnel Management
seeks to develop a framewor..
17:06:09 RT @securitypro2009: MS unleashes legal attack dogs to contain COFEE spill
17:07:55 RT @delicious50: Work with Git from Emacs emacs git tutorial review
17:08:49 RT @webupd8: HootSuite Adds Support for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter Lists
17:08:56 RT @helpnetsecurity: Aggressive malware attack disguised as Flash player upgrade (

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17:09:14 RT @msuiche: English Shellcode is pretty cool

17:09:24 RT @delicious50: IT Guy Vs Dumb Employees Video funny video humor
work comedy internet fun geek
17:10:23 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] Trojans (Corky's Security Series)'s-Security-Series)-video.aspx
17:11:16 RT @delicious50: mechanize python c
17:11:26 RT @engadget: Kindle firmware update promises 85 percent battery boost, native PDF reader
17:11:52 RT @delicious50: Coding Horror: The Programmer's Bill of Rights
programming rights
18:14:29 RT @ComeRecommended: 4 ways to be a better listener:
18:14:56 RT @ParameterHacker: ACORN Data Breach,2933,576466,00.html
19:10:57 Hackers to CSOs (H2CSO) - Free Online Subscription
19:20:33 RT @sunbeltsoftware: Cool tool: EULAlyzer by Javacool Software
19:30:37 RT @lostinsecurity: RT @Popotxo: Remove your facebook photo tags automatically #FB #Privacy
19:30:48 RT @packet_storm: PPScan Portscanner 0.3
20:36:30 UK jails schizophrenic for refusal to decrypt files
20:41:21 'Godfather Of Spam' Gets Four Years In Prison: Prosecutors hope the prison sentence sends a
message to spammers.
20:43:44 Another award thingie - 2009-11-24T17:24:00.003-05:00
23:15:57 UK jails schizophrenic for refusal to decrypt files: Posted by Ivan . on Nov 24The first person
jailed under dr..
23:16:32 Xml!!!
23:16:37 Bug #544 (Closed): Call to deprecated method in DNS BailiWicked modules

Wednesday, 25th of November.

02:04:57 RT @PrivacyLaw: Article: “Health Privacy in the Electronic Age”
02:05:03 RT @pr_linux: Microsoft Delays Open Source Release Windows 7 Tool
#postrank #linux
02:05:39 RT @webupd8: Total security in a PostgreSQL database #linux
02:09:56 RT @SecuObs: Video : Adding Exploits to Metasploit #metasploit
02:20:00 RT @proactivedefend: Backtrack 4 #cheatsheet | Peter Van Eeckhoutte´s Blog
02:45:40 CSI Annual Report: Financial Fraud, Malware On The Increase: Computer Security Institute,
CSI, annual, report, ..
02:47:30 NIST Urges Feds To Keep Continuously Monitor Cybersecurity Efforts - Tue, 24 Nov 2009
12:29:00 EST
02:47:32 Report: China's After U.S. Secrets, Technology - Tue, 24 Nov 2009 15:22:00 EST

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02:47:36 CSI Annual Report: Financial Fraud, Malware On The Increase - Tue, 24 Nov 2009 16:54:00
04:27:48 Enhanced P2P and Chat Credit Card Detection for PVS
04:27:49 Bugfix for Discover Credit Card Patterns
04:27:53 Revision 7605: Replaced reporting to use notes
04:27:54 Revision 7606: Removing unnecesary reporting methods
04:27:57 Revision 7607: Additional reporting methods removed
04:27:58 Revision 7608: dup http resource so modules don't inadvertantly modify it
04:37:56 Cyber Security - Tue, 24 Nov 2009 20:11:01 CST
07:33:51 Some shit going on in seclist
07:33:53 more on that
09:38:48 PC Shipments Up, Revenue Down In 2009: Gartner had predicted a 2% decline in PC
shipments, but instead reports ..
10:31:57 9/11 pager messages released by Wikileaks
10:42:11 more on that: Posted by Tyler Durten on Nov 25And this is what I'm talking about:
10:42:12 Re: more on that: Posted by Anders Klixbull on Nov 25So youre whining about a 4 year old
post? lol and who uses..
10:42:14 Re: UK jails schizophrenic for refusal to decrypt files: Posted by Gregor Schneider on Nov 25To
me, the Brits -..
10:42:16 Re: Some shit going on in seclist: Posted by Gregor Schneider on Nov 252009/11/24 Tyler
Durten <ty13rdurt3n ..
10:42:18 9/11 pager messages released by Wikileaks: Posted by Juha-Matti Laurio on Nov 25 "Fro..
10:42:39 Revision 7609: add exploit module for cve-2009-3762
10:46:00 SHODAN - Computer Search Engine released
10:46:02 Graudit v1.4 released
11:34:27 {Vulnerability} [ GLSA 200911-03 ] UW IMAP toolkit: Multiple vulnerabilities
11:40:22 Microsoft Azure Supports Federated ID: A federated identity can be used to provide a single
sign on to multiple..
13:34:51 [resent] [ GLSA 200911-04 ] dstat: Untrusted search path
13:34:52 {Vulnerability} [ GLSA 200911-05 ] Wireshark: Multiple vulnerabilities
13:40:47 Apple Sues To Stop Power Adapter Knock Offs: A lawsuit filed on Monday charges a
California-based company with ..
13:43:56 dstat: Untrusted search path
13:43:58 dstat: Untrusted search path
13:44:02 {Vulnerability} Wireshark: Multiple vulnerabilities
15:34:46 Onapsis Research: SAP Security In-Depth Vol. I
15:38:51 NIST Director Sees Key Role In Emerging Technologies: Newly confirmed director Patrick
Gallagher outlines the a..

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15:38:57 Win a Macbook Air, Get Malware - Wed, 25 Nov 2009 13:16:04 +0000
15:38:59 KeepCop - Wed, 25 Nov 2009 07:49:19 CST
15:39:02 Koobface Botnet Starts Serving Client-Side Exploits - Wed, 25 Nov 2009 10:09:37 PST
16:46:00 nasty infection from following link if anyone is interested
16:55:03 Revision 7611: stupid ruby string differences
16:55:05 Revision 7612: Fix up handling of service-less vulnerabilities
16:55:08 Revision 7613: make OUTFILE actually do something other than stack dump. fixes #538
16:55:10 Bug #538 (Closed): Email gather module doesn't work when file in OUTFILE doesn't exist
17:35:10 nasty infection from following link if anyone is interested
17:39:58 Apple Accepts PhoneGap For iPhone Development: Cross-platform mobile development is
getting easier, thanks to f..
19:35:08 RT @hashlinux: Top 5 Firefox add-ons: Security testing and assessment
#postrank #linux(via @pr_linux)
19:37:36 need advice on adtmt cookie
19:41:33 Alpha Antivirus - Wed, 25 Nov 2009 12:11:51 CST
19:47:24 {Vulnerability} New poppler packages fix several vulnerabilities
21:34:10 {Vulnerability} [SECURITY] [DSA 1941-1] New poppler packages fix several vulnerabilities
22:45:24 nasty infection from following link if anyone is interested: Posted by RandallM on Nov 25one of
my sales people..
22:45:26 Re: [funsec] nasty infection from following link if anyone is interested: Posted by Juha-Matti
Laurio on Nov 25..
22:45:28 Re: {Spam?} [funsec] nasty infection from following link if anyone is interested: Posted by
RandallM on Nov 25T..
22:45:30 need advice on adtmt cookie: Posted by RandallM on Nov 25Since using the virtual software
McAfee web and email ..
22:45:32 [SECURITY] [DSA 1941-1] New poppler packages fix several vulnerabilities: Posted by Moritz
Muehlenhoff on Nov 2..
22:45:59 Stop blaming us
22:46:01 Keylogger help
22:46:05 Bug #577 (New): only the 'core' log is registered
22:46:08 Bug #418 (Closed): Meterpreter should not allow you to migrate into your current process
22:46:12 Revision 7619: broke up u3d data a bit, first pass
22:46:15 Revision 7620: read in a history file. beginnings of persistent history. see #523
23:40:04 Antivirus Pro 2010 - Wed, 25 Nov 2009 15:11:13 CST
23:40:59 VBS/Autorun-AVT - 25 November 2009 19:00:02 Z

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Thursday, 26th of November.

02:02:08 RT @delicious50: Tip: Send and receive SOAP messages with SAAJ soap
saaj java howto programming webservice xml
02:03:17 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] Cloning SIM Cards and Hacking Payphones
02:04:15 RT @InfosecurityMag: Canon printer protects data in copied documents
02:06:09 RT @proactivedefend: Adding HTTPS/SSL support to ASP.NET MVC routing « Steve
Sanderson’s blog
02:07:21 RT @spywarevoid: #Microsoft issues advisory over #IE flaw ->
02:08:31 RT @pentestit: Pangolin - Automatic SQL injection penetration testing tool
02:08:51 RT @PrivacyLaw: "Data Breach Notification Law approved by EU"
03:41:45 New Exploit Masquerades As Flash Player Upgrade: Fake "security update" to Flash Player
brings malwar..
04:11:08 Cacti 0.8.7e: Multiple security issues
04:23:48 Re: [funsec] nasty infection from following link if anyone is interested: Posted by Dragos Ruiu on
Nov 25Haha, ..
04:23:51 Re: UK jails schizophrenic for refusal to decrypt files: Posted by maxigas on Nov 25From:
Gregor Schneider <..
04:23:52 Re: need advice on adtmt cookie: Posted by Rohit Patnaik on Nov 25As far as I can tell, admt is
a name of an ad..
04:23:55 Cacti 0.8.7e: Multiple security issues: Posted by Moritz Naumann on Nov 25Cacti 0.8.7e and
earlier versions are..
04:23:57 Re: more on that: Posted by dramacrat on Nov 25well, all that really depends on the theory that
the OP actually..
04:24:23 Revision 7623: Support non-default interfaces for idle scan host detection
04:24:25 Revision 7624: removed meta data, randomized mesh name
04:24:27 Revision 7625: move histfile reading into rex
04:24:28 Revision 7626: minor cleanups, fixed u3d_pad function
07:36:23 Sdbot.add - Wed, 25 Nov 2009 21:11:21 CST
08:12:36 RT @delicious50: How to create a self-signed Certificate ssl
08:14:47 RT @delicious50: 22 Awesome Visualization Libraries: Charts and Diagrams visualization
09:38:29 “New Koobface Variant” Targets Skype - Thu, 26 Nov 2009 11:00:12 +0000
09:39:40 Antivirus System Pro - Thu, 26 Nov 2009 00:33:25 -0600
09:39:42 i have two IE icon and restoring virus - Thu, 26 Nov 2009 01:24:38 -0600
10:37:01 SAINT v7.2.1 released
10:37:03 Websecurify v0.4 released
10:37:05 log2timeline v0.40 released
10:37:08 Slitaz Aircrack-ng Distribution v20091117 released
10:37:11 vmap v0.7 released - identifying remotely daemons

