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Jackson, Mississippi March 15, 2016

RESOLUTION TITLE: Mississippi for Liberty Affirms Support for Mississippi Parental Rights in
Non-medical Waivers to Childhood Vaccination Schedules and for Doctors' Rights to Freely
Practice Medicine
WHEREAS, Mississippi House Bill 938 addresses parental rights for non-medical waivers to the
childhood vaccination schedule; and
WHEREAS, Mississippi House Bill 938 allows doctors to freely practice medicine without
interference from the Mississippi State Department of Health when it comes to childhood
vaccinations; and
WHEREAS, Mississippi House Bill 938 gains for Mississippians the same access to vaccination
rights as enjoyed by parents in 48 healthier states; now therefore be it
RESOLVED that Mississippi for Liberty hereby endorses Mississippi House Bill 938; and, be it
FURTHER RESOLVED that Mississippi for Liberty will work and utilize all lawful means to
prevent any and all attempts to infringe on vaccination rights of parents and doctors' rights to freely
practice medicine; and, be it
FINALLY RESOLVED, that the membership of Mississippi for Liberty urges lawmakers to recognize
parental vaccination choices and doctor's rights to freely practice medicine, and hereby advise
legislators and state boards to cease and desist any and all efforts to restrict these rights by any
legislation or order.