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Industry Analysis Checklist

Size of the industry

Structure of the Industry
o Key players
o Market Shares
Growth rate over the past 3-5 years
Expected Growth Rate in the future
Key Growth Drivers
Segmental Analysis
o What are the different segments?
o Share of different segments
o Past and the expected future
segmental changes
Key performance parameters for the
o Ex: For Retail, key Formats,
Sales per Square feet,
merchandise mix, Rental costs,
footfalls, conversion, ticket size,
catchment etc
o For IT, they will be Billing Rates,
Utilization Rates, Employee costs,
Verticals, Service lines, export
revenues etc.

Dynamics of the industry (on what

basis the competition is happening.
Is it price, differentiation, costs etc)
Critical success factors
Regulations that affect the industry
(if relevant)
Imports and Exports (if relevant)
Recent events : New entrants, new
products, M&As, Bankruptcies, exits
Analysis of Costs and profitability
o Which are the Major costs
o Margins and profitability
Analysis of Top 3-5 players in the
o Size
o Growth over the last 3-5 years
o Segmental presence
o Market share in each segment
(trend over the last 5 years)
o Financials Revenue, Profit,
Market capitalization, P/E ratios.

o Ratio Analysis (both operational

and financial ratios) and the
strategies behind them.
o Segment wise SWOT
o Product comparison of each
players in different segments
o Segment-wise positioning
o Strategic decision taken in the
past and their results (New
products, New markets, M&As)
Future Outlook