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10:39:43 Revision 7627: create the history file if it doesn't exist
10:39:47 Feature #523 (Closed): history feature needs some way to be enabled
10:39:49 Revision 7628: dissected most of the u3d data
11:42:36 Google Redirect Virus and others -- Hijack This log - Thu, 26 Nov 2009 06:48:05 -0600
11:42:38 HijackThis - Thu, 26 Nov 2009 07:31:19 -0600
12:15:41 RT @TUAW: Apple Black Friday deals hit the Australian store [post]
12:17:07 RT @PINewsWire: GPS Tracking Devices and Privacy
12:17:23 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] Programming an ARP DoS Tool
12:17:34 RT @SocialNetDaily: How to Ask Effective Questions on Twitter
12:18:05 RT @TechnologyGeek: Mashable - HOW TO: Try Out The New Google Search Right Now
12:19:08 RT @delicious50: WebShell is a web-based ssh shell. ssh web python
13:35:22 New php5 packages fix several issues
13:46:14 RT @DZone: Big Link "Facts of PHP Programming Language " by mswatcher
13:49:45 RT @delicious50: How to Create a Feed with Dapper api xml web2.0
mashup scraping dapper rss
13:51:34 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Security Now 223: The Trouble With SSL
13:53:39 RT @securityshell: Greasemonkey API Usage
14:05:26 RT @beginlinux: BlackFriday starts early at
15:36:55 [SECURITY] [DSA-1940-1] New php5 packages fix several issues
15:41:14 REAnti - Thu, 26 Nov 2009 08:03:02 CST
16:36:49 PEAR Net_Traceroute: Command injection
16:47:04 Re: Some shit going on in seclist: Posted by Valdis . Kletnieks on Nov 26On Wed, 25 Nov 2009
03:10:04 +0530, Ty..
16:47:06 [SECURITY] [DSA-1940-1] New php5 packages fix several issues: Posted by Stefan Fritsch on
Nov 26---------------..
16:47:08 Re: [funsec] nasty infection from following link if anyone is interested: Posted by David Alanis on
Nov 26Drago..
16:47:11 [ GLSA 200911-06 ] PEAR Net_Traceroute: Command injection: Posted by Alex Legler on Nov
26- - - - - - - - - - -..
16:47:13 [ MDVSA-2009:304 ] bind: Posted by security on Nov 26
17:31:38 [ GLSA 200911-06 ] PEAR Net_Traceroute: Command injection
17:31:40 [ MDVSA-2009:304 ] bind
17:35:37 Internet Antivirus Pro - Thu, 26 Nov 2009 09:11:51 CST
17:35:39 Security Tool - Thu, 26 Nov 2009 10:11:38 CST

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19:23:04 RT @_LOCKS: Read this information on Fingerprint Biometrics:

19:25:12 bind
19:25:14 {Vulnerability} PHP vulnerabilities
19:37:58 {Vulnerability} [USN-862-1] PHP vulnerabilities
19:41:40 RT @delicious50: Dive Into Python python programming tutorial book
reference books development fre
19:41:59 Fraudulent Youtube vids - 2009-11-26T16:14:00.002-05:00
19:43:09 RT @delicious50: About Air Video mac osx softawre iphone ipod video
itunes converter server wifi streaming
19:44:00 RT @delicious50: OneSwarm: Privacy preserving P2P p2p privacy bittorrent
opensource software
19:46:58 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Five Best Malware Removal Tools - Malware Removal -
19:47:06 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: corporatevault | Get corporatevault at
19:47:37 RT @delicious50: PDFRead ereadertools pdf ebook software ebooks
freeware opensource tools
21:35:46 Facebook Police
22:23:10 Good thing we have EFF...
22:39:57 [USN-862-1] PHP vulnerabilities: Posted by Marc Deslauriers on Nov
22:40:00 Facebook Police: Posted by Thor (Hammer of God) on Nov 26Another interesting article about
cops pretending to b..
22:40:02 Good thing we have EFF...: Posted by Thor (Hammer of God) on Nov 26Interesting article about
SF police seizing ..
22:40:33 Installing BT4 on VMWARE Workstation 7
22:40:35 How many Mw of transmit power does a standard Wi-Fi adapter /router have?
22:40:39 Revision 7629: Include Auxiliary Report
22:40:42 Revision 7630: Remove table
23:43:14 Antivirus System PRO is seriously messing up my PC - Thu, 26 Nov 2009 17:02:31 -0600
23:43:17 Brontok virus infection and possible other Malware - Thu, 26 Nov 2009 17:39:40 -0600
23:43:19 I had the Antivirus Pro Virus and want to know if I have gotten rid of - Thu, 26 Nov 2009
19:03:20 -0600

Friday, 27th of November.

02:56:07 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: BigAdmin - Submitted Tech Tip: Construction and Use of
a Passive Ethernet Tap
03:33:22 {Vulnerability} Microsoft Windows TCP/IP Timestamps Code Execution Vulnerability

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03:38:25 Google Redirect - Thu, 26 Nov 2009 22:41:58 -0600

03:38:26 Trojan.FakeAV!Gen - Thu, 26 Nov 2009 23:09:17 -0600
03:38:28 Antivirus System Pro - Fri, 27 Nov 2009 00:05:13 -0600
04:25:15 Re: Good thing we have EFF...: Posted by Thor (Hammer of God) on Nov 26Yeah, I sent it out
again but have not s..
04:25:17 Microsoft Windows TCP/IP Timestamps Code Execution Vulnerability: Posted by Ivan Security
on Nov 26Hi list, Ha..
07:27:24 RT @HackerTheDude: The Next Web : Massive Price Cuts Abound At Mac Retailers
07:28:25 RT @delicious50: nUbuntu linux security livecd tools hacking software
distribution distributions network auditing
07:30:07 RT @pentestit: Modsecurity - Web application security firewall
07:41:34 Another ZBOT Spam Run - Fri, 27 Nov 2009 09:26:30 +0000
07:41:36 Don’t Give Spammers a Reason to Be Thankful - Fri, 27 Nov 2009 09:28:38 +0000
09:29:43 RT @security4all: FreeBSD 8.0 Released :) I am Happy Now!
#FreeBSD #New #Release (via @SteveClement)
09:30:29 RT @delicious50: Taking a Backup Using Snapshots xen snapshots ubuntu
mysql lvm snapshot
09:31:01 RT @digg_technews: "10 Alternatives To Mininova" -
09:32:28 RT @SecuObs: PDF : Free Online Magazine Security Acts 01 #pdf #security
09:33:49 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] Exploiting XSS and SQL Injection bugs with ExploitMe (NotACon
09:35:54 RT @InfosecurityMag: Astaro offers free business firewall for VMware
09:36:14 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: VeriSign - Knowledge Center - SSL Certificates Support
09:36:56 RT @cnetuk: Eee PC Seashell 1005HA: Eee sells more Seashells
09:37:01 RT @cnetuk: Sony Ericsson Aino has touchscreen problems -- but it isn't dead yet
09:37:43 RT @IncomingThought: The Next Generation of Security Professionals
09:39:03 RT @MalwareReport: Guess what: Gov net disconnections could breach EU law #Geek
#WebTech #News
10:39:20 Re: Microsoft Windows TCP/IP Timestamps Code Execution Vulnerability: Posted by webDEViL
on Nov 27That's what b..
10:39:21 Re: Impersonation is a against the law.: Posted by full-disclosure on Nov 27it was funny you
pretending to be n..
10:39:23 Re: Facebook Police: Posted by netinfinity on Nov 27 "Facebook policy requires the use of
one’s real name to si..
10:40:55 Security Acts Magazine Issue 1 released
13:33:20 Facebook Police
13:33:32 GCHQ supplier pans government file-sharing plans

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13:44:51 Good thing we have EFF...

14:38:40 RT @webupd8: Ubuntu Netbook Remix Optimization Guide
14:39:19 RT @delicious50: CSS Code Snippets : 15 Wicked Tricks | DevSnippets css
14:40:45 RT @commandlinefu: - A function to output a man page as a pdf file
14:41:31 @idexperts thank you for #FF
14:42:26 @WebDevOnLinux thx for putting me on #ff
14:43:14 RT @TUAW: Is your iPhone your wingman for Black Friday? [post]
14:43:45 RT @delicious50: RSS Ticker :: Add-ons for Firefox firefox
14:45:33 RT @MalwareReport: News: Data Robotics unveils DroboElite and Drobo S #Geek #WebTech
15:04:43 RT @linksgoogle: Huge List of 125 Google Wave Robots – Add Bots and Enjoy Wave
17:22:34 RT @ubergeeken: RT @InfosecurityMag: US academics develop cloud attack methodology
17:25:35 RT @CNETNews: Black Friday at Best Buy: What's the big deal?
17:26:47 RT @delicious50: Eclipse BIRT Home opensource java bi reports eclipse
17:29:00 RT @AppleOnly: Apple's In-Store Black Friday Deals
17:41:13 #FF @beginlinux @webdevonlinux @tweetlicius @pentestit @mbenlakhoua @secuobs
17:41:26 Smart Virus Eliminator - Fri, 27 Nov 2009 10:11:17 CST
17:42:21 BootFromUSB - Community Ubuntu Documentation usb boot grub linux
17:43:00 RT @HackerTheDude: The Next Web : The dark side of Twitter lists
18:01:11 RT @Twitter_Tips: Not every event needs a Twitter backchannel [cartoon]
18:01:41 RT @lordnaastik: Persy Sync tool based on Git
18:02:00 RT @linuxalive: Security updates for Friday #linux
19:31:54 "funsec" as a terror cell
22:58:00 GCHQ supplier pans government file-sharing plans: Posted by full-disclosure on Nov 27One of
the companies that ..
22:58:03 Re: Facebook Police: Posted by Thor (Hammer of God) on Nov 27Ultimately, I think you are
right. Illegal is ille..
22:58:05 "funsec" as a terror cell: Posted by full-disclosure on Nov 27What do you folks think about
"funsec" developing..
22:58:07 Re: "funsec" as a terror cell: Posted by Valdis . Kletnieks on Nov 27On Fri, 27 Nov 2009
16:47:06 EST, you said..
22:58:10 Re: Microsoft Windows TCP/IP Timestamps Code Execution Vulnerability: Posted by Ivan
Security on Nov 27Thanks F..
22:58:50 little to no data....
22:58:54 Help trying to login
22:58:57 Bug #581 (New): The msfcli interfaces fails to run browser exploits

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22:58:58 Bug #582 (New): browser_autopwn only work for one time
22:59:00 Bug #582: browser_autopwn only work for one time
22:59:01 Bug #583 (New): exploit -j only handles the first payload correctly.
23:41:03 Enterprise Suite - Fri, 27 Nov 2009 13:11:41 CST

Saturday, 28th of November.

