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Group Discussion

Be Adhere to Fundamentals

Rules of game

Body language
Eye contact
Positive gesture

Rules of game

Be assertive ( Present
yourself with
confidence and
having power in

Rules of game

Appear powerful (As if

you are one of most
key participant in the

Rules of game

Use tone of voice

(according to need of

Slow down

Rules of game

How you say it

matter most rather
what you say (Be
presentable and
respectful all the

Rules of game

Listen carefully

Dont prepare for your

turn (You need not
prepare because
what you know you
already know)

Rules of game

Make your point

assertively dont
argue (Argument can
kill your image)

Rules of game

Concentrate on
quality rather quantity
of what you say
(Because if you say
something extraneous
or out of topic people
will immediately
notice the same)

Rules of game


Big fight ( NDTV)

We the people
Celebrity interview

Rules of game

If you dont
understand the
person you are
speaking to ask
him/her to repeat
dont rush to make
your point without
getting question

Rules of game

Responsibility of
communicator (
When you are
communicating you
need to make sure
person before you
understand what you
are saying or what
do you mean

Rules of game

Keep it short, simple

and to the point

Rules of game

State your point with

reasoning and

Rules of game

No matter who wins,

quality of argument
matter and need to
reach a consensus.

Rules of game

To disagree get agree


E.g. I can see your

point / thats good
point/ I got your point
Explain your point
with reasoning

Rules of game

Maintain respect

Never say you are


I think your point

say something
about point

Rules of game

Be pleasant and
courteous; make your
point assertively. This
will create a powerful

Rules of game

Never derail the


Rules of game

Agree with and

acknowledge what
you find interesting

Be polite, respectful
and assertive;
State your point with
confidence and
Never argue, listen
Know your content

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