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Professional Engineering

Mr. Michael Moya

Report Completed by: Cole Perley

Course Program Name: POE
Block: 5th
Interview Date: October 26, 2014
Report Completion Date: October 27, 2014
Interview Location: Mr. Moyas residence,
Austin, TX

Professional Engineering Interview

Mr. Michael Moya
Professional Background

Name: Michael Moya

Specific Degree: Civil Engineer
Place of Employment: Halff Associates Inc.
Professional Business email address:
Professional Interview
Please describe your field of engineering, in general.
Mr. Moya: I am a civil engineer. I do what is called horizontal construction. Things like roads

and bridges, but not buildings.

What is your current job title?
Mr. Moya: Vice President. I handle a lot of management and I also handle the water control

through the entire company. I help oversee a lot of the projects we do in a management role. The
company has 500 people, and although most of our projects are in Texas, we also have an office in
Please describe your particular job and duties.

Professional Engineering Interview | 10/26/14

Mr. Moya: We work using a set of constraints. Most are environmental, since we want to avoid

polluting the Edwards Aquifer. After we have a list of constraints, we make a plan. Sometimes we
send the plans to a visual productions group within the company. This part of the company takes
the plans and develops a visual aid so that people can understand what were trying to accomplish.
What is your average work schedule?
Mr. Moya: I work about ten hours a day, Monday through Friday.
Starting with high school, describe your educational background chronologically.
Mr. Moya: In high school I had a very unique experience. I was selected to be part of a soil

conservation group, and I worked with farmers and engineers. Honestly Im not sure how I got
that job, but it definitely made me want to be an engineer. After high school I went to Stanford.
If you had to do it over, related to career or education, what would you do differently?
Mr. Moya: I wouldnt do anything different. Im very happy with what I do.

What advice would you give anyone looking to pursue your career path?
Mr. Moya: Soft skills are important. Math and science knowledge is obviously important too, but

the most successful engineers Ive seen are those who can talk and communicate well in a team
and social environment. By joining teams and clubs and being well rounded, you can develop
those skills and be successful.
Personal Reflection
What surprised you most about the interview?
I was surprised about how relaxed the entire interview was. I felt very comfortable and at ease and
did not feel stressed through the experience. Mr. Moya also seemed very relaxed.
What was the most important piece of information you learned from the interview?
I feel that the advice about soft skills was the most important piece of information. It was a general
guideline on a high level of success and I will definitely use it in life.
How has this interview influenced your feelings about your future career?
I feel much more confident and happy about my future career. I am glad I got an inside look at
civil engineering.
How has this interview influenced your plans about your future career?
This interview has made me look at civil engineering much more seriously. I feel as though it is
something I might pursue in the future.

I think that I need to focus on school so that I can attend a good college. I need to research all of
the disciplines of engineering and research colleges as well. Talking to other engineers might help
me to accomplish my goals.

Professional Engineering Interview | 10/26/14

What is the next step for you to pursue your plans? Who do you need to talk to? What
information do you need?