01:49:16 AntiVirusPro - Fri, 27 Nov 2009 17:11:05 CST
01:49:18 Antivirus System Pro - Fri, 27 Nov 2009 17:11:07 CST
03:41:17 8 Best Practices to Avoid Malware on Facebook and Twitter - Sat, 28 Nov 2009 04:45:21 +0000
03:41:18 New Bios attack renders anti-virus useless - Sat, 28 Nov 2009 04:48:15 +0000
03:41:27 Practical Analysis: Smartphones -- Passion To Profit And Productivity: Mobile apps are hard to
support, they're..
04:23:56 How to check Websites/Blogs/Web pages for Malware - Sat, 28 Nov 2009 05:13:05 +0000
05:41:37 Computer not working right.... - Sat, 28 Nov 2009 00:30:40 -0600
05:41:38 Google Redirect and reader_s.exe Viruses? - Sat, 28 Nov 2009 00:31:11 -0600
05:41:43 Virus emergency-Antivirus System Pro Alerts - Sat, 28 Nov 2009 01:07:45 -0600
08:45:37 RT @racheljamespi: Dilbert: I trust encryption way more than spock-eared sociopaths
08:46:19 RT @delicious50: A DIY Approach to Stored Procedures in MySQL mysql
08:46:33 RT @PINewsWire: Privacy law helps the government hide: Use, overuse and abuse of privacy
08:47:52 RT @delicious50: App Rejections iphone apple apps development
08:48:55 RT @TechnologyGeek: Mashable - What Users Like/Dislike About Google Wave [DATA]
08:49:13 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] Using Insecure Networks with SSH Dynamic Port Forwarding
08:50:00 RT @delicious50: Regular Expression Library tools development regex
08:53:03 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] Wfuzz and DirBuster Demo
08:53:53 RT @delicious50: What the Google Intranet Looks Like
08:54:38 RT @SecuObs: ESRT @exploitdb Reverse Honey Trap - Striking Deep inside Online Web
Antivirus Engines and Analyzers
09:14:47 RT @techflypaper: Nozzle: Counteracting Memory Exploits
09:33:37 Internet Stalker

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09:39:38 Roll Your Own Ubuntu Private Cloud: Why use Amazon's EC2 or Google's cloud computing
services when you can set ..
10:27:55 Re: "funsec" as a terror cell: Posted by full-disclosure on Nov 28I don't trust anyone connected
to Gadi Evron,..
10:27:56 Re: Facebook Police: Posted by William Wylde on Nov 28That's all true. I was just talking about
pleading guilty..
10:27:58 Internet Stalker: Posted by Steve Pheby on Nov 28Jamie Demeter, also known as James
Demeter, also known as TheR..
10:30:20 History of Hacking - Part 1
10:30:22 Eclipse HTTP Client (HTTP4e) v2.0 available
11:41:02 Privacy Center - Sat, 28 Nov 2009 04:11:00 CST
13:18:01 "funsec" as a terror cell
13:40:59 Understanding Private Cloud Storage: Options abound for this new technology. We help you
sort them out.
15:38:16 {Vulnerability} MuPDF pdf_shade4.c multiple stack-based buffer overflows
15:42:58 Trojan horse PSW.OnlineGames.BPYR - Sat, 28 Nov 2009 11:05:57 -0600
15:42:59 Antivirus Pro - Sat, 28 Nov 2009 11:25:22 -0600
15:43:01 VR/Vundo.Gen tdlcmd.dll - Sat, 28 Nov 2009 12:04:21 -0600
16:34:32 "funsec" as a terror cell: Posted by RandallM on Nov 28Are you kiddin me? Double, triple dare
you to start chan..
16:34:35 Re: "funsec" as a terror cell: Posted by RandallM on Nov 28"Keven Bacon saga".. Ah great Val.
You HAD to bring ..
16:34:37 MuPDF pdf_shade4.c multiple stack-based buffer overflows: Posted by Christophe Devine on
Nov 28 Description ===..
19:30:14 php
19:37:00 [ MDVSA-2009:303 ] php
20:21:03 RT @PINewsWire: Court Kills ‘Round-The-Clock’ Surveillance Case
22:17:30 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] Exploit Development Basics
22:20:59 RT @delicious50: TomcatOnMacOS - Tomcat Wiki
22:23:27 Re: "funsec" as a terror cell: Posted by Valdis . Kletnieks on Nov 28On Sat, 28 Nov 2009
03:30:38 EST, you said..
22:23:29 [ MDVSA-2009:303 ] php: Posted by security on Nov 28
22:23:55 Help -- Linux Backup Imaging?
22:23:56 BT 4 and scrambled channels something new:)
22:23:59 Revision 7634: Remove unused libraries (packetfu will be re-integrated when the next rev is
22:24:00 Revision 7635: Note that OLE, PacketFu, and BinData are no longer in the tree
22:24:03 Revision 7636: Scrub the build path from the executable
22:24:04 Revision 7637: Remove unused libraries from the tree

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22:24:14 Privacy Center - Sat, 28 Nov 2009 08:11:06 CST

22:24:17 Alpha Antivirus - Sat, 28 Nov 2009 13:11:19 CST
22:24:19 Koobface Botnet Starts Serving Client-Side Exploits - Sat, 28 Nov 2009 15:15:15 PST
22:29:05 RT @tinyhacker: How to Sync Google Calendar with iPhone
22:29:51 RT @delicious50: Microsoft Online Crash Analysis - windiag computers
23:39:00 Magic Software Inc. is stopping me from doing anything on my computer - Sat, 28 Nov 2009
18:29:09 -0600
23:39:02 google redirects, cant open some programs, random pop ups.. how do i r - Sat, 28 Nov 2009
19:50:06 -0600
23:39:04 Cannot run any spyware program - Sat, 28 Nov 2009 20:12:44 -0600

Sunday, 29th of November.

03:43:42 Google link goes to a different site and random tabs - Sat, 28 Nov 2009 23:33:59 -0600
03:43:43 Please help to remove - Trojanspm/lx - Sat, 28 Nov 2009 23:58:49 -0600
03:43:45 Empires:Dawn of the Modern World crash? - Sun, 29 Nov 2009 00:14:04 -0600
04:19:27 Re: "funsec" as a terror cell: Posted by full-disclosure on Nov 28i honestly don't think you
actually believe j..
06:33:04 RT @tek_news: HNews: Steve Wozniak: How I Invented the Personal Computer (Video)
06:34:36 RT @commandlinefu3: - A function to output a man page as a pdf file
06:35:11 RT @SpywareLady: Hacker sends e-mails from Manchester mayor's account
06:35:40 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: How to Change Your Jailbroken iPhone's Root Password
- iPhone Hacks
06:36:00 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Safeguarding Your Mac with Undercover – Mac.AppStorm
06:36:34 RT @delicious50: Git The Basics Tutorial - git tutorial video
06:38:24 RT @tek_news: HNews: Django and Python 3
06:38:36 RT @lordnaastik: FastFwD 0.1: Fast Port Forwarding Daemon
06:39:16 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] Helios Malware Detection Demo
06:40:27 RT @delicious50: Learn FreeNAS software linux opensource reference
tutorial freenas raid nas
06:40:51 RT @delicious50: 7 Beautiful Data Visualizations visualization data video
statistics graphics visualisation inspiration
06:41:11 RT @DidierStevens: RT @gsogsecur GovernmentSecurity Forums gets a new look
06:41:47 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: ZaCon 09 on Vimeo

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06:41:54 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Ajax-like J2EE security login | JavaWorld's Daily Brew
06:42:08 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Aggressive malware attack disguised as Flash player
06:42:58 RT @delicious50: iPhone Applications in Python - Jay Freeman (saurik)
python iphone weekend
07:17:06 RT @readelicious: 70 Tutorials Using Photoshop To Design A Website | Creative Nerds:
07:18:17 RT @delicious50: OASIS Open Document Format for Office Applications (OpenDocument) TC slixml opendocument
07:18:40 RT @delicious50: eCub - a simple to use EPUB and MobiPocket ebook creator | ebooks software freeware
07:19:05 RT @PrivacyPete: RT @techjungle Privacy: Monitoring Your Home Through An iPhone App
07:23:23 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] Wireshark Basics (1)
08:23:02 RT @delicious50: The Big Picture software organization free project
management web
08:24:57 RT @helpnetsecurity: Invasive vs. non invasive web application security scan (
08:25:09 RT @helpnetsecurity: Cloud computing pros and cons (
08:29:39 RT @lordnaastik: Storm 0.16: Object Relational Mapper for the Python
08:29:58 RT @SecuObs: GSM enabled security door #gsm #security
08:30:52 RT @delicious50: Base 64 Decoder decode64
08:31:31 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] Disposing Credit Cards Responsibly to Avoid Identity Theft
08:33:26 RT @twitcompendium: [Twitter] Super simple way to work with Twitter API (PHP + CSS)
08:33:43 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: iPhone developer hires worm author • The Register
08:33:53 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Vulnerability Scanning -
08:34:07 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Technology Review: Software That Fixes Itself
09:39:24 Impersonation attempt of MI7
09:52:05 RT @h1moodle: Google Wave vs Twitter at conferences | FreshNetworks Blog:
10:24:13 Re: "funsec" as a terror cell: Posted by full-disclosure on Nov 29What has Al-Qaeda got to do
with The Mossad p..
10:24:14 Impersonation attempt of MI7: Posted by full-disclosure on Nov 29Under U.K and U.S law its
illegal to impersona..
10:24:46 Revision 7638: Added new testing options
10:24:48 Revision 7639: Faster DLL reading (ruby will yield to background threads on 4k blocks

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10:24:49 Bug #584 (New): unable to update in windows xp sp3

10:30:43 RT @SensitiveTech: Next Generation iPhone 4G Spotted:
10:42:29 RT @komeilipour: The Ghost In The Browser: Analysis of Web-based #Malware #pdf
10:42:47 RT @techflypaper: How Nobel Physics Impacted the PC Industry
10:43:04 RT @techflypaper: Nvidia Launches Next CUDA Architecture
10:43:15 RT @techflypaper: The Colony: A Hacker's Paradise
10:51:53 RT @hashlinux: Setup #Linux Software #Mirror #RAID 1, Step by Step Guide @theseacreature)
10:53:23 RT @delicious50: Provider for Google Calendar: Addons Thunderbird
thunderbird calendar google extension opensource sync
10:54:00 RT @delicious50: CardStar iphone iphoneapp shopping
10:54:04 RT @techflypaper: BBC iPlayer downloads coming to iPhone?
10:54:27 RT @pentestit: Engage Packet Builder: A Scriptable packet builder for Windows
10:56:36 RT @webupd8: iConvert: Convert Images To Icons For Windows, Linux And Mac
12:10:06 RT @webupd8: Get A List Of Packages And Dependencies For Offline Installation #ubuntu #linux
12:11:09 RT @techflypaper: Intel's desktop roadmap leaked with faster i5, i7 and introduction of i3
12:11:51 RT @Twitter_Tips: How to prevent your Twitter account from being hacked or infected:
12:12:00 RT @tek_news: HNews: Getting Started with Testing in Django
12:13:03 RT @linksgoogle: Google OpenId+OAuth
15:00:14 RT @webupd8: Asus EeePC 1201N Netbook Hands-on Review
15:00:48 RT @TechTips43: Analyst: IBM WebSphere appears to be more well-RESTed
15:01:03 RT @delicious50: Creating a Tech Integration Plan technologyplan
15:03:33 RT @delicious50: The Mindmap Blog blogs_SI
15:03:40 How to Write an Executive Summary | Uni
15:03:43 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: [#HBASE-2016] [DAC] Authentication - ASF JIRA
15:03:45 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Freenet - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
15:03:48 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: WordPress › Wordpress Firewall « WordPress Plugins
15:04:47 RT @techflypaper: Microsoft & Google – Struggle to the Death?
15:05:04 RT @RickPattern: Using Digsby to manage IM, Email, and Twitter from one application -
15:06:31 RT @lordnaastik: PyShare 0.4.5: Easily upload images with Nautilus

