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Masngton, .€ 2606 ‘Daca oe ci Wishing Washington D.. 2086 Watton Glin Coney OLPN Clee Rand Wishogon Pee Cla ‘Washington, DC es Womans National Denocrie Womens City Ch of Washing ‘Washington, D.C 2008 Woodont County Che eb he Nora Tat for Fstoie Preavatonand sealable forealneheon dans, ens, ‘Comets Sper Dect. OF Cena de fein fal Detar Howe oer he pens wa Sr ih vale iro Whig: on tocl i nth ome fs scunion of tiguabe ple (Bi Nowe PLACES TORITEREAR cans og Se ee ate ronal ated fron 39 at “Garden teal for der daar and eton. 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Washington, D.C, se The Center 4 burns ofthe Sioa tation wih foci tat inde the Cancel te Opa Howe te Ee ‘ower Theater a,b peal sang, he Ae Pn (0) fetes conned ith th earings) Ivor cone ecied ath edict: anton or vag liar nh ar Sede theUnted Sut te goveroent ono ero ter ‘ia reson (0) ie ent for tb comany Tea Opven Howe The Calien Cie ecm nthe Seah Opera Lounge lb one Bo ee elf cen fet i Serphony Hal wae sng enone, Tit very ‘eave wood pane room tha ede tel to seed chon chine Laue fe Reon, Whe th accommodates ‘ama of C0 a seated prt thine sevatar ln Syma Filan gests must nal the igs is "onhower Tester Thre a a lounges op the box eve tooth andthe) Each ha wala alin and ecomeodses Sata trdonn party orp lo 7333 sand epion Ech asst pe lore nea chan bed ors eign, am eetow fave, oman, Foye and Atrium on Rou Tera veh This eal sea eel for Tage dines and receptions Capac 50 etd $20 ‘nous zr the ue ofthe fakes may be rec ef Spc Ente Jeti Ready Cece fr the Peon Ars Wahngon Date MUSH OF STORY AND TEDINOLOGY ‘Mthand Conatuton Avene, NH, Wasigion Dans Secret plc sates that funcins mast be “Sescnnsoe Ace ie lcs arable sete ple ligne ae ‘our are (toa) ad Fol doa) Toot ar open eit has that cn be op wth lst ee bans or dans ates geralyplat ga sts hens ‘chen area addin sae. 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The sco amd tid oon hoe ‘Pole 3003 sdows dees For farther formation, wee the cetr of the tial ona ary NAVAL ACADEMY ALLE HOUSE Kg George tt ‘amp eat {i hadi alos at bal 0.179 a ha ig bloc tw aren ore snd ts Gees ae occ ei fr een Sane Avotho ty brea eu tecobed acaba ee ther event tthe Naval Academy. i Saar Gre Sri cto 29 tina Forfa intermain sedans, contac Te Hoi, ‘oattanos, Tesh Va 273 ' [Ths Noa Trt Georad mason! 40 mies fiom D.C ‘sounded ith Sau fama aca sd 2 srs of onan tens, ahi shown concer, an ecapons for up peor A ‘Sou oft can br secommodaed or diner he ing {ea oan oper tote ple dartg te dy selina Ednalatersc 750) "Tha Camape Hout, with is huntcouney decor, ay be secve for eins coferecs and sera for upto 10 pen [NU Siedown funion Is awaale during ny aed evnieg hoor “Th mages foal garde a rang fran provise snexclen stig fora paises. ‘Contact the state Sf Oat in Labs, Va. for father nore. {Boe New York Averoe NW. Washington, 2.2006 ‘The histone Oagon House, now muses ope othe publi duig ede. Ocasenaly, wih prmasion rom the Ate [ee ltt Arctic, Cabinet eer nay save te i Hoar 5 Wom Thorson, hv ae he Capt, dean the Octagan fatally sai) for