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1. What is the role lexical analyzer?

2. Write regular expression to describe a language consist of string made of even number a and b.
3. List out the various storage strategies.
4. Write a CF grammar to represent a palindrome?
5. What are the types of intermediate languages?
1. Explain the various phases of a compiler in detail. Also write down the output for the
following expression after each phase a:= b*c-d.
2. Check whether the following grammar is a LL(1) grammar
S iEtS | iEtSeS | a
E b
Also define the FIRST and FOLLOW procedures. Also define the
FIRST and FOLLOW procedures.
3. What is the 3 address code? Mention its types. How would you implement the three address
statements? Explain with suitable examples.
4. Explain about run time environments.

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