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15:07:19 RT @techflypaper: Nokia N900 Smartphone Review @ t-break :: Posted by THRASHER2
15:18:19 RT @SecurityTube: [Video] WiFi State Machine (Part 1)
15:20:42 RT @PINewsWire: China ramps up espionage against US: study
15:38:56 [ MDVSA-2009:304 ] php
15:38:58 [ MDVSA-2009:305 ] php
15:47:16 RT @delicious50: C++ Containers Cheat Sheet c++ cheatsheet
programming reference stl
16:49:52 php
16:49:54 dovecot
16:49:57 {Vulnerability} New wireshark packages fix several vulnerabilities
16:53:50 [ MDVSA-2009:304 ] php: Posted by security on Nov 29
16:53:53 [ MDVSA-2009:305 ] php: Posted by security on Nov 29
16:53:56 [ MDVSA-2009:306 ] dovecot: Posted by security on Nov 29
16:53:58 [SECURITY] [DSA 1942-1] New wireshark packages fix several vulnerabilities: Posted by Moritz
Muehlenhoff on Nov..
16:54:39 Bug #433 (Closed): No session using msfconsole, yet session with msfcli
16:54:41 Revision 7641: Force stale connections to be freed, fixes #513.
16:54:43 Bug #513: Ruby 1.9.1 segfaults with threaded scanners and an active database
16:54:46 Bug #513 (Closed): Ruby 1.9.1 segfaults with threaded scanners and an active database
17:40:19 [ MDVSA-2009:306 ] dovecot
17:40:21 {Vulnerability} [SECURITY] [DSA 1942-1] New wireshark packages fix several vulnerabilities
19:39:15 Symantec Online Store Hacked
19:39:17 Software developer looks at CRU code
22:31:22 Symantec Online Store Hacked: Posted by Ivan . on Nov 29
22:31:24 Software developer looks at CRU code: Posted by Ivan . on Nov 29;..
22:31:27 Re: Software developer looks at CRU code: Posted by Steve Clement on Nov 29James
Matthews wrote: Nevertheless ..
22:31:30 Re: Symantec Online Store Hacked: Posted by full-disclosure on Nov 29Why don't you go off to
The Mossad's "Funs..
22:31:59 wots tat tool ?
22:32:01 backtrack html portal
22:32:03 Revision 7642: Correct tab indention

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22:32:05 Revision 7643: handle invalid options, fixes 542

22:32:08 Bug #542 (Closed): msf{pe,elf,mach}scan and msfconsole throw ugly exception when ran with
22:32:19 Sdbot.add - Sun, 29 Nov 2009 05:11:35 CST
22:32:21 Security Tool - Sun, 29 Nov 2009 09:11:45 CST
22:32:23 Enterprise Suite - Sun, 29 Nov 2009 12:11:27 CST
22:32:25 Advanced Virus Remover - Sun, 29 Nov 2009 15:11:12 CST

Monday, 30th of November.

01:40:09 RT @tek_news: HNews: Building a Clojure Web application with Incanter, Compojure, and
01:45:14 RT @delicious50: Google Analytics Blog: Tips for Tracking Email Marketing Campaigns analytics newsletter tracking
01:45:30 RT @InfosecurityMag: Web-based malware attacks soaring says ScanSafe
01:48:18 access to documents and Settings denied - Sun, 29 Nov 2009 22:19:08 -0600
01:48:20 NEED HELP! removing a worm.win32.netsky &trojanSPM/LX virus f - Sun, 29 Nov 2009
22:41:24 -0600
01:48:22 help! log - Sun, 29 Nov 2009 22:43:18 -0600
02:15:12 RT @securitypro2009: Sound Card Of The Computer | Multimedia Forensics
02:43:59 RT @pcapr: security viz:
some neat eye candy here
02:48:55 RT @softganz: 20 Linux System Monitoring Tools Every SysAdmin Should Know
02:49:45 RT @ITJobsPHIL: Hiring a Systems Administrator - Citrix at 21st Century Staffing (Newtown
Square, PA) #jobs #shjobs
04:28:25 Re: Software developer looks at CRU code: Posted by Paul Schmehl on Nov 29"Scientists" are
caught red-handed ma..
04:28:45 Revision 7644: remove reports record
05:43:10 Suspected Malware trojanspm xl - Sun, 29 Nov 2009 23:23:06 -0600
05:43:12 need help to choose an antivirus - Mon, 30 Nov 2009 00:44:47 -0600
05:43:13 Major issues with computer.. runtime error 372..please help - Mon, 30 Nov 2009 01:21:33 -0600
08:06:32 RT @delicious50: Git for the real world git tips tutorial howto
08:16:47 RT @TechNewsAm: Detect mobile browsers using any language... (Web Resources Depot via
TechNews AM) #news #tech
08:18:38 RT @Raykoid666: SQLmap video tutorial and SQL injection prevention: #infosec #security #hacking #digg
08:19:54 RT: @rafficaslam: Zoho Creator + Yahoo Pipes + Google maps = Cool Mashups.

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09:35:38 The Cyber War Conspiracy

09:39:28 Microsofts Do and donts for Passwords - Mon, 30 Nov 2009 09:58:15 +0000
09:39:30 Free Anonymous Web Proxies – What are they? - Mon, 30 Nov 2009 10:00:17 +0000
09:39:32 Antivirus Uninstallers – Remove security software cleanly - Mon, 30 Nov 2009 10:45:00 +0000
10:46:38 Announce: RFIDIOt-1.0a released - November 2009
10:46:41 {Exploit} Oracle exploit for CTXSYS.DRVXTABC.CREATE_TABLES and others
10:46:44 {Web-based} {Vulnerability} XSS vulnerabilities at 404 pages
10:57:21 Announce: RFIDIOt-1.0a released - November 2009: Posted by Adam Laurie on Nov 30Hey! I
know it's been a while,..
10:57:23 Re: The Cyber War Conspiracy: Posted by Jan G.B. on Nov 302009/11/30 <full-disclosure ()
safe-mail net> ..
10:57:26 Oracle exploit for CTXSYS.DRVXTABC.CREATE_TABLES and others: Posted by Andrea
Purificato on Nov 30Hi! I've just..
10:57:28 XSS vulnerabilities at 404 pages: Posted by MustLive on Nov 30Hello participants of
Full-Disclosure. Cross-Sit..
10:57:32 Re: "funsec" as a terror cell: Posted by Michael Graham on Nov 30great. and i just got off that
watch list
10:58:18 Panda Burning Incense worm due for a comeback - Mon, 30 Nov 2009 09:56:37 +0000
10:58:21 Microsofts Do and donts for Passwords - Mon, 30 Nov 2009 09:58:15 +0000
10:58:23 Free Anonymous Web Proxies – What are they? - Mon, 30 Nov 2009 10:00:17 +0000
10:58:26 Antivirus Uninstallers – Remove security software cleanly - Mon, 30 Nov 2009 10:45:00 +0000
11:35:54 {Exploit} Oracle exploit for CTXSYS.DRVXTABC.CREATE_TABLES and others
11:35:56 {Vulnerability} XSS vulnerabilities at 404 pages
11:36:49 Microsoft Azure Supports Federated ID: A federated identity can be used to provide a single
sign on to multiple..
13:37:19 {Vulnerability} TLS / SSLv3 vulnerability explained (New ways to leverage the vulnerability)
13:37:21 [BMSA-2009-07] Backdoor in PyForum
13:41:21 CoolWebSearch - 30 Nov 2009 07:16:25 CST
13:41:23 Katien.n - 30 Nov 2009 07:17:24 CST
13:41:26 Social Engineering Watch: Cyber Monday - Mon, 30 Nov 2009 15:18:16 +0000
13:42:18 Government CIOs Must Focus On Results, Not Data Centers: Data center proliferation entails
unacceptable cost an..

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13:42:23 Yahoo, Google, Bing re-directs on Firefox (+pop-ups) - Mon, 30 Nov 2009 09:07:33 -0600
13:42:28 Trojan.Malscript!html - Mon, 30 Nov 2009 09:41:09 -0600
14:21:39 Backdoor in PyForum
14:21:43 {Remote} Remote Command Execution in dotDefender Site Management
15:38:47 [ MDVSA-2009:307 ] libtool
15:40:37 Feds Providing $80 Million For Health IT Training: The government funding helps set up
6-month health IT workfo..
15:42:55 Summarizing Zero Day's Posts for November - Mon, 30 Nov 2009 10:00:59 PST
17:12:54 libtool
17:20:05 Bug #573 (Closed): bea_weblogic_jsessionid.rb description calls it a 0day
17:20:17 Revision 7647: Fixes #585. Klunky right now but well tested
17:20:22 Bug #585 (Closed): EXE generator should randomize the loader stub
17:20:24 Revision 7648: Add (incomplete) support for TLS callbacks
17:20:36 CoolWebSearch - 30 Nov 2009 07:16:25 CST
17:20:39 Katien.n - 30 Nov 2009 07:17:24 CST
17:20:41 Social Engineering Watch: Cyber Monday - Mon, 30 Nov 2009 15:18:16 +0000
17:41:18 Dell Dabbles With Chrome OS: Owners of Dell Mini 10v netbooks can now try a version of
Google's Chrome OS for t..
19:38:41 Fingerprinting of Apache
19:38:44 {Remote} {Vulnerability} AST-2009-010: RTP Remote Crash Vulnerability
19:42:23 Many Android Developers Unhappy: Developers are frustrated with low application download
volumes, poor marketpl..
20:07:49 {Remote} {Vulnerability} RTP Remote Crash Vulnerability
20:07:52 {Local} ** FreeBSD local r00t zeroday
21:42:10 IBM Buys Database Security Company: By purchasing Guardium, IBM is strengthening its
ability to sell to healthc..
22:44:34 [SECURITY] [DSA 1942-1] New wireshark packages fix several vulnerabilities: Posted by Moritz
Muehlenhoff on Nov..
22:44:37 [ MDVSA-2009:305 ] php: Posted by security on Nov 30
22:44:40 Re: Software developer looks at CRU code: Posted by Ivan . on Nov 30just ask Al of the Gore
about his carbon tr..
22:44:41 Nastygram: Bogus DHL e-mails harbor secret message: A recent spam run that tries to
distribute malicious softwa..
22:44:44 Re: ** FreeBSD local r00t zeroday: Posted by Cody Robertson on Nov 307.2-RELEASE [codyr
() popo ~]$ ./env /lib..
22:45:16 Wireless NE766
22:45:21 Bug #543 (Closed): db_autopwn throws exception with certain modules

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22:45:24 Bug #491 (Closed): rex/proto/http/client.rb truncates web pages with "nn" in them
22:45:25 Revision 7653: map any attempt to log to an unknown logsink to the core logsink, fixes 577
22:45:28 Bug #577 (Closed): only the 'core' log is registered
22:52:17 IndySec Metasploit Unleashed Charity Event: Link:IndySec Metasploit Unleashed Charity
EventFor those in the Ind..