Calon! and Mer. Jo Tapoe re compltd 360), Te gracfl Grogan retreat Ae funy. prominent stor were Madan ees. Monon, ‘Adame, dann, Dee, Wedser, Clay Lalas, Calhoun, ‘he ae. ‘Src onary 289, the bung ag served a the Nanak ‘eadguaters for tbe Ames iat of Arauecy {Tb AIA tie bldg, competed afr elon tha Otago eden [hl Gout an te ranula mason) the sbove adres PAN AMERICAN UNION Tal and Contttion Avena, WV, Watinesn DC soi (One ofthe mo seas arondone bulge in Wading ton in wiht hls ge pasty the Pan Arias Union wet PucisroBNexTAN {he Tropical Ptioaddlsmourtoany evens “ase al Capacity " Sg mmo tote dan ao uaa tang fio 8 apendny te2ch vt od a Bult eps and ce 120 meio necracinnsniaalece tte can Sine, hen ta int by ts member ae tie Pan Ancona Union bing may be eerve y groups doy affilated wah te ‘mentyoneAmarcen ception,” ee ne Orzaiatonf Areca Stes THEPRESIOENTS GUESTHOUSE a Ha 2681 Pennsylvania Avenue, N. we Wetingan Be lous compried ofthe Bn House, 851 Perapvania vero, Uni and Tt aia fen sad aes Ena ieee valence dee the are of Pride Truman ands oly ty Be eee, ‘maotaen ofthe Whi Hou, . “ee alt amen ecemonraee a ee Wienthe owe tines iting Chil f Sint n/t Heads of Corres Raia for fal ncn, ta ‘spins, se dows boated by he Vice Preset member a he ‘Cit ad sherpa fen apyowed Oy the Chit Protea, Department Sn coma THERENHICK GALLERY {ith teat sed Porta Avene, “he pal Renwick Gallery, desged i 85 a the Coc sa Gly At neue ibn a i ,e e ‘nrc bythe Smithsonian tation The stored Gran Salon and ‘GStgon Roan aerated ith wy ofthe 180-75 pred ae The Gand Salon can acemmedt pt 30 fo 2 ecpton td, theatre send oor hd 3 sma of 50. Oni “The Dacens Room an the second oor sexommodsies 4a sted function ad the Pl Cort am tf oo hak pc he Caley save forces evening pes az approved bythe Decor ofthe Navona! Calton of Fine Ace. For erat TaxtorHouse ‘aaington De dams “The Benjamin Taree hot on tric afte Square wae ‘Fyloe ose was converted ins lounges for feral jolts ad 3 Sie or jay employer peri arses by De Feet dics Cone, Furie wh andre repaductons sone ie pits ings, heboae cont “Bntloor dein om hich an somal p15 fe rection bbe copd ino ‘Send floors cf rey tht cn sat up 1 6 31 soundinir : “Thetiin ccna seaabein he veins fe een Feder ud Center : (Wngton B nes wvracre House Thora Vien ends ‘raed goveromentaticelsfocsominarenal oetaerintreation me ‘Sepeintndent Vii eds ain! 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They tenth Dilomaic Ripon Room aioe Tota nerd ty the Sat Dears Protest pte iarthwest gt for paths, Tope renain on hl bes whe ei Eile at to the MON Ceremonies Ofer for nrc, At {ir dated creony porters, and te veller nee to thle (Contttian Avenue pakeg eee Theat gn psosn aot filed foe ie aenory. A rcing willbe Candied oct the {hope asin prion, Colo arent fool recived bo al Fenn at North Pvt, ‘iil Hot un Honored Gut “ia sera pte oh ha of een. 1, The Peden wil i the north entra. ofthe White ova, When he Command’ of Tropes the Peet apc "ugh ha door, th rope wl veneer Cee ‘rane ol Trop estes, four lle sr outabes sad the (Cher wil tr stunded hen bore fave ben compe, the ‘Soop wl be boul io ONE A, PARADE RET the Seal of he pat When the aes automa appvacus the ert ge Ihe Commande f Tse ll be spa oben ‘vile ge oes ong fre, Toe codon on Sel ren Sins ph ro rt ln 2. 