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MORIAH CLAIBORNE 125 Neptune North, Lucinda Ave, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb,
Illinois, 60115 630/202/0990

Attain the position as the Assistant Manager at the local Barnes & Noble bookstore, which uses leadership,
organization, and concentration skills.

Northern Illinois University
August 25, 2014 to May 2014

Lisle Senior High School

I was involved in the marching band throughout my high school career.
I also played basketball during my freshman and sophomore years.
I ran track during my senior year.
I was part of the newspaper club and the book club, as well.
I participated in Challenge Day and Snowball

Babysitting 1204 Burlington Ave, Lisle, IL, 60532
Head Babysitter August 2010 Present

Gaining patience and well communication skills.

Working well with others, ranging in age.

I can get the job done right away, without any complaints.
I have a creative eye, so I can bring great ideas to the table.
I know how to work efficiently and professionally under pressure.
I do well at organizing professional, confidential papers.
Because of previous experience, I can work well with hard clients.
I have traveled the world, so I have a well understanding of other cultures.

Moriah Claiborne
125 Neptune North, Lucinda Ave, Northern Illinois University | DeKalb, Illinois, 60115
Home: 630-541-9876 | Cell: 630-202-0990
Available for all shifts
September 5, 2014
Agnes Rothchilde
Barnes & Noble
555 Lakeshore Road
DeKalb, IL, 60115
Re: Assistant Manager Position Opening
Dear Agnes Rothchilde,
I am interested in the Assistant Manager position I heard about. Enclosed is a copy of my resume for you to
look over. I would appreciate your consideration for this job, and hope to be contacted for an interview.
My experience as a babysitter has taught me many useful skills for the work field. Babysitting includes many
responsibilities such as having patience, being trusted with someone elses children, having worthy
communication skills, and time management.
Previously, I worked as student aid at school for two years. Working in the office, I had the daily tasks of
making and delivering passes, sorting out papers for attendance, decorating the office, or giving out ideas to
make the school run more smoothly. Being a student aid at school gives you more responsibilities than
others. You had to be to class on time, behave appropriately in class, and keep your grades up otherwise you
were written up and dealt with accordingly. For me, being a student aid helped me strengthen my
organization, communication, and help respect with others.
I gained much respect towards others and like I stated before my communications skills are much better.
I work well with programs such as Microsoft Word and Publisher. During my high school years and present
college experience, that was a very important skill to have.
I can offer you everything you are looking for to fill the Assistant Manager position. I will call you in a week,
to talk about a time for my interview and etc.
Moriah Claiborne
Enclosure: Resume