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Tuesday, 1st of December.

01:30:33 WinAppDbg 1.3 is out!
03:38:44 Free Tool Paints Picture Of Stealthy Attacks - Mon, 30 Nov 2009 18:43:00 EST
03:39:44 How to remove AntiAdd (Uninstall instructions) - Tue, 01 Dec 2009 05:42:43 +0000
03:39:46 same problem as in "virus takeover" thread - Mon, 30 Nov 2009 23:49:26 -0600
03:39:48 CPU Usage 100% after virus HJT log help please - Tue, 01 Dec 2009 00:24:23 -0600
03:40:23 Free Tool Paints Picture Of Stealthy Attacks: Honeynet Project's 'Picviz' gets a graphical user
04:23:47 Feature #587 (New): More RFC Compliant XMLRPC Server
04:23:49 Feature #588 (New): HTTP based server for serving file format exploits
04:23:50 Feature #589 (New): allow msfpayload functionality inside msfconsole
04:23:51 Feature #411: Add netcat-like advanced features to CONNECT
05:44:11 Virus infection internet redirection + atapi.sys, fsbts.sys - Tue, 01 Dec 2009 02:05:43 -0600
05:44:13 Virus infection internet redirection + atapi.sys, fsbts.sys - Tue, 01 Dec 2009 02:05:55 -0600
05:44:15 Virus infection internet redirection + atapi.sys, fsbts.sys - Tue, 01 Dec 2009 02:08:08 -0600
07:40:18 Total Security - Tue, 01 Dec 2009 00:12:30 CST
07:40:20 - Tue, 01 Dec 2009 00:25:57 CST
07:41:26 maleware, adware and viruses oh my - Tue, 01 Dec 2009 04:11:23 -0600
08:10:17 RT @jobhunting: Hacker creates an iPhone virus and gets a job. Security experts enraged.
09:35:10 Dell Dabbles With Chrome OS: Owners of Dell Mini 10v netbooks can now try a version of
Google's Chrome OS for t..
09:41:43 Antivir Analysis and Removal - Tue, 01 Dec 2009 10:44:12 +0000
11:18:26 Using FOCA to collect Metadata about an organization: Video:Using FOCA to collect Metadata
about an organizatio..
11:40:55 Nokia Sues LCD Makers: Phone giant accuses screen suppliers of colluding to artificially inflate
11:41:56 AV-Comparatives picks eight proactive antimalware winners - Tue, 01 Dec 2009 13:40:59
11:41:58 WordPress Installations Under Brute-Force Attack - Tue, 01 Dec 2009 13:43:21 +0000

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11:42:01 Ad-Aware maker showcases Rogue Gallery - Tue, 01 Dec 2009 14:16:50 +0000
15:44:31 Broadcom Acquires Dune For $178 Million: The deal will boost Broadcom's data center and
cloud computing portfolio.
17:13:40 Theeta CMS (Cross Site Scripting,SQL Injection) Multiple Vulnerabilities: Posted by c0dy on
Dec 01#############..
17:13:43 US-CERT: SSL VPNS for fun and profit.: Posted by dave on Dec 01 """ Client..
17:13:47 Re: Give us your tired, your poor, your exploit writers yearning to breath free!: Posted by Cedric
Blancher on ..
17:13:49 Transmission #19-WT [re: Andrew Wallace / n3td3v]: Posted by genesis project on Dec
17:13:53 Re: ** FreeBSD local r00t zeroday: Posted by Benji on Dec 01I think we're missing the point
here. The exploit d..
17:14:35 Revision 7657: recorded some additional test results
17:14:38 Revision 7658: OSVDB references from Steve Tornio
17:14:42 Bug #513: Ruby 1.9.1 segfaults with threaded scanners and an active database
17:14:47 Revision 7659: add a kill command and clean up tabbing for jobs
17:41:52 Google Names Android App Winners: The top app in the Android Developer Challenge sends
late-light phone calls d..
19:41:40 {Local} ** FreeBSD local r00t zeroday
19:41:43 {Vulnerability} [ GLSA 200912-01 ] OpenSSL: Multiple vulnerabilities
19:43:22 SAP Delays Support Price Increase: The company is waiting until early 2010 to incorporate
customers' feedback a..
19:45:38 Honeynet Project offers sophisticated Picviz GUI - 2009-12-01T15:51:00.001-05:00
19:45:40 FreeBSD patches bug that gives root access - 2009-12-01T16:02:00.002-05:00
19:45:45 Harvesting email addresses via fake abuse-reporting site - 2009-12-01T16:38:00.005-05:00
19:46:40 TR/Dropper.Gen trojan infection - Tue, 01 Dec 2009 13:48:47 -0600
19:46:42 Advance card Vertification - Tue, 01 Dec 2009 14:42:52 -0600
19:46:43 Computer/ Internet running slow. Firefox crashing for the first time. - Tue, 01 Dec 2009 15:01:07
20:03:59 {Vulnerability} OpenSSL: Multiple vulnerabilities
21:43:24 Microsoft Says Patch Isn't Cause Of Black Screen: Black screen issues are not widespread and
may be caused by m..
22:33:43 Feds ‘Pinged’ Sprint GPS D ata 8 Million Times Over a Year
22:50:37 External Hard. USB stick connect in bt4

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Wednesday, 2nd of December.

01:34:11 {Vulnerability} 40 vulnerabilities in SMF 1.1.10/SMF 2.0RC2 by (Simple Audit)
03:40:39 Metasploit Gets New Vulnerabilty Scanning Features: Rapid7 takes first step in integrating
penetration testing ..
03:41:22 Hacker Arrested For Stealing Virtual Assets In Online Game - Tue, 1 Dec 2009 15:42:00 EST
03:41:24 Metasploit Gets New Vulnerabilty Scanning Features - Tue, 1 Dec 2009 18:06:00 EST
03:41:26 Cameroon is web threat hotspot - Wed, 02 Dec 2009 05:06:03 GMT
03:42:21 Browser is hijacked. Rootkit Trojan? possibly Alureon.BK. - Tue, 01 Dec 2009 23:21:58 -0600
03:42:23 Trojan horse PSW.OnlineGames.BPYR removal help - Tue, 01 Dec 2009 23:26:01 -0600
03:42:24 Worm.Win32.NetSky virus plus AntiVirus 2009 - Wed, 02 Dec 2009 00:27:58 -0600
04:26:15 Re: Feds 'Pinged' Sprint GPS Data 8 Million Times Over a Year: Posted by Matthias Appel on
Dec 01As datda is ga..
04:26:17 DC businessman loses thousands after clicking on wrong e-mail: Pay-per-click revenue in the
online advertising ..
04:26:18 Re: Feds 'Pinged' Sprint GPS Data 8 Million Times Over a Year: Posted by Thor (Hammer of
God) on Dec 01Except t..
04:26:20 40 vulnerabilities in SMF 1.1.10/SMF 2.0RC2 by (Simple Audit): Posted by SMF
2.0 Code Review elhac..
04:26:22 Re: Software developer looks at CRU code: Posted by Tomas L. Byrnes on Dec 01In the
interests of Full Disclosur..
05:44:25 Pushdo Injecting Bogus Swine Flu Vaccine - Tue, 01 Dec 2009 23:32:45 PST
07:40:40 Eclipse HTTP Client (HTTP4e) v2.0 available
07:40:43 Medium - VU#418861 - BIND DNS Nameserver, DNSSEC validation Vulnerability: <div id="vu"
07:40:46 Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition 3.6 Beta 4 Released by
08:13:18 RT @readelicious: Make a Print Friendly Version of any WebPage, save Webpages as a PDF:
08:13:24 RT @tek_news: Reddit/p: Google Analytics Goes Async
08:15:36 RT @techflypaper: Sun Upgrades VirtualBox Virtualization Software
08:19:32 RT @TerrenceCheek: Curious about: "Craigslist Blocks Yahoo Pipes After Dev Shows Craig
His New Mashup" ( ) #Internet
09:39:36 {Vulnerability} Secunia Research: Lateral Arts Photobox uploader ActiveX Control Buffer
09:43:54 SOHANAD’s Secret Revealed - Wed, 02 Dec 2009 10:51:35 +0000
09:44:50 Unable to open task manager and regedit - Wed, 02 Dec 2009 04:34:12 -0600

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09:44:52 How to remove sshnas.dll trojan (Remove trojan FakeAlert) - Wed, 02 Dec 2009 10:45:56
10:28:54 {Vulnerability} Secunia Research: Roxio Creator Image Rendering Integer Overflow Vulnerability
10:42:57 Re: [rejected] Oracle exploit for CTXSYS.DRVXTABC.CREATE_TABLES and others: Posted by
Andrea Purificato on Dec ..
10:42:59 Secunia Research: Lateral Arts Photobox uploader ActiveX Control Buffer Overflow: Posted by
Secunia Research on..
10:43:01 Re: ** FreeBSD local r00t zeroday: Posted by McGhee, Eddie on Dec 02HE HAS THE GCC
INSTALLED, FJEER. _________..
10:43:03 Re: Transmission #19-WT [re: Andrew Wallace / n3td3v]: Posted by McGhee, Eddie on Dec
02N3td3v i am Scottish an..
10:43:05 Secunia Research: Roxio Creator Image Rendering Integer Overflow Vulnerability: Posted by
Secunia Research on D..
11:41:01 IT Hiring To Increase Next Quarter: A 3% increase in IT staffing is forecast for early 2010, with
traditional j..
12:33:29 RT @josephkern: My #sysadvent09 blog post is up: Zen and the Art of
Troubleshooting. #sysadmin
13:40:12 Psystar Halts Mac Clone Sales: Knock off manufacturer claims it's reached a partial settlement
with Apple.
13:43:19 Security Tool Analysis and Removal - Wed, 02 Dec 2009 13:06:24 +0000
13:43:23 New Moon, New Spam - Wed, 02 Dec 2009 14:28:59 +0000
15:44:59 Nokia Sees Mobile Rebound In 2010: The world's largest handset maker said the mobile market
is stabilizing and ..
17:46:06 Google Helps Publishers Erect Pay Walls: Continuing its stormy courtship of online news
publishers, Google is o..
18:31:06 RT @rivva: Google and paid content – Google News Blog
18:37:07 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Home - The Community's Center for Security
19:43:46 Intel Launches Netbook Developer Program: The Atom Developer Program SDK, in beta for
Windows and Moblin, will ..
19:45:39 VIPRE receives VB100 award - 2009-12-02T16:04:00.001-05:00
21:40:56 In the thick of it: how the Digital Economy bill is trying to kill open Wi-Fi networks
21:40:58 Yahoo: Our spying policy wou ld ’shock’ customers
21:44:29 Government Surveillance Of Social Networks Challenged: Policies governing the usage of
social network data rema..
21:44:59 SETI fan resigns - 2009-12-02T17:38:00.002-05:00
21:45:48 Antivirus System Pro - Wed, 02 Dec 2009 17:49:34 -0600
21:45:50 Zpack.Gen Trojan? - Wed, 02 Dec 2009 17:53:16 -0600
21:45:52 Google Redirect/ Pop-ups/ Audible commercials without a window open - Wed, 02 Dec 2009
18:01:43 -0600
22:00:50 High - MDVSA-2009:121-1 - Problem Description: Multiple security...: Problem Description:

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Multiple secu..