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Nepal 2 pont nes ne a ale Any wif th Pre or Ft ay ssid be cere be {etn tein sas dott A prem ay our House TERA oa setae Soi Serer. ite hl te suey po iced ving a trv tn ert Paten oF Ly The Whe Howse gant ould ot et any spl is isk ‘he Socil Aide wether ep you roy fours. Dor eae {baskthe rat aieforblp you seat aan ‘abuser shuld ng hen you nena cde, an atedant il ak you ot behinds clesed doar The bse ea that he Freie or manber of ie ary re laving entering Tl ‘atonfaethk ty anh pay Tet reone te avaate Th deter oe eay ali during rcp, HE you fort yur “ad cae” dit pa, Ein tot sale rae tnd be wie you se le our rane snd [Rene at good manrc snd cnet behavior athe asec WHO isinviTED TO THE WHITE HOUSE sen em tlic a he Saal Sec, However ‘esr the Present an it Lay. agains mesa or beng ited oa Sate Dea Cabin mea ‘embers of Congr attain clade, ery, ad Fetal tind the Ft Fara rece Core So ae p= Steal eas ad are buat ol he pte, “The ns of saunch plea! spp pp eget oe fuslsas wl soe teoone ahd conto ory ay Many peipe snd supgeon ortega Ie and may ‘ropl ah for iations The Ole of th Chi a rte aories fn dlomati grt. andthe Oifie of Conreional Litton on ‘Sogeeaoal ss The Fie aay eas ba on Tt aes ‘sala o beady ‘using the Fou Adrien, single pers woe ite eo he wap lowed ta bring eds Se poe da iin eaTEHOUSE EsTERTARING ors ths go practice faring ht unl eon ih be leeds subject sige person ga eel prea {tom end ka old ie he spp pig he Whe ‘Chis and orgaiation are sometimes ana bya lke tnd th ie at opps forte pan 0% ee SOME OMTICES RELATING TO SOCtAL ANCTIONS INTHE WT HOUSE “he Sal Secretary and Soc Cie: Pepe sl 08 i, inti gc ae dial pt ses “ow Chi ster Ths ces sai bythe wanes othe toe: Bec of tong piece tae cota th thet Fy ty an nome ay arsenite ‘Min ft eion. The ffs atthe wet odes wee ‘tenanon Fiat Lay’ Peron Stay: Ouien vary with each Ft lady Theil Fresdets Mary Ae: Serve a the le ono lr forse anton Fit ads Pres Seer: Handi pre inoratin reps sogacuten bet ia Treen Pre Secretary: aay al yee norman atngte reid saetites ‘ure wouse Tours ecru the Whe Howe publ propery, pre oi ela ope to the sew publi fom Seo at noon 2 Toms gs Stray. me, women op chile lie apa tess ns 0 the kee oe “The crows ae arent une onthe, Bp ashng help oes Congereman fs sete ou: FORDIPLOMATC CORDS From ke piss of view othe sien Arbus, nalling alert Pus le Diplomat Diane er bythe Ps. cee ort {cod han any other uncon bc te gerne stings trot) Jobe Adoos 1797-180, Ifecon 141-1807 Mi enenned at tical lanes ating teats od iteatina Site Watungon "Mase, Dolomiti Diane. Ont the Sc fay Sie corr thee the Catia and ok pat the Iecons On ne scat, Mone Simson nace ak Cala sesh ha doen Diplomatic ines Dolomatie Diners sperms with Taylor resin edlngdomech teeth Gaprandthte ies em Diplomat Respite si Levee every Fay ae veep sey Fada. Dolomate Dias, Lavi an co Diplomate Daas and seein fer Diplomate Cope Case tne Supreme Court te