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Turn the Job You Have

into the Job You Want

Critical Summary Group 10

Brief Overview
This article talks about the various issues faced by employees
in todays job environment and how one can overcome these
to make their jobs more exciting and satisfying. We are further
introduced to a concept of Job crafting by which we can turn
our jobs into the jobs we really want.

Issues faced by employees

Stagnation in current Jobs
Mundane, Monotonous Jobs involving Day to Day activities
High Gap between what one desires and what one is actually doing
Decline in employees who are satisfied with their Jobs
Sluggish economy, recession makes it difficult to change jobs
Low Motivation levels

Job Crafting
A powerful tool for reinvigorating ones work life
Involves redefining your job to accommodate your motives, passions
and strengths
A tool through which you will be in the drivers seat of your Job with
much higher control. High Satisfaction and personal resilience
Empowers people to become Job entrepreneurs
It involves analyzing your strengths in one of the core aspects of work

Job Crafting
Taking on new activities or reducing them
Changing the boundaries of ones Job
Interactions with your fellow associates
What you think about certain aspects of the Job
Reframing the whole job

Job Diagraming
A job diagram which is much better aligned with your motives,
passions and strengths
Involves identifying them and mapping them along with your job
Mapping of activities based on time consumed (Before Diagram)
Identifying strengths, passions and motives with respect to your Job
Integrating the before and after diagram and identifying activities
which can form a common role
Final step is to consider the challenges one will face after adhering to
new job diagram

Before Diagram

After Diagram

Limits of Job Crafting

Stressful as it involves altering your activities
Your manager may not perceive it positively
Can lead to encroachment in others work areas

Factors for successful Job Crafting

Use a strength that will create a value for others
Build Trust among your associates
Direct it towards people who are accomodating

Make sure you shape the Job and

not the other way round

Thank You