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Freak the Mighty- Chapters 11-15 Journal Assignments

Chapter 11


Vocabulary: scuttle- “Freak is scuttling around behind me…” (pg. 71)

Chapter 12

Vocabulary: rubbish: “Good riddance to bad rubbish.” (pg. 73)

Chapter 13


Q & A: What two events made Max believe that Friday the 13th was an unlucky day?
How did Mrs. Addison react when Max became hysterical in her office? What does this
suggest about her character?

Chapter 14

Vocabulary: intervention- “Easily corrected by biogenic intervention.” (pg. 88)


Chapter 15

Vocabulary: toxic- “Nicotine is a toxic waste of time.” (pg. 93)

Q & A: Who came back? Why do you think he came back? What’s your prediction for
how Max will handle this situation?

Plot: write a plot summary for chapters 11-15