Hone Breen of Sec) ot Sie Dinners and expos. The avr ‘hod eee or ean ‘xpi for Dporte Corp. Cabinet tticen, aad Soprens Cour mem art Theodor, Tut Ic Compe as ined toga oth iim, Naya iy ‘ionic Pan, The Diplomas Corsa dated oer Min yes Sey oredr no one Inga Wa dae, Dolomate reepion Held sb days lar moving ino tt anon, Be Samual wi te mrt rove one Pour fm sven fo (ip nd edaced course teu Seth ip se Alo fl yout [ied aya Diplomatic ein nate ei ‘andar of the Eat Many ‘eve ats of uh eels {ss aoa a he arf Diploniie ines ocd ad Fist Lady at his sie. He sete ang ‘Ebated qustionof wh ake fat fecal fncon the Vor Aria ceptors (eight major event CConroed tection) nse and procter som Spe at proferscalevernen acing Fakta ecrsor, Wien, presen. them ih gall mats cong 380" ikctopped shes ie Pes Setanta Diplomatic Dimer and iia se Full ai enon of Diplomat i Diplomatic ion and ceptions Dilemate Diane and eepton ‘tedoed one one landing soca tetiton the New Years Bay [November 1st with two Diplomatic beens of “hanor sora” Dig irlanuny 100, ae the Diplomat pty 1,95 ext Diplomatic Jation se be we Machin of dr bd for Ther Matis, The Baperor ea and npr agen, Otter scidtonat umber of diplomats and ote Vie ended and es Non fave thee diplomatic ep at The eens sary 23, Feary | Conte nenons dete | Fe ints Soper and Ep ‘Aienoen diplomat reponse ‘Annual iptraicreefion hel o TE Besibet nme Fo. cpt plewe pie virpany f ‘ntusadon, sorte he done, re "The forse dire neve ey roming lee tie. eed wphtnink teal pian or Dotan Coy, ‘apes an odor q =) Tenane [ Eran 7 Sop ake endfor Eshaped al cape Working tickers adn sehig sie, whith DINNER, Gfletat ob ster en Bellerne. a Mesbillons of Veal shee wild Re Sreen Beans Migoise | Endive wud Watercress Salnd | Port Sabet Cheese Be Fresh, Regpherry Mousse Petits Poors | Demitasse Tue wre Mouse op October 2,197 se5 1X b> THE a DIPLOMATIC CORPS Mes, Shalts — sto be raponie forthe sae rat 66 hae were fia count preted in Washi texennark Fancy, Great Bran th Nettand Porapl Renin and pain, Toy 292 coterie "ADepumen of State Retr May TP ave desi ten ofsaa the st he Otic of ha Ce of Pec Tere Chl f Sateen of Govern ad sc of ‘Ps Bhan ich alten at hung ad sol, none de woe oer he protection a busi, vel a faa prea sod eile of atonal ee Tato nth Used State ile completed qvesioné ivavng tron and cl (adv on precesnceandemoi rfl eth {tae ara medtor eben Ameren cies andthe dip rniccommniy untae pabers orate dapat roles! a rel ste of ceing wath Chancery and nba actins i manages lai Howe, the Presiden’ Got Hoi. plane pd arrangs el tal fons ie Be dearments poate condi fal and suit ceremonil actos or pubievent i ch the Pest, Vie Penden, the Sey of ‘ie an at member ol he Cabin perp “prsidenil pr aerood TEdserthe sae forte vie bros presidental dens Specal rodents! misorsfor example te Root 4 of “The Pretecn! Olice able plomatie (OP) se pate ‘nd isthe famed ie Boonen sth el “pone tlg2 te hte Book, etted Employer of Ppa Minn td thelto aign Conran th Une Sites ede Pataca pve Sea pope 320 ee the Potce ediattr te daprments offal Tb un ofAppresaon. These bone poe efi fein cos od Ameicere, ser tan