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License Number 859857

18375 Ventura Blvd. #270
Tarzana CA 91356

Contract Agreement
Construction at

Los Angeles CA

1. Summary
This is agreement is for the General Remodeling of (the property). Numa Brothers
Construction Inc. (the contractor) will provide
client) with all items, materials, labor and services listed in this agreement for the
address listed.
The Contractor agrees to remodel two bathrooms and closets; at a cost to the Clients at no
more than $52,750.00 The Contractor and the Clients have had an initial inspection of the
property and agreed upon the following characters of the house for the stated cost.

Laundry room
Two bathrooms

1. Terms and Conditions

1.1. Payment Terms
The price, $52,750.00 is for materials and additional listed items in this agreement.
Listed are the allowances the Contractor has provided to the Client for necessary
materials for this project. Any variance to the allowances will be tracked and calculated
at the end of the project. If the overall allowance is exceeded, then the Client agrees to
pay the difference to the Contractor. If the Contractor spends less than the allowance
based on client choices, then the Contractor agrees to lower the overall prices of the
project by the equivalent amount.
1.1.1. Allowances
Max Price
Granite (2 quartz/Cesar stone
slabs for countertop)
Bathroom Tiles
Toilets (x 2)
$200 each
Sinks (x 3),
$150 each
Bath Tubs (x1)
$500 each
Shower Door (all glass around) $700 each
Shower Head combination
$300 each
with hand-held shower (x3)
Door knobs
$35 each

1.1.2. Payment Phases

Star of DEMO
Ordering of cabinetry
Completion of Rough Plumbing and Electrical
Completion of dry wall
Completion of flooring
Completion of Construction
Total Payments



1.1.3. Timeline
The estimated time of the construction project is 4 weeks from the time of the receipt of
the necessary permits. The maximum allowed time for the entire construction, including
all phases, is4 weeks. Should any aspect of construction require longer than 4 weeks, the
price the client pays for the project will reduce by 5%. If a major earthquake occurs, 5.5
or larger, that causes damage to the property; the timeline for construction will be
increased by the time necessary to repair the damage at no penalty to the contractor.
1.1.4. Construction Terms
The construction will be performed per the contract

2. Job Description
2.1. General Construction Terms
The Contractor will build according the plans and follow the general guidelines below.
1. Contractor will be responsible for all cleaning of work area.
2. Client will choose all materials, designs, colors and styles.
3. If any changes are made to original contract or blueprints, price may be changed in
4. All recess lighting in every room provided by the contractor. Number of lights to
be identified in the contract appropriate for the size of each room.
5. Tape, patch, prime, and paint all walls and ceiling in working area; color to be
selected by owner (up to 3 colors)
6. All finished work to be performed will be approved and signed off by client.
7. Contractor will allow client to make minor changes, as long as there will be no
additional cost in material and/or labor if there is any extra cost contractor will
inform client with a written/verbal before proceeding.

Construction Phases
Cabinetry ordering
Electrical and Plumbing
Cabinets installation
Tile work


Master Bathroom
Remove existing bath
Install new tile floor and wall
Install new shower/glass door unit per Plans that will include hot mop
and tile on walls and floor. Shower to have a bench on side.
Move wall and door
Provide and install new fixtures, sconces and valves
Provide and install shower rough plumbing
Provide and install new toilet
Provide and install new two sinks
Provide and install custom maple vanity with Quartz/Cesar stone slab
countertop with storage below and medicine cabinet on side
Provide and install 2 double GFI electrical outlets
Provide and install humidifier/fan, heat, and light combination
with night switch option (3 switch).
Frame recess soap dish and bench per request
Provide and install mirror above the sinks


New Bathroom
Provide and install new tile floor and wall (
Provide and install 2 double GFI electrical outlets
Provide and install new fixtures
Provide and install new toilets
Provide and install new bathtub/shower combo with sliding
glass door.
Provide and install new sinks per Plans
Provide and install tile on walls and floor
Provide and install custom maple vanity with Quartz/Cesar
stone countertop with storage below and medicine/vanity
cabinet above or on side.
Provide and install fan, heat, and light combination with night
switch option (3 switch).
Provide and install, faucet, sinks, shower valve, sconces,
diverter and handheld showers.
Frame recessed soap dish/shelf and bench as requested.
Install mirrors above the sinks