22:00:52 NA - CVE-2009-4175 - CutePHP CuteNews 1.4.6 and UTF-8 CuteNews...: CutePHP CuteNews
1.4.6 and UTF-8 CuteNews be..
22:00:54 NA - CVE-2009-4174 - The editnews module in CutePHP CuteNews 1.4.6...: The editnews
module in CutePHP CuteNews ..
22:00:55 NA - CVE-2009-4173 - Cross-site request forgery (CSRF) vulnerability...: Cross-site request
forgery (CSRF) vuln..
22:00:56 NA - CVE-2009-4172 - Cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability in...: Cross-site scripting (XSS)
vulnerability i..
22:56:43 Re: Transmission #19-WT [re: Andrew Wallace / n3td3v]: Posted by McGhee, Eddie on Dec
02O that's ok then, I am ..
22:56:46 Call for Papers - you Sh0t the Sheriff 4 - Security Conference, Brazil: Posted by Luiz Eduardo
on Dec 02Hello B..
22:56:48 [ MDVSA-2009:121-1 ] lcms: Posted by security on Dec 02
22:56:52 In the thick of it: how the Digital Economy bill is trying to kill open Wi-Fi networks: Posted by
Ivan . on Dec..
22:56:54 Yahoo: Our spying policy wou ld ’shock’ customers: Posted by Ivan . on Dec 02
22:57:30 Help With Metasploit Web
22:57:33 B3 LiveCD boot problem
22:57:37 Bug #599 (New): msfupdate doesn't work on Win XP SP3
22:57:40 Revision 7674: fixed typo in targets
22:57:43 Revision 7675: changed default target
22:57:47 Bug #600 (New): ms06_040_netapi fails against Windows XP SP1 Embedded
23:06:22 Nessus v4.2.0 released
23:06:24 Metasploit Framework v3.3.1 released
23:06:27 GreenSQL-FW v1.2.0 released
23:06:29 Acunetix WVS v6.5 Build 20091130 released

Thursday, 3rd of December.

01:35:49 lcms
01:35:52 In the thick of it: how the Digital Economy bill is trying to kill open Wi-Fi networks
01:35:55 Yahoo: Our spying policy wou ld ’shock’ customers
01:52:53 System Security - Wed, 02 Dec 2009 19:12:05 CST
01:53:33 Sprint Denies 'Massive Disclosure' Of Sensitive Information: A privacy expert's claims vastly
overstate the cas..
03:37:46 Microsoft: ‘Piracy no long er poses a threat to us’
03:41:40 Top Experts Examine Causes Of Breaches In Spy Museum Forensics Panel: Top security

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experts discuss cyber breach..

03:42:09 Help - Wed, 02 Dec 2009 22:15:34 -0600
03:42:11 WebProtectionAddon shows many attacks - Wed, 02 Dec 2009 22:35:50 -0600
03:42:13 infected with Win32:Alureon-EJ [Rtk] and Win32:MalOb-A [Cryp] - Wed, 02 Dec 2009 23:37:38
04:28:12 Re: Transmission #19-WT [re: Andrew Wallace / n3td3v]: Posted by Thor (Hammer of God) on
Dec 02The year 2010 wi..
04:28:14 Microsoft: ‘Piracy no long er poses a threat to us’: Posted by Ivan . on Dec 02In a recent
interview, managing ..
04:28:41 Revision 7676: Many bug fixes to db_autopwn, cross-referencing of OS-level vulnerabilities,
04:28:43 Bug #601 (Assigned): Rex http parser makes bad assumptions about header values
05:44:26 AntiMalware - Wed, 02 Dec 2009 22:12:19 CST
09:40:12 Zeus/Zbot spreading through drive-by download - Thu, 03 Dec 2009 11:35:43 +0000
09:40:15 Botnet continues massive malware campaign - Thu, 03 Dec 2009 11:39:27 +0000
09:40:17 Malware messes up India’s online test for business schools - Thu, 03 Dec 2009 12:10:16 +0000
09:42:03 NEC Offers Low-Power Business Monitor : The 22-inch display consumes half the power of
previous models, and als..
10:56:02 HaraldScan v0.401 released
10:56:04 Lynis v1.2.7 released (updated)
10:56:07 Nipper v1.1 released
10:56:09 sambascan2 v0.4.2 released - scanning por SMB Shares
10:56:12 Matriux NEW Security Distro (Next 05 Dec @ Club Hack 2009)
11:31:59 RT @QuestOnSecurity: If you are interested in python based pentest frameworks then
Fast-Track ( ) might interest you...
11:32:14 Lyni - Security and system auditing tool security linux unix tools sysadmin
audit hardening pentest
11:33:49 RT @KoreSecurity: The Penetration Testing Marketplace in 2010 via
@AddToAny #security #pentest
11:35:15 RT @SecurityStream: Metasploit Gets New Vulnerabilty Scanning Features -
11:42:13 Open-Source Effort to Hack GSM
11:44:41 Bing Launches Streetview Maps: Google competitor lets users take a virtual walk around town.
13:41:49 {DOS} [SECURITY] [DSA 1945-1] New gforge packages fix denial of service
13:41:52 [ MDVSA-2009:197-3 ] nss
13:45:38 AntiKeep - Thu, 03 Dec 2009 06:43:16 CST

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15:41:07 [ MDVSA-2009:112-1 ] ipsec-tools

15:41:09 [ MDVSA-2009:113-1 ] cyrus-sasl
15:45:44 Virus/ malware invasion of my laptop(BWS-Downloader and more) - Thu, 03 Dec 2009 10:43:27
15:45:46 Virus/ malware invasion of my laptop - Thu, 03 Dec 2009 10:49:46 -0600
15:45:48 Various infections - Thu, 03 Dec 2009 11:41:10 -0600
15:46:08 Black Screen Of Death Hits 50,000 PCs: Thousands of Microsoft Windows users download tool
in hopes of fixing cr..
16:40:13 ipsec-tools
16:40:17 cyrus-sasl
16:40:19 gnutls
16:45:49 Bug #600: ms06_040_netapi fails against Windows XP SP1 Embedded
16:45:52 Revision 7681: Improves the NeXpose plugin, adds the ability to do discovery outside of
NeXpose a...
16:45:54 Revision 7682: Adds a token hunter plugin for locating a specific user's credentials across many
16:45:56 Revision 7683: Updated references to work better with NeXpose integration
17:40:33 [ MDVSA-2009:310 ] openssl
17:40:34 {Vulnerability} CORE-2009-0911: DAZ Studio Arbitrary Command Execution
17:44:13 Celebrity-Themed Scareware Campaign Abusing DocStoc and Scribd - Thu, 03 Dec 2009
12:18:44 PST
17:47:28 Intel Demos 48-Core CPU: The single-chip cloud computer aims to dramatically boost
performance and power effici..
19:40:44 [ MDVSA-2009:292-1 ] wireshark
19:40:46 [ MDVSA-2009:128-1 ] libmodplug
19:45:03 How to remove Live PC Care (Uninstall instructions) - Thu, 03 Dec 2009 19:02:54 +0000
19:45:05 Trojan horseAdload_r;.KN - Thu, 03 Dec 2009 13:27:50 -0600
19:45:07 Celebrity-Themed Scareware Campaign Abusing DocStoc and Scribd - Thu, 03 Dec 2009
13:15:22 PST
19:45:32 Lenovo Offers AT&T Tech Support With PCs: The companies are courting SMBs with the PC
and IT support bundle.
19:47:17 wireshark
19:47:20 libmodplug
19:47:23 gstreamer0.10-plugins-good
20:48:26 RT @proactivedefend: iPhone Insecurity - Presentations and material explaining iPhone
21:40:46 [ MDVSA-2009:142-1 ] jasper
21:40:50 [ MDVSA-2009:311 ] ghostscript
21:45:47 Microsoft Warns Piracy Surge Brings Malware: Amid rising complaints about infected counterfeit
software, Micros..

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21:55:13 Matriux NEW Security Distro (Next 05 Dec @ Club Hack 2009)
21:55:15 Slitaz Aircrack-ng Distribution v20091124 released
21:55:19 Kismet v2009-11-R1 released
21:55:22 NA - USN-863-1 - QEMU vulnerability: A security issue affects the following Ubuntu releases:
Ubuntu 9.10 ..
21:55:24 High - RHSA-2009:1635-01 - Problem Description: Updated kernel-rt...: Problem Description:
Updated kernel..
21:55:25 Medium - MDVSA-2009:310 - Problem Description: Multiple security...: Problem Description:
Multiple secu..
21:55:27 Medium - MDVSA-2009:309 - Problem Description: Multiple...: Problem Description: Multiple
21:55:29 High - MDVSA-2009:308 - Problem Description: Multiple...: Problem Description: Multiple
22:46:22 dhcp
22:46:24 perl-Compress-Raw-Zlib
22:46:26 pango
22:52:28 [ MDVSA-2009:311 ] ghostscript: Posted by security on Dec 03
22:52:30 [ MDVSA-2009:169-1 ] libtiff: Posted by security on Dec 03
22:52:34 [ MDVSA-2009:312 ] dhcp: Posted by security on Dec 03
22:52:37 [ MDVSA-2009:157-1 ] perl-Compress-Raw-Zlib: Posted by security on Dec 03
22:52:40 [ MDVSA-2009:158-3 ] pango: Posted by security on Dec 03
22:53:02 hi, i'm new!! help.
22:53:05 Revision 7686: fix silly bug, sorry
22:53:07 Revision 7687: fixed problem reading long lines
22:53:11 Revision 7688: updated oracle mixin and adjusted affected modules. now compatible with ruby
1.8 a...
22:53:13 Revision 7689: allow module search to continue even if one module fails to load
22:53:24 Antivirus Pro 2010 - Thu, 03 Dec 2009 12:12:11 CST
22:53:26 VIPRE 4 now in beta - 2009-12-03T19:45:00.002-05:00
22:53:30 Celebrity-Themed Scareware Campaign Abusing DocStoc and Scribd - Thu, 03 Dec 2009
13:15:22 PST
22:59:25 Slitaz Aircrack-ng Distribution v20091124 released
22:59:27 Kismet v2009-11-R1 released
23:41:03 [ MDVSA-2009:313-1 ] bind
23:41:05 [ MDVSA-2009:314 ] apr

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23:45:27 TR/Spy Virus and TR/Crypt.CFI.Gen - Thu, 03 Dec 2009 19:49:34 -0600
23:45:29 Google Search Redirected - Thu, 03 Dec 2009 20:32:54 -0600
23:45:31 XP SP3 infected with TDSS RootKit - Thu, 03 Dec 2009 20:42:44 -0600

Friday, 4th of December.