emploan ote Deparment Sao ‘erve fo le departments prog ad slviies wes mart ‘pal agpeiton or pec acenolegener In conuaion and coration wth he Courty Dito Protea aso at mange sf Contant hed of es ovens on rato ay The Pres wha pt on fra weson, sn sbout 20 ecugss ee Keeping trace ofthe citrate epayes, another members lovato ig ant orig Unt! Ses tibet hehe Protea ne mer non Seepeams gra ies foe Se Seley aeeriang Cees sina eee ea ceo egret tetaee gece oe ‘bassador is relgered to a4 "Vice Dean + PROCEDURES OF APPOITWENT AND ACCREDITATIONOF AMBASSADORS TO THELNTIED STATS tn confi wih iteration practice, Ambasadors ad othe Dube Miner are seed the Cif Se Hen! povre, eta f the Foreign Mtr the rsving soe Tes he Presiden ofthe Une ttre foign Abas al rpoIrLowaric coms Se Constitution af the United Slates provides thatthe Pred ee Prag on sats wth (1) the esp ofa request fae Ce inane rane eagle Ts ie pension of credentals: 4 oe Sn ceemat ge Soares { ‘ier 0 ft Sena fe He Ma at by tel Oe at the Deparment of Sep, Maserati Fret fr dlvery theres loca Mines Peiptetar) cannes fel regen fe ‘epee The Protacl Cie baie ceemcsa Ue cee ton an re oe oe il may "A Hea sina reve by thy Hed of Shain he ste of hi aval in the ep i Convention‘ 1 Biss su for rans es) = wm on ths neon rom ts =Ecompay gina: rapes elke ranks, fem am he ay sue pred ee ‘ramonsdorcdetente ‘Protea Or eal at ieee canary of he Ase ere feet een tn Pesan Ai ose ‘st, hte United Stes an foreign nana fas eye 5 ‘Std Ametoeyeepoenean wos icra We oes Thecar ene ha othe! ete dees Soy ac he ‘put doo eto theo sn ach iia pees sta he car reaches is pouton ‘Th Unite Ste rd reg atin ase Slayed tne Di lon tan: he Amberg el Psor “The Chef ef Protocol cor the Acbasor trough th Dilation Room, te owe al the aude condo ad Pres shotourapes and repre: ae stb in act ‘gm Tet mer nd sw aca uta Frenne Press ie Te acsampaying Poel (tier eos the Abarat doo abe Oral Ce The “ye Asstt Scary of Sate "Te Pre sls Fads witht Amba. 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The Pesce scp ee and poses {othe Chie of Protea who a tam hose Present Pres or writen py Ti Prete per iy ote Ams The Ch of Preto ors the Aad Sch th Dp lomatEnvane,strsing hr ote Anosador ener 11d accompanied bythe Protea Oo daat om he Wise eunby ay afte routes pt, © cit Cath bythe New Anita ‘ston ate fas prevented cada he ae Hand of Mon ‘nfs te Deva ot te Cpl Corp nl een pret Se os etalon cea care ing wit th Scetcyo Sate Hew seo that secs th seo of te Dearest of Sate, Heyl hen vt ‘orig colages how government se eee by hose Sees posite soul be reused oh or of Ie Dipl. ec Utena of Mion, co at vi to a eg ee legumes hon fis preter ary eo ake ape {0 reat to be rented ta sw on ot ey he ‘eae ising card ae halo Hawa wie Sy hs lenge it aoa hae, te new Fa of lon wl ee Wing at ad thro i colnp san or np eng of Ui. te Hend of Msn wl isthe Chard Aces Hower ers congue retarahe il hs make Ns perc i Yiitota Chagas na by salle om Be otto ‘ew of proses Heats of donate milo eso nak othe rely sven py the st et. Hotere he ee el of sion hav anponent an il resptan os he te fH “ings functor, sch rate et