2.1.4. Rooms
Create a new master closet
Create a closet for second bedroom
Install French door between living room to bedroom
Install new sliding door to out side

3. Additional Terms
3.1. Termination, Suspension and Abandonment
(a) Client may terminate this agreement upon not less than three days written notice
should the Contractor fail to perform in accordance with the terms of this
Agreement or fail to perform services on a timely basis.
(b) If Client suspends the Project for more than 30 consecutive days, Contractor shall
be compensated for services performed prior to notice of such suspension.
(c) The Client upon may terminate the Agreement not less than three days written
notice to Contractor without cause or for convenience. In such case, Contractor
shall be compensated for services performed prior to notice of termination.
(d) Failure of the Client to make payments to Contractor in accordance with this
Agreement shall be considered substantial nonperformance and cause for
(e) If the Client wrongfully and in breach of this Agreement fails to make payment
when due to Contractor for services and expenses, Contractor may, upon seven
days written notice to the Client, suspend performance of services under this
Agreement. Unless Contractor receives payment in full within seven days of the
date of the notice, the suspension shall take effect without further notice. In the
event of a suspension of services, Contractor shall have no liability to the Client
for delay or damage caused to the Client because of such suspension of services.
(f) In the event of a termination where the Contractor was not in breach of this
Agreement or otherwise at fault, Contractor shall be compensated for services
performed prior to termination.

3.2. Payment
Payment Phases with each installment to be paid upon satisfactory completion of each
phase, receipt of permits from City and upon presentation of an invoice from Contractor.
As a condition to payment of the fees through each stage of the process, Contractor shall
provide Owner with a signed waiver and release of liens (including liens from all subcontractors) in a form satisfactory to Client.

3.3. Insurance Coverage/Licensing

(a) Contractor shall procure and maintain at his own expense through completion of the
project, Workers Compensation Coverage, and commercial general liability insurance
(with a minimum of $1 million per claim) for protection from claims, actions, damages,
and liabilities due to or arising out of bodily injury, automobile accidents, personal injury,
sickness, disease, death, or other incidents for himself and all his employees and from
claims, action, damages, and liability to, damage, defect or destruction of the Property
arising out of services provided under this Agreement, and, if possible, shall name Client
as additional insured. Contractor shall provide Client with a copy of Contractors
Certificate of Insurance.
(b) Contractor shall procure and maintain at his own expense professional liability
(c) Throughout the engagement, Contractor shall maintain all required licenses.
(d) Any subcontractor hired by Contractor to perform any services contemplated by this
agreement must also maintain Workers Compensation Coverage, General Liability
Coverage and Professional Liability Coverage, as outlined above.

3.4. Indemnification
Contractor agrees to indemnify, defend, protect and hold Client harmless from and
against any and all claims, losses, proceedings, damages, causes of action, liability,
injury, awards, fines, judgments, costs and expenses (including but not limited to
attorneys fees) arising from, related to or in connection with, or caused by: 1) the
services to be provided hereunder, 2) any condition or loss for which the Client and
Contractor may be jointly or severally liable, or 3) any claim made against the Client in
connection with, or in any way related to, the construction.

3.5. Liens
To the fullest extent permitted by law, Contractor shall at all times, defend, indemnify
and hold Client harmless against all liability for claims and liens for labor performed or
materials used in connection with the construction services contemplated herein,
including but not limited to any costs and expenses for attorneys fees and all incidental
or consequential damages resulting from such claims or liens. Contractor shall pay when
due all valid charges of labor and material incurred by Contractor and used in connection
with the services contemplated by this Agreement and shall be responsible for keeping
Client and the Property free of all liens recorded by or under Contractor or any

3.6. Safety and Compliance with Law

(a) Contractor shall at his own cost and expense protect its own employees and all
other persons from risk of death, injury or bodily harm arising out of or in any
way connected to the services.
(b) Contractor shall comply with all applicable law and city codes, including
compliance with the Citys storm damage certification.
I have read and understand the above contract agreement.

On behalf of Contractor


Signature of Client