01:28:25 libxml
01:28:27 fetchmail
01:28:30 curl
01:46:03 [ MDVSA-2009:201-1 ] fetchmail
01:46:08 [ MDVSA-2009:203-1 ] curl
03:44:41 Microsoft Targets Enterprise Endpoint With New Products - Thu, 3 Dec 2009 17:50:00 EST
03:47:58 Microsoft Targets Enterprise Endpoint With New Products: New Web gateway leverages the
cloud and remote access ..
04:29:22 [ MDVSA-2009:314 ] apr: Posted by security on Dec 03
04:29:23 [ MDVSA-2009:287-1 ] xpdf: Posted by security on Dec 03
04:29:25 [ MDVSA-2009:200-1 ] libxml: Posted by security on Dec 03
04:29:27 [ MDVSA-2009:201-1 ] fetchmail: Posted by security on Dec 03
04:29:28 [ MDVSA-2009:203-1 ] curl: Posted by security on Dec 03
04:29:50 Revision 7690: added exploit module ca_arcserve_342.rb
04:29:51 Bug #602 (Closed): Autopwn should include references to OSVDB
05:15:19 RT @p0bailey: RT @Mephux: Snorby VM Appliance - A web based front end for the popular
snort IDS - #infosec
07:36:07 Live PC Care - Fri, 04 Dec 2009 01:00:34 CST
08:52:50 PHP 5.3.1 open_basedir bypass
09:37:49 WhatWeb v0.3 - Next generation Web Scanner
09:39:38 Using msfpayload and msfencode from Metasploit 3.3 to bypass anti-virus: Video:Using
msfpayload and msfencode f..
10:57:55 Personal Security Analysis and Removal - Fri, 04 Dec 2009 11:55:45 +0000
10:58:49 Symplified Offers Federated ID For Cloud: The SinglePoint system can be used to manage a
user's identity across..
12:53:38 [ MDVSA-2009:211-1 ] expat
12:53:41 {Vulnerability} Secunia Research: DevIL DICOM "GetUID()" Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
12:58:01 U.S. Health IT Office Reorganizes: The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information
Technology has..

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13:11:19 libgadu

13:11:21 expat
14:53:33 [ MDVSA-2009:315 ] libneon
14:53:37 {Local} Invision Power Board <= 3.0.4 Local PHP File Inclusion and SQL Injection
14:56:42 How to remove PC Live Guard (Uninstall instructions) - Fri, 04 Dec 2009 14:58:38 +0000
14:56:44 Torpig trojan - Fri, 04 Dec 2009 09:07:15 -0600
14:56:46 Lots of Trojan Warnings - Fri, 04 Dec 2009 09:25:21 -0600
14:59:26 Cisco Snags Shares To Acquire Tandberg: Now the U.S. Justice Department will step up its
review of Cisco's pend..
16:51:36 [ MDVSA-2009:223-1 ] xerces-c
16:54:28 rundll error - Fri, 04 Dec 2009 12:23:35 -0600
16:54:35 - Fri, 04 Dec 2009 12:59:28 -0600
16:54:45 Virus Removal - Fri, 04 Dec 2009 13:22:36 -0600
16:57:25 CIGNA Launches Healthcare Podcasts: The audio podcasts, available on the iTunes store, are
designed to help Ame..
18:51:19 [ MDVSA-2009:224-1 ] postfix
18:52:28 Google Buys AppJet To Power Wave: The start-up's collaborative technology will be adapted to
improve the way Go..
18:54:19 Reader_s virus infection? - Fri, 04 Dec 2009 14:29:20 -0600
18:54:20 Computer Running Slow CPU 100% - Fri, 04 Dec 2009 14:44:55 -0600
18:54:22 Slow Computer - Fri, 04 Dec 2009 15:25:59 -0600
19:31:38 {Web-based} {Local} Invision Power Board <= 3.0.4 Local PHP File Inclusion and SQL Injection
19:31:40 xerces-c
19:31:41 postfix
20:18:36 Oracle Denies Change In Stance On MySQL: The database giant denies that it offered to create
a separate entity ..
20:54:38 Microsoft: counterfeit software infected with malcode more prevalent -
20:54:40 It pays to read the fine print (literally) - 2009-12-04T15:47:00.003-05:00
20:54:43 URL-shortening service will check links for malcode - 2009-12-04T16:05:00.001-05:00
21:48:00 WhatWeb v0.3 - Next generation Web Scanner
21:48:05 Medium - MDVSA-2009:315 - Problem Description: A vulnerability has...: Problem Description:
A vulnerabi..
21:48:06 High - MDVSA-2009:314 - Problem Description: Multiple security...: Problem Description:
Multiple securi..
21:48:08 High - MDVSA-2009:287-1 - Problem Description: Multiple...: Problem Description: Multiple

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21:48:10 Low - MDVSA-2009:224-1 - Problem Description: A vulnerability has...: Problem Description:

A vulnerabil..
21:48:11 Medium - MDVSA-2009:223-1 - Problem Description: A vulnerability has...: Problem
Description: A vulnera..
21:48:13 Inkscape Portable 0.47 Released
22:18:38 [SECURITY] [DSA 1946-1] New belpic packages fix cryptographic weakness
22:25:16 Windows protection suite virus - Fri, 04 Dec 2009 17:51:59 -0600
22:25:18 infected with Trojan Horse Dropper.Generic.BBHB - Fri, 04 Dec 2009 19:02:46 -0600
22:33:11 [ MDVSA-2009:201-1 ] fetchmail: Posted by security on Dec 04
22:33:14 Re: "funsec" as a terror cell: Posted by Sam Haldorf on Dec 04How do we tell who you are and
who you aren't? Yo..
22:33:16 Re: The Cyber War Conspiracy: Posted by Sam Haldorf on Dec 04What? Don't contact me you
sick pervert. Someone ..
22:33:18 Apple issues security updates for Mac OS X: Apple this week pushed an update for Leopard
and Snow Leopard syste..
22:33:21 [SECURITY] [DSA 1946-1] New belpic packages fix cryptographic weakness: Posted by Steffen
Joeris on Dec 04-----..
22:34:19 installazione Backtrack 4 su HD: 2 domande
22:34:21 Can't remember name of wep cracking ncurses software
22:34:25 Bug #609 (New): Generated executables are not existing after Meterpreter shuts down
22:34:26 Revision 7709: fix for the NLS_LANG issue. (rory)
22:34:28 Bug #610 (New): Metasploit console shows %c and doesnt close the red color tag
22:34:30 Revision 7710: removed writing to a file. only print if get a hit.
22:34:50 Microsoft: counterfeit software infected with malcode more prevalent -
22:34:54 It pays to read the fine print (literally) - 2009-12-04T15:47:00.003-05:00
22:34:57 URL-shortening service will check links for malcode - 2009-12-04T16:05:00.001-05:00

Saturday, 5th of December.

01:14:19 New belpic packages fix cryptographic weakness
01:14:21 {Vulnerability} Linux kernel vulnerabilities
02:30:25 {Vulnerability} [USN-864-1] Linux kernel vulnerabilities
02:37:43 Practical Analysis: Pundits, Facts, And Competing Goals: There's no silver bullet when it comes
to building a t..
02:38:33 Data Masking Helps Keep Live Data From Peeking Out, Experts Say: Data masking can help
prevent production data ..

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04:08:29 [USN-864-1] Linux kernel vulnerabilities: Posted by Kees Cook on Dec 04No message preview
for long message of 2..
04:08:31 Re: ** FreeBSD local r00t zeroday: Posted by Chris on Dec 04You're as thick as that other
moron. Congrats on ac..
04:08:32 Re: The Cyber War Conspiracy: Posted by Paul Schmehl on Dec 04--On December 4, 2009
10:44:20 PM -0600 Valdis.Kl..
04:27:09 Data Masking Helps Keep Live Data From Peeking Out, Experts Say - Fri, 4 Dec 2009 16:19:00
10:14:34 Re: The Cyber War Conspiracy: Posted by Gichuki John Chuksjonia on Dec 05K, full-disclosure
() safe-mail net or..
10:15:12 Feature #611 (Closed): Espia screenshot is failing
10:15:14 Revision 7711: Module loading broken again by revision r7709.
10:26:15 Can Electronic Medical Records Be Secured?: Federal regulators are crafting rules that would
unlock the benefit..
14:20:49 [ MDVSA-2009:256-1 ] dbus
14:20:52 [ MDVSA-2009:254-1 ] graphviz
14:25:53 Payment Card Network Rules Prohibit Aggressive Post-Transaction Tactics - 5 Dec 2009
12:00:00 GMT
16:03:16 [ MDVSA-2009:318 ] xmlsec1: Posted by security on Dec 05
16:03:18 [ MDVSA-2009:272-1 ] libmikmod: Posted by security on Dec 05
16:03:19 [ MDVSA-2009:252-1 ] perl-IO-Socket-SSL: Posted by security on Dec 05
16:03:20 [ MDVSA-2009:284-1 ] gd: Posted by security on Dec 05
16:03:21 PhpShop Multiple Vulnerabilities: Posted by Andrea Fabrizi on Dec
16:03:59 Revision 7715: renamed and fixed description.
16:04:01 Revision 7716: renamed and fixed description.
16:04:02 Revision 7717: renamed and cleaned up.
16:04:03 Feature #613 (New): Create a standard 'msfupdate' script and add to the root of SVN tree
16:17:08 perl-IO-Socket-SSL
16:17:10 gd
16:17:11 {Vulnerability} PhpShop Multiple Vulnerabilities
16:21:06 [ MDVSA-2009:284-1 ] gd
18:21:13 [ MDVSA-2009:297-1 ] ffmpeg
18:21:15 [ MDVSA-2009:319 ] xine-lib
18:42:47 ffmpeg
18:42:48 xine-lib

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20:20:30 Flieg wenn du fliegen kannst, lieb wenn du lieben kannst ; fly when you can fly, love when you
can love
21:47:24 High - USN-864-1 - Linux kernel vulnerabilities: A security issue affects the following Ubuntu
releases: Ubu..
21:47:26 High - MDVSA-2009:319 - Problem Description: Vulnerabilities have...: Problem Description:
21:47:27 Medium - MDVSA-2009:318 - Problem Description: Multiple security...: Problem Description:
Multiple secu..
21:47:29 High - MDVSA-2009:317 - Problem Description: Multiple security...: Problem Description:
Multiple securi..
21:47:30 Medium - MDVSA-2009:316 - Problem Description: A vulnerability has...: Problem Description:
A vulnerabi..
22:27:31 Trojan horse Dropper.Generic.BHHB - Sat, 05 Dec 2009 18:00:07 -0600
22:27:33 Google redirect on Foxfire - Sat, 05 Dec 2009 18:20:46 -0600
22:27:35 Firefox redirect and slow running pc - Sat, 05 Dec 2009 18:32:38 -0600
22:30:36 [ MDVSA-2009:297-1 ] ffmpeg: Posted by security on Dec 05
22:30:38 [ MDVSA-2009:319 ] xine-lib: Posted by security on Dec 05
22:30:40 Flieg wenn du fliegen kannst, lieb wenn du lieben kannst ; fly when you can fly, love when you
can love: Posted..
22:31:50 Locating USB wireless dongle in /dev
22:31:54 Revision 7718: typo fix
22:31:55 Bug #622 (New): Relaying an exploit through a meterpreter sessions is really slow
22:31:57 Bug #623 (New): Relaying a bind_tcp staged Meterpreter through an existing session fails
22:32:18 Data Masking Helps Keep Live Data From Peeking Out, Experts Say - Fri, 4 Dec 2009 16:19:00
22:32:20 Payment Card Network Rules Prohibit Aggressive Post-Transaction Tactics - 5 Dec 2009
12:00:00 GMT
22:46:32 Flieg wenn du fliegen kannst, lieb wenn du lieben kannst ; fly when you can fly, love when you
can love

Sunday, 6th of December.

