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Verbe frazale
Sunt construciile de tipul:
- verb + particul
- verb + prepoziie
- verb + particul + prepoziie
Cele mai des ntlnite verbe frazale sunt construciile cu : to
get, to look, to make, to put.
1. Construcii cu to get
a) to get on with someone = a se nelege cu cineva
Shes not very easy to get on with. = Nu este foarte uor s te
nelegi cu ea.
b) to get on with your work / in life = a se descurca, a-i merge
bine, a o duce bine
How are they getting on ? How is their business getting on ? =
Cum o duc ei ? Cum le merg afacerile ?
c) to get over an illness / disappointment = a-i reveni, a se
reface dup o boal sau o decepie
Has he got over the flu yet ? = S-a refcut dup grip ?
d) to get round to doing something = a-i gsi timp pentru a face
I never get round to writing any letters these days. =
Zilele acestea nu-mi gsesc deloc timp sa scriu scrisori.
2. Construcii cu to look
a) look at something / somebody = a privi cu atenie, a fixa cu
privirea ceva / pe cineva
It depends how you look at things. = Depinde cum vezi
b) look after something / somebody = a avea grij, a se ocupa de
ceva / cineva
Hes looking after the baby. = El are grij de copil.
c) look for something = a cuta ceva
d) look forward to something / to doing something = a atepta cu
nerbdare ceva sau s fac ceva
Im looking forward to seeing your again. =

Atept cu nerbdare s te revd.

e) look into something = a examina, a studia cu atenie
I thing we should look into this. Theres something wrong. =
Cred c-ar trebui s studiem ndeaproape lucrul acesta. Ceva
nu este n regul.
f) look through something = a parcurge o carte, a rsfoi un fiier,
a se uita printr-un dosar, fiier,...
I have looked through the book. = M-am uitat prin carte.
g) look up something = a cuta ceva ntr-un dosar, fiier,
I look up his number. = I-am cutat numrul.
h) look up to somebody / something = a respecta, a privi pe
cineva / ceva cu respect
They have always looked up to her. = Ei au privit-o ntotdeauna cu respect.
3. Construcii cu to make
a) make for + substantiv = a se ndrepta spre o int
She made for the door. = S-a ndreptat spre u.
b) make out something = a zri, a distinge
He made out a house on the horizont. = A zrit o cas la
***make out something (cu sens abstract) = a ajunge la o
concluzie, a justifica, a dovedi
How do you make out that shes lying ? = Cum ai ajuns la
concluzia c ea minte ?
c) make something / somebody out = a reui s neleag ceva /
pe cineva
I cant make her out. = Nu reuesc s o neleg.
d) make up oneself = a se machia, a se farda
She doesnt often make herself up. = Ea nu se machiaz des.
e) make up a story = a inventa, a nscoci o poveste, a fabula
He didnt win anything. He was making it up. =
N-a ctigat nimic. A fost o nscocire.
f) make up for something / someone = a recupera, a compensa
He decided to drive faster to make up for lost time. =
A decis s conduc mai repede pentru a recupera timpul
g) make up of something / someone = a fi compus, a fi alctuit
din ceva / cineva

Water is made up of hydrogen and oxygen . = Apa este

compus din hidrogen i oxigen.
4. Construcii cu to put
a) to put across something (put over) = a explica, a se face
neles, a vinde ceva
He knows his subject but hes not very good at putting
across. = i cunoate bine tema, dar nu se pricepe prea bine
s-o explice.
b) to put forward something = a sugera, a face o propunere, a
promova o idee
Can I put forward a proposal ? = Pot s fac o propunere ?
c) to put off doing something (postpone) = a amna, a tergiversa
The match will be put off because of the snow. = Meciul va fi
amnat din cauza zpezii.
d) to put someone off doing something = a face s-I treac
cheful, a descuraja pe cineva
I was put off playing golf when I learnt the cost. = Mi-a trecut
cheful s joc golf cnd am aflat ct cost.
e) to put someone out = a deranja pe cineva, a-i face probleme
I dont want to put you out but can you give me a lift ? =
Nu vreau s te deranjez, dar m poi duce cu masina ?
f) to put someone up = a gzdui pe cineva
We dont have vthe roow to put anyone up. = N-avem loc s
gzduim pe nimeni.
g) to put up with someone / something = a suporta, a tolera pe
cineva / ceva
I dont know how you put up with all that noise. = Nu tiu
cum de supori tot acest zgomot.