coon, Ts estomay forte new Head of So fo ke icon ‘aks wih hi seg colleges eny By ligt alin of eg then 6 a emtion oa ae ete. natch ee, toe, oe ‘oul, without dey. return the ates of Ks edi of ‘iitomtowaTic cons spt ak Hed i tera ttf i et Sth itn incor wih Se eer Rian pioneer aceon ea ee edible he we fet in ot tal oe ono, eed py ot Sas ace ‘Protacol rank ofthe later. ‘ ‘Thee he Fad of Mon hd ys er sated praetor hee sie Sct tS nd Sn se one Sek obec, Cine fe Se er Site ws err Wat Lael goes ee he ht acs hatha plac, the Amba’ we rts he wie hve ther Baas fone cine oe fens afr igen bein sh ee Des ke Dipmate Cpa, we ln 074 Acasa th nia twist ‘This change cst oe ‘ha incre i the nes of plate neon ‘whch alttimpontilo rere sepieny from the of hs eg leagues wha procs ne Se and canal bang exept Seunsanes, ay he nti of sceing them wtautraneng Boao eee ‘cote sheen inet Hecamleteatsoes of esos Gogied aie Reshma este nner eee ee Be se compltion of prota fomalies to svc the Man Macon al ak darwin ie Caaf HELP FoR THENEW O}PLOMAT Te Da of he Dat Ca ey ye wer tee iyi ee rn The Ge ee Onde oe aes gg Ftc Ath hep hc Sard Ser cess Sousa Campus Vo nor seesemzaen te ‘Anerson tts he ayo he diploma The Hosp and information Servi (ede Meri Hs, Tan Cacn Pe, SL Sd wl spy Tel wthsheping aging. ener chose dtr, ae within the Unite Stat, may ober tage TLS ad te Feb dima ofa me "A gras an baowldgeble sell ectay i oof the ‘yt sans an Arbour aed far wlan Svs Toe ouch {mpotan! to have scone on the Enya we hous which Itwations, ctf he large amber ceed cou ae, ad ‘tho shouldbe ove athe Easy PARTICIPATION OF HEADS OF MISSION IN CEREMONIES Chiko Miao ruta invited by dplmaticate to ake ont Semen a Cont when te Peet ge ee 2 Toit Semone of Congress when ving Chit of State? 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Jn 12, Kenedy Ctr yt only INTHRDENOWMINATIONAL PRAYER SERVICE Thar, an 2 Licata ral Fe INAUGURATION OF THE PRESIDENT AND THE VICE PRES DavrOFTHEUNGTED STATES Thy a 26, The Capi 19 At Seti by ination ny. Thar. an 20, Non Viste Cen, Wathingon tion, B.C ‘Amery, Mayflower Hotel, Sherstan tak Hae Soha Aer enue a Hoy and Techno. he aif searing a th Peden he En Poti ofthe Capi To ens the diy of he oeain, Congres 90 pre sided hata nal Covantiee of re Sento and eee epee tein tary ofthe plain al evens om fectanvahthecrany “he Oath af Clee wadtoniy adie by the Chet Jae fhe Supreme Court. hen George Wsnngon wasup ‘ltd he Spree Court has ot ee ome so Chanel Liven Son arnt oth, The ceremony tna lc at fo Fal vied the prope ‘When he resen i sor inte Marine Band in ith four at a owabes ad laya “Hal1 he Che” Co Sot at was int layed atthe nau of rset Pel) Then th chow of the Brenton gun sale le say, the Pent vee imaupunl Adare Inmediily tore the Pst wr tthe Vie Pee ‘warm ite ams more na saeeny a he Vit Pre ‘ali int the bnesground needy ne "Tae Minor Lander ofthe Usted Sater Seat wines she Onhof Ost the Vee Predentsec The Guha he Vee ital dace amet wil ese and ded te sion fhe Unced Sates agin seas deme re foray at I wil bea ehh ad sagt he Set that fakes sston ely ont ay ental Ferran purer eas that vl wel ae ly ‘charge te deat eaten which arabes tee Soeip me Cad : ‘Thetnasewal Parade ‘Ut in inna prads weno the Capel sey wee lad ‘gon av ecor tote Peet and were main ey. 