04:05:48 Bug #276 (Closed): VNCinject on Vista returns blank screen
04:05:49 Revision 7722: cve roulette also cve-2009-4054
04:05:50 Revision 7723: revision fixups
04:05:52 Revision 7724: add ranking to every exploit module, pfew!
15:51:11 Re: Software developer looks at CRU code: Posted by Valdis . Kletnieks on Dec 06On Sun, 06
Dec 2009 10:42:22 ES..
15:51:56 Bug #609: Generated executables are not exiting after Meterpreter shuts down

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15:51:58 Feature #337: Meterpreter control protocol should allow multiple in-flight requests
15:51:59 Bug #607: Metepreter fails to load extensions on Vista and Windows 2008 Storage Server (R1)
15:52:01 Revision 7727: register the 'rex' log source, see #577
15:57:10 libtool
16:22:22 [ MDVSA-2009:307-1 ] libtool
16:27:07 Crawler - Sun, 06 Dec 2009 06:12:12 CST
18:21:26 [ MDVSA-2009:321 ] pidgin
18:21:28 [ MDVSA-2009:215-1 ] audacity
20:19:52 [ MDVSA-2009:219-1 ] kompozer
21:43:45 Notepad++ Portable 5.6 Released
21:43:50 µTorrent Portable 1.8.5 Build 17414 Released
21:43:52 SpyDLLRemover Portable 3.0 Released
22:24:43 [ MDVSA-2009:320 ] samba: Posted by security on Dec 06
22:24:45 [ MDVSA-2009:321 ] pidgin: Posted by security on Dec 06
22:24:48 [ MDVSA-2009:215-1 ] audacity: Posted by security on Dec 06
22:24:51 [ MDVSA-2009:219-1 ] kompozer: Posted by security on Dec 06
22:24:54 Re: Software developer looks at CRU code: Posted by Ivan . on Dec 06CRU's programming
'below commercial standar..
22:25:46 bt3, slapt-get(fixed) still fail to download package data
22:25:48 Ettercap Tutorial
22:25:52 Bug #607: Metepreter fails to load extensions on Vista and Windows 2008 Storage Server (R1)
22:25:54 Feature #627: Allow the search command to search by ranking via additional argument
22:26:04 Crawler - Sun, 06 Dec 2009 06:12:12 CST

Monday, 7th of December.

00:26:10 Intel Larrabee Graphics Chip Cancelled: The plan to field a multicore graphics engine, which
would have put Int..
01:00:35 pidgin
01:00:36 audacity
01:00:37 kompozer
02:31:03 Google Redirect Virus - Sun, 06 Dec 2009 21:57:51 -0600

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02:31:05 My Web browsers have been hijacked - Sun, 06 Dec 2009 22:05:07 -0600
02:31:07 Google Redirect - Sun, 06 Dec 2009 22:31:09 -0600
03:57:38 Re: Software developer looks at CRU code: Posted by Thor (Hammer of God) on Dec 06Just
like it is now... I *do*..
03:58:13 Bug #651 (New): Dead session can break the sessions command
03:58:14 Bug #607: Metepreter fails to load extensions on Vista and Windows 2008 Storage Server (R1)
03:58:15 Revision 7728: See #607. Switch sniffer code to use mutexes
03:58:16 Bug #609: Generated executables are not exiting after Meterpreter shuts down
08:26:12 PC Live Guard - Mon, 07 Dec 2009 01:19:31 CST
08:26:15 The Risks of Holiday Online Shopping - Mon, 07 Dec 2009 10:21:28 +0000
08:26:19 Christmas-Themed KOOBFACE Campaign Seen - Mon, 07 Dec 2009 10:23:44 +0000
10:05:58 short intro: Posted by jai on Dec 07Hi there. j. here, just joined, i am in bangalore, india, i was
computer ..
10:05:59 Re: short intro: Posted by McGhee, Eddie on Dec 07this is a email list for disclosure of security
related bugs ..
10:12:05 short intro
10:26:43 Global CIO: The Top 50 Tech Quotes From 2009: Column containing 50 of the most-compelling
IT-related quotations..
12:25:35 MIT Team Wins DARPA Network Challenge: In a demonstration of social networking, MIT
researchers used an inverse..
14:20:28 [ MDVSA-2008:233-1 ] libcdaudio
14:20:32 [ MDVSA-2009:323 ] apache
14:31:23 Ruckus Installs 802.11n Video On Demand: The Wi-Fi network converts multicast IP traffic to
unicast, allowing s..
15:56:56 (IN)SECURE Magazine - Archive magazine security technology research
/via @delicious50
16:20:33 [ MDVSA-2008:233-1 ] libcdaudio: Posted by security on Dec 07
16:20:36 [ MDVSA-2009:252-1 ] perl-IO-Socket-SSL: Posted by security on Dec 07
16:20:38 [ MDVSA-2009:324 ] php: Posted by security on Dec 07
16:20:41 [ MDVSA-2009:243-2 ] freetype2: Posted by security on Dec 07
16:20:45 Re: short intro: Posted by Ferdinand Klinzer on Dec 07facedisclosurebook Am 07.12.2009 um
13:07 schrieb McGhee,..
16:41:09 libcdaudio
16:41:12 apache
16:41:14 php

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17:01:09 Good Adds Android, iPhone Support: The mobile messaging service will help businesses
handle the looming consume..
18:21:04 [ MDVSA-2009:199-1 ] subversion
18:21:07 [ MDVSA-2009:325 ] ruby
18:26:17 - Mon, 07 Dec 2009 08:02:06 CST
18:26:21 Keeping Reshipping Mule Recruiters on a Short Leash - Mon, 07 Dec 2009 10:26:29 PST
18:26:25 Celebrity-Themed Scareware Campaign Abusing DocStoc - Mon, 07 Dec 2009 12:17:23 PST
18:26:27 Demand For Health IT Talent Rising: Robert Half Technology and Manpower among staffing
firms reporting that pro..
19:44:33 Commons VFS - Commons Virtual File System vfs virtual filesystem /via
20:21:34 [SECURITY] [DSA 1947-1] New Shibboleth packages fix cross-site scripting
20:31:36 Oracle To Plead Sun Acquisition Case Before EC: The company will make its case with support
from the likes of E..
21:45:29 NA - USN-866-1 - gnome-screensaver vulnerability: A security issue affects the following
Ubuntu releases: Ub..
21:45:32 Medium - USN-865-1 - Bind vulnerability: A security issue affects the following Ubuntu releases:
Ubuntu 6.06..
21:45:34 NA - RHSA-2009:1642-02 - Important: acpid security update: Problem Description: An updated
acpid package tha..
21:45:36 Medium - RHSA-2009:1625-01 - Problem Description: Updated expat packages...: Problem
Description: Updated..
21:45:39 High - MDVSA-2009:326 - Problem Description: Multiple...: Problem Description: Multiple
21:45:43 Installer 1.0.1 Released
21:45:46 Task Coach Portable 0.77.0 Released
21:45:48 KeePass Password Safe Portable 1.17 Released
22:21:02 spy guides
22:36:29 [SECURITY] [DSA 1947-1] New Shibboleth packages fix cross-site scripting: Posted by Moritz
Muehlenhoff on Dec 0..
22:36:33 TANDBERG MXP(FIPS140) DOS: Posted by 0 0 on Dec 07Security Advisory Platform :
TANDBERG Date : November 6, 2009..
22:36:36 spy guides: Posted by Ivan . on Dec 07 more at
22:36:38 Re: [Full-disclosure] Climate-Gate:A SysAdmin’s Perspective: Posted by Rohit Patnaik on Dec
07That certainly is..
22:36:41 [ MDVSA-2009:282-1 ] cups: Posted by security on Dec 07
22:37:21 card wifi not detected

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22:37:24 noob question

22:37:28 Revision 7747: add ability to search by minimum rank, fixes 627
22:37:30 Feature #627 (Closed): Allow the search command to search by ranking via additional argument
22:37:32 Bug #658 (New): Meterpreter socket forwarding is closed too early
22:37:53 Nortel Antivirus - Mon, 07 Dec 2009 12:12:55 CST
22:37:55 Keeping Reshipping Mule Recruiters on a Short Leash - Mon, 07 Dec 2009 10:26:29 PST
22:37:56 Celebrity-Themed Scareware Campaign Abusing DocStoc - Mon, 07 Dec 2009 16:32:45 PST

Tuesday, 8th of December.

00:20:57 [ MDVSA-2009:282-1 ] cups
01:04:59 spy guides
01:05:02 cups
01:58:48 Mac apps for academic tasks software mac research writing osx applications
academic apps /via @delicious50
02:01:31 TrackMeNot - tool to protect web searchers from surveillance and data-profiling /via @pentestit
02:03:37 WPA CRACKER wifi security web_app /via @delicious50
02:04:02 » 55 Portable Apps for Making a USB Super Stick usb software utilities pc
maintenance tool /via @delicious50
02:12:46 RT @proactivedefend: News Update: Use Scapy to build your own tools
02:36:53 The IPS Goes Virtual - Mon, 7 Dec 2009 18:11:00 EST
02:37:31 The IPS Goes Virtual: Major IPS vendors adding virtual IPSes, and pushing IPSes to virtual
computing environments
04:02:28 Revision 7749: add exploit module for cve-2009-3693
04:02:29 Bug #660 (Assigned): Rex::Text.to_win32pe should be converted to Msf::Util::EXE.to_win32pe

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