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10 December 2014

Dr. Bruce
California State University, Fullerton
Dear Dr. Bruce,
After much consideration, Ive decided to choose the following 3 assignments to be
showcased in my portfolio: addition of resume, Teamwork group charter and health science
curriculum. Each assignment chosen displays the verity of objectives presented in this course and
my learning and understanding of each of them.
The first assignment chosen for this portfolio is my resume. I chose to start my portfolio
with the resume because like most portfolios submitted for applications to potential employers or
schools, a resume is a quick way to presenting and showcase yourself. In this assignment
learning how to organize my thoughts and being able to communicate them is vitally important.
Using feedback given by class mates I was able to improve the language, flow and layout of my
resume. The weakness in this assignment is the lack of content and experience in the resume
applying toward the assignment. The strength is the final layout of the resume.
The second assignment used for this portfolio is the teamwork group charter. This
teamwork group charter was a collaboration between Robert Mclaughling, Athar Trablci and
myself. This assignment allowed us to collectively organize our thoughts, laid out a plan, and
execution. This assignment demonstrated sensitivity to all differences of all the group members
and held each of us accountable for this assignment. Through working together, we were able to
assess, critique and improve the layout and writing of this assignment. Using each of our talents
in technology, photography and website designing, we collaborated an online website the shows
step by step out iFixit help guide. We successfully wrote an informally written online guide that
appeals to a wide range of audiences in the area of computer fixing. The strength in this
assignment is well written expectation of each team member and everyones understanding of
the assignment. I feel that this assignment is very well written and doesnt express much
The last assignment in this portfolio, addition of health science curriculum was chosen to
be presented last because in this assignment I applied the most student learning outcomes
learned in this course. This assignment mainly helped me learn to write formally and informally
for a variety of audiences. The style, design and language I choose helps organize my thoughts
and communicate them clearly to address the issue stated in the assignment. By using widely
used citation styles and ethical cite from variety of discipline-appropriate sources I was able to
use trustworthy sources to point out areas of importance and focus for the main idea in this
assignment. For this assignment I demonstrated gender and cultural sensitivity by using
language, supporting citation and sources that applies to Health Science Majors as a whole. By

evaluating, communicating objectively and integrating evaluative work into this assignment, I
was able to further support idea in the assignment. Through the assessment and critique with my
classmate throughout this assignment, I was able to help others and myself improve our writing
skills. The weakness in this assignment is that the topic was very broad and covers a lot of area
within the topic. The strength of this assignment is the layout of the paper which makes it easy to
reach and point out main points.
When compiling this portfolio and writing this assignment, I discovered that I learned
and applied a lot of student learning outcomes in this course. I learned how to organize my
thought, write formally and informally for a variety of audiences and purposes. I also learned to
use ethical cite, proper citation style and communicate information from various trustworthy
sources. I applied and evaluated language and design objectively and persuasively while being
sensitive to opposing arguments and cultural differences. Going forward from this class I will
continue to improve my writing and apply everything that I learned toward future endeavors.