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Theat Vince toepeg inte cararany te cep 2nd he aera Peres seat fo Chi of Sate, Hea of Cover sot, Chee fasion Weston, Repression the Cou ‘Terhe Ornanon of Ansan eter and ead ore ele vee Eb manana bok of condor ate fee the Chi setatves in te eathea. Because of time iain, such seating (Shal done by preelence ofthe ndvcae aed ot by delet, Teta of Sate opty pede, alpha by rik peed sour v-Hoyalty cepreseing Chih of Slate, alphabetically by «Hinde a gvesment Prin Miners, Chae, Vie Prien apa by Ege spled cots + dla of kequtone (orgs Minter et) slab 6. Pasrangeentiision orca ect. ‘Cena ocd or Busan the Wenig Aa ‘Therein of th dened ie eps in he White Howe oe Stl pes Hom 0 vty lwng ech coin and hone guard inthe pee af repos the Woe xe "Phe Commanding Cereal itary tet a Washing sensu oth bos med ne tans of rd Sea oe ae uw. 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Attconcenan abe Ae faowal party wil rece to patcpten te re foe ee sora feted tan ‘ : ‘stir ote atton wil ake ace at Suen Seas Nes ‘The recente wilten rocco ecm, ‘hs mai onal ocean eal Coals fh lloing 1 ole eco, 2: Bert commander (Command Geea, MDW) 2 Tropa Trop commande anda RST MARCHLNET Connaniersad Sait {Coany of Cann U5 tary sexe SompanyofMiihipmen U5 Noa soy Sguoeen of Cates US AirFrs acsdony Genpary of Cade U8, Coat Gunnd Ace Canpany U5 Amy cosows| Seopa § Mart coy ‘Spa $a Sele 3 Pace oor. 5 CS emt Campy, U5 Sve Wane ina Coast Guard) . SEENE Kahne enor Topcon ont omoany Army Netw Guan nen Army Ror Sattdron Al Nationa Saar Stoadon Airfre Rese TntkO Marcie National Het ef VeansDay Commince ene hardy Congr SH tne oe 2 Gey 9 otyirere 2Peseral og. appropiate 2. Cpsrtoned eee pepe Costa Marl Cle te 28 Des oftheDiiatic Coys 3 Site tent Goveners 2 Other acl mena ala i eg a8 H el Smee | Te Chae! Watngtn Nation! Crh ‘Arges re ap made by the tary Dit of Wahigton fen ioe, Corian iy Cie Meena and. nwo poeeon ; 13. Suitable Righty of aueraf to fy over proceenio. if appro ‘Fiedl apeere Fao ev whence ine Wahi Son, is pearing at ny epee Sono sdeelty tiny he ce come ‘Maximum seats available ‘mpi, ego Nao Tey eryseenta = 3 "sae Conception Da PAM 1 OMNAVINST ss000,/ArM LM2/CGm, "Sate ‘Bia Spel Mary Funerals +25 XI be FLAG ETIQUETTE loge lance oe ag of he Une Sate of Amen ‘Sete whey ada rh ‘Theplage ead fica eognton by Congres hn psd an capping ton une 2,248 The py sunde Ga ey oe i Congreaeon janet, 1, Peet Earhoner nd when seine {hese in away we a ein there elon sirenthen those spiritual weapors which ove il Be au country’s ‘nas powelmurein pene se eae edged oh ng Cao oy he Teng whch hoes and ander hich esr ‘nation, has na other character than that whch me ge ‘aetc sence above the hots that execute thst choices, sets ct war Ady eh pe iors andl thesecrd hey eet wpe ui now ths wine at itary, fa ated om gh “The fag. a we know today wit is ity stars and thirteen the Cambrdge Fogo the Congres Colors, asthe inet pe