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Emily Blackwell, Xiang Li (Melissa), Crystal Peralta, Jessica Sanchez

Professor Haley
Speech 1 C-103
October 14, 2014
Speech: The Different Aspects of Being a Teacher
Specific Purpose Statement: By the end of our speech, we want our audience to list the
career choices in Education.
Attention Getter: Remember what an awkward time being in middle school was? Well it can be
even more challenging teaching those kids going through that awkward time. That is one of the
many things becoming a middle school teacher entails. The kids are fresh out of elementary
school and are making a greater step towards adulthood.
Thesis Statement: Being a teacher can be one of the most challenging levels of education to
teach, but that is also what makes it that much more rewarding.
Credibility Statement: We have a lot of experience with children,
Preview: Today, I will inform you on the different career choices in education field.
. Middle School students experience developmental changes different than any other
age group.
A. Puberty marks a time when students' lives are filled with emotional, physical,
and cognitive growth. This can be both a good and bad thing.
1. They are hormonal and curious to find their identity in the world,
causing them to be less focused on their schoolwork.
2. Having more intellectual conversations with students. As opposed to
talking with an younger, 3rd grader who would have difficulty
understanding some things.
B. There are many problems and difficulties face in a middle school classroom.
1. The workload is typically much greater than elementary school
because you only teach one subject all day, but have many more
students. Elementary school teachers have much fewer students in a
class and only have to grade their papers because they teach the kids
different lessons all day.
2. It can also be difficult, given the students dont see teachers as people
trying to educate them, but instead people who are trying to make them
C. Getting through to a difficult student and seeing them improve can be one of
the most rewarding aspects of teaching middle school.
Internal Summary/Preview: Now that you have learned about the characteristics of the
students in middle school, its time to learn about the characteristics of a middle school teacher.
II. To become a middle school teacher, there is some schooling required to reach that
A. Typically a bachelors degree is required to teach middle school.

1. Some states require a masters degree as well.

2.You must have a specific area of interest (math, english, science, etc.)
3. A teaching credential is also necessary to become a teacher.
4. Some kind of experience teaching is required to earn your teaching
degree. Which is normally fulfilled through student teaching.
Internal Summary/Preview: Even though being a middle school educator can be challenging,
there are also many rewards that come with the job.
III. The moment where your students see that youre trying to help, instead of making their lives
A. When you see the students finally take interest in the subject youve been teaching
and seeing them understand the material.
B. Having certain characteristics as a teacher is also very important.
1.Being socially aware. Because of the complicated age middle school students
are, its important to be aware and watch out for things like bullying.
2. Flexible. Being able to think of your feet, continuing to be role models for the
3. Persistence. Students begin enjoying their freedom inside and outside the
classroom. As a teacher, they will continue to be challenged by the pre-teens and
must insist on resuming with the lesson.
4. Poised. Remaining poised and composed under stressful situations is an
extremely important aspect of being a teacher, no matter the grade level.
5. Engaging Communication. Students, at the age they are, can become easily
distracted and bored in the classroom, which can detract them from their learning
Review: In conclusion, being a middle school teacher means a lot of things; it means dealing
with students who are dealing with a lot of changes in their lives, going through the correct
schooling, and overall dealing with the pros and cons of the job.
Restate Thesis: Although being a middle school teacher entails a lot of difficulties in the job
description, it also has many pros that make the job incredibly rewarding.
Tie to Attention Getter: To sum things up, the rewards of teaching middle school students
going through such an awkward time in their life can outweigh the difficulties that at times may
seem overwhelming.

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