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Name: ______________________________

B.Ed. Teaching Practice Lesson Plan



Asma Mohammed

9:00 45 min



Fatma Alkawar


Grade 1

Letter M
No of
Main Lesson Aims
- Student will be able to:
Say to letter M correctly and it sound.
Know his shape.
Focus and/or topic of the lesson
- In the letter and the voice.

Ahmed bin Majed

25 boys

Assumptions about prior learning

- Students know to say the letter and know how it look
Anticipated problems and possible solutions
- Not listen ask them to listen
Personal focus for this lesson
Those students know the different between letter M and other.
Main tasks or activities
- Song A to M
- PowerPoint
- Puzzle work sheet
- Follow the M work sheet

Resources and teaching aids

- PowerPoint
- Worksheet + glue
- Worksheet + pencil

- Whole class
- Group
- Individual

Consider where the children are working:

-in the desk

TP Year 2 EdTech

Name: ______________________________

Lesson Procedure
Time & stage

Teacher activity
(T will )

Student activity
(eg. In groups ss will )

Play the song and sing + act

Sing+ act

Review the litter M

Present the PowerPoint + image

Listen and participate

Participate + asking and answer

Give them the direction of the activity.

Start doing the activity

Walk around to see and ask student

what they do.

Replay to teacher and answer her

Give them worksheet and explain what

they will do.

Do the work sheet

( 5 min)

( 15 min)

( 15 min)

( 5 min)

( 5 min)


This lesson is introduced to grade one the letter M and it was my first lesson as teacher. To be
honest, I have support of my MST as she told me what should I do because I have difficult to plan
lesson for grade one and I don't know the steps that I will follow to teach them. I think I do great
job in my first time but I have difficult to manage the class so my MST was helping me.

The start of the lesson was great when I use the song to students in the beginning and that
engagement them to sing and dance as the song. I dont save the lyrics of the song yet and even
the move that I will do in the song. However, I try my best to show to students that I know the song
.The next step was the hardest to me and that is explain the lesson I try my best to teach and my
MST was help me in this steps as she know it's my first time. According to Piaget, children
learning by doing for that I ask students to write the letter M individual to develop them skills in
writing letter. Students after try and try they start to learn how to write the letter. Then as Vygotsky
said students learn more when they in group. I create a puzzle game to students by using glue
and that was effect to students. They start to talk and analyze the picture to give the full picture. At
the end of the lesson students show me what they done and ask them question about the lesson
to evaluate them.

Over all, My MST told that is nice beginning to teach grade one and she point to me my weakness
that I should develop it. I learn today that grade one need more time to when they do the activity
but I think it depend in them ability to think.

TP1b 2006-7