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PRQTETOPPSPPSESS SEARS b ssa aeeesssaanyyasas EJi OGBE Ori wo ibi rere koo gbe mi si Esinmiinré wobi rere sin mi r& Ibi ori mi fi gbé mii r& No mo be Adi lin Abataségada ) Nij6 ti A lo r86 ghoye IGddq Gegele Won i wa mi loyé wad joba Won fi wa mi IGyee wad joba Njé Kin nif ghé ni déyé a fii joba Atari oni akan Off Ait gbé ni d6y@ a fit joba Bby Eleyiun o fi agbo, agbon 16, igbin 16, eku, eja 16 money asked from Ifa for the amount. fi look for a good place to take me Esinminre look for a good plice to escort me Where my Ori is taking me 7 » don't know Cast divination for Abataseguda On the day he was going to take over ruling from Gegele ‘They are seeking me to come and ascend the stool Abatasegudu They are seeking me to come and ascend the stool Therefore what can take one to ascend a stool? Ivis only one’s Ori Icis one’s Ori that can take one to ascend the throne This person would offer a ram, 16 coconuts, sixteen snails, sixteen rats, and sixteen fish. Ifa should be asked for the amount of money that should accompany the sacrifice.