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Running head: Executive Summary

Executive Summary
Irene Tajong
Frostburg State University

Running head: Executive Summary

I immigrated to the United States in August of 2000 with a Visa to study Business
Management. After a short survey of Business schools and the nursing field, I decided that
acquiring a degree in Business and Nursing is the way to go. I thought having a degree in both
business and nursing would be most beneficial when I return home to Africa. I then went on to
acquire an associates degree in nursing in 2008 and a bachelors degree in business management
in 2011. I have been extremely happy with my nursing career.

After a successful three years at the community college in Baltimore, I became a
registered nurse in December 2008. I applied for a job at the Johns Hopkins Hospital, I wanted to
be at JHH where I could gain from the wealth of knowledge that is made available to the nurses
there. The day of my interview, I was so nervous that I had to do some yoga poses, it was 5
oclock in the morning and I could not go to sleep. My interview went surprisingly well and the
manager was great. I secured the job and have been working at JHH on the same
Medsurge/Telemetry and Research unit since June of 2009
A year after I started to work as a bedside nurse on Osler 5 (A med-surge/Telemetry unit)
I was chosen as one of the few nurses to perform charge nurse duties. As a charge nurse I
function as the eye and ears of the manager at all times, I coordinate care for all patients, do AM
rounds with physicians and write a plan of care and multidisciplinary care outcome for all
patients. I follow up with case managers, social work and home care nurses. I plan and
coordinate discharge needs, transportation and prescription issues. I work closely with physicians
to ensure safe, comprehensive patient care. I participate in the Nurse Extern Preceptor Program
and facilitate the professional development of nursing students and new grads as they
transitioned from nursing school to the nursing profession. I participate in departmental and
hospital wide initiatives, such as Hand Hygiene Task force, Fall Prevention Task Force and
Teach Back Initiatives.

Strengths and Goals

Osler 5 is the only unit at JHH that is approved for research, all nurses have to be trained
in the assessment, planning and implementation approved research study. I was trained
immediately after I started work on research activities and on the centrifuge system (Machines)
that is used to process blood draws. Research blood tests are done in the centrifuge room where
samples are processed, managed and stored per research policy and protocols. Because of this
research factor, I have been blessed to learn not only how to take care of medical patients, but
also how to take care of research participants.
The high point of my career came when I realized that the unit that I was working on has
extensive research components. I was excited that I was going to learn medical nursing and
research in one job, this is something that most nurses do not get the opportunity to do. I am

Running head: Executive Summary

honored to be working on a floor that combines med-surge, telemetry and research patients,
opening me to endless possibilities and knowledge.

Being from a country and a part of the world that is poor and where healthcare is almost
nonexistent, I have the utmost respect for the American health system. I have the utmost respect
for Johns Hopkins Hospital and the job that I do. I am hoping to finish my BSN in December and
then to embark on a volunteer mission to Africa where I will help those in need. I am hoping to
join Doctors without Borders or the World Health Organization as a volunteer.